Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 68

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by nidhi.b23

samyukta spilled the beans... ww3 in making now...appa vs R&B...both ready to claw each other...n II...she will be stuck between them...poor her...getting bashed from all the sides...appa already doesn't like R&B and now when their being together in Jaipur is out in open he will just breathe fire...yeh sam bhi na...she is no less than II...may be she was trying to portay her brother as a caring and loving fianc but yaha yo sab ulta ho gaya..

good that II has made herself clear... if he really wants 3 kids then they should really plan it out..why is the guy in such a's not if II is running away...they need to have time after marriage for themselves... already they don't agree to most of the will they raise together kids is a serious mystery...

i didn't undestand one thing.. what having baby is to do with his company fiscal year...

Bold : Sure she is already, ab bahut zyaada bashing sehni hai uskoLOLLOLLOL
The company fiscal thing, well, maybe he will have more responsibilties to shoulder or something like that...I have no clue myselfConfused

scolding from all side awaits her..better she stays in jaipur only...:)
ha yaar responsibilities could be one reason..n as hsp said it his way of commitment...
Posted: 7 years ago
such a wonderful chapter nisha...u made my day...absolutely gorgeous...
from her masti to texting to shopping to the lovely passionate encounter...just so wonderful.. im gushing so much i dont have words to write...
"When u touch me I cant breathe"...this was a sweet admission of her feelings... she just burn in passion when he touches her..and he just gets aroused when her hands touches his head...

i seriously don't have words to describe such a bful chapter
..words will fail to describe the sensuality, passion , boldness and love with which this chapter is written...
Posted: 7 years ago
What was that Shocked
I am done reading once, heart pounding, thudding, and blushing and smiling and...
Kitna maarengi Author Sahiba humko LOL
And lemme tell you, this update came as a shocker to me..I didnt expect you to give one now..LOLLOL
he fights that occured will be addressed another day. - This can wait, after such a hot encounter, who wants cold looks and shoulders TongueTongue
Posted: 7 years ago
I don't have words !!!! just nothing to say... I donno wen I am going to sleep and how many times I am going to read this
Posted: 7 years ago
RHAPSODY indeed that was what it was..
Cheerful and playfulSmileat the beginning

and just what every woman in love dreams of - to be worshipped , cared for and touched with soul!

I had tears when i read about II's innocence at his touch, whispered sob, his appreciation --soulful my friend!

Was a true treat!!
StarStar<- that's you!
Edited by blue5sky - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
They did it? Woah! Woah! 
I cant stop blushing! :")

Posted: 7 years ago
Oh GODBlushing
I remember when she once said that his fingers are so longBlushing there was something so deep, deeper than the orgasm. She was scared of the moment. Scared he wont like what he saw BUT he removed all doubt. I like the abstract language you used. Infact its this indirect description that affects the readers most rather than the direct visualistic one. Just one question, will she return the favour?Blushing
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by arshi21

They did it? Woah! Woah! 
I cant stop blushing! :")

No rey arshi they DIDNT go all the way. He just pleasured herBlushing

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