Software Symph 7 "Not too long" 147 - Page 78

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Posted: 6 years ago
You make everything so very INTERESTING - be it LOVE or be it WAR! 
Reading your updates each morning is the best way to start my day! 
Thank you Nisha!
Posted: 6 years ago
U pick up all my fav things in the world and put them as seriously...bichari kajol ne kya bigada hai tumharaa LOL
Il read the update now :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Hi Nisha! Big smile
So much for catching up with you all on thread 6. D'oh
I didn't even unres my comment on the first page. Tongue

Just logged in briefly to say hi and tell you that yes I am still alive. LOL Just drowning in textbooks, lectures, and review notes. Cry

I will catch up with thread 6 and 7 updates once my midterms finish next week. I am assuming that you will probably have moved on to thread 8 or 9 by then, but I will nonetheless catch up eventually and rejoin the gang in pestering you for updates and giving reviews.

Ashu, Anu, Hsp, Seriousreader, modernfamily, Arya...and the whole host of others that I am forgetting...I miss chatting with you all! I can't wait to be back soon. Smile

See you (hopefully) soon! 
Posted: 6 years ago
I love the way they are warming up for a fight Smile
Amma is such a dearEmbarrassed
Everything sounds so real...almost like I will be attending the wedding of II and R&B. 
But would I be A guest from the Iyer side or R&B's ...I wonder Day Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful, outstanding, excellent update...HE SAID HE WILL KIDNAP HER...amma and his talk...II jealous as amma called him god what she is...
I wont change the surname ...did she said that...cummon use both II ...he is obeying u that doesnt mean u will take advantage...dude is going take revenge...
So I get it this idea of ww7 before wedding...that u have mentioned...or there will be other...

Her missing home...singing ..,shows her emotional state...
Question s mere faltu hote hai...
1. Subbu and RB talks kab milegi?
2. RB and II shopping u have mentioned?
3. Any update in next 3 hrs?

Overall I love what u write...thats why sosy is my fav...
Posted: 6 years ago

Nish this update spooked me up totally. You have touched strikingly similar instances from my past.Again.       my mum had a similar convo with my r&b and she blurted things much much against my wishes...I was angry embarrassed ... when she cried and asked him to take care of her baby. 

I wanted half a dozen things agreed upon prior to marriage with him... it was not called a ' pre-nup'  though...and not wanting to change my maiden name was the first. He was amused at some and furious at others... 

This whole saga is so real. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Hello dearies.. Waking up to beautiful comments and an awesome update... Shall reply in a while...
Tab tak please thread khatam mat kar dalna yaar... ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

U pick up all my fav things in the world and put them as seriously...bichari kajol ne kya bigada hai tumharaa LOL
Il read the update now :)

I used it as an example only
i bet u love it like the billion others
she marries an ultra wealthy guy no questions asked
i just wanted to tweak that a bit... i can use another name if ppl prefer or just say hindi movie in general

Mera kya bigaadega DDLJ LOL
Other than a over acting kajol i liked it

Swades is my fave SRK movie stylish understated and real
He is OTT in almost all IMO

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