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Posted: 7 years ago
Linguist & Kejriwal

"Mujhe tumse baat karni hai" she stood there and sulked
"how about at 1:30? at lunch?"R&B asked politelyBig smile
"No! Abhi utho" she whisperedEvil Smile

Subbu was unable to say anything, he watched the tall lanky man set 
his laptop on the side, and stand up as the girl stood sulking arms across her chest tapping her feet
R&B wore a cargos and a brown lacoste, and flip flops...
"Can I just call Vandita?" he offered coralling her to the windows on the opposite wall
"Edukku da, I know what you will do, vendave vendaam.. (WHY? No thanks but u dont need to)" she muttered
Subbu could hear it though
"Go ahead" he stood with his half smile (Do you have a better idea?)
"Just text Shravu saying, may I please have the Vita back?" she ordered
"No II I wont do that" he said firmly
"Why NOT? akka is mad at me, she thinks it was my idea, onakku kavalaye ille (you dont care)" she ranted
"I do care II the kid is sickEmbarrassed" R&B spoke when ever she would let himLOL

Subbu was able to hear it, he did not leave politely or excuse himself, he was baffled what was going on...
 it was unimaginable to him that a girl he was once engaged to was talking like this to a man he had business interactions with.Blushing
HOW did R&B understand so much Tamil? HOW did his hand held get to Shravu and why was she scolding the man like she had rights over him
Why did the guy stand there and take it?Blushing

"OK lets make a deal?" R&B started
"Vendaa, I know ur deals" she had her back to Subbu, so only her Dude saw her blushBlushing
"I promise I wont involve you" he chuckled softlyEmbarrassed
"Hmphhh" she growled
"Lets give it a couple days? Please?" he beggedHug
"Edukku da, so Akka can clobber me for two more days? I will record it all so u can sit in the balcony at night and watch" she grumbled
"I like it on the rec room screen with popcorn" he suggested
"Shut up!" she hissed when she thought he was being loud
"OK I am going to wait until Thursday and ask for it to be returned"he said calmly
"Unacceptable" she said standing ground
"I wont do it at all then" he said
"I will bring it back, along with the nerf gun and the games and the Vita and rain it on you" she said
"Good luck" he said softly
"I promised Akka I would kill you" she expressed grief at being unable to deliver on it
"Come back later" he offered
She relaxed her shoulders...
"Let the kid get better II" he coaxed her
"I know the games u are playing" she whispered
"Its good to have full information" he goaded her
"I have tons of work you just wasted my half hour. I will ask Baldev to bill it to deployment"
"we'll see" he said accepting the challenge

Subbu couldnt contain himself any further... he jumped up from his chair as R&B walked with II towards his couch...
"Shravu again?" he sniggered
R&B didnt nod, he had his eyes on his woman
Subbu didnt notice her ring though...
"U understand Tamil?" Subbu asked in awe 
R&B" A little"
"U RESPONDED TO HER when she spoke in Tamil" Subbu pointed
R&B shrugged
"Just heard it a lot I guess" R&B half smiled
"U must be good with languages, you speak French, Punjabi, Hindi English & NOW TAMIL?" Subbu gushed.. SUCK UP SAALA!!DeadAngry

"Shravu only talks in Hindi or English" dismissiveAngry
II didnt really care for Subbu
"Ya" said R&B
"How do u understand Tamil then?" I DEMAND TO KNOW RIGHT NOW, toneLOL
"She talks in Tamil a lot" he said tilting his head towards his woman
"Its good to have a multi lingual team, 4 people on my team are from remote North Eastern towns" Subbu declared proudly
R&B shrugged  in a "Good to know" gesture
"Good to see you Ishita. What brings you here?" R&B WONT TELL ME WONT YOU?
"Umm... just to take care of business" still flushed and agitated
"About a video game player?" scoffing
"Ya" she said turning to look at her dude
"Good to see you Ishita, how are Amma and Appa?" Subbu enquired
"Fine... at work I hope" she smiled
"How is VANDU?" he asked TRYING TO GET PALLY
"Shes fine" II acted impatient
"I saw Bala waving an auto at the Vasant Kunj turning two weeks ago" Subbu announced
"Ya Athim's car was getting a new battery" II said politely
"I cant do autos, there is so much pollution in Delhi" he smiled at R&B hoping to get his buy in
"Better than "some" cars" she scoffed (CASE IN POINT SOME TIN CANS M Co manufactures that masquerade as cars)
Subbu searched for a clever response
II didnt have patience..
"Text da" DONT FORGET tone to R&B
"thursday II" he said calmly
She walked out leaving two men looking at her, one part amused part thoughtful and the other sheer confused

"She is very attached to Shravu" Subbu declared dismissively
R&B  did not respond just sat down and began twirling his locks

"Why was she here?" Subbu COULDNT GET OVER IT
"To talk about a PS Vita" R&B shared as little as possible
"That kid plays too much video games, they dont stop him" 
I KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR HIM tone "she spoils him" "She buys him whatever he wants, his parents dont stop her either"
Subbu had a smug "I can trash talk about II as much I as I want, if it means you will think of me in a better light."

R&B shifted lifting a leg up and placing his laptop on it, gave him a "HOW is  talking about Shravu's parents relevant to our meeting?" look

"shall we?" he asked tapping his keys
"Sure sure! if we hadnt gotten interuppted" Subbu said gleefully tilting his head towards the door to indicate II ruined 20 minutes
"By your phone call u mean?" R&B asked
Subbu looked at him curiously wondering why R&B would defend II

Amma made kesari in the morning for the baby's birthday, she had made gajar ka halwa complete with khoya clumps in between on Sunday when she was romancing the dude
Delhi's carrots in winter looked divine and tasted the best, Feb carrots were almost as good, since it was II's fave sweet Appa grated 6 lbs and Amma stewed them
She would send some with Akka for her in laws since they had teeth trouble like many 70+ year lds
She hadnt sent any sweet except half the 10-20 lb boxes Ranjan brought that Sunday...
The wedding was fast approaching and Amma's baby would be gone soon, Appa anD Amma had gone off to South Ex and bought her a pretty peach Kanjeevaram saree to gift her on her Bday
from Nalli...
II had the BEST birthday morning... in fact the BEST morning

Appa stood by her bed when Amma came to wake her... at 6.. they sang as usual... 
and they gave her bags of stuff... a bunch of silver jewelry from Periappa and the saree and some trinkets

She couldnt wait to shower to wear it
Appa smiled at her he gave her a FULL FULL SMILE

"Happy Birthday kanna" he squeezed her shoulders and patted her back, the most an Iyer Dad would do

Amma made pongal and chutney for breakfast, she sat down with the newspaper...
"U should double celebrate" Appa scoffed
"Yen Pa?" she asked
"Your guy won" Appa said grudgingly
"I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW" II jumped and danced
"Onnum panna poradu ille, he has whipped up a frenzy among you youngsters but he is incapable" Appa said dismissively reaching for his glasses
"Even Na Mo has no track record of running a country before YOu gave him a chance?" II argued
"Ayyyooo!! Amma whined in the kitchen shaking her head
Selvi giggled
"Aiyavum magalum vakuvadama" Selvi asked
"the employer and his daughter debating?"
"Ellarum late innikki" Amma scolded
"All of us will get late"
"He ran a state successfully before if u recall" Appa threw back at her
"Sure Pa, I bet some would have thought he was incapable when he got that job"
"But u see, what has Kejriwal really done? hosting an audience of 5 lakhs or 6 lakhs in India is no big deal, he threatened to quit and he quit, foolish? Totally" Appa listed Kejri's rap sheet
"OK I give it to you that was a ridiculous dare and he had to follow through" "Made him look stupid" II said
"See inda madiri kathu kuttikellam layaku padaadu Delhi politics (Delhi politics is for seasoned veterans like Vajpayee or Na Mo, newbies like Kejru will be clobbered) Appa smirked
"He is the only hope for younger people Pa, Dont say that" II pleaded
"What hope I say? Stop bribing people stand in line, wait for your turn, declare all your income, HOW HARD IS THAT?" Why do you need a Kejriwal to teach you that?" Appa demanded
Amma eye scolded II from the kitchen
"Appa Amma is thittifying me (Tinglish for scolding) II tattled
"Ayyyo" Amma did a plam to the head, and waved her index finger saying "Tujhe to main baad mein dekh loongi" (Just wait!)
"Why are you controlling her Madhu? She will be gone in 3 weeks who will I discuss politics in the morning?" 
Appa asked loudly, choking up, removed his glasses and reached for his veshti's edge to dab his eyesHeartThumbs Up
II found herself crying immediatelyCryHug

More on the morning... and II's Birthday and Subbu... and R&B later...

Who said this was over?
FAR from itLOL

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by Ranu1234

I have read only comments on page 28 lovely onesClap, snow day here and kids have a day off koi mujhe bachao they have been up from 5:30 wanting to go out..finally sent them out

Dilbert & Vita

he can sense something is wrong and cant put his finger, she doesnt want to leave and is insecure and so will use each and every excuse she can find to fight with him.. she will find peace only in the library reading books for 40 minutes Embarrassed, he will fixing routers .

and then the Vandu convo sooo cute,,vandu texting Sam even cuter.. u know its the vicarious thrills seeing your close one go through a different kind of romance.. my husbands grandfather was the first to send me and my husband out much to the shock of my MIL who was like this was the man who was known as the patriarch of the house and we would be scared to look at him and here he wants you to go on a date and is calling your dad LOL

Oh of course i loved the Shavu fight , she is trying to guard her territory and he loves to rile her up, clearly this is a manifestation of something else but she will use Shravu.

Subbu shocked is perfect and she doesnt even look at him ClapEmbarrassed

Oh and R&B's half smile and retorts perfect and I feel II is Iyer warrior best in this building ..

I now want a full blown fight over Shravu back and forth with Mrs Sagar smiling and Bally laughing and Subbu shocked since they dont even acknowledge his presence . Who else but them can fight over Vita for 1 hour LOLLOL

oh and how could i not drool on this one

She smiled walking over to the window, he picked up his camera with the meter long lense and when it whirred she realized he took a picture...

Great review as usualClapClap
Snow day here too Confused trying to keep up with up with them, watching TV now so that I can read and catch up.Little man has cold and cough...Cry

Thanks Hsp!!in our case the head of the  house has cold and cough and the kids have been out and refuse to come so on their way to get one..Cry when one person is sick its like no mood to do anything
Posted: 7 years ago
Awww..such a beautiful update di!!!!!
I loved every bit of it..
I wanna know what RB does for her...
Posted: 7 years ago
Linguist & Kejriwal

Linguist part

Party very very very cute how he understands tamil, Subbu's reaction was spot on , shocked and keep going how come,why LOL
II calling him to a corner , him coming trying to reason ,seeing her blush,she in her form,them negotiating ,every single line between them was cute Embarrassed and adorable,him not taking her eyes off her ,her doing the same totally  loved it.
And the 2 not revealing anything to Subbu also perfect Big smile


ok now my appa /amma gush starts
first amma making gajar ka halwa hooow sweet ok this one def makes me remember my mom - badam cake for us  even now Cry and appa grating hhhooow cute how realistic..
Them getting clothes and silver just Hug she is so loved ,so treasured.
and them blessing her first thing in the morning..perfect description.
almost every middle class house including mine here in US the day is about what the kid likes to eat most , i do that its a tradition that day the food and restuarant the bday baby gets to pick.
and the Newspaper convo over pongal i so wanted and you described it so well and yes me had a lump too i knew it was coming but so well put ClapClap

And lady i know I should have told this before but you have no right to describe food so well omg one day its aloo fry ,another day its gajar halwa and pongal, and parathas SO NOT FAIR when i plan to have salad for lunch LOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
I want gajar ka halwa now!!!!!!!! Nisha this so unfair, Now I want my mom too to make it for me CryCry
I get the frozen one (nanak) I hate it but I still eat it. Nobody likes it so I dont feel like making it. But when my folks here, mom always makes it for moi! 
Edited by Hsp.canada - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
I love how they fight over the kid Day Dreaming
Subbu, the confused jerk, needs to accept the fact that she is out of his life and he need to move on. Talking ill of a person, your ex da PIC AngryAngry, SHE LOVED YOU, CARED FOR YOU, MANIAC Angry to get into the good books of someone?? like seriously ?? DeadDeadDead
She didnt notice the jerk or she IGNORED HIM ?? Big smileBig smile
Hhehe, I like how RB gives those looks and his monosyllable answers..ROFL
RB learnt Tamil...How cutee is that Day Dreaming
Why was she here? -  how does it bother you, JERK DeadDead
I can trash talk about II as much I as I want, if it means you will think of me in a better light.- Please wait for her to give her man her birthday news, YOU WILL GO TO HEAVEN/HELL SEEDHA, UNABLE TO SEE THE GIFT ROFL ROFL
why R&B would defend II -  SHE IS HIS. HOW DOES IT BOTHER YOU.ConfusedConfused
Pongal is my favourite Hug, Gajar ka halwa too EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Its so nice to see how dad daughter bond..After so many days!!!!!!!
Gosh, Appa, THANK YOU for making II's special day more than special ClapClap
Why are you controlling her Madhu? She will be gone in 3 weeks who will I discuss politics in the morning?"  -  Appa accepts her rishta with the dude ShockedClap...appa is THE BEST ClapClapClap
Such a heart warming scene in the morning!! Pavam appa, what will he do after his kutty leaves CryCry
Beautiful update always Nisha!!
Next one eppooo?????
cant wait for the next pa...I want to want to see the jerk's reactions and ROFL ROFL

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

I want gajar ka halwa now!!!!!!!! Nisha this so unfair, Now I want my mom too to make it for me CryCry
I get the frozen one (nanak) I hate it but I still eat it. Nobody likes it so I dont feel like making it. But when my folks here, mom always makes it for moi! 

mere ghar aa ja
i make it all the time with khoya and all
except the carrots arent red... its the ugly amreekan orangeAngry
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

I want gajar ka halwa now!!!!!!!! Nisha this so unfair, Now I want my mom too to make it for me CryCry
I get the frozen one (nanak) I hate it but I still eat it. Nobody likes it so I dont feel like making it. But when my folks here, mom always makes it for moi! 
You should make some just for urself on somedays, pamper urself wid the halwa :)

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