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- Chapter One -

Reyaansh with his dads manager & his team, was at inspection of site for new project of RS. Reyaansh was CEO of RS, he was visiting jodhpur after18 years. He was busy in discussing about project with his team When his eyes caught sight of bunch of kids playing near by. His gaze was fixed on them, not on kids but on the girl playing with them. She was dressed in rajasthani gharghra choli like most of the girls wear in village. In first sight he knew she was just 18 or younger than that. His gaze was struck on her every moment, the way she was jumping with kids, running behind them to catch them. Her long hair were flying in air, She had brown wavy hair flowing along one side of her to adorn her beautiful porcelain skin. she was covered with mud along with kids but still laughing. Her slim figure with curves at all right places didnt failed to catch his attention, his eyes were blazing fire of desire in which he want to burn her. She was kind of beauty that can make anyone fall infront of and beg for her. 

"Who is she?" He asked his manager, who look at where reyaansh was pointing. 

"She is daughter of Rajesh, a worker in our farms" He answered him, confused why reyaansh was interested in a daughter of a poor farmer. Along with construction & hotel business, singhania's are owner of 93% farms in village. The village people worship them like god, they respect the sighania's alot, never went against their words. Reyaansh walked down toward his car where his bodygaruds were standing. 

"Bring her in haveli and mark my words, a scratch on her and i will burn you all alive" Reyaansh spoke to his men in authoritative tone, they were his bodyguards standing near his car, they all nodded in response. 

"And tell her father to meet me" He told his manager. Reyaansh wore his avitors he hoped in his car and sped off. Still his mind kept thinking about her. Still he had her image in his mind, running around with kids. He couldnt seems to get her out of his mind but he knew the solution too. She was something he could go through all the agony just to have her and he will have her. Lost in his thought he didnt realise when he reached haveli. He parked his car and went inside the haveli, his family was in delhi while he live in mumbai but for the new project of RS he had to come to jodhpur and he will staying here for a while. He went in his study to get some paper work done. 


"Bitiya, Kya naam hai tumahara? (Beta, whats your name?)" Reyaansh's manager asked her as reyaansh's bodyguards he went to the girl who was playing with kids. The girl look at him with confusion. 

"Taani" Taani answered them. 

"Acha taani bitiya. Tumhe humare saath aana hoga. Reyaansh sir ne tumhe bulaya hai" (Okay taani, You've to come with us, Reyaansh sir has called you) His manager told her. Her eyes widen in surprise. 

"Par kyun? Mujhse koi galti ho gayi kya, kaka?" (But why? Did i d something wrong) Taani questioned him. She was frighten. Why reyaansh wants to meet her? chotte malik as whole village call him, he only call those people who disobey him or disrespect him, he punish them of their acts.

"Woh toh pta nhi bitiya par unhone ne tumhe bulaya hai. Tumhe humare saath aana hoga" (That i don't know but he had called you to meet him, You have to come with us) Manager told her, he was age of her father, he felt bad for her. She dont know what is waiting for her, she look so innocent and naive.

"Theek hai" (Okay) Taani as naive as she was didnt argue any further. Disobeying chotte malik means inviting trouble. Taani sat in car with Ram Kishan, Reyaansh's manager. While bodygaurds came in their own car. They reached haveli. Taani was mesmerized by seeing the haveli. Singhania's are a royal family so was their haveli. The haveli was like a king's palace. Taani had seen the haveli before too but it will be first time she will see it from inside too and that made her little excited forgetting the fact she had called by reyaansh for something that still hasnt clear to her. 

"Taani bitiya ko guest room main le jaao. Hum Reyaansh sir ko batake aate hai" (Take taani in guest room. I will inform reyaansh sir) Ram kishan told one of the maid present in haveli. The maid nodded she turn toward taani who was drooling over haveli. Admiring the paintings hanging on walls. It was all new to her, she was seeing so many new things that excite her. The maid tapped on her shoulder to get her attention. Taani turn to face her and gave her bright smile. 

"Aap? Aap kaun?" (You? You are?) Taani asked her. 

"Mein sarita. Yaha kaam karti hu" (I'm sarita. I work here) Sarita answered her. As she lead her upstairs in guest room. 

Taani gasped in shock seeing the room. The room was painted in purple & white paint. A king sized bed placed in the middle and most expensive interior in room. All she could do was gap at the sight in front of her. 

"Aap wahin rukiye, Chotte malik aate hi honge" (You stay here, chotte malik will be here any moment) Sarita said before she left the room closing the door behind her. Taani felt the bubble of nervousness bubbling inside her. She was chewing her lower lip in nervousness. She sat on bed, waiting for him. 


Ram kishan told him that taani is in guest room and her father waiting for him downstairs in hall. First deciding to meet her father rey went downstairs. Descending down the stairs he noticed a man standing beside ram kishan, he fold his hand together and greet him.

"Namestey Chotte Malik." 

Reyaansh sat on sofa, turning toward ram kishan he signaled her to leave them alone for sometime. Ram kishan nodded and left from there.

"Meri beti ne kuch kiya hai kya mallik, aap use yaha le kar kyun aaye malik?" (Did my daughter do something wrong? why you bring her here?) Rajesh asked him, reyaansh could see fear in his eyes that made him smirk at him. He loves seeing people fearing him. But seeing him in fear gave him more satisfaction. His manager told him how he & his wife treat taani. They treat her like trash because she is a girl where as they always wanted a boy.

"Taani aaj se yahi rahegi, mere saath" (From today taani will stay here with me) Reyaansh told him in such tone that none could argue. Rajesh look at him with wide eyes. Wondering if he had heard him correct.

"Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai chotte malik. Main apni ekloti beti ko aapke pass chod du." (What are you saying chotte malik. How can i leave my only child with you? Rajesh started his melodrama, knowing its his chance to get some money from reyaansh. 

"Agar main tumhe muh maangi kimat du, Tab bhi nahi?" (No even when if i gave you whatever price you may ask)  reyaansh said smirking at him, he knew he had hit the right nerve. Rajesh smiled sheepishly.

"Par ek baat samajh nahi aai, Meri beti hi kyun chotte malik? aapko us manhoos main esa kya dikha" (But i dont understand one thing, sir. Why my daughter? What did you see in that ominous?) Rajesh said to him, he never cared about taani it was clear from his talks. He and his wife always think of her as burden, so it was great opportunity for him to get rid of her

"Thats none of your concern. Say the price and leave" Reyaansh shouted at top of his voice making him shudder in fear, He was literally shivering in fear.

"Maaf kar dijiye chotte malik" (Forgive me chotte malik.) Rajesh begged infront of him. Regretting questioning him. Reyaansh nodded forgiving him but not from his heart. Rajesh demanded 2 lacs rupees from reyaansh. After giving him money he dismiss the greedy man who just sold his daughter to him. 

"Manager uncle, Give a day off to all the servants and you also can go" Reyaansh told ram kishan when he spot him entering the hall again. Ram kishan nodded and left from there. 

"You are mine taani. Only mine." Reyaansh said to himself as he started climbing stairs. He cant wait to meet her finally. He was feeling happy that he had free her from her abusive parents. Now she is his, his to claim, His to love.

Hello guys! I know i have so many stories to update but i cant stop myself from writing this one. This SS has only 5 parts with an epilogue. I had already penned down the whole story but will update only if i get proper response.
If you want Next part, for that i want 10+ pages of comments and 120+ likes.
Do hit like and comment BIG.
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Nice name and intersting concept i hate taani parents taani was so innocent waiting for story to process and taarey meet plz continue soon and thanks for the pmEdited by R.sailaja - 2015-03-05T02:51:02Z
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hey pooja,
awsm concept
Shocked Taani's father is so bad Angry
But what rey did was also not justified Unhappy
But i know taani's innocence Will make him fell for him fully

Update soon
thanx for pm
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Res / unres
Awesome concept
Pooja loved it first even I was disgusted yo see rey eyeing TAANI
But happy he wanted to free her from his abusive parents
Intro was nice TAANI best
Parents wrost, TAANI so innocent
Is way of arrogance beautifully described and justified
Hope rey handles TAANI in soft love and caring manner
Oh next pretty soon pls yaar
Amazing update thank u

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Awesome storySmileClap

feeling bad for Taani...Cry

Thanks for d PM Smile

Update Soon...

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Awsome story
Update soon
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-05T02:52:00Z
awesome start
hate taani's parentsAngry
Hope rey gives her the happiness she deserves
thanx for pm
update soon
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