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Hola ppl.. I have been back to IF after ages.. there was a time when I used "sit IF.. eat IF and talk IF" LOL jokes apart this forum has given a lot of great fans with whom I not only share the common interest of loving Sakshi Tanwar BALH and RaYa but they are family now.. so thanks a lot for that unconditional love you all have given me and it feels so good to see BALH forum still kicking.. Party 

With beginning of BALH-rerun I have decided to post a fanfic of RaYa.. had started it long time back at st.com.. will post here also from now on regularly.. I would like to dedicate this to my frnd Leena here.. it is becoz of her non-stop pushing that I am back to one of my favorite places.. thnx a lot leena Hug love you buddy!

Do leave your precious comments.. and please write in detail which part you liked and which part has scopes for improvement.. It will help me build the story likewise.. IT'S A REQUEST

Character Sketch:

It's an individual story.. no connection with the show other than RaYa.. the lead characters are Ram and Priya as usual.. no introduction needed to their characters.. I am not describing their professional backgrounds as well as it is not really required for the plot.. there's a parallel lead along with RaYa... you will come to know about them as the story progresses.

NOTE: there will be lesser romantic elements (will try to put some for reader's sake Wink) I am trying my hand on a different genre.


She entered the house drenched from head to toe... the grandfather clock struck 1 ringing viciously giving its hourly proclamation...it was pouring cats and dogs outside... though it was the 1st rain of the season which was considered to be auspicious but there was something menacing in the air.. thunder roared..  lightening struck.. the wind rapped.. the silence shrieked an uncanny mystery!! fuse had gone out.. the entire house clouded with an eerie darkness.. she shut the door behind her and tip toed climbing the mahogany curved staircase that bridged the vertical distance from the hall up to her room.. she pushed open the double doors to find it empty.. "Ram..!!"...there was no reply... "Ram... where are you??" she called again; greeted by another silence.. she looked for him in the bathroom.. the balcony.. the study.. the kitchen.. but there was no sign of him in the entire house.. she was worried.. where could he be at this odd hour with a howling weather outdoors.. pulling out the kitchen counter's drawer she brought out a candle and lit it.. then hastily brought out her phone from the back  pocket of her jeans which was drenched just like her and prayed that it worked.. to her surprise it did.. she quickly dialed his number only to be replied with a "NO ANSWER"! but wait it was ringing in the house.. she redialed and followed the sound.. taking the stairs to the top floor she thought  what he might be doing in that worn out loft?! "Ram.. are you there??" she called out for him as she made her way to the dusty attic.. to her relief she found him there.. "oh thank god you are here.." she sighed a breath of relief.. "main apko purey ghar mein dhund rahi thi.. why weren't you replying me?? And what the hell are you doing in this dusty room?? Come on.. uthiye.. abhi apko chheekey aani shuru hojayegi.. niche chaliye.." she pulled him by the arms but he sat like a rock frozen on spot.. she sat kneeling down beside him still holding his arm.. "Ram.. what's the matter?? Ap aise kyun baithe hain??" he did not reply.. he gazed outside hypnotized! without even blinking for once.. a chill ran down her veins.. she shuddered him.. "Ram please.. you are scaring me..?? kya hua hain?? Please tell me.." he turned his head mechanically towards her.. his hair weary.. eyes as red as blood.. he seemed to have aged 10 more years in just about a night.. her heart throbbed hard against her chest.. his cold glance pierced through her racing heart.. her face turned pale in fear.. Ram was a happy-go natured person.. she had never seen him so cold.. so fierce.. "you slept with him.. didn't you??" he asked in a low coarse voice that oozed anger and hatred.. she plunged off her sitting position.. "what?? Yeh.. yeh ap.. ap kya keh rahe hain..??" she replied taken aback by his ruthless question.. he stood up on his feet still eyeing her like a vulture.. "yeh mere sawal ka jawab nehi.. answer my question.. didn't you sleep with him??" his voice turned more intense with fury.. she turned away from him.. "I.. I don't know what are you talking about.." she choked.. he grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her to face him.. "you know exactly what I am talking about..!!" he pressed her shoulders hard.. "ouch..!" she wriggled in pain.. "you are hurting me Ram.." "oh really..?? I am hurting you?? And what have you been doing Mrs. Kapoor??" he asked sarcastically.. she looked at him helplessly.. "tell me... do you have any explanation?? ya phir mere moo pe bol do that I am right.. that you have been cheating on me.. just tell me..!" her throat was as dry as a desert.. neither she had an answer nor she had the courage to face his rage.. he still held her by the shoulders waiting for a reply.. waiting for her to say that he was wrong.. that what he had seen the other day was just a misunderstanding.. but there was no reply from her.. a drop of tear escaped from his burning eyes rolling down his weary face.. "mujhe mera jawab milgaya.." he replied sternly like a wounded lion.. he let go off her shoulders and seized her right arm tightly just the next instance.. "now GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" he dragged her down the stairs to the hall out of the door.. she kept pleading.. "Ram please listen to me.." "it's all over.. I have given you enough time for explanation but your silence shrieked of your chutzpah.." with one mighty pluck he threw her out of the door.. "you are such a scam!! aj ke baad tum mere liye marr chuki ho.. I don't want to see your face ever again!!" he banged the door on her face.


"chay.." an ever smiling Priya forwarded a cup full of hot ginger tea to her loving husband.. Ram smiled back with equal warmth and took the cup from her hand placing a quick peck on her cheeks.. "good morning my love.." 



Chapter- 1

Chapter- 2

Chapter- 3

Chapter- 4 

Chapter- 5

Chapter - 6

Chapter- 7

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1st after agesLOL


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Posted: 2015-03-02T09:27:56Z
Look who is back..Anu..Hope u r dng good girl..
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Posted: 2015-03-02T09:38:23Z
hey.. wassup.. BALH is back yaar.. mujhe toh ana hi tha.. m good.. how r u doing??

Originally posted by Mani-RK

Look who is back..Anu..Hope u r dng good girl..
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Posted: 2015-03-02T09:40:43Z
haha.. hope u enjoy.. criticisms are most welcomed Big smile

Originally posted by aman.anjaan

1st after agesLOL res

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Originally posted by Sakshi_Deewani

hey.. wassup.. BALH is back yaar.. mujhe toh ana hi tha.. m good.. how r u doing??

Originally posted by Mani-RK

Look who is back..Anu..Hope u r dng good girl..

Am good Ty
Yup Balh is back and its back for good 
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Posted: 2015-03-02T10:00:43Z
Hey i think I read two-three parts of this FF
actually at that time I forgot the name of FF and try to search every time. Now u r posting it here Im so happy
its really awesome...
Ram throw her outside the houseUnhappy. What happens to him. Why he is behaving like this.
please continue soon. Do PM me if possible.

P.S:- You also make VMs na...I watched all of urs...Your song selection was too too good also the scenes.
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Posted: 2015-03-02T10:03:53Z
Full of suspense type prologue of the story
don't believed that Priya cheated on Ram
do continue soon to reveal further more in the story
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