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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Locked Heart of the Lion


Rudra furiously with eyes ablaze: " YOU KNEW!"

Mohini stood tense before all kept her sharp gaze away from Rudra as he glared at her. Everyone around stood shocked.

Rudra darkly: " You not only knew about where Dhruv was all that time...YOU HELPED HIM LEAVE!"

Danveer stood forward shocked: " Mohini...What is Rudra saying-"

Maitilli speechless: " Maajisa...You did this?..."

Mohini snapped: " Chup kar. So what?"

Myrah annoyed: " What's that supposed to mean!? We all were worried sick about Dhruv and you knew all this time!!"

Mohini firmly: " I did what I felt was right."

Rudra viciously: "You!? Doing something right!? Don't make me laugh-"

Mohini raised an eyebrow calmly: "Dhruv wanted to leave to go to his own mother. How could I stop him!? I didn't plan any of this. Ask the boy yourself."

Everyone looked to Dhruv stood beside Koel.

Dhruv honestly: " It's not Dadisa's fault Papa...It was my idea."

Rudra went up to Dhruv couching down to him: " Dhruv you don't have to lie. She-"

Dhruv insisted: " Papa please listen. I'm telling the truth. I wanted to go to Mumma. Dadi told me not to, but I left without telling anyone."

Rudra silently stood wanting to shout at Dhruv, but knowing if he was in his place he would have left for his own mother without a second thought. But he knew his Kakisa was cleverer than that. There was something bigger behind this so called 'right thing to do'. How Paro was innocent to her ways, Dhruv was too.

He turned to her making Mohini's smirk instantly slip off. He went up to her before Myrah stopped him.

Myrah: " Leave it Rudra. What's over is over."

Rudra shook his head walking past Myrah: " This doesn't explain why she didn't tell us when we were running like headless chickens afterwards. "

Mohini firmly: " Dhruv had left a note that he was fine and...I knew Dhruv was safe."

Rudra: " You had NO IDEA! YOU ASSUMED! And you still didn't tell us!"

Mohini bitterly: " You would have dragged Dhruv back here!... Just how you are dragging Paro back to your present."

Rudra suddenly felt the atmosphere of the room change immediately. Myrah frowned while everyone else knew Mohini was crossing deadly territory. Mohini however smirked seeing her arrow hit the spot. 

Mohini narrowingly: " Ab kya huwa banna...tables turned have they?"

Samrat and Sumer looked at eachother nervously as Myrah became tense. 

Danveer warned: "Mohini..."

Mohini ignored shooting bullets with a sinister smirk: " It's curious isn't Rudra banna was so adament not to agree to this relationship...And then suddenly he agreed hmm.. why? "

Myrah not seeing what the fuss was about: "What do you mean why? I convinced him that's why-"

Mohini sharply wishing her to butt out: "Don't be so sure. Everyone saw how Rudra was effected by Paro when she pleaded before him. It won't be long til he'll have to choose-"

Something sharply pinned Myrah then not wanting to even think of this.

Myrah firmly standing in Mohini's way: "If it was me I would have done the same. It's awkward having a guest or anyone plead like that. And what do you mean choose?"

Mohini viciously looking at Myrah as if she's an idiot: "With this wedding proposal taken forward that duwa kumari will be popping up everywhere."

Myrah realized what she meant, but it was more of a matter to her that Mohini's so called pet name Duwa kumari was refering to Paro. What's with that?

Danveer: "Mohini enough-"

Mohini glaring at Danveer: "What enough!? Rudra is planning it all to choose Paro when the time is right over Myrah. To kick Myrah out. Am I the only one who cares about Myrah?"

Myrah rolled her eyes though deep down this stung: "Oh man will you please stop. Rudra just tell her and finish this. "

Rudra stayed silent a moment as Mohini had put him in the same position she had predicted not too long ago. To choose between Paro and Myrah. His heart screamed only one name, but his mind couldn't help feel emotionally blackmailed. I don't want to kick Myrah out... I just want a little time to explain to her the truth...The truth of how I really feel. Myrah is my friend and to chuck her aside by telling her the truth right now like this? It would shatter her. And that Kakisa...that smile would just grow on her face.

Myrah's heart grew a little restless turning to face Rudra desperately holding his arms.

Myrah smiled triumphantly: "Rudra it's ok...Tell her that I'm your wife and Paro's your how Rohit is mine right? Right?!"

Rudra gulped seeing that hope and fear in Myrah's eyes. His years of instinct went straight to the motto of 'What would Paro tell me to do?"..But as soon as it did...he wished it didn't as he knew exactly what Paro would say to him like a calm whisper in his ear. Myrah doesn't deserve to hear it like this.

Rudra uttered disguising the pain: "Myrah's my wife I don't need to answer this. Paro...*painfully* Paro is my past-"

Myrah snapped looking at Mohini who hid her smile as if defeated: "See! Told you."

As Myrah hugged Rudra tightly relieved that he picked her, Rudra stood stiff feeling he had betrayed his heart, but also his own love. Everyone else deep down felt the lie in the air clear as day, though the truth that Myrah was Rudra's wife clamped their minds shut. Dhruv feeling sad in that moment felt Koel hold his hand for support making him smile weakly at her. Mohini on the other hand smiled to herself as this was planning out exactly hope she wanted in compensation to the re-direction of this wedding going ahead. By saving herself from the fires of punishment from Rudra, while also trapping him in an invisible web tightly, Mohini was quite pleased with herself. This is what I call hitting two birds with one stone. Va Mohini...Va.


The Singh family were in howling cheers and jubilation as Aman, Paro and Naksh gave them the good news. The three smiled as they were in the middle of many cousins making phone calls to their other cousins, aunties squeezing Aman's cheek and the the younger cousins having a dance. Devayani pushed through the aunties to his grandson hugging him close with utter joy.

Devayani: " So this was the whole secret! I knew it!"

Naksh laughed: " No you didn't."

Devayani playfully twisting Naksh's ear: " Don't defy me boy."

Naksh grinned at her mercy: "Ookok!"

Aman smiled looked to Paro who was emotionally very happy just to see him and everyone else happy.

Mamta: "Is it true?"

Aman looked in shock to see his mother home already from her pilgramage. He rushed to hug her close to also see his father, Anand, proudly behind. 

Aman smiled: "You both are already back?"

Devayani laughed: " We had our own surprises too you know!"

Anand hugging Aman close: " And we came just in time too it seems right Ma. *chuckles with Devayani*"

Aman smiled as Mamta stroked his cheek excited: " You really picked out a girl for yourself?! Sach beta?"

Naksh swooping in: " Yep and everyone will get the chance to see the lovely bride to be when we take the Shagun to her. Whoop whoop!"

Anand laughed with everyone, before gripping the back of Naksh's neck pulling him for a playful headlock.

Anand teased: " You here rascal. You bothering my sister so much in the U.S you came here."

Naksh laughed: "Mama! Please! You're messing my hair. I need to look good for Nani!"

Anand laughed at that while Devayani slapped his arm.

Aman looked to Paro: "Parvati made it happen though. Convincing Rudra."

Anand and Mamta's smile fainted a little looking to Paro as she stood beside Aman awkwardly. They remember Devayani telling them about this young lady over the phone.

Naksh grinned: " My friend and also Aman's sister from another mister."

Aman's parents looked at eachother with eyes watery and hearts warm. Mamta looked to Aman who smiled nodding while his eyes spoke volumes to her. She walked to Parvati and holding her face wondering if their own Parvati would have grown to look like so. She suddenly hugged Parvati close making her shocked, but understanding.

Mamta pulled away wiping away a tear of happiness: " Sorry betiya..."

Parvati smiled: " No. I understand. Aman Bhai-sa told me. "

Mamta: " You being here would make my dream come true."

Anand petting Paro's head: " A lucky charm indeed."

Parvati: " I'll stay here as long as Naksh that ok? I know I never got a chance to ask your permission too-"

Anand: " You stay here as long as you want. You're one of us now."

Everyone smiled before Devayani clapped her hands needing to arrange the planning and ordering for the Shagun. Everyone buzzed around busily, while Paro felt that warmth of belonging at Aman's father's words. But it didn't fit properly this sense of belonging, making her eyes lower with thought wondering where her own family was. Her own mother...her own father...Anyone. Naksh grinning with everyone else noticed Paro in thought from the corner of his eyes making him walk over to her.

Naksh asked quietly: "Hey...Parvati...You ok?"

Paro smiled brightly at him nodding.

Naksh: " What happened back at Rudra's house by the way? You looked quite shaken up for a minute or two at the end. Did... you know...something happen?"

Paro rubbing her temple a little smiled not wanting to make him concerned when everyone was celebrating happily.

Paro: " No I just had a little head ache. I'm fine now."

Naksh hmm-ed half convinced, but thought not to press on it for now and led her to see what Devayani was ordering everyone to do for the Shagun which will be taken the day after tomorrow.


At night the semi dim moon honored the skies with the dark heavy clouds passing by dauntingly. Rudra sadly watched them pass while laid in bed with fleeting smiles as he thought fondly of the times Paro would pout at his terrible description of the moon. The smile didn't last however as he slowly turned to see Myrah sound asleep with her back towards him. He gulped feeling guilty for keeping the truth of his feelings from her. But he forced himself to believe he was doing the right thing. She's my responsibilty and doesn't deserve for me to tell her the truth yet when everyone's so happy for this wedding. It's what Paro would want me to do. But he painfully closed his eyes looking away feeling angry and restless with himself. But it's not what I want to do. 

His eyes snapped open at the buzzing from his silent phone vibrating against the bedside table. Seeing the name of the caller, he shot up on his feet wiping his eyes before glancing at Myrah. He then got up moving away from the bed and near he window.

Rudra taking the call: "Sir."

VK Singh curtly parking his car home: " What is it now Rudra? You've been leaving messages wanting to urgently talk to me. This better be important. I'm heading home."

Rudra smiled at the impossible situation that destiny had given him to explain.

Rudra: "Trust me's more important han anything."

VK Singh sighed: " So. Tell me. "

Rudra took a deep breath knowing to start from the beginning, but also knowing this would help to the start of bringing things to the right path.



...Heartbeats ran wild...


...Fear gripped tight like a vine...


...and terror clasped her throat and watered her eyes...

...It felt like she was running fast, yet it looked in slow motions with the darkness engulfed around her...

...The danger lurked..but yet was present...though she couldn't see what it was...who it was...

...All she knew was that she needed to run...She needed to run and hide her-

It was the lightning that rang in Paro's ears while jolting her heart that made her scream awake. Aman, Naksh and Devayani with others of the family didn't hesitate rushing in to see Paro sat up in bed holding a pillow protectively to her chest while screaming with tears. Naksh and Aman were instantly on the bed by her side.

Naksh: "Parvati!?"

Aman went to put an arm around her when she shook it off  tightening her hold on the pillow desperately.

Paro uttering fearfully: " NO! He's coming! We need to...we need to hide!! Major Saab! *sobs * Where are you...Where-"

While Aman's eyes widened at that name regarding to Rudra, Naksh turned Paro firmly to him.

Naksh: " Hey. Look at me! I'm here! Major saab. Helloo. Look!"

Paro through her tears opened her eyes and shaking body and looked to see Naksh.

Naksh smiled reassuringly: " Hey look it's me. Relax. There's no one here. Just us. Remember we're at Aman Bhai's house?..."

Paro's shuddering breathing calmed slightly before blinking a little. She slowly let go of the pillow confused, while looking around to see Aman and everyone looking to her genuinely worried for her.

Mamta gently: " Betiya?...You ok? *glancing back at Anand* She must have had a bad dream poor dear."

Aman gently handed her a glass of water from the side: "Here Parvati. Take it."

Paro stared at the glass before taking it and sipping from it.

Aman putting it aside carefully asked: " Nightmare?"

His heart broke seeing her look at him with a shaking lips before leaning against him.

Paro: " It was so scary Bhai-sa. It felt so...*sobs* so real. Like I was there. I was all alone."

Naksh grinned: " We're here. It was all a silly dream. Yeah? Look we're all here with you."

Paro looked round to see everyone smiling with a nod before Devayani came and let Aman move for her to sit beside Paro.

Devayani hugged Paro's side close rubbing her back and hair: " Shhh. Shh bas.It's over. Everyone gets a little nightmare time to time. Now * wiping her tears* Forget it hmm...How about if I sleep beside you for a few nights. I always feel lonely at night having no one to talk to. So now I can come and talk to you. Would you like that?"

Paro innocently nodded like a child making Devayani smile, before indicating to everyone with her eyes to leave as everything was going to be alright. Mamta and Anand smiled nodding before leading everyone out. Aman leaving glanced at the pillow that Paro had held so tight wondering if her bad dream was something more...Shantanu?

He stopped at the door looking back at Naksh reassuring Paro with grinning jokes, while Devayai stroked her hair and slowly tucked her into bed. As Paro laid down holding Devayani's hand close, Naksh left the bedside lamp on while smiling at her. Paro however was staring away shaken by her nightmare. Though Naksh had a feeling that this nightmare wasn't ordinary, he knew this wasn't the time to ask into it in case it troubled Paro further.

Naksh poked Paro's arm making her look at him: "Hey Parvati. Relax. It was just a bad dream. You should see my ones where I lose my food to this fat thief but I'm always too slow to catch him...Now you tell me Paro, I'm not that fat am I?"

Paro smiled a little at the funny image and innocently shook her head. Devayani smiled watching how Paro hung on to Naksh's every word.

Naksh grinned: "Brilliant!"

Aman firmly: "Naksh. Come let Parvati sleep."

Naksh smiled nodding before standing and leaving the room. As Devayani stroked Paro's hair, she hmmed gently making her feel this was so familar. Like her own Maasa would have. Paro however couldn't figure out why she kept having these frightful dreams. This was she noticed was different too as she recognised the house as Myrah's. Nothing was making sense to her while it worried her also that whenever she pictured Rudra and Myrah made her feel terrible at the pit of her heart.


It was the next morning when VK Singh was pacing at the BSD HQ with his hands clasped behind his back restless and deep in thought. Rudra, on the other hand, stood tall on the other side of the desk waiting for VK Singh to speak. Though he understood his speechlessness amd bewilderment. VK Singh soon stopped with a hand on the back of his chair. 

VK Singh seriously: "The first time in so many years I haven't been able to sleep through the night Rudra. I ..I...This is like a miracle. makes it also worrying...what truely happened that night with Shantanu? She was announced dead by the doctor wasn't she?"

Rudra curtly nodded: "Yes sir, but looking back none of us did check her body... no one thought to not even me.."

VK Singh frowned: "I remember arriving at the pyre the logs were already assembled-"

Rudra nodded: "It was already assembled when we arrived too. We didn't suspect anything to be wrong."

VK Singh: "That means that there was a deliberate switch between the time at the hospital and the pyre...but who would benefit? Shantanu was dead I can guarentee that as our officials and I checked, but-"

Rudra: " I know sir...other than him who else had anything against Paro."

VK Singh sitting down: "But remember Rudra you have gathered many enemies over the years. Yes Tejawat was dead way before that night, there could be others...*frowns* but then again who ever it was must have known Paro was going to get shot or had an outside eye on the events when Shantanu came that night..."

There was a painful silence there maing Rudra cover it quickly.

Rudra deeply: "So you're suggesting...someone had been planning this to happen with Shantanu."

VK Singh clasped his hands on the table shaking his head.

VK Singh quietly: "Maybe... but it still doesn't make sense. Why would Shantanu agree to do this and get killed in the process?...Then again he was deemed mentally unstable."

Rudra thinking on that point: "But he would have wanted to see the end himself...unless Shantanu wasn't meant to get shot by me...*realizing* I mean if they wanted to take Paro, they could have done that without Shantanu that night. And Paro's alive now...they never wanted her why risk putting her so close to death by getting Shantanu to shoot her?!"

Rudra breathed heavily at the disgusting planning that seemed to have gone on for this, while feeling angry that there were major missing elements that didn't add up yet. VK Singh watching Rudra knew he had to reign this back before he blew a fuse.

VK Singh calmly: "Whatever the reason they had got what they wanted til now by hiding Paro from the world, while somehow losing her memory in the process. But what is important now is that Paro is thankfully out their clasps saved by Naksh. We should be very thankful to him."

Rudra's jaw tightened hating to admit he was right.

VK Singh sighed: "Paro has found a good friend in him, but we shouldn't tell him the truth about Paro yet. Not until we have all the pieces ourselves. It might just effect Paro's condition... I need to speak to Aman about that. She's staying with Aman's family right...hmm...Maybe finding out how she lost her memory can help us too."

Rudra looked to the ground before looking back up at VK Singh directly.

Rudra: "Sir...The way Naksh saved Paro could suggest that...Paro's life is still in danger."

VK Singh frowned staring at the table as this point was obvious, however the tone of Rudra's voice made him realize where he was taking this.

VK Singh firmly: "I'll look into this with Aman. She's staying there right now as you said."

Rudra frowned stepping forward: " Yes but...sir if Paro is still in danger I feel she should stay at my hou-"

VK Singh looking down at the file before him: " I said Rudra I'll handle it. I'll assign Parvati's protection accordingly."

Rudra angrily stepped forward again realizing what VK Singh was doing.

Rudra angrily: " But sir I-"

VK Singh having enough stood up looking him dead in the eye. He tried to explain calmly however.

VK Singh: "Rudra ... you are not a BSD officer anymore."

Rudra grit his teeth unable to accept this: "Sir please- "

VK Singh sternly: "Rudra remember your priorities have changed now... You''re a bodyguard now."

Rudra stood back however painfully staring at VK Singh knowing that wasn't his meaning at all. This cut him deeper than anything. VK Singh however could see that pain and looked away taking a breath.

VK Singh calmly sat down opening his file: "For now Rudra leave things with me. I'll speak to Aman and we'll see to it that Parvati gets the best protection. You may go."

As Rudra clentched his hands by his side and stormed out the cabin, VK Singh looked up from the file watching him go. He sighed heavily clucking the file before him and rubbing his hands over his face. He knew he had to keep Rudra as far as possible from Paro without getting messy. He admitted he was not happy with Myrah as Rudra's new wife, but he had to respect that. And allowing Rudra to protect Paro would not only put Paro's mental and emotional health at risk, but also risk Rudra turning the professional priority into a personal one. And that he wanted to avoid at all costs for everyone's sakes.



Thanks for waiting for me people. The interview went ok I guess, but I'll probobly find out the result next week. Keep praying for me please. I need it. *hugs* Embarrassed

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