Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14 - Page 13

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Posted: 6 years ago
Done with dinner and ready for the update!!
Also, will sleep early aaj se ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by kg1404

Diet aur Ek aur reason bhi hai yaar, my cubicle is facing ventilation issues!! Hyper ventilation , in fact , u know!! Aur author sahiba me pehle se hi forewarn kar diya hai!! This is not India , yaar ki hum neeche , society office mein Gaye aur Pakkad laye, ek AC mechanic ko. Yahan, we hv to wait !! Bulaya hai Maine usko!! Dekhte hain abhi ki aayega kab!!

Hmmm,My days r passing by waiting for the plumber , Ac mechanic, girl

Ashu, gotta go now !!

Hmmm..Kya plight hai boss..911 se toh sab se pehle police hi aajati haiLOLLOL
aise emergency numbers dene chahiye yaar..
Okk ...C ya soon!!

911 se Judi hui EK aur real life clipping bathathi hoon mein

This happenned, when we moved to US, not too long ago!!

So we got the vonage installed at home (I am given to believe Vonage, a service provider is what most people here use to make calls to india , as their packages are quite convenient ). So this happenned on the first day, we got it installed and I am excited,soch ke ki, shuru ho jao , abhi call maro aur haal pooch lo, mummy, papa, mama, mami, chacha, chachi, Neighbours, kaam waali behanaas aur most important, dhobhi wala too, gosh , I miss him the most , re..

So I dial, in my excitement, india code yaadh karke ke 91 11... Just when I had pressed 911, my daughter called me for something and I had to cut the call midway aur mein chali gayi 911 laga ke. Galti kar di, yaar. So what happenned was hilarious, my husband picks up the incoming call, and you know from who?? No guesses there, from the 911, and they wouldn't let him go without an explanation for a 911 call!! He had a difficult time convincing the guys, that my wife was trying to call india and she I'm fact only abandoned the call midway, it was a riot and still ROFL, when I think of it!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by palakmangla21

Seriously dieting is the last option fr me LOL

Thanks just what I want to hear LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Tied up in knots

She gently laced her fingers through his hair arching  to feel him as she brought his head down on hers... offering up her lips
Her eyes stormy and wild... having no clue what she was doing or where she was...
She kissed him gently, like she was on her first date and she was saying good bye, tentative and shy.
His hands on her lace urged her to "take"
She did when he opened his lips fully on hers...
He tasted like cumin and dates and pepper, there was a dull burn on her left and under her curves where the sticky chutney took refuge
She let go of his head with her right hand to wipe off the trickled jelly

He sucked it clean off her finger and off her skin slowly and patiently making sure he got it all

"How many kinds did u make?' he asked exploring her curves
"Three" she whispered on his collarbone...
Take off ur" he began

"Please da" she held his face in her palm "I texted u when I got home didnt I... I texted u all day yesterday, I left two voicemails" she tried to reason with him
He listened to the whole thing and took her right hand and placed it on her waist band on her knot... the moment his fingers touched her belly button she shook and buckled
He rubbed his palm over her belly... circling her hand. as if he waited...

She undid the knot by pulling the short ended string... he raised himself as if to watch her do that... her eyes were wide open, scared and stimulated
He let her lift up her knees as she rolled it down, and kicked it off her ankles...

He reached for the second bowl and picked up a multi colored wedge and bit into it. 
kissing her letting her get a taste... she moaned and moved her face away gently, 
he chewed on her shoulder, moving his lips she felt his adam's apple as he swallowed..she writhed in arousal
"I want my teeshirt off" he said
She was weak and unsteady...
"U dont have to eat anymore" she grumbled
He smeared some cold yogurt on her belly as she shook in shock first rage later
Heard him suck it all off...

He reached for the ICE CUBES?
She reached for the edge of his tee and yanked it off frantically
Pulled down his sweats... and now they were even in clothing... just in under clothing

"There!" I am ONE AHEAD" she whispered

Unable to not look at him with no clothes on... lean yet sinewy, hard and strong... and 
tanned, he was TALLL... LONG... AND ERMMM... hard like a rock
He reached for the aloo parantha, his chest on her lips, she opened her lips involuntarily tasting his pec
lemony, woodsy... male? her lips bruised and swollen as he had crushed them with his chest because she was getting too far ahead
From chapter 4 to 14...

 He lay on the backrest side and put her on the outer edge, handing her the wedge and said "Feed me"
She took it and took a big bite biting off almost 2/3rd of the wedge
"Love it" she mumbled a mouthful

"What part of FEED ME dont u get?" he asked claiming the almost chewed slice from her mouth.
"Appa would have killed me if I had stayed" she continued to plead for forgiveness
He plundered her body with his lips and his hands...
"Please da?" she begged when he let go of her body briefly
He took her hand and rubbed it all over his... as he stroked her nose ring with thumb first, and errmm..lips and everything else inside the mouth. later
"We could work something out" he said punishing..  as she groaned languid... as his hand guided hers someplace she had taken a U turn from a week ago Sunday at Jaipur.
If he was not wrong that U turn was for Appa also... the man was not willing to go away, much to R&B's chagrin

She leaned forward and kissed him fully, as a penalty perhaps?
"Not today please da" she begged terrified
"why" he asked moving on her hand.. the fabric separating his skin from hers
"Ur Dad's home" she gasped as she felt things stir and move
He held her bangled wrist  firmly not letting her move it
Afraid and nervous... like she was a teenager.. and her parents slept in the other room
And he began his first lesson in R&B gratification and his first lesson but it started from Chapter 20
He took all her kissing, begging and pleading AND got what he didnt get at JaipurBlushing and rewarded her with yet another gift he gave her in JaipurBlushing


He snoozed on her for a good hour? she didnt know, she slept too too tired to move
Too weak to think... the throw on the backrest now covering them... she was still in her under clothing... he... ermmm wasnt
1 ish "Lets eat II" he muttered on her chin

She was bruised and sore and fuller...
She didnt move
"Hey lets eat"
She snuggled with a "Tchhh" and a "Shhh"
He let her snooze for another 20 minutes
And then snaked his arm and moved a lid off a dish... She stirred and woke

He gently eased himself off her sitting up... she pulled another throw, and wrapped herself, cold...
She served for him and watched as he ate... half smiling
"Its not spicy" he said
"U are goddamn right, if u are going to eat that off my skin it better not be mujhe burn injuries nahi chahiye"
She looked down at her lacy undergarment... a red welt on her ribs where the pepper laced syrupy paste had travelled to

"My Mom would make this for me every weekend" he said softly
"Oh!" her heart rate suddenly picked up and galloped at the unexpected verbal intimacy.
"I would eat on the counter, I would sit on it, and she would roll on the side Manny and Sam burning up with envy" he chuckled
"Unko bahut rulaya hai tumne?" she asked
(Uve given them grief havent you?)
"A lot" he said softly as if sharing a rare priceless secret
She leaned and snuggled, as he ate quietly... she sat up took his plate and served more potato parantha and tore up a bit and fed him
"No its not because I screwed up Friday night" she said looking away
He knew it wasnt, she need not have told him..
"I saw you working in the kitchen" he half smiled
"When u were listening to the Tamil playlist and chopping mint
"I should have known you were being yourself" she growled
She fed him two wedges, one half... tasted her finger and thumb... "Nahi hai spicy" she said
He added more to the plate...
She began eating, and fed him in between...
"I am not making paranthas every Saturday, in fact I want to wake up 11 and EAT paranthas, 
tum bana sakte ho chahe, ya koi aur, itne saare varieties ki kya zaroorat hai
BTW WHO EATS KEEMA parantha, atleast paranthas ko to veg rehne do yaar.. ellathayum en da non veg panre? (why do u make everything into a non veg?)"
She spoke her paragraph he knew things were back to normal
She set the plate down after they ate yet another refilling by him
Wiped her hands off and curled up and him...
His armd went around her hugging her...
"Do u like me nose ring"
He chuckled and she felt it under her, as she lay on his pec, her right leg on his, his on the coffee table now, longer... clean and well groomed..
She leaned forward and traced a scar on his shin, 4 inches long visible over/under the dense curling hair
"Yeh kya hua?"
"skateboarding accident in Paris 3? 4 years ago" he said, as he checked his email
She felt the length
"Did u BREAK it?" she asked shocked
"Umm ya, and my shoulder"
She looked at him in horror
They stared at each other interminably... she was unable to cover up the care her eyes showed because he wouldnt let go of her gaze
He was stunned to see so much compassion

"Paris mein to akele" (YOU ARE ALONE IN PARIS ARENT YOU?) Horrified

Her stomach muscles churned, entangled...

"Arent u supposed to be wearing all those knee pads and elbow pads and stuff?" she asked worrying
 tearing her gaze away... flushed, yet unwilling to let go of her caring nature

Such TLC must seem immature and childish to him... not to mention "none of my biz"

"I was II"

"Phir itni chot kaise lagi?" inquistion

He set his phone on the coffee table and pushed her back on the couch... his eyes glinting again

(This is it II now he is going to torture you for being a silly idiot, why cant u just shut up and talk about the weather instead)

He climbed over, peeling her sheet off so he could feel her under him

"I wasnt wearing shoulder and shin pads" he said his eyes dancing on her as he moved
Enjoy and loving the concern every bit
"You BROKE your shin da" she accused

"Were you in the hospital?" she asked visibly shaken

"4 days? 5?" he said
she punched him
I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED TO YOU IF U DONT START TALKING" she let her tears appear making it seem like she was frustrated with his quietness

But he could tell the accident had riled her up

"Do u promise?" he goaded (Do you promise to call off the wedding if I dont speak?)
Her arms went around him in fury crushing him to her "Jerk" she cursed him

"Koi aaya India se?" she wanted to know "Akele kaise reh sakte ho hospital mein?' (How can u be alone, did any one come over from India?)

"Nahi" he said in her neck

Tanmay's Dad was having bypass at Apollo Sam couldnt leave. Ranjan had been asked by Delhi Police not to 
leave town until the "rape" investigation was over, Sam had court hearings for her divorce at Sydney.
Ma? was gone...

"ayyyoyo" she cried softly, her tears soaking the shoulder years after it  brokeHugHeart

Posted: 6 years ago
Res res res
overwhelmed...will post in a while
Posted: 6 years ago
Awwwiee!! Even though first half was BURNING HOT... What really touched a chord was insight into R&B's thoughts!! He misses his mom... Remembers her but doesnt mention it to anyone
Insight into his lonliness is so touching... Makes me want to go give him a tight hug!! 
I wish Ishita threatens him to not be reckless from now on... Infact she shouldtake a promise from him that he'd not take life risks anymore...
Posted: 6 years ago
My my my my !!!!!!!!!!!
I love this update di!!!
Hot encounter was sizzling!!! I loveeddd it...Rb is one big DEVIL. Wants HIS way or the HIGHWAY. Uff...Paseene choot gaye mere, I am feeling so damn hot in spite of the chilling weather inge LOLLOL
Shit!!!! He did it again ??????
My my ...I am unable to swallow a gulp here ROFL
Why are these two so irresistible ????? WHY!!!!!
Loved how he reminisced with II his childhood...My heart goes out to this DUDE Hug
Shaitan kahin ka...I love kids like that..caring yet naughty...And look at him now..Has his own ways of tormenting his would be wife!!
Awww, she fed him...whatte wonderful sight Day Dreaming
This guy is just so...Kya bolun main?? Vulnerable? Shit ya!! I just loved that last part Nisha..I had tears in my eyes di!!
(Personal reference: I know too many, but bear with me..I somehow feel so sad and tears well up instantly jab main aisi baatein sunti hoon..Like be it my friends or anybody..I had the same, exact feeling..Eyes full, heart thumping, sweaty palms!!!! Like something happened for real!!!! )
Nisha..I cant tell you how I am feeling now...All this is for real..These people do exist..this man is alive somewhere !!!!!!
I really love how II emoted...(So me again CryCry)
He is understanding her so well..
This is what I wanted to see!!
Love you for such a fantabulous update Nisha!! Made my day!!

Edited by ashu9 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Loved every bit of it, the later part more (im more inclined to the emotions) was very overwhelming... Goes on to my list of fav...
You are amazing Nish, its not easy to pen down these emotions, takes do it so simply and brilliantly... You make them get each other so beautifully...I hate you because you get them so well, I love you because you share it with us...
I have alot of love for you and your characters in my heart today :)

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