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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by Nisha0604

On the Ranjan petition
ALL I have to say is you guys are a bunch of WIMPSLOL

yes wimps we are def : a weak person who lacks confidence, courage, etc.
now who made us this ...u created the character ..LOLLOL make perfectly sane moms write petitions ..
mazhe lo ..
sadist ni LOLyou give us next an update full of Ranjan ...gooosh u want a longer petition now Embarrassed ( i put all the emoticons )
i have to reread before  can comment..Ranjan and Lasya together sooo cute

 ROFL .. the first time i think i have no objection to being called one... 

this wimp wants Ranjan cleared...mat rulao aur pleeez
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

On the Ranjan petition
ALL I have to say is you guys are a bunch of WIMPSLOL

Ji ji!

Wo bhi aur desperate bhi... And you made us goofy.

Write soon Nish... It's the lunar new year in my part of the world. That means long weekends and vacation time for friends...

The man behind Ranjan Bhalla ..
His live for his wife comes out subtly. He seems to think of her first when he's moved or anxious Broken Heart man..
Posted: 6 years ago
Mayka off limits
what do i write ...that i loved Ranjan more after this .. and i loved how Tan is with his family.. how he supports Sam and how they have such a normal conversation , how sam protects her father..knows to ease his tension by bringing  Lasya there.. how Lasya coudnt be more adorable..

All the crores talk and the new commissioner went over my head cause my mind was only thinking of Ranjan and Savvy and how parathas of II reminds him of Savvy.
Oh and the father /daughter hug in the end kya likhoon enuf said .Cry

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Posted: 6 years ago

Whilst Ranjan has most of us vouching for him, his and Tan's rapport deserves a pat.

Actually can draw parallels here between Appa- Bala  & Ranjan -Tan  relation.

It's amazing how two  fil-sil relations,  placed in contrasting social strata, yet   is similar in their underlying support for each other.

Tans  solidarity with his FIL is firm and loud. Ranjan not wanting to exploit  Tans willingness to make bail arrangements  and wanting to financially fend for himself  - says one thing  -it's not about a crore or a thousand. Its self-respect as well , whatever is possible,   something that Ranjan would like to hold on to... Cry

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Posted: 6 years ago
I think it is chachu' chaaal to get R&B out of his way to get excelsior. If R&B gets married he will be more bound to home and indirectly with the family biz. That chalbaaz chachu and his chipmunks are frauds. What can one expect from them? 
If that is the case, I already hate them with vengeance. And I hope it is their doing from the beginning  and ranjan is innocent.
Posted: 6 years ago
One thought IF RnB transfers his shares to II.
She will easily get remmaining family members support.
As Ranjan is already her fan and RNB himself behind her she can easily become head of it.
But thing is II shouls just ask for it which she won't as she wan't to get everything herself not from others she wan't to earn everything alone.

But if she realizes company needs some one after Ranjan and RnB will not get in it because of his own mind.
Then SAM may not be so left is II and chacha family.
They are bunch of loosers .
This might be plan can't say for sure.
They wan't to create a tense environment  and make Ranjan resign and RnB will not sit on it and left are them.
If it is leading that way I guess either II will bring RnB in it or sit herself 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Hey Rosh

I can only speak from a marriage perspective cannot speak from vague poetic angle of "defining love" etc...

I have NO idea what "love" is. Mine was an arranged marriage. All I know is I did NOT have too many expectations, THEN and NOW.
I wanted a decent guy, who would treat me well. I had no requirements like
"Oh! He should tolerate my nakhras. I am so special. I am difficult to figure out. I am so complicated. I am too moody. I need the guy to pamper me" etc etc

Born and raised in a very conservative Iyer joint family, my only sample IS my Amma. She was raised more conservatively than I was. Extremely practical and adjusting. Though she is the baby in her family. Married at almost 20 to the first man that came to "see" her which is my Appa. She raised us kids to be REALISTIC. Amma taught us to be "adjusting tolerant and dutiful" None of these adjectives apply much in today's age in any marriage...
Ive lived my married life on ALL THREE... EVERY DAY. Amma is extremely dutiful, I learnt to be like that.

I wanted a guy from Delhi. THAT IS ALL I ever wanted. I hadn't read a 1000 classics did not have a mental image of anyone. I had read a thousand M&B's but knew enough that he wasn't going to be a M&B hero. I "hoped" he was not a wife beater, abuser, or an alcoholic. You know VERY basic conditions. I didn't want the guy to drive a Ferrari and scuba dive and wear Hollister and such.No, did not have sex before marriage, so couldn't say "Oh this one is the best in bed that one is not" etc etc. "He walks funny, he coughs funny, he has a long nose, he has short hands, he doesn't like Beethoven's 7th symphony, he only likes the 8th"

I married the first guy I "saw". He lived in the US even then, East... We talked on the phone 5 months and married and within a week I moved here. Yes he wooed me with chocolates, and a suitcase full of perfumes, yes he sent those to me when his friend visited, ONE ENTIRE 52 LB SUITCASE FULL OF IT.

Very easy going, EXTREMELY FUNNY, LAID BACK, BINDAAS...LOVES TO TRAVEL, LOVES DELHI THE MOSTEST, STREET FOOD... cares deeply deeply for friends, we throw the funnest parties I am told week after week month after month. I must have thrown over 500 in the last 18. I cook all the food, he will make people laugh we watch TV together... his friends say "U pamper him too much" I don't respond... I just watch what Amma does... and do the same...
I don't live in the biggest house... don't have the most expensive clothes or shoes... BUT I have been to India 22 times in the last 18 years... and have been to 18 countries I think I forget... I am not the wealthiest I can't retire before 65 I don't own Prada or Louis Vuitton. He promised my parents "I will bring her EVERY YEAR" and he has. Hes just a regular guy who happens to be amazing... doesn't ever say fluffy things... since Ive had my kids Ive never been on a "romantic getaway or a date"... Never felt the need... we watch Tamil comedy scenes together and roll on the bed laughing...

I cook, clean and take care of the house, the kids, the grocery everyday ... He only eats sleeps and watches TV every day, he works 80 hours a week, no he is not a CEO just a passionate worker that loves his job too much. He put me through Grad School despite being totally broke, has never once asked how much money I make. I go out with girlfriends on movie dates and return at 2 or 3 he has never once expressed anger. I stay up until midnite or later talking with his single guy friends in the living room, he has never once peeked through the door wondering what I am talking about. My parents think I am more generous than anyone else, until they met him. He is a million times more... places ZERO value on wealth. I have seen him empty his pockets COMPLETELY in intersections in Delhi the driver would scold him but I have watched him shove his hands in and pull out every paper and coin and pour it out... urges me to "give" and "gives" quietly.

I love refrigerator magnets so whichever country he lays over during biz trips he buys them for me, I love in flight mags every flight he has been on for work I get mags from it. My most fave Q when I see a Desi in Amreeka is "how long have u been here?" (I almost went into a depression after I moved here because, I felt so lonely so I would ask that all the time) even now when he meets Desis and I am not around he will get an answer and call me. I HATE Sivaji Ganesan, when ever he is watching something on Tamil networks that feature him he will call me lovingly saying "Hey come here a second he's SO HANDSOME" and I will go only to see Sivaji Ganesan.

We've never said I love you to each other even once.
I will never understand love the way its described in books and movies... NEVER... its just a bunch of words...

OMG Nisha. This is amazing. Please make your husband read this. He will be delighted. He clearly dotes on you. 

But I have to say that you got lucky. Not everybody is. I pretty much agree with Roshnee on what she has to say about marriage. 
I don't care too much about love tough. 
Posted: 6 years ago
I miss r&b. Bring him back please. 

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