SS 8--Transfer of Power on 123 - Page 18

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Posted: 6 years ago
Rb II on Time of my life is a very nice idea :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Taara you are late with suggestions unfortnately...Cry 
Its ohk...
My suggestions are anyways more of me rather than RB and II, so doesn't matter...
Posted: 6 years ago
Sex Ed & RoarROFLBlushing

Sam: "OK I can give everyone 10 minutes to look at her mehandi then I will kick everyone out so she can get ready for the sangeet.Most
people have started dancing downstairs, so u can go join the fun until we get the Iyer ponn? what was it Vandita? "Ponnoo?" (giggle) "ready"

Lakshmi: Apdiye movies la vara madiri irukkel neenga (u look like how they look in movies) (in awe)
II:Thanks Lakshmi, I like your mehandi also

All the girls had it on their hands some more elaborate than the others

Vandu: did she eat anything?
II:I only want to sleep ka

Vandu: Ummm... let me seee I am thinking after 20? 30 years? kyon Samyukta? (giggling at the coy joke)
Sam: Thats a bit early, I would say, 50 years is more like it (giggling)
Aish & Anusha stared their jaws dropping "They make fun of you like that?"

"Yes brutally every day since Ive been engaged" II said shyly "Infact from the time they realized I like him"
"In a way they set me up actually, they both are devious, its a strange coincidence his Akka and mine are such romantics" II muttered with a farawy look
Uma walked in to see II at the center being pampered, she sat by Anusha, " They do everything in North Indian style its not a Iyer wedding no" (pity?)

II ignored it, she was too boggled by her argument with the Dude and his "That is true actually" on the "Bored easily" insult


Anusha: we havent met him yet, Athai (II's Mom) said she would show us the pictures but she didnt

Vandu: He was just heading up the stairs (confused)

Uma:Is this the wedding hall? (INSULTING)

II: No... no... its Samyukta, ermm... my sister in law, I mean his sister's house (pointing to a GORGEOUS Sam in a lovely peach lehanga and pink gold jewelry)

"SHE is ur sister in law?" Uma askes shocked

"Hmmm... Why?" II asked confused

"Ille she looks so beautiful I thought must be some movie star" Uma said

Sam: YAYYY... Ishita I am going to compete for those movie roles with you, Usha?
Uma? I am married with two kids I have a 10 year old and almost 3 months old girl"

Uma: Why Ishita?

Sam: Well, someone that came to my baby shower my husband's friend he asked us if she will star in a movie they are producing

Anusha was not happy it was evident

Sam: I DIDNT KNOW then, but this was meant to be, she was supposed to be my bro's wife so its good Ishita rejected the offer

Anusha: Athimber(Mr Iyer) would have jumped of a cliff, if Ishita signed a movie (dismissive)
II: I have to be secretly gone for a year and make it happen (giggling)

Sam: Oh! helllooo!! U have to ask my brother too if u forgot, Appa's disapproval doesnt cut it any more, R&B is the boss
II squirmed... "Gee! Thanks for reminding" she muttered

Vandu was rearranging the room picking up with Sam

Lakshmi: Yaar R&B?"

II: Oh, he identifies himself like that, Raman Bhalla, R&B is a style of music called Rhythm & Blues,
he is very quiet and brooding so he has been labelled that, the style of music, is somber, so it fits well

Sam: OMG!! SUCH A LONG EXPLANATION... mmm...mmm (clapping)

II got up... "Ummm"

Lakshmi: Do u need help getting ready? (confused by the explanation, trying hard not to be overwhelmed by the glitz and glamor of the house and its people)

Anusha: Will u live in Delhi?

II: Hmmm...

Anusha: where do they live?

II:U know where the embassies are? 5 blocks from the US embassy

Anusha's eyes became wide she didnt say anything

Vandu: Ishita get up kanna lets get ready your friends are downstairs
Amma was explaining everything to Janaki Athai in a corner letting the girls giggle around II

Athai: She looks lovely I cannot believe she is so beautiful
Amma: These days kids are careful about caring for themselves and their clothes etc (Amma down played her daughter's gorgeous looks, very modestly)
Athai: She is so uncaring and playful its good to see her be feminine

Amma:After what happened Akka last year with that boy I cant say I have slept peacefully
even one night, until this boy came and asked her to marry him. I know there is career and
 money and job, but after we are gone how long can she depend on Vandita? U know ur younger brother/Tanjore Chithappa he doesnt even care for my kids"

Athai: Dont cry Madhu... U guys are caring for Anna also, I cant even care for my own Anna I am so pathetic...

Amma:Please dont say that, atleast you are our well wisher, my daughters have you... in the whole entire family... no one else

Athai:Its goo she found a good family, is there to Amma, the boy's Amma I mean

Amma: No, she passed away 4 years ago
Athai: the sister is lovely and caring Madhu... she is in charge it looks like... the one in the purple maxi (Manny's expensive designer dud turned into "maxi" by clueless Athai)
is she also a sister? she has the same face...

Amma: Yes she lives in Australia, Ph D padikara (studying), paiyan MBA MS rendum padichirukkan (the boy is an MBA and an MS)

Athai: Ur brothers and Jayam (Athai's her older sister) both will be envious (giggling)

Amma:The best part is none of this was planned... the boy worked with her liked her and approached us Ishita has good values also, instead of running
away like Jaya Akka's daughter Radha (there! Amma was getting her revenge) she came to us and cried, your brother (Mr Iyer) did not agree at all, but what to do?
These days youngsters are so adamant, but the boy is very nice.

Athai heaved a sigh of relief "I am very happy for you Madhavi, I was worried after Subbu u know, our community is very punitive towards girls for no reason,
 your daughter is so educated and accomplished YET has to follow the tenets of the Iyers"

Amma:Your brother and I have raised them that way, what to do, our fault
II walked over to Amma to show off her mehandi

Amma:Lovely raja, they say u must write the boy's name did you?"

II squirmed, "Umm ille" shook her head

Amma was surprised "Why? I hear if the boy finds it he gets a gifts if he doesnt she gets one? U wont get a gift now"

II smiled at Amma's innocence... "Hes is very different Ma he may not like all that" II evaded

Athai: U look nice kanna, tell the paiyyan TO BE GENTLE WITH YOU


II: Neenga solrela (will u tell him PLEASE?)
Athai winked knowingly "Kootindu vaa solren, idula enna irukku," (Bring him, I will tell him)


Amma: U will mee him ka soon, u must tell him
(Amma was happy to see her daughter be embarrassed, things were delayed by a year but were HAPPENING, she was DELIGHTED)
Jaya Athai wandered in along with Narayanan Mama's wife Rama...

The girls were giggling in one corner looking at videos on the phone

Amma composed herself

Jaya Athai: So daughter is all ready to be sent off?

Amma: looks like it (happy)
Jaya: Punjabis are a world apart, NOTHING LIKE US (IN ENGLISH)

II began texting with her friends downstairs...


Amma shushed Athai "This is their house"

Jaya Athai:Will she live here? Its a BIG BUNGALOW! Is it rented?"

"ROMBA MUKYAM" Amma thought (very imp for YOU to know THAT)

Amma: Samyukta her naathanar (SIL) owns this house,  Ishita's house will be in Malcha Marg (proud)

Jaya Athai:Near the embassy? (shocked)

Amma: yes yes, they have been living in Chanakya puri for 40 years the house looks
like they show in movies, grand... all glass and Italian marble every where, water fountains and lawns (Amma gushed happily)
Jaya Athai:What do they do, they own workshops?

amma: they have a turnover of Rs.20,000 crores or something the son is not even involved he has his own company in paris

Jaya Athai:Did u check it all out?  I read in Kumudam on family claimed to be all this in Teynampet and it all turned out that they had rented it like a movie set

Janaki Athai was horrified


II looked up from her phone shocked, Amma eye signalled her to keep quiet

Amma: Ishita works with them, she goes to the office every day, she has attended
parties at their home for months now, they have to be really wealthy to rent an entire house in Malcha Marg for three months

Amma sniggered

Jaya Athai: Oh! THATS how they fel in love?

Amma: U can say that (smug)

Jaya Athai: I am just saying, be careful

After Subbu'a alliance broke off Jaya athai "graciously had sent over a "divorcee's alliance" for II
Amma had spent DAYS in bed crying about it... fearing II will never be able to marry normally like other girls in the family for NO FAULT of hers

II had many friends she was closest to 4 from Kendriya Vidyalaya and 4 from college. Kritika Lata Meera and Madhu from KV were all married and lived in Delhi

They were the gang of "FIVE", of the college ones, three were married... Chanda and Fareeda were, Diya and Evelyn werent... almost all lived in Delhi
Except for Diya and Meera...

amma: u should go get changed kanna, did he come see you? (proud)

II nodded "Mmm"

Jaya Athai: Ayyyoo seee vekkam... she s 28 and she is SHY? NIIICE, my daughter Radha is such a tomboy

Amma thought "thats why she ran away to Sweden first and then call you"

Janaki Athai: Shyness is a jewel , especially the best jeewelry a bride can wear... (firm)

Jaya Athai looked at the walls and the windows enviously ignoring her sister's jab

Sam came in "Ishitaaa, dont done, tumhara miya bhi neeche aa chuka first dance is over too, Manny and Vik... (ur fiance's is downstairs u are not even ready?)

Ii stood up sheepishly, Vandu came in with her outfit... they dragged her to another room

Draped her in the pink lehanga with fine gauzy embroidery all over with a navy embroidered trim, and a skimpy navy blouse with arc like
embroidered patterns in gold. Two makeup/hair experts worked on her hair and face...
They were done in an hour

"SUCH A GORGEOUS OUTFIT Samyukta, you have good taste"Vandu said in awe, taking a picture


Vandu walked over and hugged Samyukta "Its rare to find people like you you know"

Sam: Likewise!!!

They led II downstairs as  the entire hall of 100+ people turned in awe... as Ishita Iyer stepped down to watch her sangeet

Raman Bhalla leaned on a wall in far corner one foot up, changed into a orange Lacoste tee after feuding with wife-to-be had left his kurti smeared with henna

Nandan, Shravu and the kids from Iyers and Bhalla's danced in the center to Katy Perry's "Roar"

Posted: 6 years ago
AWESOME title...can't wait
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

@divashni...thanx for those lehenga pics,  surely making something like the first red and black one...loved it :)

Ur welcum Smile
I'm a pinterest addict so I browse desi wear like this almost 24/7. I'm planning the wedding tht isnt happning nytime soon (at least nt 4 the next 2 yrs) but its fun anyway Tongue
BF thnks I'm totally crazzy 4 it nd I'd hav 2 agree w/ him on this pt. LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Res for Feminist v/s FanGirl

Feminist v/s FanGirl : An Eternal Battle on ' Sex Ed & RoarROFLBlushing'

Firstly... Ivlavu per irukangu! Ellarodayum perum-relations confuse-aayi pochu  Ouch
(There are so many people! I've totally gotten confused in all the name and relations)
I'm honestly bad with names, faces and relations... So... I've decided I'll concentrate on Athais and Mamis and not their kids (who is who's kid, again?! D'oh).

Secondly, in a chapter stuffed with women, I doubt Feminist and FanGirl will have much warring to do.
(Me: THANK GOD. Finally, I can speak to my heart's content. Big smileOh wait. I already do. And even they are me technically. Damn. D'oh)

After the disclaimers...
Let's get this show on the road! Party

1. "I only want to sleep ka" and the ribbing (and muttering from II) that followed... And the 'movie star' bit... And all the other ribbing courtesy of Vandu & Sam.
FanGirl: Haan Haan. Tujhe toh sone ki hi padi hogi. Aakhir tujhe R&B ke saath sone ki badi jaldi hai (Though, I doubt there will be much sleeping involved. Maybe a power-nap or two in between?) ROFL
Me: Sam, Vandu and II share this amazing bond... One that sometimes clicks within an instant of meeting, and sometimes takes years to grow into that level of comfort... What this part proved to me was that irrespective of whether II is the Iyer daughter or the Bhalla bahu, she will always, always have that one companion, who'll have the power to rib her, make her laugh and blush irrespective of the situation... an unshakeable ally, in all her crazy pursuits to change things around R&B and Ranjan... In Sam, II will find a Vandu of the Bhalla-Batra family. This was all the assurance I needed for II's survival at Malcha Marg. Clap
(I am also kind of questioning my sanity after reading so much into them pulling II's leg) ROFL

2. II thinking about her latest spat with R&B.
FanGirl: Good for you. Think about it, re-think and then sulk. Humph. Poor R&B, eppo paatalum sandehataala thaan paatindu irrupe ne. (... you're always looking at him with doubt.Thumbs Down #HopelessCase
Feminist: Woman. ENJOY your time with the ladies. Why waste your time thinking about #LOUT? Besides, you're going to be stuck with him soon... with no other choice but to face all his crap. Is this really how you wanna spend your last couple of days free of him? By sulking about him? Confused#GoPartyLikeALoon Silly
Me: ::sighs to self:: Jab banda saamne ho, toh jhagda karo. Jab woh nazron se door ho, toh usi jhagde ko pachtao. Thoda boring sa routine nahi ho raha hai, II? The good thing is... this routine is totally going to go for a toss. Evil Smile

3. The conversation between Amma and the Athais (and a mami?)
It's beautiful to see the interaction between Janaki Athai and Amma... especially... It highlighted that Amma has wholeheartedly accepted R&B as the perfect match for II... She realises and appreciates that II has truly found happiness with this man... She doesn't need to know the particulars, she sees that her daughter is satisfied with this man. That's all that counts to her. Especially, after the debacle that Subbu was.
And, after all those pointed questions and jibes and taunts from Jaya Athai, I loved how Amma and Janaki Athai put her in place (so to speak) very sweetly.
I've seen this happen so many times at all out large family gatherings...
When some random relative of mine (sometimes even my Athai or her husband) talk about their kids who're in engineering, and then before they can sneeringly ask me what I'm doing these days... Ma (Or Dad or my Taata or Mami) will go "Oh! I've not at all heard of that engineering college!" LOL It's a sight to watch.
I generally weave around all the people in such functions at home... watching all the subtle wars that are being waged and fires being lit ROFL And, adding fuel here and there. Evil Smile

4. SexEd from Athai
Me: Before those two start warring within my head... I just had to say... #PricelesslyEPIC ROFL
FanGirl: Awww!! II ko sharam aa rahi hai? #SoAdorable #AwkwardAboutSex ROFL Give R&B to me. I'll take him any way I can get. Even if he's not gentle. #HOTS Day Dreaming
Feminist: Humph. Athai! Who are you asking to be gentle? The Rakshasan? #LOUT? That advice is wasted on him. He can't even shave to save your poor kozhandai's skin. Why is he going to be gentle with her? Ermm

5. II's entry and R&B's reaction (the lack of it)
FanGirl: Ayyyooo!! She's so prettyyy! That everyone's looking at her. And, R&B needed support? His knees couldn't hold him up anymore? LOL #PerfectJodi Wink But why did he have to wear a boring sa T-shirt?! Confused
Feminist: Hello!! She's not a piece of meat being thrown into a cage full of hungry tigers. Why are all these people shamelessly gawking at her, huh? She's just a woman. A very pretty one. But still. Why make her feel awkward with all your staring?? #RoomFullOfNutcases Wacko

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


Cant wait


In the mean time... You can check this one out Big smile

Looking forward to your response to that one.
It's my comeback! ROFL

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