Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 107

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Posted: 6 years ago
Update kidhar hai?? Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Bollywood & Bally

She first went to Sam's and then to Malcha Marg in clothes she had saved at D II. The salon lady
gave her some fancy new style, after her shower at Sam's she also got all new make up, her husband went to meet the clinical database startup guys? girls

They parted ways outside DII Amma Appa walked downstairs to send her off, in fact Amma had to knock on her door at 4 to wake her, she left him sleeping and went and got the door

She made chai with ginger and elaichi her "signature II" chai...

She offered him some "We dont have black coffee? we do but its the south indian filter kind... too strong for black?"

"II I dont drink coffee in the afternoon" he had said laughing
She pulled a pillow from under him and smacked him almost tipping his chai

"Then OK... drink your chai then"

"I drink beer after 4 PM" he said

"Po da there is no beer in this house, go back to yours" she snapped leaving the room

He changed into his work clothes and showed up in the living room in
20 minutes with his empty chai cup, he handed it to her as proof... Amma gave them clothes
And Amma gave him a Crosswords gift card for Rs.25,000

He was a bit surprised
He looked at II she didnt know either

amma: Her Appa suggested we should get you something you will actually use so he went and got it (amma didnt sound as confident as she had hoped)

R&B realized it wasnt Appa's idea, it wasnt too hard for him to come to the conclusion, as a quiet guy, he spent most of his day observing people

"U wont force me to share this  with her will u?" he asked smiling

"Not one rupee of it" Amma said smiling

"I am giving her this instead" Amma said

Giving hera silver Krishna Radha figurine solid silver 6 inches tall

They did namaskarams to the prayer room Periappa and parents

Amma tried not to tear up
"She is playful and reckless but very sensitive and caring" Amma explained to R&B

R&B: Thank you for a wonderful lunch Mrs Iyer (polite)

He turned to Appa and did a namaste... "U must bring her again" Appa said

He nodded smiling "I will definitely, when we return from Paris"

R&B turned from the doorway "Please do visit Malcha Marg when ever you like"

Amma smiled joyously, II was crying suddenly reminded that she can no longer go climb back up the stairs and and wave from the balcony

She got into her car Ranjan sent for her, he paused by hers... "U should ask him to come to the airport"
She looked at him with doubtful gratitude...and stepped out of her car walked over to Appa "Appa will you come tomorrow? to the airport"

Appa smiled "Ofcourse kanna we were planning to"

Fast forward to mooh dikhayi, Manny was missing from most of the event, showing up towards the end of it

Sam didnt make excuses for her. Sam invited Vandita after getting to Malcha Marg. Even Chachi arrived towards the beginning of reception
The Great Aunt and one of her bahus sat by her, high society mooh dikhayi was different, you wandered mingled women didnt have chai and mithai
II wore a pink drawstring capri and a purple/orange vine like patterned chiffon blouse...
"Casual" was the theme, Sam wore a skirt too
The time was between 5-7 PM, the women arrive quite punctually and "visited" and left, she recalled seeing atleast 100, could have been more,
many Diplomatic Consular Officers or wives... some Desi friends that had married foreigners

Most were complimentary about her achievments, if they felt she did not belong there they did not express it

Wine was served along with finger foods and salads in the back patio and sun room, not one woman wore a saree,
they were eitehr whos who themselves or married to whos who, spread across the 5 -7 km radius of Jorbagh, Aurangazeb Rd,  and Chanakyapuri area
Most had someone or the other in their families that had married an Iyer, but no one recollect a middle class Iyer though

They were dressed in jeans or skirts or capri depending on what they believed the weather was, their bahus traveled with an entourage of nannys if they had more than one kid
The kids were all uniformly good looking and well fed... some of them were warm and friendly most didnt think II would be their next best friend

Not one treated her badly but there was a disntinct lack of sincereity and overdose of superficiality in the surface
They talked about who appeared in Page 3, who got to speak at "Women's Day" events across the city, (II sensed the least self made got the most limelight and press)
golf games and horse races, designer showroom inaugurations, product launches
 and Cabinet Ministerial weddings and ofcourse... Bollywood hook ups

Some talked about alleged affairs within their group had had with a famous name actor or actress

She didnt get Rs. 501 or Rs.1,001 like the mooh dikhayis Amma went to in RK Puram and DII
She got gift cards to spas, cosmetic treatment salons, boutiques, there was even a gift card for a famous name chef to "cook for two"
There were vacation rentals... and trips to Goa and Mauritius...

Depended on how close a person was to Ranjan

He hung out in the living room enjoying the pomp and show, II was not doing the "best" job in caring for Ranjan...
when she stayed at Malcha Marg she remembered to ask him if he ate or what was for dinner

when she was not home she was forgetting to. "I am not even 6 days old and I am already not caring?"

She felt a panic attack of sorts for a while during the mooh dikhayi when the women talked amongst themselves

Everything was so different around here, even she was beginning to change, everything about her parents seemed so "far away". She suddenly felt homesick and sad
she wanted to turn back the clock and promised to do things differently, like not marry so out of her league. She felt the most comfortable when Rakshasan was around
She didnt feel the strange uneasiness with him around, when he was gone it felt like she had gate crashed some high society party or was breaking into a wealthy home

She got up and walked around the water fountain, and stream arrangements the swimming pool was shut down for some repair  it wasnt as big as Sam's
 (she noticed Sam's down below when she was changing after the shower earlier today) because there was a lot of fancy landscaping at Malcha Marg, the yard was bigger too
She looked up at the second floor all the windows were open...

She felt tears in her eyes... mixed emotions of some sort unable to identify...

The event passed uneventfully

And Sam escaorted her upstairs asking if she wanted to rest for a bit before reception... she was going to as well she said the reception was from 7-midnight
It was catered by a chef trio... so food was going to arrive just before 7:30 there were a bunch of bar tenders and other serving help already arranging rented lawn furniture in the front and back yard
Reception was for a select 200 people

Ranjan had gone through the guest list with tooth and comb... NO PRESS

"It must be hard to return from your parents home?" Sam commented noticing II's faraway look

II nodded immediately

"U will be OK sweetie" "U can go back when ever u want to, dont listen to R&B I will handle him"

II hugged her and shed tears on her shoulder

"areeyyy why are u crying?"

"Can u stay in this house?" II begged

Sam giggled "U are too cute"

"There is nobody here, its too big" II said
"I know... how can we all stay together batao? My life is in Shanti Niketan, u will be fine"

"It feels like I am all alone if he is not home"II sobbed

Sam let out a deep long breath... "It would have been so different if Ma had been around do u know, she wouldnt have left ur side, by now she would have shown you all her favorite places to eat shop and worship
She would have made u sing 50 songs... sab kuch alag hota" Sam was choked up

They sat down on the couch, Mahavir brough chai and desi food... II smiled
Sam: U shud eat what u like go where u please be be how ever you are u shudnt change for any of these women,
Dad and R&B love you the way you are they dont love you because you will become a Malcha Marg"

II nodded... knotting her fingers

"when u return from Paris and start working trust me u will feel 100% better this must seem like a vacation at a stranger's house?"

II nodded giggling and sniffling...

"I know the feeling... it will take months if not a year to feel "settled down" II" Sam said

With Ma not around maybe even longer... "Is he nice to you?"

II nodded tearing up

"arey har baat par aansoo? if he is nice then smile no?" giggling

"hes very caring" "He fights too" "Hes quiet though" II said thoughtfully

"Oh! really? hamey to pata hi nahi tha" teasing

Ii blushed

as he walked in

"Lo yaar apni biwi ko sambhalo she is threatening to go to her maayka

He yanked his tie in frustration and threw it on the couch by her... "Not again" look on his face

Sam got up to leave, u guys relax, get ready... II wear whatever u like... even JEANS" Sam hugged and kissed her top of the head
He sat by her as she lay curled up on the arm rest... he pulled her up

"U said an HOUR long meeting" grumpy

"4 se 7:20 tak EK GHANTA HOTA HAI KYA?" she asked again

He gathered her close... he smelled tired and sweaty, like he needed a shower his 6 O clock shadow brsitly and scary to her magnified at such close view
He rubbed it on the top of her head...
"the next time u say u will be gone all day I know u wont return for 3.5 days"

She was NOt willing to let go of it, he felt a indescribable joy at being wanted like that
At such possessiveness...

"that would make a month long trip, 3.5 months then?" he spoke finally

"Tum jao mahiney ke liye main yaha se ja rahi hoon" visibly shedding tears

He dragged her to his lap, curling her into his shoulder like a child, rubbing his jaw and chin on her face, as she let him

"We would go weeks without seeing each other" he muttered

"theek hai phir aisa rehna hai to main raat ko reception ke baad D II ja rahi hoon"
He squeezed her tight... "and say WHAT to them"

"that pati ko meri fiqar hai nahi... he said since we didnt meet for weeks before shaadi we shud live like that now... he is probably reading in the balcony
or in his study or talking to some random John Doe about what he invented and why it needs to be invested in, or at Spectrum or playing golf with Mihir, or talking on the phone with French dudes"

"Or say "I wanted to be here" (at D II)" he mocked her one paragraph answer

She fought him trying to get up

"U should have married someone like you," crying big tears
He was quiet and warm... holding her tight

"Whats eating you up?"

"YOUUU" she said sniffling

He chuckled... "I... umm"

"SHUT UP... SHUT UP... bas***d" she hissed

He bent down and kissed her fully... groaning pressing her down on his arousal... she blushed at the power she had over him taking him from 0 to 100 in seconds

He tasted like beer.. she loved it... the few things she loved about her new life

"Lets go to bed" he whispered

"No" "Nooo its 7:30 the reception is at 7" she held his face, arched to kiss his forehead...

He slumped back holding her...

"I miss my parents I miss my room my house" she said reminded again... "this is all so different... everything is big... everything is like a hotel"

He smiled

"What am I?" he asked

"the annoying bell boy that asks for tips" she chuckled, "shave panniko da" she begged
His hand under her blouse as she arched...

"what else do u miss?" he asked  rolling her blouse up, laying her back on the couch, sliding over her

she couldnt respond for a while... gasping later "I want u to go with me wherever I go and be with me" she ordered


Bally & Suman wandered to the ornamental rock stream formation with II... the water flow set to music every half hour...
all fountains in the back yard rose like a symphony then... it was a sight for sore eyes

"Bandey ne ghar khoob maintain kiya hai boss" Bally commented
"He has people come over for everything he said" II commented

"Phir bhi can u imagine doing all this on your own? JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE of the kitchen Suman" Bally was in awe

"Only the help cooks" II said "I told him we should buy a idli grinder" chuckling

"Ofcourse Iyer u need one" "Otherwise how is everything kiddo?"

"Hmmm" II said

"I know I know... u will miss ur parents dude... give it time"
Something about Bally's tone caused tears to flow


Suman turning to II" Did he tell u I called on the night of March 8th?" (giggling)

Ii blushed

BallY: I told you my biwi is like the underworld don kuch bhoolti nahi

Suman laughed "I WAS AWAKE so I thought I should get my revenge" "Unhoney mujhe recognize nahi kiya, he was so confused when I said main Suman bol rahi hoon

Ii stared dumbfounded "Hmm?"

Suman" I said I want to speak with Ishita"

II: Ok..
Suman: He said "Right now?" (she laughed hysterically)

Bally:Dekh! Maine tujhe kya kaha tha

suman: He said "shes asleep now" "sorry, can I ask her to call u back?"

II blushed


II: OMG!!! OMG!!

suman: Dev told him "Boss, teri biwi mujhe raat ke 12 baje jagaakar roti thi, to meri waali ne revenge le liye"

II smacked BallY "Did u actually say CRY?" "CRY?" WHY DID U SAY THAT? (offended)

Bally: Arey he didnt care he laughed... tera dude hasta badhiya hai

II: Ayyyo! Po da! Why did u tell him?

Bally: I didnt tell him u cried because he was cheating on you (LOUDLY) Or u thought he was

II: shut up shhh sh shhh sh (she shut his mouth with her hand)
Suman sat on a ornate bench so she could laugh

BallY: i  told him "My goal was to interrupt the "job"

II: OMG!!! Did u say that? Ayyyo!

BallY:Ofcourse I did, Suman ki 4 saal ki aarzo, u know Iyer u have destroyed many a "orgasmic moment"


II: This husband of urs is just the worst... arghhh hes my boss I cant even curse him!!

Suman:Nahi hum kar lenge tum chinta mat karo

BallY: i asked him "did I manage to interrupt?" he goes " Too late," kya kaha  oh ya  he said "U are late by 28 minutes"

II covered her face and sat down by Suman...

BallY: Iyer... dont worry duniya karti hai yaar
Suman choked over a spit bubble laughing uncontrollably

Bally: Dekh ab tere sex life ke chakkar mein meri biwi mar gayi

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Posted: 6 years ago

Hilarious! loved it!
Posted: 6 years ago
I am just going to laugh for the entire day thinking this... ROFL

Bally and suman is sooo cute 
Posted: 6 years ago
BP-Khor, Bally n Bollywood should have been the title!! Love that they are finally expressing!! Ranting, teary whichever way.. But there is no hedging, no avoiding
Posted: 6 years ago
Loved it ...and loving R&B more after each of this
First the gift they got him perfect and how he smiled , asked her to tell her dad  to come to  the airport .slowly appa is going to see R&B..
Liked the real description of the page 3 muhdikhayi .. i see fake parties even here all the time the virtual kiss argh i hate it Angry
How she is lost and how she knows if he is there she is all set and honestly thats the most important thing.

I liked Sam/II convo and I truly feel II will take her time but will make Malcha marg a fun place by getting her kind of friends, family, traditions and Ranjan and R&B are going to see Savvy in her .. thoda time lagega lagne do hume kya jaldi hai LOL

that chotu couch convo again perfect!!! He gets more adorable ..and how he realizes now this one is going to wait and count minutes when he is late LOL
Something tells me he wont be able to last even 24 hours without her after his first trip to Paris.. first i envision a huge crying session from II when he leaves , he probably will tell his dad to watch her,land in paris and take the next flight back EmbarrassedLOL

Oh how many ever cold folks are there in that reception all u need is that one familiar ,likeable person and u have a time of your life..Bally is perfect as a boss and hasnt yet gotten a revenge LOLLOL and R&B says it direct every where Embarrassed

I want to read GA tease these two once more before she leave pleaseee and R&B talking punjabi Embarrassed
chalo now that i have had my update let me finally get back to working LOL
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Posted: 6 years ago
There were too many cute moments in the story...Felt like II opened up today...She let him know that she missed him and wanted him always by her side...That conversation was sooo romantic... When R&B felt happy that someone cares for his presence and is possesive about him, I really felt for the guy... It came out like that house badly needs II , someone who is such an extrovert and compassionate...
Bally and Suman --- Wat to say ? Its like they stole the show in their 5 minute apperance...'When bally says meri biwi underground don ki tarah' ...Absolute ROFL moment... ROFL Such jolly easy to go characters making anyone happy in their presence...and the entire gang is shameless...Bally saying we want to interrupt the job and the guy replying cooly that he was 28 mins late... ROFL  I wanted to say bally - "Now no one can keep II from R&B..Dont even try..The guy is too smart for that" LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved the last few updates! Sorry I haven't given reviews...I will try and post my thoughts later this evening (during treadmill time I guess Tongue).

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