Software Symph 7 "Not too long" 147 - Page 26

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Posted: 6 years ago
lovely part as always...words less for everything u write...
i need to special mention to points...

 the baby bobbed towards him
The baby continued to wave her arm and fist
i love these type of guestures ...its beautiful u have mentioned it...we freinds tease each other when our streets children do this...we have around 3-6   children in our gali around 1 year of age...we play with them...

 he would ask ermm.. 
I mean his girlfriend would move out
thats bad ranjan in flow he had told her even though he did not meant to hurt her...but its really hurts...somethings should not be talked...i beleive...

simple bcoz u love himLOL...he is not only possessive one...u are too dear...

He gently placed his bottle on her bare collar bone... it stung since she was bruised by his beard she jumped
how cruel Winkfirstly he didnot shave...then such a way to torment IILOL...

 her eyes filled with tears as she imagined Appa like that one of them, her or Vandu not in speaking terms with him, Amma gone
living alone is most tormenting thingUnhappy...i can see how ranjan feels

U could sing for me
i want thatEmbarrassed...
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Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful Nisha!!
Thank you for incorporating my suggestion of A WALK AGAIN Smile
I wanted to see Nandu and her bond...Koi nahi..He still has a lot of time 
I love the baby...She is just sooo cuteee..Please bring her into picture whenever you can from now...
He talks a lot, only French but Confused
Ranjan is back Party... Anu, Shevani...Celebrate karo LOLLOL
The man reminisces his bond with his son...Savvy is such an adorable mother...I really wish she got up from the grave now!!!!
Ranjan has poori history of his son LOLLOL. II can get to know a lot from him about the dude's MISDEEDS EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dont tell me all his ex-es will be invited to his wedding...the dude will be minced ROFL
II , poor thing, you were so happy till now...So possessive about him di ..The dude loves you..Dont worry..he wont leave you...But I know the pain lingers when you realize you are NOT THE ONLY ONE CryCry. He was possessed by many other women earlier and it is not easy to digest the fact...*SIGH*
Ranjan trying to divert the topic after having divulged the secrets ROFL. I am sure his state will be like appa's after she enters the house, unable to bear her wrath escaping into wilderness and sleeping off before time or not going home at all ROFL
II cares for the father- son bond...She so wants to revive their memories together..I really want  to see them speaking Nisha...I want them to play tennis...I want Ranjan to be happy...Please kar do koi kamaal..
Why does the dude dodge the topic ya...I know there exits dogma in his mind about his dad, but HE MUST CLEAR IT OUT ASAP!!!
THE WALK Day Dreaming
They are sooo gorgeous as a couple..I can imagine them taking a walk...He holding her hand, sipping the beer...*WHATTE SIGHT *
I want to know when the dude intends to tell her, if he does intend to ,about him shifting to Paris permanently Confused. Or does he even intend to tell her OuchOuch
On the whole, lovely part Nisha!! Thanks a lot for a breezy and heartwarming update Smile
PS - I am learning tennis abhi, I would not mind if RB takes coaching for me and HOLDS CAMPS TongueTongue

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Posted: 6 years ago
The subtlety with which you're handling the transformation in relationships...personal equations is AMAZING! 
I am yet to come across another writer like you.
You are the BEST! Nisha 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Divashni

Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by Divashni

I remembr the convo abt book lists frm the other thread. I came across this today. I hv only read a few of thm, bt my roomate Nivi is a big reader and she hs read them all and liked most of them. Posting the list here 4 those who r interested.
page not found Divz

Really? It's working 4 me. Confused
Posted the link agn.

Phirse its not working OuchOuch
Posted: 6 years ago
Io absolutely love love love II and Ranjan's bonding. I have a feeling that II is more compassionate towards Ranjan than his own son. I also feels II might stand by Ranjan during tough times. I mean i cried reading the part where she compares Ranjan's situations and imagines her appa in the same situation. 
Love the way you wrote those feelings
I love how R&B and II are able to talk more. 

Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update... 
Posted: 6 years ago
Super duper hit. Very beautifully portrayed the difference between their lifestyles. But Nisha I had a few questions. 
1. The after stripper  episode ended with II seeing something in his eyes...what was it? I am hoping you will explain sometime soon. 

2. Will II ever talk about her 1.5 experience with Subbu?

3. Will she also ever discuss the despair she feels whenever someone refers to his past experiences with women? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Im getting really worried abt him nt telling her his plans on returning to Paris and all...
Its all going to get really messy then... Its unfair on her, he should give some hint... She will be shocked out of her mind or she knows him so well that it wont surprise her that he wants to return to Paris but then what will happen...its getting messed up
I wld not want any of them to compromise one bit on their careers but then how will they manage, i dont hv big issues on compromises but when ppl are so passionate abt something then its not correct maybe...

What is gng on in his mind man...what are his plans...will he be taking all decisions... Will she give in...What next ???

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