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Ashish Sharma: I can't keep doing daily soaps where male actors hardly have any scope

Richa Shukla,TNN | Feb 27, 2015, 12.00 AM IST

Ashish Sharma: I can't keep doing daily soaps where male actors hardly have any scope

Actor Ashish Sharma started his career with the film Love, Sex Aur Dhoka, and then entered television. The Jaipur boy was recently in town for the Times Food and Nightlife Awards, where he spoke about what he's doing these days, which includes scriptwriting for films.

Excerpts from the chat:

I feel refreshed after my break
After a break of almost three months, the actor is set to return to TV with a chat show. Last year, he won the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and was the lead of the daily soap Rangrasiya. In his upcoming show Tujhse Naaraaz Nahi Zindagi, he will be seen playing an RJ, who interacts with achievers from different fields. He told us, "I have done a variety of roles, and uniqueness of work is something that attracts me. I can't keep doing daily soaps where male actors hardly have any scope. My last two shows ended almost at the same time. I took a break for almost three months and now I am completely fresh. This new show is a chat show that deals with social issues.

I have stopped cribbing
he actor says that the medium doesn't matter to him, and acting in both films and television is the same. He said, "I have grown up enormously since I ventured into the glam world, but the latest show has made me more mature as a human being. I have stopped cribbing about life and its problems. I feel that I have become more responsible after listening to the struggles and hardships of these people. If I look at them, I find myself better off. By the end of every episode, I was completely drained after hearing these stories. Every episode left me crying."

Scriptwriting with my wife
Ashish is also currently writing the scripts of two films with his wife Archana. He said, "I want to explore, as a person and as a professional. As of now, I am writing scripts for two films. This is something that I always wanted to do. Finally, I have got the time and opportunity to do that."

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ashish sharma @ashish30sharma     2 hours ago

Look what I found on the chair next to me at the airport..awkward

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Posted: 2015-02-26T21:39:00Z
And he is right about that.
Some of shows that are running for years now 
Just has the male lead for namesakeDead

And a potential actor like Ashish isn't made for it

Hope he finds something worth his talent 
If not better than RR
something par with itBig smile

That tweet was cuteTongue

Tfs JosephBig smile
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Posted: 2015-02-26T22:04:21Z

hi Joe dear...

thanks for the article! Smile
I cant help but compare the thought process of our leads - Sanaya and Ashish.
Both want something with depth to work on TV specially fiction. We also know how much depth and content is the choice of Indian television audience as of now. Dead
With Saath Nibhana Saathiya topping the TRP charts I have absolutely no hopes what so ever!
It is the lack of content which has cast this Sanaya drought on us and looks like it will keep away Ashish away too from fiction as of now.
should we just stop watching TV now ... Confused
I hope our stellar Leads really do find something that suits their potential and caliber!!
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Posted: 2015-02-26T22:46:25Z
Thanks for sharing Jo :)
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Posted: 2015-02-26T23:09:10Z
Thanks Joseph for the article.

So agree with Ruchi. The present TV toppers are not even worth a second look. The shows nowadays not even a storyline. Every show is now having leaps. Saas bahu are still dominating. In Ekta's shows the vamps are conspiring. Some shows are propagating nonsense stuff like atma, nagin, and God knows what else they will do. And a particular set of people enjoy this stuff. Such a pathetic state the Television is at right now. Something is badly needed to revamp this entire concept of TV shows.

Now the question is who to blame - the channel who show such shows, the PHs who produce such shows or the people who watch such shows. It is vicious cycle which needs to break soon.

The loss is everybody's but mostly ours because we are losing talent such as Ashish and Sanaya.
Atleast Ashish is taking a different path and trying hand at non-fiction shows and story writing. But doesn't he deserve much better and we too. The actor has so much potential. They could give any bollywood actor a run for their money. It is such a sad state that they cannot do what they want or do what they were born to do just because of a bunch of people who doesn't understand talent and creativity.

Presently nothing on TV that is worth watching. How long this Sanaya drought is going to be there don't know. There is not even a rumor. This is the longish break that she has taken. Atleast hope to see her in JDJ this year.

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Posted: 2015-02-27T00:12:13Z
Thanks Jo...less said about the state of our trp topper shows , the better...they suck big time & I think it's the people who are to be blamed because when a show like RR is aired & it fails to get recognisation then what can the makers do...
I am happy that  we will get to see Ashish but sad at the same time that it wouldn't be in a fiction ...but chalo atleast  something is better than nothing ...looks like my sanyas from Hindi t.v. is about to be lifted with this talk show...
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Posted: 2015-02-27T02:59:32Z
"I can't keep doing daily soaps where male actors hardly have any scope."

This single line is bitter truth of today's Indian Tele. If,you want to work on TRP gainer shows,be ready for perform as talking Furniture,who can move widout any support but,can't do anything widout women's Gang approval.

Don't want to take any particular show name because,conditions is almost same in all TRP holders show. 2-3 shows are portraying Male Characters as Lead but,what are they doing there? they know better because,I didn't find any novelty or surprising in their characters.

Situation will be same If,we didn't change this crap TRP system.We (most viewers) are just like puppet,in front of those 8,000 families who are deciding INDIAN's CHOICE. We have no choice because,we have no any contribution in TRP measurement whatever,Our DTH co. is fully aware wid our choice. 

I really miss Ashish n Sanaya's on-screen appearance but,same time I am happy that they are not part of these kind of TRP holders shows. They erased the all differences between 'Fiction' n 'Stupidity'.

We should be Thankful to God that,our favorites is not part of these 'stupidity'.
It would be really painful to see Sanaya to perform as Gopi Bahu or Akshara type characters or Ashish as Ahem Dhikra or Naitik/Munna. (No Offense,Characters name used just for character symbol) 
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