Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14 - Page 70

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Posted: 6 years ago
Half hour bola na Nish ne...Wait up kiddo...There is still a lot of time...
Posted: 6 years ago
Its mission Chachu agn aaj :)
Posted: 6 years ago
"In a few"
Mr Bansal was willing to wait until dinner time if Bally and II could pull something together quick for him, Mrs Dave emailed a meeting invite for 7 giving them a good three hours II's stomach churned Bally's face went pale

"Everyone is accountable Iyer, just like you me and Gurtej (bally's boss) Bansal is too, to the VP and onwards" Bally muttered

When u work in crisis mode things that are usually OK begin to fail... Excel crashed Powerpoint froze and didnt save their work, II was nervous
"I havent been on one project thuis far where I havent hit the 50% mark by month 4, in this one? whats 4/60 6%?" II said
"I know, Iyer, terrible, banda hamari lene waala hai (hes going to screw us)Bally said
"Hey I have the time line I have every milestone re-re-re-re adjusted milestone all documented, it cant all be your and and my lack of initiative" II defended
"See the dude got kicked out what three weeks ago? what have we achieved in 3? Are we at more sites?" No! Are we at 100% at the ones we are? No!, Have we been able to get an approval for a HW upgrade at Gurgaon? No!" Bally listed all the "Nos"
"Please yaar I almost dont want to go to the meeting..."II squirmed
"Oh! hello YOU did most of the work, all I did was sign off on things so I am as guilty as u are" Bally teased
They built a crisp 6 slide set, talking about Charter, timeline, status, issues and Exit... none of the slides looked pretty especially the screen shots of the Proj Mgmt SW
 there was red everywhere for delays and redirections
"I cannot believe we are at 6%"
"See Gurtej over committed and they did that alll the way to the top, we are just the coolies II,"
"Even if he had said 2 years Bally we cant do it, based on this... yeh waala slide (pointing) 
we are slated to exit in 2017, thats aggressive.. it would be more like 2018... smaller cities they have bigger workshops, 
if they dont want to do workshops thanks to over informed hier, then we will have to recalculate the returns it will probably TANK" II ranted
"Tank? it HAS tanked Iyer calculate the return as of today, its prolly negative"
"Hey lets have Ashwini come in yaar, I will fwd the invite" she did with a URGENT flag!

"6% sucks Bally"
"Iyer tu SCALE dekh, this is not a complicated product, R&B was right, its meant for 100 200 employee operations not a 20,000 employee business"
"Please dont defend what he said, its not a choice YOU or I made, its a choice Bansal and Mr Bhalla made, we are just pawns" II declared
They were able to get done however best they could by 6:30 Ashwini added some slides about how the SW itself was functioning... and the training update
they went in at 6:50, Bansal smiled he was extremely punctual, so was Gurtej... Gurtej was in charge of a dozen deployments at any given time so Bally was more the Ops incharge for getting it right
Bansal: Congratulations Ms Iyer
Bansal:whens the wedding?
II:March 8th
Bansal: And then off to Paris? 
II:Oh! No! where did u hear THAT? (startled)
Gurtej: If my wife had a job in Paris I wud be gone (smiling)
II laughed "No I have committed exit on this to Bally
Bally:Indeed she has

II hooked up her laptop and let Bally speak... she took notes on where her slides had gaps... 
Gurtej did a thumbs up on the first one to her, second onwards the critiquing began, Bansal looked unhappy
Bally was pleased II added the "ROI" slide to the mix because thats exactly what Bansal quizzed them on

He hated what they shared but could not shoot the messenger... well... he would...
Dinner arrived, salads, sandwiches and soups and brownies

"Mr Bhalla is a golf buddy" he said to Gurtej
"Ya u told me..."
"But that does clash with the fact that I owe alliegance to KMPG and this project is nothing short of a disaster"
"I am sorry" Bally said
"No its not all Gurtej'd fault, I wont spend time coming up with an accurate % of where the blame lies, but we need to get going"
"I agree" II said
"I am sorry Ms Iyer its probably very disconcerting for you to be here representing both sides"
"I only represent KMPG" she said firmly
"Thats great to hear, I see yesterday and today, but not tomorrow" Bansal nailed them
"Umm we have a slide with what our projected exit is" II said
Bally scrolled
"This is AS IS" "Ms Iyer that wont work, lets redo all the flags lets revisit all the 60% 70% showrooms, and make a real road map of where we want to be in 6 months"
"Bally?" Gurtej asked
"Sure Tej, how about you give us a week?"
"I can give you until 5 on Wed, I have to report on this deployment, 
its one of the 5 MY bosses want to know about since its 14 times the size of what we have had so far"
"Understand" II said sadly
"I have a meeting in Mumbai on Thursday at 9, i want the roadmap by midnite Wed, I can review it at the airport at 4 on Thursday morning"
Bally nodded half heartedly, II didnt nod at all"
Gurtej over promised again... I will have them review it with me Wed at Noon and you should have it an hour later"
Ashwini gave her SW update training mess, Bansal asked her to fold everything into Bally's "view of things"

"BTW Ms Iyer is it a cross culture wedding? Or purely Iyer?" smiling now..
"Just Iyer Mr B"
"Ranjan agreed?"
II nodded surprised
"Oh right his wife's gone so I guess there is no one at home to draw swords" Bansal said casually
"Oh right" Gurtej said
"He has two daughters, one is in Sydney one in Shanti Niketan, my cousin's neighbor" Bansal said
Gurtej looked impressed as II unplugged, Bally and Ashwini were splitting tasks
"Ms Iyer am I getting an invitation to the wedding?'
"I am not" Bally said
:THATS a lie" II was flustered
"U should just send a global invite to the project team" Bansal said
"I will Mr B" II promised
"Dilli mein hai shaadi, or will u invite the 300 KMPG folks and go off to Chennai? U are from Madurai arent you (Mr B KNEW his people, a truly great leader)
"Just Vasant Vihar Mr B"
"Oh! Good!" he smiled
Bally and II ran as fast as they could... they had had it for the day, it was 9:18 PM

She collected her things, her text beeped
"Hey II I am off to Copenhagen"
"At the Maurya? Taj? Marriott?" "Considering its a bar" "Or is it in GK II?" she sent a giggle..
"Denmark Google says" R&B returned a world map icon
She didnt respond...
She sent him a ticking time bomb
He sent her a red cross for emergency medical help
She sent a bandage wrapped mummified guy
He sent her a wheel chair
She sent him a nuclear device icon
He sent her a peace symbol
"with who?" she asked with a person holding a question mark
He sent a backpack icon
"U killed her and stuffed her in there?" she asked sent a dagger dripping blood
"I am not joking"
"Go with me" he said
" Clever! U know I cant take time off NOW and then three weeks later, Bally and I were raked over the coals a few minutes ago" she sent a fire icon
"Ouch!" with a broken arm
"I shouldnt even be talking with you" a zipped lip face
"we are texting" he sent a keyboard

A 30 minute pause
"Do the rules apply? she texted waiting in Sultanpuri traffic...
"Sex thrice a day? Yes" he sent a gender icon male and female
"Phew! that means nights are mine" she flirted with a wink
"Semantics II?" he sent a spelling book
"Win when I can" she sent a finish line for a race..

"Checking in..."
"A backpack?" she asked with a pinochhio since he was lying
"An overnite bag" and a sheepish grin
"So u wont be back for a few days?" a tear drop
"Back IN A FEW" he texted with a countdown icon...

She reached home at 10:45...
Appa was watching TV... amma was typing her book

"Tell her" Appa coaxed...
"She JUST entered" Amma shushed him softly
"What happened Pa?" II asked cheerily since Appa and her were talking for 5 days now

"They reopened Ranjan Bhalla's case" Appa said coldly... adjusting his veshti furiously

II stumbled into her room slowly

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Half hour bola na Nish ne...Wait up kiddo...There is still a lot of time...
Hey ashu, iam done with zoya factor. Pls suggest some more...
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha the last 2 updates compelling really!!!!
I love all this tension.
Will come back later in the day and jig more!!!

You have left me drooling...
Bye dear! You are a star!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by swathi1990

Originally posted by ashu9

Half hour bola na Nish ne...Wait up kiddo...There is still a lot of time...
Hey ashu, iam done with zoya factor. Pls suggest some more...
Read Sophie Kinsley's books...To name a few, can you keep a secret, I've got your number, Twenties girl (20's girl is  alil boring, in my POV...just try reading it ), Undomestic goddess..
Posted: 6 years ago
Baap re!! Ye story is running a mile a minute!! R&B gone, project is in the dumps, appa is almost almost ready to cancel the wedding... Noone cared about Ranjan? I wish II does!! Please I want II to be the "beta"ji Ranjan calls her... Totally with him and for him in this crisis... The chacha clan needs to be put into place...n perhaps this might build the bridges that got burnt between R&B and Ranjan!! Do something II... Just use your intelligent accountant brains! Audit the evidences... Findthe loopholes...add up the situation and point out the villain or atleast find an opening. GIRL!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
I sooo loved the text exchanges man!!! these two are sooo adorable!!!!!!!
appa is back to sulking now...
So much in the professional front for II...Paavam..How will she manage !!

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