Sand da Birthday

Posted: 2015-03-02T07:55:56Z
Bull animal graphicsBull animal graphics

hello  friends
don't get scare of the bullsEmbarrassed
welcome to the birthday bashParty

3rd march
today is the day
when our bday girl muhh came in the world

a very sweet girl
with four legs Wink

she is very caring
whenever her friends r sad ..she'll make fun of herself
nd try to make them happyApprove

obsessed with Fifty Shades Of Grey nd ARSHIShocked
if she start talking about fsog nd arshi
God won't be able to save us from her bak bakOuch

she reads all 18+ FFs
which help her to become more kinkier
coz kinky toh woh pehele se hi thiLOLLOL

a very good daughter,sister and friendHeart

she iss getting oldTongue (18+ is old)LOLLOL
still she get scared of thunder Wacko

she wants arnav rudra
and all handsome hunk as her hubby Angry

she does tandav on twitterDead

she is pure vegiterranean
who eats ghaas n ghaas onlyROFL

now a days busy with panda(fsog maniac)
together they r going to launch another fsogEmbarrassed
not gray but  fifty shade of gobarROFL ROFL

yes today is our own
loosu pisasu sand's birthday
happy birthday

so guys lets sing birthday song for our bday girl I mean bday sand

ja be panda
sand  is already impress with  u LOL

I want to do something special for you,
It's your birthday, and you're special too.
So I brought dis time people from another zoo ( dis tym our sanp, popat, chidiya r not singing).
They honk and squak and sing just for you...
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
Open your eyes, here's a present.
More crazy creatures; don't worry they're pleasant.

Yppah Yadhtrib, Yppah Yadhtrib, Yppah Yppah Yadhtrib Ot Ouy!
Which means:
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You

Dance among the ribbons 
of the birthday balloons. 
Smile through the lit candles 
and sing to the classic happy tune. 
Eat the cake of wishes, 
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come. 
Blindly swing at the flying unicorn, 
sending treasures across the lawn. 
Spin among the music and laughter 
in your perfect party dress that's brand new. 
And till next year my dear,
happy birthday to you.

here some gifts for u
(don't use it chori ka maal hai)

don't worry if it's late partying
sandself will drop u home

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Posted: 2015-03-02T07:58:37Z
Sand :OMG today is the dayEmbarrassed
hello girls anyone here???

Bai : yes sand i'm a girl nd i'm hereLOL
and today mean.. daily i give u ghaas ...lalichi

sand: not that day baiEmbarrassed

auru: wht happned sand why  r u blushing

moni: coz she's thinking abt panda

dhanu: i guess she's dreaming abt tia

panda: wht theAngry

moni: see jallu pandu

panda :Shut up mons

bai: u shut ur mouth with sand
ohh sorry ow sand will shut her mouth with tiaLOLLOL

sand: MIL don't u remember wht's today
ur DIL's bday

dhanu: no it's on Feb 5th

moni: yes me DIL nd my bday is over

auru: loosu sand ..bai mix sm multivitamins in her ghaas
so that sand ki memory power theek hojaye

bai: i wish ghaas bhi almond and chocolate flavor pe aata
but poor sand

sand : wht r u girls talking
no one remember wht's today

dhanu : yes today i'm going to my 101 HM with my 102 hubbyEmbarrassed

auru: wow SIL keep it up

bai: today; i'm getting new poocha

moni: today to drink i mean collect blood

auru: today shoppingEmbarrassed

bai: poor TV ka credit cardLOLLOL

panda: today my heart breaking dayDead

sand: today sad day
i'm going

clau: guys why sand is crying

bai: may be thunder

clau: i guess today is her bday

auru: no it's on march 3rd

moni : and today's march 3rd we still hav time

dhanu and clau: r u sure u still have timeShocked

auru bai moni: OMG

auru: SIL..clau plz u hv to do smthing

clau: ok i'll make cake

dhanu: i'm with the decoration

moni: bai with safai

auru : nd u r kamchor
kuch kar be

bai: auru moni.. tum dono bhi kuch karo

moni: hum party karungi naEmbarrassedParty
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Posted: 2015-03-02T08:00:09Z

special cake for sand

guess whyLOLLOL

these food for us

here u go sand
ur foodROFL

and these for sandhya

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Posted: 2015-03-02T08:00:40Z

as our sand is very simple
she do not need much gifts

tabela to stay

tweezer to sharp her singsLOLLOL

more gifts cming on ur way sand

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Posted: 2015-03-02T08:05:07Z
OMG its Saand BirthdayShocked
Don't know what to you know I just tease you nicely but cant say good things about youLOL if I talk nicely to you my stomach will hurtConfusedOuch
anyways just wanted to say
 you are sweet
when we meet
you talk nonsense
still you are sweet
so here wishing world best sand in my best poetic way  A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY(truly this poes is the worstDead)
Enjoy your day sand hope you have lots and lots of leafs with you todayEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2015-03-02T08:29:33Z
On dis special day, i m recalling all da tyms we spent together, our teasing, fun all des alwaz bring smile on my face. I wish u all the very best, may ur deepest and wildest dreams LOL come true today  nd every day,all the joy u can ever have  may u be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow nd da days to come. May u have a fantastic birthday nd many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special sand friend who will forever hold a special place in my lifeHug
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Posted: 2015-03-02T08:32:11Z
many many happy returns of the day sandu
may god bless u
with health happiness

n lots n lots of ghass

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Posted: 2015-03-02T09:02:56Z
Happy birthday Sandy HugPartyDancing
May Everything Happy And Everything Bright Be Yours On Your Birthday From Morning Till Night. And Then Through The Year May The Same Thing Hold True So That Each Day Is Filled With Life's Best Things For You!!!!
 Wishing you a birthday that's a very special dayC a day full of smiles and laughter and fun, a day for enjoying all of life's little pleasures, a day for enjoying yourself and most of all wishing that this very special day is only the beginning of a very beautiful year!!! Happy Birthday!!!  

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