Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14 - Page 61

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Yes :) I was raised in Delhi & Chandigarh but Hsp is very imp as many summer were spent there. Between Vancouver is beautiful. Lots of cousin live there. Been there couple of times. 

nice so we can get you to help us with the R&B side of the wedding :-) i am sure Nisha has that covered but special advice de sakthi ho
I am actually loosing it here.. waiting for the county to tell me if the school is on or not for tomorrow and the monkeys in house are saying since its going to be max 18deg f they wont go to school..
Another Delhiite!Hosiarpur lovely i am thinking of changing my id to something along those lines too origin
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Posted: 6 years ago
because I am super jobless today 3 days of snow is making me do this .. i have changed my userid from ranu1234 to TanjoreGirl :-) Thanks to Hsp's name ..
my name is still Anu though LOLLOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Costs of Friday the 13th

(Time to kick things up a few notches...)Big smile

He dropped her home around 1 AM, her parents thought she came from Akka's they didnt notice the car was gone. She went to bed a few minutes later...
The week flew by faster than sound, on Friday..Bally walked by... he had taken  a couple days off after returning from Jaipur and they hadnt talked much... the Gurgaon workshop HW upgrade stood at the very same spot where it was before
No approvals from R&B citing "memory hog, klugey, unreliable SW etc"
Despite having been gently removed from the project he continued to make his presence felt

Around Noon Friday Bally was in her cube and they were going over the latest on all three front, Deployment, Training and Go Live
Gurgain showrrom stood at 80% efficiency, had a lot of younger people in the staff and so training them on new SW was not very difficult
Whether they "Wanted" to use it or not was a different story... Bally and her were discussing "What would be a good time to strip machines off the legacy SW,"
 it was like a mother's hand incredibly separation anxiety associated with it... all around, both with the IT head at the Corp office and the showrooms where the deployment already had happened

Bally: U know whats going to happen?
II: they wont use it but we will be fixing random issues until the maintenance expires
Bally:exactly... they are not going to ever go 100% on it I can guarantee you
II: how many units altogether?
Bally: hello... u should know yaar I am still in vacation mode
II looked up her files... it was 36 showrooms, 16 workshops and 8 inspection/Distribution centers in all... the Distribution centers did not theoretically "need" the SW, because all they did was send the automobiles to one showroom or the other for delivery

Very rarely they had someone complete financial transactions at the inspection center... 
nevertheless it was considered a "site" for deployment purposes, almost three months into the game and the progress was 4 showrooms and one sputtering workshop
They had a goal to exit the client in 15 months just like any SW project things were bound to slip... and it was apparent already, at this run rate, 
they were going to be in Excelsior atleast for 60 months or five years, they ran some mathematical models and were trying to figure out some numbers when  Mr Bansal's admin stopped by
"Bansal wants an update do u have numbers? she asked
Bally was startled, they didnt have slides or clean dashboards to discuss progress
Bally: i thought he was in Korea
Mrs Dave: Well that must be his clone coz I just got him coffee
Bally:Can u give us an hour?
Mrs Dave: Sure, let me IM you...
Bally and II exchanged a look
Bally: Ur FIL's friendship is going to cost him stuff yaar
II: hey dont link me to that
Bally:I mean this is ridiculous...


Someone that works with Appa texted him around the time Bally and II were frantically pulling updates together
 "Is this the person you know?" Mr Hariharan and Appa were friends for years, 
Appa may have shared more than necessary with Mr Hari, because he seemed to know everything about II's impending wedding...

Appa clicked on the link and it was a leading Hindi newspaper talking about the scandal
"according to sources it said the case against Delhi's leading industrialist Mr Ranjan Bhalla may be reopened, because the "victim" 
claims to know of one other person that maybe involved in the whole deal...
Appa's face went pale, he called Amma immediately
Amma panicked and turned on the TV at home she was writing Chapter 9 after work and wnated some peace and quiet.
"Cards have not be decided, I am going to give it a week Madhu if this blows up big I am calling it off" Appa said coldly but firmly
"ayyo dont speak negatively" Amma begged...
"She is not marrying Ranjan Bhalla" Amma whispered back the nurse was for a change not browsing the phone and was listening, though Periappa's room was down 
the corridor Amma had found him staring out the window when she went to the study moments ago to get her USB drive
Lazy ass!!

"I dont see ANY news channel talking about it... dont be paranoid, I have never heard of the Hindi newspaper link youve sent" "Its Hindi our relatives dont read that"
"Wait until its announced in Sun News, Ishita's pidivadam, stubborness is going to cost a lot

His Thai partner wasnt too happy with the way they looked at a Danish company specializing in Mergers and Acquistion SW, the French dudes were a "Go" on it
the two Thai guys in typical Asian style wanted "more more more numbers"
The fund seeker had a acquisition tracking software that helped post merger intergration, so deals can be closed faster, and integration can happen in months instead of years
So the company thats "buying" a new company can focus on increasing shareholder wealth instead of spending unusual time getting things merged
R&B's speciality was M&A at Grad School and he was Argent's "public face"
The Thai guy was with him for 4.5 on Friday morning making a case for R&B to fly out to Copenhagen
R&B was happy to do it but didnt want to go out to look at "one prospect"
There were others in London and Geneva that needed his attention but not YET...
He would have to stay in Europe for a month in order to hop cities... his partners knew about his wedding... but it seemed lame that he would hold things off a month before it
Delays costed Argent big bucks, the faster they invested and faster they turned the more returns they could make for the 7...
"Try to head out tonite, I will call Duff and maybe you can return via Geneva? A nanotechnology startup... 
He hung up and made reservations to fly out at night...

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

R&B LOVES THIS WOMAN!!!!! WHAT MORE WILL THIS SILENT ONE DO TO EXPRESS HIS LOVE??? Peeche peeche ghoomta hai... II toh kabhi peeche peeche ghoomti bhi nahi!!! His gifts has always been inkeeping with II's words or thoughts!!! Cartier issi ne bola tha toh bechara engagement mei cartier le ke aaya!! Ab birthday mei "II" ka pendant!! N she is refusing to take it since its jewelry?? Why hurt him yaa?? R&B maybe hurts her by ommision but never by commission!! She toh muh pe says " cant take jewelry". I understand II told him she doesnt want any expensive gifts but even 
After seeing what did he really get her, she is still only talking money n that she cant take it??? Thats hurtful!! No thankyou... No " its beautiful" bas I'll pay for it?? N she can make out that he isnt happy about money being discussed instead of the thought behind the gift!!! This is not done, she says if she shows care openly R&B wont like it, n she sees her parents caring for each other n uske baad bhi brings money into conversation? Being self dependant is one thing,  but hurting someone by looking at every gesture of that person in terms of expense is totally not done. R&B has been overlooking it until now but II doesnt seem to realize she is rebuffing his thoughtfulness n his expression of love by ignoring the intent of his gesture. Its not his fault that he is rich!! 
I wish there is a discussion again about him spending on her where R&B stops her in mid n tells her that if her father spends on her mother does she bring money in the conversation? So why cant she look at thoughtfulness before the expense. 

By the way awesome writing... Still love R&B!!!

She is totally unable to accept that this relationship is beyond wealth some devil inside her coaxes her constantly to keep "accounts balanced" there is a fear that someday if it doesnt work out she would end up being called the "kept woman?"

She didnt say Thank you and I agree that was totally wrong... unforgiveable
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Divashni

Ashu! U hv a chnc babes! Keep ur eyes open! Ur R&B must b smwhr close by. Big smile 
Nisha ji, apki blessings se apki ki ek readr ko uska R&B mil gaya! LOL
No no not me...I had mine frm b4 only. Embarrassed
Bt the 1 uv bn missng 4 past few weeks. 
Vaise toh she's busy with studies nd exms rt now, but uske apne R&B ke liye she manages to find time. Kya karein? Naya naya pyaar hai boss TongueROFL

All da best 2 rest of u who r luking! Nisha ji ke blessings le lo sab! Big smile

Btw, I abs luvd last chapter nd how R&B celebrated II's birthday. Tiffany ka gift nd all...gud choice he has. Clap
really?? kahan hai ??
yahan toh sab mummy logon ki bachon ki baatein ho rahi hai Confused
Posted: 6 years ago
Hmmm...Interesting developments happening...
So where from here...let us know soon Nish :)
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

because I am super jobless today 3 days of snow is making me do this .. i have changed my userid from ranu1234 to TanjoreGirl :-) Thanks to Hsp's name ..
my name is still Anu though LOLLOL

I have 2 cousin named Anu , one in Austin and the other in Vancouver :) 18F is nothing, 4 &6 years old go to school in -5F alsoBig smile  I like the ID
Posted: 6 years ago
He is flying NOW????????????
And that Mr. Hari is a LOT ANNOYING Angry
Appa is taking a U TURN now suddenly Cry
What the hell ya!!!!

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