Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14 - Page 135

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

Wahan jaane ke liye sirf ticket se kaam Chal jaata to problem hi kya thi
Book to ticket bhi nae ho rahi, bolne me kya jata hai ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by palakmangla21

Actually. Nisha wil be shukar hai these people can't comeROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
OK wedding bells around the corner
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

OK wedding bells around the corner
Jaldi jaldi jaldiii
Posted: 7 years ago
Tum log na saare plans pe paani phero yaar ROFL
Paise kaun dega tickets book karne ko Ouch
Nisha tum bach gayi...ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

We might end up eating into the remaining 15 pages while awaiting the next update...this way!LOL
that will happen for sure ji LOLLOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Update ke intezar ke chakkar mein maine ek chapter padhna bhi poora kar diya...Ouch
Ab toh aajaye update Cry
Posted: 7 years ago
The Mischief gene

A week later... the weekend of Feb 21st...

As usual Saturday... 10 AM ish...II had left her cane pod swing throne for a few minutes to find a charger for her phone
Her V day roses were in full bloom in her room, Appa was chanting prayers loudly, Selvi was doing the dishes..
Amma and II talked with Akka as usual... II in her sleepiest best... despite drinking her "Second dose" of coffee
Amma had made coconut sevai for breakfast, it was II's favorite... one more Saturday at home 
and then they would all be in Sringeri Temple hall on Sat March 7th...
Amma's stomach churned and whisked at the thought of seeing her gone from home
She was putting on a brave front in front of Appa acting like II's happiness is the most imp0rtant
She was not ready to let go of II either, Vandu was older and more mature of the two, II was younger and generally naive
Amma felt over protective and teary...
She prayed R&B should take care of her well...

The first of the relatives were likely to arrive around March 2nd, 
 Appa's good for nothing brother that now lived in Chennai, usually visited D II for an hour and 
"promised" to come stay in the next couple days... the youngest in the family had three kids, all boys, 
felt NO responsibility towards Periappa, had never taken care of him
Even when he lived in Delhi in the 1990s... Periappa was always Appa's responsibility all 36 years of his married life...
When II was little she would ask why  they can not go on any over night trips anywhere like her friends did, 
Amma always told her "Oh we are different, we have to take care of Appa's bro"
Appa's sisters were protective and caring about the youngest than Appa...
Appa ytook it all without batting a eyelid, Amma was no longer frustrated by it she was too old to care anymore.
Even Appa's sister the older one. didnt care for her retarded brother... 
between them they had 3 boys and 4 girls, NOT ONE summer did she invite Vandu and Ishita over to her home
They all visted Delhi every couple of years to "see both Mamas" stay in D II for a month at a time, enjoy Amma's hospitality and cooking.

The younger of the two Athai's was generous and kind but dirt poor... so she could do nothing even if she wanted to, Amma and her got along well
She rarely visited... or sent her kids...

There is always one scapegoat in every family in Iyers it was Appa.

II's time off was still being argued about at home should it be March 3rd or 4th, "I absolutely cannot Ma" she argued.. being gone was three weeks was bad enough
"atleast start packing your clothes kanna, you havent even unwrapped the suitcases from the plastic wrap yet" she lamented
"I will I will Ma" was all II said, wanting to go to work on 28th and was willing to go on March 1st as well"
Akka came by both days of the weekend Feb 21st & had plans for 22nd.. helping Amma sort through sarees and veshtis that were bought for relatives
Natesan Mama's by pass was on Feb 27th so there was no way he could make it to the wedding, 
much older than Iyers they were like family, but Mami was deeply disappointed that II chose a Punjabi boy

In fact Mami was making it apparent in every interaction Amma had with her in the last month and a half since Sree was declined
Mama was a little mature and reasonable understanding the fact that "Kids should be allowed to choose"
Mami not only asked too many probing questions about Bhallas but also about HOW II can maintain Iyer traditions at Malcha Marg
Then it slowly morphed into

"Oh! u dont have to get her married the Iyer way she will anyway live like a Punjabi"
"she wont celebrate any Iyer festivals anyway so why bother giving her all the things"
"Oh! she wont celebrate Pongal or Navaratri, or Varalakshmi... 
you shouldnt in a house where meat is cooked so whats the use of buying her the silverware for pooja"

Amma was at the receiving end of such snide remarks from Natesan Mami and a couple other "friends" in her circle
She didnt share any with Appa, she knew she wouldnt get any sympathy, she only shared with Vandu, Vandu had no patience for such people,
Vandu  would verbally lash out at Amma about these people..Amma would smile seeing how passionatly protective she was if II and herself.

She MUST take March 6th off, for the special celebration for married women" Amma complained
"Amma she has an appointment at that spa thing too, she wants me to go with her Chithapa's  
(Dad's younger bro) daughter in law, Uma wants to go with us too I told her that place costs Rs.25 grand a piece
she didnt bat an eyelid, acted as if II would pay" Vandu was ticked

"WHO TOLD HER u have an appointment at the Imperial?" Amma was angry
"Ask your baby daughter, Uma has been calling her every day since Chithapa booked his tickets." Vandu cried
"WHY is she so foolish, does she not know nobody has done anything for Appa and us?" Amma was self righteously angry

"Amma dont worry I will box her ears and we will get out of it, I told her I didnt need a spa, she insist I do, 
Bala said we should pay her back, since it costs over Rs.25,000 we cant afford to immediately" Vandu sai

"No Vandu you should not pay her, who will she take if she doesnt take you with her, you are like her best friend"

"Sam said she should come over to Shanti Niketan and she can have a Punjabi mehandi ceremony of sorts on Friday, 
followed by sangeet and cocktail... their cards for it have gone out.

"I am very nervous Vandu" Amma whispered, drying laundry in the balcony, 
"She is no silly and innocent... she doesnt care about her money, she doesnt care about being selfish or mean... will she be OK?"
Amma cried big tears

"Ammmaaa... Ayooo stop it she will be she will be" Vandu whispered
"She is not making a mistake is she?" Amma was terrified "I try to act like I have my daughter figured out but I secretly fear if she has the courage to bear a thing like Ranjan's scandal in her own life"
"Ayyo" Vandu said
"I worry day and night how she will take it if the boy cheats on her like that" Amma cried sobbing

"Amma he wont, he wont" Vandu said

"Why are you so confident?"
"I DONT KNOW" Vandu said  "I dont know but I am"
"Paavam dee idu... taangadu idukku avan high society style la unfaithful aa irundaan na"
(My lil angel will be completely shattered if he cheats on her)

"He wont Ma" Vandu said
"she looks so happy u know, they dont talk much... like that... ermm... ermmm that... other loser... I wont even utter his name... rotten dog" Amma cursed him

Appa was very generous with his curses, Amma rarely cursed Vandu smiled hearing her Amma curse Subbu... like she was finally getting it out of her system
The repressed feelings of hurt and pain at seeing her daughter dumped were all coming out

"I mean I asked Ishita if R&B said anything about Periappa" Amma said

"Hmmm?" Vandu listened eagerly
"U know what he said? "If its your ploy to not have babies then thats really lame" Amma giggled
Amma said proudly..."I dont want to have any, she argued it seems" Amma didnt take her own daughter's wish seriously... 
too happy that her future son in law did not associate any stigma with a retarded Uncle. "Punjabis are good people, u know" Amma said tearing up

"SEEE I TOLD YOU... after u take care of my second delivery, 
prepare that room for her first Ma I am telling you... he wants a little one FAST" Akka beamed

"It would be like anda kaalam (our times) Amma giggled shyly "U know we would miss our first period after the wedding"
Vandu laughed hard...

"Idu seriyana vaal Ma... idukku oru vaal imagine kooda panna mudiyale" Vandu gushed 
"she keeps saying I WONT HAVE ANY. I DONT WANT ANY. I MUST NOT HAVE ANY" Vandu mimicked

(She is a naughty child cant imagine HER having a naughty child)
Both mother and daughter were smiling at their respective locations when 
II returned after charging her phone, and holding her "third dose" coffee and the Metro Sunday edition

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