Rafaheli's ARTpandora #3| Dilwalo ki DIWALI on pg-100 (11/11)

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Posted: 5 years ago
^^ my  j i g a r - d a - t u k d a s <33  got little too ambitious while making this :)


the name's aheli :) Loves residing in Sapno ki duniya...kyunki asli duniya mein Raizadas nahi hote :v
In 2012 this girl who kept updates of nothing but sports came across a youtube vid of a show
named iss pyaar ko kya naam doon and well.. thingschangedforever :|

Have been PSing for around the past 1.5years maybe and whoa am I taken aback by the creative side of my dimaag! (need lessons on self-obsession.. callmemaybe?:P) Also I have this amazing talent of PSing something and then a moment later I find it to be so gibberish...all that effort ends up rotting in the recycle-bin :v Actually if I had to put up all of those rejected maals together..they are enough to form a gallery on their own :p

Honestly people here have been very kind to me and I'm so so thankful to each of you who have supported & loved my work in some way or the other. Without all these motivations..I hardly could have progressed so much as a graphicher in this short span of time! so shukriya for all the lauuu xoxo

i make~
animated sigs (mostly) ; animated and non-animated icons-avis ; non-animated sigs

favs include~
rafa nadal . iss pyaar ko kya naam doon . arshi . sarun . barun sanaya shaktimohan .
arsha . d3 . sandhir . sidmalhotra . pc-sisters . srk 

Now some of you may come up to me and say 'why am I even on that list when you are so good' NO! You people will be included in this list even if I go on to become the Obama of PS..coz I literally started PSing after being inspired by your works! So how far I have come since then or will go in future will never matter :)

 Almost everything I post here are freebies..i.e you are free to put them in your signature box or avatar section unless mentioned otherwise.

 Those who are here to chorify my stuffs / get overly-inspired / re-edit / plagiarize my work.. woh kripaya 
jaake apni bhains chadaye :D 

 Don't haunt me to take your requests whenever you want to ohkay! I dont sit opening PS 24x7!

 Feel free to come up with suggestions :) If I would like to work on them, I will certainly ask for more details.

RAFA  { for smaller stuffs } . ( c )  R A F A H E LI  /  INDIA-FORUMS { for bigger stuffs }

Opening this shop on Veee-day..so chalo pyaar barsao mujhpe EmbarrassedLOL

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Posted: 5 years ago

previous galleries~

page1 - glimpse of my work
page-18 - HOLI special ( arshi, arsha, bolly ) , star valentines (divan, shakti-sanam)
page29 - arshi, sarun, rafa nadal, ishra, vrushan-rukshaan, piku, ranveer-arjun
page40 - ipk icons, khushi, arnav, sanz, barun, ishra, sonam, dil dhadakne do
page54 - arshi, barun in drydreams, reporters, dil dhadakne do, sid, aish, quantico
page70 - sanaya, sarun, reporters, mnik, REQUESTS (13)
page86 - arshi, barun in dubai/dawn, sanaya in jdj, swaron, shakti mohan d+, tamasha, papertowns
page100 - DIWALI spl- arshi, kriyaansh, vrushaan, shanaya, nesam, Dilwale

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Posted: 5 years ago
No matter how many better creations of mine I put on display over here..
I'm sure its going to look all amateurish by the time this thread approaches its end :P 




* stops here..bcoz I care about visitors' bandwidth* Approve

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Posted: 5 years ago
M  p d a e s
As said before..will be filtering the PM list everytime I open a new gallery

1.  Hit ' L I K E ' under this post                                    
2. ' B U D D Y ' me ( will not be sending individual pms )

SUBSCRIBE to the updates-PM list only if you wish to open it and leave your comments here (atleast occasionally) 

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Posted: 5 years ago
Okay so I probably won't be online by the time you edit all the reserves but congratulations. Hug You are one of the most amazing person out here and a brilliant, brilliant creator. Your work is absolutely beautiful and in a way I'm so glad for the existence of your shop, it made me get to know you so much better. You are such a wonderful person, Aheli and I am so incredibly happy for you.Embarrassed May you many more. Cheers! 

Also, I cannot wait for the unreserved posts. Who's on the banner this time? And is there a new update as well? And I think I need to shut up. LOL

Edited#4252 time.

The banner. The banner. Aapke dimaag ko kya naam doon? I'll comment on it later but really woman, you are a genius and your creativity is inspiring. And how cute is the index thing? I am not very fond of yellow but that screams cuteness!  

LATER. The banner is the prettiest and the most innovative I've ever seen. I love how you've incorporated all your favorites into it following a theme and making it look like a part of a story or something but those wings on Khushi and the rain falling and Shakti looks like a mermaid. It's all too beautiful. :')

Edited. Again.

Except for my ArHi and the IshRa icons, most icons are new but I cannot comment on each though I want to. But know this, your icons are B E U T I F U L and you are amazing.

 Your work on this actress turns out very pretty. Remember that Sawariya signature? That is still one of my favorites and it is a wonder that it is still a favorite because you've made such amazing creations even after that but that remains very special for reasons unknown because I don't even like SonamK. LOL

 Black and white coloring. Not technically considering it has a tinge of blue but the blur effect at the bottom enhances the overall look of this icon. Definitely one of my favorites!

 I had skipped this icon because I was quoting another icon from this row but the beauty of this forced me to put it again in my comment. LOL Plus black and white=Biased. This icon in a way is similar to the previous one in respect to the blur effect and slight blue in it and so I love it. Embarrassed

 How pretty does Sanz look? And your coloring and the background? Top notch! I am so in love with this icon. Super pretty, this one.


I haven't even started and my comment is already so long. Shocked

https://i.imgur.com/ntKCevG.gif This is why I call you a PS genius. How do you even get such ideas? This is a masterpiece, Aheli and I'm so glad you make stuff on ArHi. This is flawless and I've used it for so long now and I can still at it for minutes. Perfection, this is.

Heart I am quoting this again just to make my comment prettier.

https://i.imgur.com/k61gMJ6.gif You take a simple scene and give your own Aheli touch and woah, the result is this gorgeousness. I love the background you've tried to depict here, the effect used are amazing and it looks so pretty.

https://i.imgur.com/GQPYqBN.gif This GIF for some reason reminds me of Jaan's works. I know you are familiar with her work because her name is up there in the inspiration list. Love love this.

Last but most definitely not the least, the SharaddhaK. signature is beautiful. The coloring is absolutely gorgeous. Embarrassed The PM update thing, showcases your PS creativity. I can see all the effect you've put in there right from the background and the eye thing but I'm afraid I cannot do justice to your work. So keep making and keep being just as awesome, yeah? I love you. Hug
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Posted: 5 years ago
I'm second Shocked Balle balle DancingDancing

I don't think my comments give justice to your work.. I can't come up with words to define or compliment your creations.. bit bizarre really.. considering we have such a big dictionary Wacko But I blame you. You create with such perfection that there is nothing left to comment on! Seriously your work is beyond flawless! So congratulations on yet another gallery which i'm sure will be filled with stunning creations soon..very soon. Day Dreaming 


^^ What a unique and flawless piece of artwork! Your banner is quite intriguing.. I love the style alot <3


^^ This is fascinating! I wonder what goes on in that brain of your when your creating.. this is certainly out of the box! 


OMGOSHHH! I just saw this icon and died for like 5 seconds! Uff girl you amaze me! I love this will use it Day Dreaming

Your icons are beyond words..

^^ This is me trying to pick out a few of my most favorite icons out of a bunch of mind blowing icons! I love the coloring's and textures a lot. Especially the coloring's.. how is it so damn beautiful <3


^^ This is stunning.. love the coloring and style <3


^^ This Shraddha Kapoor siggy is mesmerizing Day Dreaming

Thanks for the PM and once again congratulations on your new ARTpandora Party

Looking forward to seeing some masterpieces from you

Nisbah Hug
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Posted: 5 years ago

Congratulations for your third shop, Aheli! I'm really super happy to see it open. Dancing Your first update/examples section looks gorgeous! It's really lovely to see your best creations on display again, and I also notice some new ones, like the breathtaking Gurmina sig you made on my suggestion. Day Dreaming Seriously, it's SO beautiful! I love the textures you used, you gave this picture a very philosophical look and I totally did not expect it, but it's superb! I love it and will definitely use very soon. Thank you! Hug

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Posted: 5 years ago
SHIT! mine!

OKAYS Jii, so... shall we start?! Big smile
Im back WITHOUT you having to bug and remind me 244764 times! SEE! ive become much much much more responsible AND punctual! KASAM SE! Approve
So yes, this Reeno over here is so so so so so so so so proud of you baccha :D like SUUPER proud, and as you know, (and i wont repeat! Evil Smile) Am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan too Blushing (AS YOU KNOW)
Starting your number 3 is a huge huge achievement considering how EFFIN LAZY you are, so beta, shabaash! Clap Trust me when i say im proud of you because ive NEVER seen someone  START as a pro yaar, i mean, you're just too good and you ONLY get better! are NOT at all regressive, unlike me, who i believe was much much better 2-3 years ago :( now toh its worst than amateurs, but we'll do this later, TODAY IS YOUR DAY :D and this isnt our CC or the scraps or our PMs... its YOUR shop, so lets stick to your creations Day Dreaming Heart aah those pieces of PERFECTION! Heart Day Dreaming

You're so smart you actually chose the BEST stuff and im so so so glad you included those IshRa icons and avis because without doubt, its some of your BEST work Blushing ALL those icons are too too too gorgeous and you know na i dont even know why im just so so damn biased towards your icons like i dont even know why theyre the best in the world, and avis... LITERALLLY out of the world! Blushing You, my baby, are going to prosper further, mera dil kehta hai ;) heh. Your Barun, ArHi, YHM and Bollywood stuff is always so perfect and the shakti mohan, Hollywood, rey-kria, KY2 stufff is like so damn close to perfection sometimes i feel DONT YOU EVER HAVE THOSE DAYS where you dont make a remotely perfect creation? like KABHI toh hoga na? KUCH toh hoga k kabhi bakwaas outcome nikle and you still post and just you know. be a lil average?!?!?! KABHI KYUN NAHI HOTA? BATAAO BATAAO BATAAO MUJHE!!!!! THIS IS UNREAL! :( main 155 stuff banau toh 2, fine se nikalte hain, and YOU!?!?!?  :@ im so angry. UNFAIR! Angry

Coming to this gorgeous thing called the BANNER of your shop, with which youve started. Ive said it before, imma say it again. the BESTESTEST banner a shop has ever had in the history of banners, like DUDE, ive been PSIng from years now and ive seen a lot of creativity but trust me when i say this ive NEVER seen something like this i think... maybe something as artistic and brilliant on Tumblr someday, but NOTHING like THIS this is just too good i have been PSing for years now but i dont know how youve done it like how did you even manage, how many years did this take? and like... HOW DID THE IDEA EVEN CLICK YAAR?! Stern Smile Mashallah, super amazing that banner is Embarrassed
Then those banners for Index etc, heheheh SaRun Day Dreaming Super cute! Heart
LOVE LOVE LOVE everything, Paheli, KEEP IT UP Hug

NO WAIT! HOW will i go without a demand?!?!?! Acha request? Acha suggestion? :| Ermm please?! atleast you love me half as much as i love you na?! :( See DivAn did a super sizzling performance it would be a SIN if you dont do something for me on it :( ICONS maybe?! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
O     K     A     Y           B     Y     E  
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