OS : Mr. Kapoor an his lovely wife

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It was a clear nd warm night and the sky was full of sparkling stars Priya nd Ram on a small hill near the city on the back seat of his car nd his car roof could be folded in so the car itself could turn into a cabriolet. It was a wonderful scenario with all the stars and the weather she were laying in Ram's arms nd cuddled a bit with his torso

Say Priya he started a sentence this really was a beautiful idea of mine right? he said nd gave her a soft kiss on the cheek she just nodded and smiled It really was something nice nd romantic nd you never expected that you would ever have a date like that

Actually I never thought you could come up with something romantic as this Priya whispered towards him he chuckled really? It is not that hard she just watch some movies until you get an idea It's the way I did nd how many movies did you watch until you came up with this? Priya looked at him at his face In the weak moonlight she could still see how his cheeks turned into a shade of pink light but yet still so bright

Not many he answered after a short period of silence she knew he was lying but right now it didn't matter she is just happy that she could spend some time with her husband at a beautiful place It seemed like time has stopped around them nd that it only stopped so her could enjoy the moments with Ram

Priya laid her head against his chest nd her ear was able to catch his heartbeat It was skipping fast showing that he was nervous both of they were not used to be this close especially if they were alone

I am so happy to be here with you Ram her soft voice filled the warm night air with those words nd Priya could hear how his heart was beating faster than before Thank you so much for bringing me here I love you Priya gave him a kiss on his warm lips as thank

her lips are soft as always Ram said before giving her another kiss Priya grinned into the kiss he could be cute nd romantic at the right moments yes he was also busy with office but he used all of his free time for her Yourself were not doing anything that kept Priya as busy as him but she could imagine how much stress he had once she were even asking him if he was alright nd not taking too much on himself but he just answered that she is relaxing him to the point were it seems like all his stress is gone

Looking again at the night sky she more nd more realized how little she ia actually on this planet there are 7 billion other people out there doing the different stuff nd saying different words all around the world while she are here with the one who is very important to her out of 7 billion people she met Ram nd chose to fell in love with him nd luck was by her side because he chose to have feelings for her too

What are you thinking about? Ram interrupted her thoughts with his voice she slowly shaking her head

Nah nothing so important moments like this one make me space out a little really what are other moments like this very relaxing moments like staring at the ceiling at night or a shower at the right temperature her eyes wandered up to meet his nd for a short moment she saw the confusion in his eyes but then he started to giggle

What's so funny? now she also the confused one no I was just thinking how awesome it would be to join both of this so called relaxing times his lips met her forehead nd a warm feeling filled her body Ram was so loving nd caring to her not to forget how romantic he could be

Especially the showering part he said after his lips moved back from her head Priya first did not understand what he meant but then her head turned so read that it was embarrassing for her Ram you perv she hit his arm nd moved back to the edge of the back seat his hand was covering the area of the arm where she physically hurt him but he was just laughing soft

Relax I was just kidding I wouldn't do anything to you you don't like what kind of husband would I be? It's not that I don't like it I mean...she couldn't finish her sentence her face was burning of embarrassment nd shame so you wanna try his hand touched her shoulder while he was saying that what? like after my bath you sneak into the wash room nd then no Priya was hiding her face in her hands from the heat coming from her cheeks she could tell that her blush was already over it's limit

Suddenly her body got wrapped by his muscular arms nd pulled her closer to him Geez she need to know the difference between when I am serious nd when I am joking but you always sound so serious I know but you are my life you should know me the best right? then you should know I cannot tell the difference between if you are talking serious or if you are just kidding nd you ruined the romantic feeling why me? you started the shower talk but you were imagining it...

Awkward silence neither of Priya could say anything to break the situation they were even avoiding to look into each other eyes now she just wanted to go home not only because of the silence but also because of the weather since the night got colder

Ram I am sorry we should just hey look a falling star Ram pointed at the sky nd she were still fast enough to see it before it was gone Priya wish for something It will come true he kissed her cheek before he closed his eyes to wish for something he did not looked like one of those children who wished for it with all their might no he was calm nd a slight grin formed on his lips Priya must admit that he looked cute nd his slight grin wandered over to her mouth

And what did you wished for? Ram asked after opening his eyes his face was facing the sky nd the upcoming wind was playing with his hair I did not wished for anything.. Priya leaned her head against his shoulder nd closed her eyes because I already have everything I wished for..

Wanna know what I wished for? Ram asked

If you tell me your wish it will not come true but sure tell me

Remember the shower thing?

You are not serious are you?

You are my wife you should know when I am serious nd when I am kidding

I love you Mrs. Kapoor nd I can't think of anyone else who I would rather spend the rest of my life with

I love you too Mr. Kapoor nd I feel I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a man like you in my life



He look at in her magical eyes they both he come near her Ram holds her tightly nd kisses passionately he doesn't stop holding her kissing her Priya feel his lips against her and Priya realize that now both of are out of this world she can see all love and desires in his eyes

So shall we go home she smiles nd nodded her head

At Kapoor Mansion

They entered their bedroom he shut the door nd pulled her into his arms for  kiss Priya about move Ram hold her hand nd pull her toward himself he look into deep in her eyes the mischievous twinkle in his eyes never failed to make her heart shiver he brought his face closer to hers staring at her small expectant pink lips she began to quiver in his arms

He caught her bottom lip in his mouth sucking delicately on the soft flesh before his tongue began to seek entry tracing the contours of her luscious lips her hold around his neck tightened as she parted her lips his hot tongue slid in easily of her sweet mouth

Her eyes appreciated the tanned skin nd hard muscles as he got up nd walked towards her she shivered as he grabbed her waist nd pulled her into him crashing his lips onto hers his fingers kneaded her skin as her hands sunk into his hair tugging at the silken locks her knees gave out as his hot tongue probed between her lips searching for its mate she collapsed against him when they clashed

Breaking the kiss only because of the need for air Ram pecked a path down the side of her neck before he nipped the juncture at its base he sucked the tiny wound as his fingers undid the bathrobe he stepped away as he shrugged the material off of his wife's body

Priya stood in front of him her b****** peeking through the b** Ram licked his lips nd beckoned her to step towards him when she complied he wrapped his right arm around her waist nd pulled her in for another hard kiss using his left hand to pull her right leg up nd around his waist

Without breaking the kiss he shifted the arm around her waist to just below her bottom so that he could lift her against him he lowered her gently onto the bed and bent his head to plant sloppy kisses on the curves of her b****** not covered by the b** Priya grabbed his shoulders digging her nails into his skin

He reached behind her to unhook the material before discarding of it over the side of the bed he laved her n*****s before proceeding to pepper her body with kisse she pulled his head up by his hair nd flipped their bodies over

She nuzzled his neck and deposited soft kisses onto his chest his body hair tickling her skin Ram leaned back enjoying his wife's actions until he could take it no more

He removed the last barriers between them before he sunk into her warm moist depths her cries muffled by his kisses a few minutes later she lay on his chest he was caressing her shoulder with his thumb they remained like that listening to each other's breathing and heartbeats

He grazed his nose against her ear and planted a kiss on the crown of her head she looked up at him her eyes fixed on his lips he kissed her nd said

I love you Priya he whispered

I love you too...Ram she replied

He closed the distance between them nd placed a gentle kiss on her lips before they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


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This time also me 1st. Yipee
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Hottie...hottie...vry nice
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Awesome update.
Love ram's naughtiness an shy priya. Romantic an hot yaar
Thank's 4 pm.
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Zhakhas yaar. Lai bhari.
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Very nice os
Thanks for pm
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romantic os...lv it..do write more..
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its so suprb and hot os..write more and thanks fr the PM
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