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Posted: 2015-03-02T04:09:54Z
The festival of colors is here. Fun & frolic for us...
... just like truly Rangrasiyan!

But, as we enjoy this festival with our family and friends, let us spare a thought for the strays, who will have to bear the brunt of our festivity.

Let us make sure that neither do we ourselves do, nor do we let our friends do, what would hurt these mute beings...

Let us ensure that we do not throw color, colored water or water balloons on the strays.

Pls. take a look at these Imp tweets...

Thor Superdog @ThorTheSuperdog

Pls don't colour strays this #Holi. Don't throw water balloons on them. It hurts them and is unsafe. Pls RT.

Please spare strays this Holi. Don't colour them; the chemicals are dangerous. #Holi

Let us be considerate this festival...wishing a very Happy n safe Holi for all Rangrasiyan... !! Thanks

A word of spl thanks to Diya (DiyaS) for suggesting the post n psagars for sharing this info.

Originally posted by psagars

The colours contain various harmful chemicals which are harmful to us and even the pets. The pets even more as there exists a possibility of the pets licking themselves causing numerous toxicity cases. A few common examples 

  1. Black Colour : It primarily contains Lead. Lead toxicity can cause Gastro-intestinal disturbance signs like vomition , diarrhoea Or even Neurological signs like Seizures.
  2. Green Colour : It primarily contains Copper Sulphate & Malachite Green. It can lead to Blindness and it can also affect pregnant pets.
  3. Red Colour : Made up of Mercuric Oxide which causes bleeding in the stomach and the intestines and it is also Carcinogenic.
  4. Silver Colour : Attributed to the compound Aluminium Bromide which is a known carcinogen .
  5. Purple Colour : Primarily contains Chromium Iodide which is a known compound for causing several respiratory disorders including asthma and numerous allergies.

Their misery does not end with the harmful chemicals, numerous dogs receive blunt traumas owing to the water-balloons. Several dogs go blind after taking a water-balloon hit on the eye.

We often feel that the colours do no harm to the pets as we do not see these signs while playing with colours. But do keep in mind , Dogs & Cats will lick them off their body leading to accumulation of these toxins in their body leading to poisoning .

Do spare a thought for our Furry little friends ... Make this Holi a Pet-Friendly Holi !!

credit :

Dividers Scrap

Dividers Scrap

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Nice post Joseph 
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Posted: 2015-03-02T04:27:28Z
Much needed postThumbs Up
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Posted: 2015-03-02T04:28:13Z
Very nice post. 
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Posted: 2015-03-02T04:30:17Z
awesome post Jo Star

Thanks Diya for suggestion Clap
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Posted: 2015-03-02T04:31:10Z
A very necessary post. Thanks Joseph.

Here's one more message. I hope you don't mind me posting it here.

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Originally posted by psagars

A very necessary post. Thanks Joseph.

Here's one more message. I hope you don't mind me posting it here.

Thanks a lot Buddy for sharing this information. Smile Pls try to add more,this post is just for awareness after all,our favorites are GR8 animals lovers too.Smile

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nice post bro...
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