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I wrote this OS several weeks ago...sharing here now. Hope you guys like this one too! please share your thoughts after reading it

Here I am with another ghazal of jagjit singh's trying to infuse the meaning of its words into RaYa chemistry. This one is upon special request from a very special person ...

It's the slow unveiling of feeling of love here and finally the realization ...

Saraktiye jaaye hai ruKh se naqaab ahista ahista
nikalataa aa rahaa hai aaftaab ahista ahista
JawaaN hone lage jab vo to ham se kar liyaa pardaa
hayaa yakalaKht aayii aur shabaab ahista ahista
shabefurkat kaa jaagaa huuN farishton ab to sone do
kabhii fursat men kar lenaa hisaab ahista ahista
savaalevasl par unako uduu kaa Khauf hai itanaa
Dabe honthon se dete hain jawaab aahistaa aahistaa
hamaare aur tumhaare pyar men bas fark hai itanaa
idhar to jaldii jaldii hai udhar aahistaa aahistaa
vo bedardii se sar  kaate "ameer" aur main kahun un se
huzuur aahistaa aahistaa, janaab ahista ahista

Almost Running up the grand staircase of Kapoor Mansion his eyes searching for her as if he had to share something extremely important. He searched frantically for the face he wanted to see, checking their room, their walk in closet, balcony ...As if on cue, Bansi kaka appeared to put him out of his misery " sir, madam neh kaha Ki aaj woh sharma house mein raat rukangi" KM's loyal servant hesistantly blurted out as if he was giving some forsaken news. The expression on Ram's face assured him that instead he had become the cause of his masters misery. He wisely scuttled away from Ram's line of sight.
He had come back two days earlier from his trip just because he was missing her...What was he supposed to do now!! Madam has decided to Spend the night at her parents house!! ...running his hand roughly through his hair, he paced around his room which was seeming hauntingly empty without her. This room that was only his for so long...why was it not his safe haven anymore without his wife of less than six months!! But how was she supposed to know that he has come back early!  He wanted to be rational in his thinking but right now he wanted her here! Right now he was missing her more than ever! He wanted her to ask him how his trip went...He loved the way she took her time getting detailed account of how he spend his time while being away on business trip...her SMS's reminding him to eat and sleep on time despite her own busy schedule were a sweet reminder of her nagging yet caring presence in his life. These days he didn't want to be away on any trips and if he did, he made sure that everything was taken care of in a shorter duration of stay as possible. He didn't wanna miss out on the delicious food that she served as if it was prepared exclusively for him upon his return...nor her lectures about him being careless about his health while she ran around showering extra attention on him
     On the Way to the washroom, he stepped on something on the floor and it made a light jingling sound. He picked it up feeling it's ridges while sensing the beauty of the ankles it always adorned. If she had thought that he didn't notice her, she couldn't have been more wrong. Surprisingly, the jingling sounds coming from her anklets were music to his ears and without lifting his head it gave him the assurance that she was around. Not that he hadn't noticed her beautiful little feet and the alluring legs that supported her petite frame or The way she curled her toes and bit her lower lip when she was thoroughly amused...usually during their light bantering or while reading one of her books..

" Arre yaar tum har bar kya shopping ke chakkar mein padh jaate ho! "
" Neha apni shopping kudh nahi kar sakti"

Vikram " dekh Ram Ek toh bechaari akeli do din se bacchon koh manage kar rahi aur dusri baat yeh Ki jab husband log kahin bahar se kuch dinoon baad aate hain toh biwioon ke liye kuch gifts le aaye toh unhe accha lagta hai" " meri maan tu bhi abh yeh sab seekh le aur Priya ke liye kuch chota sa gift le le !"

Ram " Achha, par us ke liye kya lun!"
Vikram " kuch bhi Jo usse accha lage!"

Ram had never imagined that taking his idiot friends advice would be so helpful. His usually spitfire wife was all smiles upon seeing the Payal set that he had bought for her. He had a feeling that even something as inexpensive as this would make her day. On every business trip that he made, he had become habitual of bringing unique yet to her taste gifts from earrings to bangles especially in her favorite color green.
He looked at the vanity mirror after washing his face and noticed her red
bindi on the mirror...from her sandals carelessly kicked off in the closet to the towel sitting on the chair to the books strewn around in every corner of their room, all the things that he used to find irritating now made him feel that someone his own was around him. As if Her unorganized mess was a way of showing that in her own clumsy ways she was an integral part of his life. Her essence was embedded in his heart and soul.
       As he fiddled around with her hair clip that she had carelessly left on his laptop, he heard the gentle clicking sounds of the door opening and closing behind him. There she stood frazzled and slightly wet from the drizzling rain but she made for a sight for his longing eyes. He kept looking at her in awe...noticing the hair clip in his hand she stammered " I am s..ssorry about the mess! "Meine socha ki aap do din baad loteney wale hain toh bus aise hi apni cheezan padi rahene di" " aapne bataya kyun nahi Ki aap jaldi aane wale hain? "Woh toh Rishab ke message karne par kuch der pehle mujhe pata chala...mein abhi change karke sab samaan apni jagah par rakh dehti hun" taken back by his unusual silence she mumbled on " aapne kuch khaya bus do minute..." she turned to leave for the washroom.
       Just as she turned to leave, Ram reached out,grabbed her by arm and pulled her close to him. With the force that he exerted in pulling her,Her wet tresses fell like a veil over her face. He stood there holding her close and looking spell bound at her, slowly he raised his hand and swept her silky locks aside...his touch had rendered an already helpless Priya into a trance. She closed her eyes in response to his scorching fingers skimming gently against her skin as he moved her hair to the side.

    Slowly priya opened her eyes to find his soulful eyes looking at her. Still holding her close, Ram spoke with sincerity in his voice " Priya, Thanks for coming into my life" " mujhe sambaalne ke liye aur har modh par mera saath dene ke liye..."
Priya " yeh aap kaisi baatein kar rahe hain, mein ...Ram silenced her by placing his finger on her lips.

Ram " please Priya aaj mujhe kehne do" " pata hai yeh teen din meine tumhare bina kaise gujaare...tumahare bina mera kahin Mann nahi lagta...tumhare bina sans lena bhi mushkil lagta hai" " mere khayalon mein, meri baaton mein ,meri sanson mein sirf tum ho"... " mein hamesha humare rishte ko sumjhote ka rishta samajhta raha par abh samaj mein aaya Ki tumhare aane se pehle mein samjhote Ki zindagi jee raha tha" "Priya, mein janta hun Ki mera saath nibhana tumhare liye aasan nahi hai par kya hum humare is rishate...hamari shaadi ko Ek mauka de saktein hain, aur is ke liye tumhein jitna waqt chahiye tum lo par please mujhe kabhi chodhkar matt jaana" he gently held both her hands and brought them up to kiss them. Stupefied Priya, pulled out of Ram's hold with tears spilling out from her doe shaped eyes and  walked towards the washroom.


Ram's heart cringed with the thought that he had hurt her feelings...maybe it was too soon...he should apologize for saying all that so abruptly...but it was now or never for him...
While ruminating, Ram started pacing in the room waiting for Priya to come out. Suddenly the lights in the room dimmed , Priya drawled towards him looking him in the eyes "abhi kya kaha aapne??" Ram who is taken back by her embolden avatar steps backwards as she steps forward. The back of his legs hit the bed, he lands on it facing forward. Before he could get his bearings, Priya sits on top of him straddling his waist, pulling him up by his collar she continued " itna sab keh sakte hain...seede seede I Love you Priya nahi keh sakte!!!"



Swallowing the lump in his throat Ram " toh kya tum pehle se hi...aur aise hi mujhe tang kar rahi thi.." wrapping his arms around her he swiftly fliped her over kissing her all over her face and neck "accha toh madam ko I Love You sunna hai...aur woh sab jo maine itna feeling se kaha..." giggling, teasing and passionately loving the two soulmates plunged into the abyss of beattitude.

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Very cute and romantic
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Posted: 2015-02-09T13:12:27Z
Beautiful update...
It reminds us about the golden balh days...
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Posted: 2015-02-09T18:32:49Z
Wonderful OS..
So cute... The way ram proposed was nice...
Thanks for PMTongue
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Posted: 2015-02-09T19:06:46Z
i read it b4 on FB its superbbb plz write one OS on Ghajal

Tum itna jo muskura rahi ho
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Posted: 2015-02-09T21:31:51Z
lovely romantic os..
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Posted: 2015-02-09T21:57:37Z
Beautiful OS
Thanks for the PM
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Posted: 2015-02-09T23:17:03Z
beautiful os. this only shows k without actual physical intimacy; raya can bold over all of us. just like our reel raya. i mean rashi b without hugging or without coming close or on some occassions even not being in same frame, these two created magic n fire on screen.
just lokking lovingly to each other; their presence itself make BALH watchable.
thanks for posting such a wonderful os.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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