|~|~| Happy Birthday Pooja ( -RD- ) |~|~|

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/o- - - - - - - - - - - - - |~|~| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -o/

It was a bright and sunny day at the I-F stadium, and huge crowds pulled in to witness the match that was to create history. Something that was never thought, heard or seen before, a truly unique and one-of-a kind experience fondly phrased as

Pooja  ka  S
wayamvar, Cricket World Cup ki pitch par'

...in the commentary box


Munz: I'm so excited!!! I haven't waited for anything this eagerly, not even my girl's shows Dancing

Hina: Oh I can't wait for the day long drooling session Day Dreaming err... I mean mata's pravachanEmbarrassed

Simmy: I don't know what I'm doing here, my deel is elsewhere Broken Heart

...meanwhile at the umpire's corner


Melz: I am going to propose coke breaks on the field every so oftenCool

Jyo : You two better do your job well, I'll be keenly observing every detail like I always do Geek

Deepz: Let's just get on the field now...May the cutest one win!

The crowd roared as the guest of honor arrived. Let's put our hands together to welcome

'Khatron Ki Khiladi,  Her Royal Highness a la Jodha Akbar, Chat Club Queen with a heart full of Mohabbatein - Birthday Girl Pooja !!!.

   *birthday anthem plays in the background*

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"There is no escape, you will girofy...one side is a kuaa, the other side is khaai"

Let's play ...the cutest wink

/o- - - - - - - - - - - - - |~|~| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -o/

|~|~|Team Kuaa|~|~|

Rahul Dravid(c)
Kunal Karan Kapoor
Mishal Raheja
Harshad Chopda
Dhruv Goyal
Viraj Khanna
Titu Gangwal
Ranveer Singh Rathore
Neil Shetty
Kavi Rathi
Rithvik Modi


|~|~|Team Khaai|~|~|

Fawad Khan(c)
Shehryaar  MunawarSiddiqui
Ruslaan Mumtaz
Iqbal Khan
Zaroon Hussain
Haider Junaid
Aaliyaan Choudhry
Khalil Masood
Sahir Ahmed
Asad Ibrahim
Jalal Azeem

/o- - - - - - - - - - - - - |~|~| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -o/

here goes the commentary ...

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you all for coming to this special Five Over Format edition, dedicated to Pooja, the Chairperson of Droolers Club.Com

Its  Toss time. Team Khaai's captain, Fawad Khan wins the toss and opts to bat first as he trust his teams bowling attack and wants to go defensive.Tongue

Our reporter at the ground Simmy reports the pitch is hard and flat, clean-shaven so she concludes that  it's the bounce that will keep the bowlers interested here.Tongue

Team Kuaa make their way out to the ground, led by their captain Rahul Dravid with  Khaai team's openers, Shehryaar Munawar Siddiqui and Ruslaan Mumtaz.

Mishal Raheja starts with the new ball.

0.1 Raheja to Mumtaz,, no run, not much swing

0.2Raheja to Mumtaz,, no run, fuller delivery on off stump, defendedTongue

0.3 Raheja to Mumtaz, no run(Munawar Siddiqui is upset he is not getting the strike as he wants to impress "queen" Pooja how "good" he is with the bat )

0.4 Raheja to Mumtaz, no run this over eitherCry. ( Pooja was heart broken to see her drooling object no 12th on her secret protected list failed again to HIT the ball).

0.5 Raheja to Mumtaz, no run, aha, he makes Mumtaz hop! Keeps going short and enjoys some sharp cut back in at the batsman.

0.6. Raheja to Mumtaz, OUT, oh he's dragged it onto the stumps, Raheja gets his maiden wicketParty. He wanted to slam it on off but got an edge and the ball hit the off stump. Khaais opening batsman goes out on a DUCKDisapprove.

Harshad Chopda is the new man with the ball.

Iqbal Khan comes to the crease.

1.1 Chopda to Shehryaar Siddiqui, SIX, it's full, it's wide, it's six! (Shehryaar thinking to himself ONLY if he was allowed to start in the first over itself, he would have gone full toss but its still not late to impress Pooja. Day Dreaming meanwhile Chopdas self thought " You think you were lucky there? Nah..its me just playing you knowing your strategyTongue I have impressed Pooja with my shirtless body..today she get to see aggressive sideBlushing)

1.2 Chopda to Shehryaar Siddiqui, OUT. Wicketkeeper Kunal Karan Kapoor gets the catch.

Shehryaar Siddiqui c Kapoor b Chopta 6

Khalil Masood now. 4 balls to go.

1.3 Chopda to Masood, OUT, there's another wicket. Masood pulled the short ball on the leg side but didn't quite continue with the follow through hence easy catch for the captain, Dravid. Its the second duck in the match for the KhaaisCry.

Masood c Dravid b Chopda 6

Hat trick for Chopda??

Asad Ibrahim is the new man to the crease.

1.4 Chopda to Ibrahim, OUT, happily reveals his leg stump and the risk doesn't pay off! 3rd duck of the match Stern Smile and hat trick for ChopdaCool

Ibrahim b Chopda 6

Captain Khan cannot believe his team's unlucky situation while Dravid and Pooja are quite happy with Chopdas unique bowling skillsTongue. The "quack quack" team..oops the Khaais was feeling the tension and was hoping for some miracle to to save the team's honor and the prideCry.

Before they could continue with the game..the rain came out of nowhere forcing the ground team to come out with the covers.

Our reporter Simmy continued to give us minute to minute update..the rain was heavy and the umpires decided to go for Duckworth-Lewis method if the rain stops. it will be limited to just 2 overs.

Fawad Khan and his Khaai team were tensioned and horrified..they prayed for a miracle but not this..limited overs means less run on board for his teamOuch.

The rain slowly stopped..Khaai team had 2 ball left.

The captain himself promoted himself up in orderBig smile.

1.5 Chopda to Khan. SIX. Khan has nailed this...He charges down the track and pulls it over midwicket.Tongue

1.6. Chopda to Khan. FOUR, fiercely cut away off the back foot through backward point to find the boundary.

The target is 17 for team Kuaa. It seems like easy chase down for them with the batting line up the team haveTongue.


The chase beginsCool.

Mishal Raheja and Harshad Chopda comes to the crease while Sahir Ahmed is the man with the ball.

0.1 Ahmed to Chopda, 1 run, length ball on middle and leg. (Chopda to himself - Thank gawd no duck for meLOL)

0.2. Ahmed to Raheja, OUT, bowled' im! (Raheja who got maiden over during his bowling overs is actually going out on a DUCK himselfStern Smile )

Raheja b Ahmed 0

Rithvik Modi is the new man to the crease

0.3 Ahmed to Modi, 2 runs, OUT. Chopda was impatient and ran for a 3rd one.. Zaroon Hussein saw him and threw the ball for direct hit...Chopda didn't make it. (Chopdas self thought . I shouldn't have been greedy..now I am OUT...gosh...my Pooja...I was demoted from hero to a joker within minutes Broken Heart ).

The captain is the next man to the crease..the crowd applause and Pooja goes into her fangirlingmodeBlushing..after all its her hero RDDay Dreaming.

0.4 Ahmed to Dravid, OUT. Stumped by the keeper. Entire stadium was bewildered and out of words...Pooja was shattered...her eyes refused to believe that her childhood hero was stumped at a duck Broken Heart

Dravid b Ahmed st Haider 0

Kunal Karan Kapoor is the new man

0.5 Ahmed to Kapoor, no run

0.6 Ahmed to Kapoor, no run

The Kuaas and the captain could feel the pressure...its the last over...RD was still calm and told his boys to give out their bestBig smile.

Pooja was confused..she was not sure which team to support...her RD ka team or the hot Khan ka teamSilly.

1.1 Hussain to Kapoor, SIX.

1.2 Hussain to Kapoor, no run

1.3 Hussein to Kapoor, OUT. Easy catch for Mumtaz.

The Kua team took time out as they could finally feel the nervesCry...they needed to hit otherwise its over for them..they weren't sure who to send in  next...RD confidently sends in Titu much to others displeasure.

1.4 Hussien to Titu , no run.

1.5 Hussein to Titu, FOUR.

Nail biting drama...entire stadium is waiting for the CLIMAX...ShockedShocked Titu feels he is about to throw up...Cry Pooja cannot believe Titu is the man to decide whether its Kuaa or Khaai ...she cursed her fateCryD'oh.

1.6 Hussein to Titu, OUT...short and fast...

 Khaai and co. started celebrating and Titu was heart broken he couldn't live up to his teams expectationsBroken Heart..but things changed when Dravid appealed ...video reviews show its a NO BALLShockedShockedShocked

ANTI CLIMAX...Titu gets free hitShockedDancing

1.6 Hussein to Titu...Titu closes his eyes and smashes the ball hard with his bat...it goes high up and lands safely on the roof...Its a huge SIX!!!!

Titu's heart pounds as he opens his eyes slowly only to see Pooja running towards him in pure  bollywood style ...

DDLJ score starts playing to support the scene as Titu falls in Pooja's arms and she smiles saying ...TU MERA HERO!!!!!! o O o O o O o

/o- - - - - - - - - - - - - |~|~| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -o/

feel free to use the following top trending hashtags of the day


/o- - - - - - - - - - - - - |~|~| - - - - - - - - - - - - - -o/

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backstage convo...

Simmy:  Hinz Ben.. This WC is such a snoozefest to me.

Hina:  I knew you would say that Sim. That is why we have this special announcement to make.

Simmy: Really! What is that ?

 Munni: hahahaha Lemme tell her Hinu.

Hina:  Ok go on then.

Munni: Simmo remember we did an interview for IDEAL GROOMS FOR POO a while back.

Simmy: Yes.. Omo omo omo Don't tell me we are SHOWING the Interviews and  the NAMES of the CANDIDATES as well as the  WINNER TODAY.  

 Hina and Munni: Yes that is what we are doing while having a COKE BREAK.

Simmy: DaeBak

After 5 mins

Simmy: Ok so when we  are ON AIR now and live, we will ANNOUNCE that.

Hina and Munni: Yes 


Hina: So Deviyo aur Sajjano, we are sure you must be enjoying the WC with all the cute Mundes around. But But But since we are having this COKE BREAK now.. We have got a ISHHHpecial section.

Simmy: As you all might have seen during the match and how Pooja is doing all her BEST to Controll herself to RUN into the  PITCH.  so this PROVES: "CRICKET toh Bahana hai, Poo ko Cute guys se joh milna hai" We decided to do the MATCH FIXING FOR HER.

Munni: Yes Yes Yes so all this MATCH FIXING is based on our Extensive RESEARCH and Interviews of Poo ka close friends and colleagues.

 Hina, Simmy and Munni: So every one presenting The "ISHHHpecial" Segment-

Poo ka ideal Var from our Hatke Nazar

The following grooms were shortlisted for the swayamvar


1) Naitik (YRKKH)

2) Suraj (DABH)

3) Senior Inspector Daya (CID)

4) Prem (Sasural Simar Ka)

5) Ahem (SNS)

6) ACP Pradhyuman (CID)

7)JALAL (Jodha Akbar)


Note: The Interview then plays on...

Crazy creatives OFFICE

Munni : Hello Yuvika, Since you work in Crazy creative office with Pooja and have known her now. We would appreciate if you could select one name from this list giving at least one reason for him to be a PERFECT Groom for Poo

 Yuvika: Naitik... becos I find him boring... one that puts u to sleep...while poo is the complete opposite so might just bring the necessary spice into his life

Munni: Can you please select one too illuminated

illuminated: I would wanna see what Pooja and Ahem's couple would be like!  In my opinion, they make the PERFEEECTT couple! 

 Munni: Ohh there you are Wintergreen.. So can you please  choose one as well?

Wintergreen: Perfect groom for Poo is Naitik from YRKKH because he would be an ideal husband who will always take care of her and will accommodate her every wish  

Munni: Spellofjoy your inputs?

SpellofJoy: Senior Inspector Daya (CID)... Many members are scared of her DT Notes in Chat Club forum and avoid bashing the celebs 

 Munni: Finally Harith25 whom would you like to choose and why?

Harith25: Her perfect match would be ACP Pradhyumnan-- * both strict officers

Development Team Office

Simmy: Deepz Since you have worked with Poo in Chat Club Forums for a while now. So you would be one of the BEST person to select an IDEAL MATCH for Poo from this list.

Deepz: I choose Naitik aka Munna  coz their prem will last for ever  . YRKKH will remain forever on air  with Naksha growing up to be another Munna...and so forth.Generations will come and go..so will Munna-Poo AmarPrem.  

Simmy: Jyo Since you have listened to what I was saying so can you please choose one too?

Jyo: I think Jalal of Jodha Akbar is perfect Groom for our Poo simple because She is as royal as Jalal in her thoughts Big smile.. And I know she has a secret love for Jalal too errr LOL

Simmy: Hey Visha, Since you have worked with Poo too, please select an ideal groom from the list.

Visha: I go for Munna aka Naitik for Poo would be an ever loving husband through good and bad 


Simmy: BubblyR your inputa on Poo ka Groom?

BubblyR: Honestly, I had a hearty laugh going through the options ... too good.
Okay, So i don't know exactly but I'd choose Jalal for the simple reason as he was a powerful king with super strong personality and Poo moderates that section .. toh they meet more often, infact everyday  aur kya bolu? that's all. 

Simmy: Gitanjali, Chalo it is your turn now?

Gitanjali- Ok so Simmy wanted us to select a groom for you and she gave us a list. But ots too difficult to choose for you . How should your grrom be? He should be sweet like you and a little strict too so So I will choose Jalal for he is sweet, loving and caring and also he he is strict on his principles. All others on the list are either too sweet or too tough in my openion

Simmy: Aahaana, Glad got hold of you Smile Since you are the BOSS and know Poo well, Can you please select an ideal groom for Poo from this list.

Aahaana: Naitik aka Munna. He is the perfect husband material because he follows the daily schedule - eating, sleeping, walking, etc. Our Poodka will get to be the #BOSS and #RULE  #MunnaworldCool


Hinz: Chalo Since we also know Poo so we can select one from the list.  Munz lets start off with you.

Munz:  of course SurajSa you know the reason, 50 shades of Surajsa lol - I know my PooDka very well, but she is no madran day Paanchali so I can's pick 5 of these and since l have to pick one, it has to be the extra sweet, slightly naughty, thoda sa badmaash, thodi sharaarat SurajSa doing little scenes of FSOD ROFLROFL because PooDka has a huge special crush on SurajSa and you all know that Day Dreaming

Hinz: Chal Sim Aab teri bari, choose kar?
Simmy: Kya Ben you know how much Poo LIKES themLOL all and you are asking me to CHOOSE ONEShocked Bahut Naa Insafi hei yahh ROFLROFL Abb koi nai I will do Eeny Meny Miny Mo to choose POOJA KA DOOJA LOL 1, 2, 3,  wow ho ho its NONE OTHER than NAITIKROFL. Now why I think he is the BEST, abb who does not want a PATI who only listens and Smiles in return ROFLROFL There you go Poo I got you the BEST #BirthdayDeal Big smileBig smile  U can be the #BreadWinner #Boss Watever you want.. Poo and Naitik #PooNa FTW ROFLROFL



Priii- Ahem 

Sexylicious. - I pick Jalal for her 

18shabbo-  ACP Pradhyuman 

somergasm. Ahem

Edna_Philip   Suraj 

Winner announcement


Simz, Hinz and Munz: We know how much POO loves all of the MUNDE in the LIST BUT BUT BUT  there is always going to be one WINNER.. So without further DELAY we will announce the WINNER and it is NONE other than Our very OWN NAITIK akka Munna Dancing

Breaking NEWS ROFL

Though we have Munna as the Winner, On this occasion  an OVERJOYED Film DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER MAHESH BHATT  has decided to CAST Pooja and the EVER FAMOUS AND CHARMING DETECTIVES FROM the CID bureau to SOLVE this "MATCH FIXING GROOM CASE" which is tentatively title as  - "COMING SOON" with TAG LINE- MATCH FIXING MYSTERY UNDER DAYA AND ACP will be HISTORY.

Since the PROJECT has not gone on the FLOORS yet, we with our EVER SO AWESOME CREATIVITY have MANAGED to DRAW a PROMOTIONAL POSTER for this much waited MYSTErY THRILLER. Please do comment on our IMAGINATIVE POSTER, we will tweet BHATT Saab too to get his feedbackBig smile

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A very happy birthday Poo(Modwati to be preciseLOL)Hug.Hug!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day and a healthy and great life ahead. lots of love from me coz I love you so muchEmbarrassed and coz today is special, so some VIP love as well.Tongue
Its been wonderful working with you at CC and equally knowing you!Big smile
Have fun and enjoy always.


To my dearest meanie PooDka diHug, Finally I get to torture you with the DiEvil SmileLOL.

Many Many Happy Returns of the dayHug. Enjoy your day to the fullest and eat a lot of cakes and chocolates..send over some to us as well LOL.  We should party over the weekend by pulling all nighters and we have cricket date as wellCool

 PS! Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration to your friendsHeart (  mind you...its written under the influence of vodka because its PooDka dayTongue).

Happy Birthday, Pooja! You already know how much I truly love you (note the heavy sarcasm). But you also know how much i actually love sugar and.. cake. And birthdays are only good for cake. So I'd like that cake. I guess you could also have a great day, that doesn't affect me

Anyway, I'll end this with one more.. Happy burdayyy. That's it. K, bye

Pooja di you are amazing CC,awesome DT and an amazing person.As much as i get to know you ,you are so calm...i hope you areShockedLOL.May God blesses you with all the happiness you deserve and you desire,many many returns of the day,Happy Burthday.

God bless you

Loadsa love

Hey PoojaBig smile
Many more happy returns of the day.
May you get everything you want. 

Hey Pooja Hug Wishing you a very happy birthday! May you achieve everything you want in life. Have a great day and party hard. I hope we get to work together again and also I hope we get to know each other better Embarrassed Keep smiling and live life queen size Heart
Lots of love,
Manjari Tongue

Hey Poo,

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day. Best wishes for the day and year ahead. Hope that all your wishes are fulfilled and may god bless you with health, wealth and prosperity.

Have a great birthday and eat loads of cake. Enjoy & have a great time.


Pooh Bear ,

Showering my best birthday wishes to the finest , grooviest , ek dum chillum coolest , smartypants-est ,  naughtiest  bodacious  friend  in the virtual hemisphere Big smile .   May you have an awesome year . May all your dreams come true. Sheegra hi mini poohs pitter patter praptirastu !!!! Enjoy being pampered by better half and your family . May your bond with saasuma become superglued over denimsas and munnas of the world . LOL

No more PDA .

Lots of budday bumps



Happy birthday Pooja Party
Many many happy returns of the day! God bless you! Big smile

A Very Happy Birthday to you Cutiepie!! Heart Have Loads of fun. I have some Fawad for you on your Birthday Wink


Happy birthday, Pooja! I hope you have a grand celebration and an extraordinary day! May you have many more special days to come.

They say sometimes its hard to understand, but time tells truth. The truth is that I wish you a very happy birthday.

Pooja, wishing you very Happy Birthday. You may receive all the best in the world and may the good god shower all his blessings on you. Well we do not know much about each other but I hope I get a chance to work with you in CC team. But yes there's one thing that is common between us and that is we both love Rahul Dravid a lot EmbarrassedHeart. And a small gift from me. I hope you like it. Enjoy the day to the fullest Smile

Lots of love, Kalyani


Dearest Poo
First of all I keep calling you strict all the time so thank you for not getting offended at this continuous pjLOL Before I wish you I want to tell you that you are not strict but one of the sweetest people I ever met on IF. I love your sense of humour. You can make the most serious of people smile. Always stay this wayHug

Many many happy returns of the day Poo. May God bless you and all your wishes come true.. Enjoy your day and always keep smiling but but ...at least for today let the JA forum have funEvil Smile

Yes I am going to keep calling you strict . You are stuck with itLOL

Happy Birthday Pooja! May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year be filled with happiness and success. Hope you have an amazing day. It's always a pleasure to work with you. Eat lots of cake and save us a piece! Having computer troubles atm so the gift will be slightly delayed

Lots of love,

Happy Birthday Pooja.. May this year bring you loads of happiness and prosperity. Enjoy your day

happy birthday Poo, hope you have an awesome Garfield kinda day...
You know how much I love you and will always do...rest will be posted soonWink



Hope you have an amazing day and a funfilled year ahead of you. May you also get EVERYTHING you wish for! Big smile


 Poo Many many happy returns of the day Hug .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love happiness and success in life Star .. Enjoy your day to the fullest and may you continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career ...

Its awesome to have you as a friend right from those Geet's Devils Den days when I remember how we used to drool over MSK for hrs and you used to drop in to give us a wake up call about the nonsense that they are dishing out ROFLROFL .. After that its always a pleasure working with you in both the Zee TV forums currently .. In fact sometimes I wonder tum nahin hoti toh QH and JA forum kids plus mera kya hota ROFL... Always loved the way you have a rationale view point towards everything , it just makes my job easier Big smile .. On your birthday , I will just wish that you remain the same with your great sense of humour and dedication towards whatever you take up Hug...You have been a great friend and my perfect partner in crime in Zee TV forums for over a year now HugHug


Happy Happy Birthday!

May this day be Filled with Laughter,

Brightened with Fun

Blessed with Love

Remembered with Joy

And Enriched with Hope!

Here's to hoping your special day brings all that your heart desires!



Poo HugHugHug Its your DAY Big smileBig smile
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, success, joy and lots of CUTE guys on the shows ROFL 
Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY EVERBig smileBig smile
May your WITINESS grow 10 folds this BirthdayLOLLOL

It has been such a pleasure to Know you well and bond over virtually. I can't help but laugh every time on your ONELINERS and PravachanROFL
#PooMata #ROCKS StarStar
Happy Birthday Once AgainBig smileBig smile

Lots of Love 
Simz Heart

PooDka ka janamdin and main yahan nahin hoon, but koi na my wishes are always with you  re HugHug Wish you a very Happy wala budday PooDka, my partner in crime for BAG ROFL 

You know, me loves you soo much because of which I was watching denimsa ka fifty shades  Wink well. ONLY for youROFL  You are such a hyper girl, your brain processes at light speed, your witty words and names for different characters, like didi bhaiyya is iconic ROFL you are the CEO of our DC , your gyan bhare shabd as Poo Maata, your talli one liners as PooDka and your super sensible baatein as Poo are all what makes your our PooDka . I thought of making a denimsa siggie for you, but koi na, aane kay baad I will pakka. 

Chalo now let me wish you properly.  Embarrassed

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday PooHug May all your wishes be fulfilled, may all your dreams come true. May you have loads of happiness, good health, peace, love and friendship  in life. May you celebrate many more wonderful buddays with friends and family and with all cute guys on celluloid Embarrassed N;joy your birthday with loads of candles and tonnes of cakes and innumerable gifts and wishes .

Happy Birthday Once again Hug
Lots of Love and Hugs*Hug

Hey Pooja Happy Birthday..many many happy returns of the day...may God always bless you..have a wonderful life ahead..Smile

Happy Birthday, Poo Hug 

Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year with joy and you've made this world a better place. Make every day of your life and every candle count. Have a delightful birthday. I wish all your dreams come true as you walk on your path. Count your blessings day by day, realize there are more than years in your life! So, celebrate your day!

I don't know whether you like chocolate or not... but I do so a chocolate cake for you. 

Lots of love,

Happy Birthdayy Poojaa! 
Hope you have the best Birthday Ever!
Eat lots of cake and get many gifts.
Lots of Love- Prii

Happy birthday dearHug Hope you have fun!

 Hey Poo! Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day. It was great having you as my captain and I can't wait to work with you again. :D Stay Awesome. Love, Viz xoxo

Happy Birthday Poo!
Hope you have a great day, and hopefully this new year will be amazing for you as well!

The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Pooja Hug Hope you have an awesome day with chocolates,cakes and everything nice :D 


Happy Birthday Poo! Hug
Wishing you a very happy birthday hun!
Hope u have a wicked day and have lots of fun too!
Best wishes
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Concept: Jyoti06, Aahaana, -Deepzz-, munnihyderabad, -Misek-, hinz

Design and Layout: hinz

Graphics: .StarryPhoenix and hinz

PMs: -Misek-, hinz and -Deepzz-

Script: hinz, -Misek- and Aahaana

Siggies: Koeli-Appy and .StarryPhoenix

we lou you Poo!

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Posted: 4 years ago
Happy Birthday Poo! Hug
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Posted: 4 years ago
Happy Birthday PoojaBig smile
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