Raya OS: Begin Again

Posted: 2015-02-17T10:03:15Z

 Hello All,

This is my second Os... hope u people  like it...this is on request from iluvusakshi... wait karna pada aapko... hahaLOLLOL...here is the update...!!

Jaipur Track::

       Ram z constantly busy with his business workload he hardly gets time to spend with his family. Priya can understand his situation but both are missing each other!


Priya was preparing breakfast obviously... aloo parantha

Pihu: mumma...!! Bhook lag rahi hai jaldi...

Priya: haa aa rahi hoon baba..!! wait.. ye lo tumhara aloo parantha...papa beti ko sirf aloo parantha chahiye...uff..!!

Pihu: wooww yummy... thank u mumma..!! said while relishing her favorite brk fst..

Mumma papa kaha hai...abhi tak so rahe..? 

Priya: haan beta..!! papa kal raat late aye the aur late so gaye na isliyee

Chalo jaldi finish karoo...u r getting late for ur bus..

Pihu completes her bf and catches her school bus...

Priya still in kitchen making breakfast for both of them..

Ram woke up and tip-toed into the kitchen still yawning..

Ram: good morning darling... tumhaare yeh aloo parantha k khusboo ne mujhe neend se uta liya

Priya: gives a glare...Uff,,!! baap beti ko ye aloo parantha bana banake mere zindagi nikal jaayegi..

Ram: laugh out loud... ohh is it so..? then let me help you in doing this..

Ram hugs priya from behind..resting his chin on her shoulder.. holding her hands from back so as to help her making aloo parantha..

Ram nuzzles her and makes her shiver with his actions..

Priya enjoys this and said... kya baat hai mr. kapoor aaj mere help kar rahe hai aap... hmm..

Ram: haan..!! aaj socha ki mai apne beautiful wife ke saat todha quality time spend karoo

Priya: Achha..!! dekte hai aap kitne dher tak ghar mai rahenge

Ram: what do u mean? Aisa kyu keh rahi hoo?

Priya: kyunki aap k kaam apki peecha nahi chodti...

Ram: Nahi aaj no office no work... only u and me..

Priaya: Achhaa..!! dekte hai even I want that to happened..

Both shared some quality time completes their breakfast...

Priya: raamm..!!

Ram: hmm kya baat hai madam aaj kuch toh baat hai aaj ram kehkar bhula rahi hoo..

Priya: hmm.. mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai...

Ram: haan bolo..

Priya: Ram mai soch rahi thi ki...

Ram phone rang...

Priya: heaved a sigh...

ram picked up the call...

One side convo...

Ram: hello... haan bolo... abhi..? ok aata hoon.. and cut the call

Priya: kya hua..? koun tha...?

Ram: office se call aya abhi jaana bahut important hai...

Priya: laughs and said I told u na aapki kaam apki peecha nahi chodegi..

Ram: sorry darling..kya karoon ?.. abhi jaana padega important work hai..

tum kuch keh rahi thi kya hai bolo.

Priya: Its ok jaayiye hum woh sab sham ko discuss karenge..

Ram: hmm ok then as u wish...

Ram quickly went to freshen up and headed to his office...



Ram came late from ofc pihu already slept priya is waiting for ram

Ram: abhi tak soyi nahi..?? bahut late hogayi na...

Priya: kaise so jaati.. aapkeliye wait kar rahi thi... chaliye dinner karte

Ram: late hogayi na... mere liye wait kyu kia itne dher tak..

Priya: mr. kapoor,, plss yeh baate band kijiye aur ayiye khaana kaa lete hai.. mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi...chaliye na..

Ram: chaloo.. mere baat toh sunte hi nahi hoo

Priya: smiles and they both complete their dinner... priya already made pihu slept..

In bed:

Raya lying on bed not yet sleeping...

Priya playing with ram's shirt button and rest her head on his shoulder...

Ram : priya..!!

Priya: hmm...!!

Ram : neendh nahi aa rahi kya?

Priya : nahi...

Ram: what r u thinking?

Priya: Ram mai soch rahi thi ki... Stops abruptly

Ram: haan bolo kya soch rahi thi...aaj morning bhi kuch kehne waali thi na.. bolo

Priya: ram y don't we think about our second child? And felt a bit shy to express her feelings...

Both settle on bed and rest their back on headrest and their hands entwine with each other..

Ram: hmmm..!! hesitantly said...priya..mai b chahta hoon ki hamari ek aur bachha hoo... but I am scared because u see there may b complications with pregnancy at this age... mai nahi chahta hoon ki iske wajah tumhe kuch problem ho...

Priya: ram I can understand ur feelings n ur concern towards me... but aisa kuch nahi hoga I will b fine...and mai chahti hoon aap pihu k waqt joh moments apne miss kia who saare moments aap mehsoos kare

Ram: mai b chahta hoon woh saare precious moments jo maine miss kia woh sab phirse jeene k but...

Priya: but whatt raam...!!

Ram: hmm..!! ok then from now onwards I have to work on it seriously...

Priya: Knotted her brows and said on what...??

Ram: no more talks only action...he grinned naughtily

Priya: ram u r becoming very romantic and naughty.. haa...?

Ram: I am always romantic when u r around...

Lets don't waste time and let's get start our mission and instantly he covered both with duvet...

In the morning:

 It was a beautiful day. The lovely, colorful flowers were blossoming. It was a windy day, flowers swaying and birds flying around happily. 

The air was cooler than ever. Priya snuggles more to ram and ram hugs her tightly and kissed her on forehead... in turn priya smiles in her sleep..

I love u priya... I love u a lot...

A smile crept on her lips... and replied in her sleepy voice...I love u too ram

This was the beautiful morning for both of them...


Please ignore the mistakes...

Thanks for reading... Click like button if u like the update and drop ur precious comments...Smile

Link to the first os:


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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:13:39Z
sweet romantic OS JO
Ram and priya both want second child.
Ram concerned for Priya, his worry for her is perfectly shown.
Priya wants Ram to relish all those moments which he misses during Pihu time.
Jo itna chotta OS...aage likhna tha naWink
beautifully written JO. I want you to write one FFTongue
waiting JO...for one more OS or FF.

Thanks for PMHug
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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:19:18Z
Lovely os...
Ram ji ka kam kabhi khatm hi nhi hotaOuch
Raya k mission ka kya huaLOL
Ye kya itu chota osOuch
Continue soon...!!!
Thanks for the pmHug
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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:25:06Z
Originally posted by SouLScOREr

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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:27:15Z
its absolutely beautiful.
thanks for writing n pm.
pl do write more n more raya stories.
the jaipur track was abruptly ended in serial. ye os likh ke aapne uss track ko wapas ujaala kar diya. thank u so much.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:33:47Z
Originally posted by sandhyasn

Originally posted by SouLScOREr

kya second pagalLOL
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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:35:47Z
Originally posted by SouLScOREr

Originally posted by sandhyasn

Originally posted by SouLScOREr

kya second pagalLOL
tumhe nahi pata...I reserve first and commented firstCool
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Posted: 2015-02-17T10:37:51Z
JO eisa laga ki padna start kiya toh padte hi khatam ho gayaLOL
thoda bada nahi likh sakti thiAngry
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