Software Symph 7 "Not too long" 147 - Page 4

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Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on the mystic 7.

Here to many many more klink.. Klink
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by palakmangla21

Congratulations fr no 7
N ashu yes I hav msg limit on the IdConfused
Bhagwan kare woh limit limitless ho jayee...aur tum zyada comment kar sako LOLLOLLOL

Seriously man. Sirf like karti rehti huTongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Pin the beep & Snap on
(Author's Note: I am going to essay 
my experience of going to these, if any of you think its ridiculous or untrue, then you are welcome to hold such opinions.Big smile I wrote what Ive seen over the yearsEmbarrassed)

She picked up Akka at 7 ish from Munirka, Akka wore maternity jeans (II's present from her secret shopping trip) and a beautiful frilly kurti like top...
Bala: Make sure you tell the dude shes pregnant again (sulking)
II: Aap gussa ho? (smiling)

Bala: I am saying I WILL COME BY FOR 10 MINUTES, OR TAKE A VIDEO, she wont agree, nee sollu da please (u convince her no?)
II giggled...
Vandu rolled her eyes

"Hes going out with Mihir and the guys"

"The guys must include R&B too" II concluded secretly, "No wonder he didnt sound any more curious"

Vandu did her last minute thing in the kitchen...
"Akkkaaa LETS GO"

"See how eager she is to see some naked man" Bala sulked
" Yes I am, do u mind... I have exactly 18 days to see all I want and do all I want" II gushed
"Just keep an eye on her Vandu... she need to turn her in "as is" no further modifications shall be accepted, R&B said to me" Bala said sipping his chai

"Ofcourse, since he is a virgin, I should be too, I fully agree Athim" II said smiling

Vandu screamed from the kitchen, "BALA WILL YOU SHUT UP? SHE has no shame... she is just like the guy, no wonder they fell for each other.. she will shame you da, so shut up"

"I can see that, go now" he yelled

"Feed Shravu the non spicy rajma da, and do not give him any more kesari" Vandu said sternly
"Hey I am leaving as soon as you I am following you to Shanti Niketan so we can all hide upstairs and spy"

"And I thought I married an adult but I guess I was wrong I married a teenager" Vandu made a face

Paati came out "Go Ma, ur sister is waiting I will take care"

"Amma can u light the lamp? I forgot to do that, and it looks rainy... Shravu's sports uniform is outside, he needs it tomorrow for soccer pictures at school, can u dry it in your room on the bed rail u guys have the room heater on (YES 75 yr olds)

"LEAVE DA, GO NOW" Bala scolded

Vandu reached for her purse.. 
"Akka we are going to her house and then to Taj"

"Oh Taj?" asked Bala curiously

"Shhh Ka, DONT TELL HIM" II hissed
"Sam could change her mind" Akka cleared her throat
"Vandu, 10 mins di... let me peek no?" Bala begged
Vandu smacked him with a rolled newspaper and they left...

"I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ANY" Vandu hissed giggling hysterically
"Oh IVE BEEN TO A MILLION" Ii said offended
"Hey u are part of THAT crowd now" Vandu said

They both got to Sam's at 7:30

Sam greeted II and Vandita at the door, absolutely did not allow them take their footwear off tonight
The room was scattered with Delhi's glitterati...  II and Vandu recognized Sam's best friend and Tan's cousin..

"where is Lasya?" II wondered
"You dont get to see her today because its all about us women and our "desires" tonight Sam winked
"Are there more than one? because the lead guy is for me I am guessing" II giggled blushing

"Arey she is like a hari mirchi I didnt think she could talk like that" Sam was shocked
"On her way here, she wanted to know if the guy will try to make out with her" Vandu said
"I DID NOT I DID NOT" II said "I asked if he will be completely nude though" II said boldly

Sam leaned on a wall and laughed, holding her stomach

"And the night has just begun

She called out to friends, Chachi's bahus arrived, dressed glamorously, WAY more glamorously than Sam and the other glitterati
II felt frumpy in her skirt and the shoe string strap blouse...

Sam passed pictures of guys, all the husbands with a question at the bottom
Boxer Brief Thong NOTHING

Vandu was seen dying of shock, II hissed " IAM not filling out this stuff, this is gross"

"Sam the bride is refusing yaar"
"OH COME ON II not done" Sam shouted
She passed pencils around...

II looked at R&B's picture and blushed

"You probably dont know what he wears so you should just check them all" Akka urged

"SHUT UP SHUT UP" II whispered
"So u know?"
"OMG! U KNOW" Vandu giggled

II's friends arrived, three girls from school and two from college (more on them later, some other time)

Akka moved and let her friends gush and giggle around her... II had over 400 on FB she was going to invite them all for the wedding

II picked " BRIEFS" and stuffed R&B's picture somewhere in the middle,  barely looked at the guys she knew, kinda creeped out by the very idea

Sam took away the results

"I hope you didnt cheat" she warned II
"Like what? Ask the guys?" Ii asked baffled
"You would love that wouldnt you? I am going to tell R&B"

The next genius game was pass the vibrator, something like a musical chair  but with the toy..who ever held it when the music stopped was out
and II was "supposed to do the honors"
It was GOLD... and ERMMM... HUGE
"Arey TURN IT ON" Sam ordered
"U are kidding me" Ii refused

Sam walked over, turned it on for her...

As "LUCK" would have it II was the "second to last one"... she held it a good frickin 17 minutes, between the 18 women

Vandu was a mushy mess in one corner she was either laughing or eating or peeing or rolling on the expensive Persian carpet hugging a oblong cushion

The next game was even more gross PP relay.. which was basically holding a errmm toy between the legs and running... split into two teams of 9 Akka somehow GOT TO BE THE JUDGE
Since she was pregnant and all ARGHHH

II went first with her friend from another team...

Ermm and II won... but ermmm she HELD IT for half the race... so Sam was quite pleased though she cheated it was a good thing

The next one was pin the DAMN THING on the hottie...

II went first as usual, the poster was one of Bollywood's leading actor... II WAS hugely offended as she seriously had the hots for him
 pinned the "thing" on  the actor's MOUTH coz Sam gently moved the poster down as II was aiming with her pin
Blindfolded II pinned the thing on the guy's mouth

When the room rolled on the floor laughing is when she furiously removed her blindfold to see the Bollywood hottie  sporting  an organ in his mouthROFL

A guy dressed as a cop entered, he looked too European to be a Delhi Police cop

Sam spoke with him with a serious face

"Guys, looks like we are making too much noise. He wants to shut it down"

"Ayyyo" II hissed to Akka "I HOPE HE ARRESTS YOU because I am going to go home, let Athim bail you out... you are so frickin out of control" II ranted

"Shut up.. dont say a word, it was Sam's idea" Akka was scared too

Sam argued with the man... pointing to the women in the room... pretended to count and paused on II nobody noticed though
Busy eating and giggling trying to complete the pin the beep game

Sam: Guys Apparently some neighbor complained so I am going to turn out the outside lights drive way lights and all the wedding lights outside the house
Vandu nodded sadly

Sam left

The lights in the INSIDE went out but the ones outside glowed
The women were shocked

As Sam blasted music... and turned the lights back on

The man... moved with II, in a gyrating explicit dance move

II squirmed in his grip gloriously red... 
videos were being shot and pictures being taken furiously... as he tipped her over, 
II grabbed it shirt to hold and since stripper's shirts ARE ALWAYS held together by snap on buttons... it CAME OFF COMPLETELY

As she held a top naked guy in her arms...his Delhi Police uniform shirt in pieces in her handROFL

Akka had passed out in one corner unable to laugh anymoreROFL

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by palakmangla21

Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by palakmangla21

Congratulations fr no 7
N ashu yes I hav msg limit on the IdConfused
Bhagwan kare woh limit limitless ho jayee...aur tum zyada comment kar sako LOLLOLLOL

Seriously man. Sirf like karti rehti huTongue

Aur koi Banda acha laga R&B ke liye? I read about a girl  but no guy was mentioned? Or did I miss something? Weekend r hectic with full house

Posted: 6 years ago
Not fair Nish !!! You cant stop with this. We need to know R&B's reaction to all this. She is sooo going to pay for this privately. Pls Nish. One more ...Pls
Posted: 6 years ago
OOOH simply for these symphonies
For all those who love these symphonies and most importantly
For all for THE ONE and the only one  NISHA who is patiently moving these SYMPHONIES along despite all of our idiosyncrasies. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Apologies to the first set of readers on the pin the beep game I first used a Hollywood hottie and then erased it out since I didnt want his lawyers and publicists suing me for using his name in a bachelorette game
I turned it in Bollywood's lead guy...

Who knows when they will sue me so I left an actual name out
Posted: 6 years ago
It was a fun bachelorette party, can totally picture akka and Sam laughing at II's expense.enjoyed this update.

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