Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 32

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Posted: 7 years ago
Deal and Athai's Beau

4 ish she woke with a start, turned around, she saw him at the desk at all times... when she slept
but now... she sat up and saw the food trays were gone, her stuff was on the dresser...
She still wore her kurta like a dress with slits along her thighs

She felt fresh and crisp, her nostrils had dried out her fever was gone and she was hungry again...
She panicked and ran to the living room... he lounged on the couch with his looong legs stretched out on the coffee table OVER A CUSHION
so the edge does not poke into his "poor baby's" calves and was , TWIRLING his locks and reading a FAT paperback.Day Dreaming

"Oh?" she said seeing him, a gurgling joy spilling out...Embarrassed
He lowered his book as she stormed through and turned
"Hey?' he said
Sitting up setting his feet down, she was gone... embarrassed she went checking on him...
He was changed into yet another cargo and a black Lacoste...showered...
He followed her, she busied herself looking for stuff in her tote bag...
"How are you feeling?' he asked leaning on the doorway of the bedroom
"Much better" "Thanks" "Its like I have my sense of smell back, and voice" she still sounded hoarse and raspy to him
She looked for clothes... palazzo pants with geometric patterns in magenta and a magenta blouse... 
random magenta pink and black thick opaque bangles... that looked like tubes...
He approached the dresser, between a closet and the big flat screen TV
"Do u have a fever?" he asked
"Abhi ek dum nahi... we missed all the good food I mean... I was going to be there at 6"
"where is your ring?" he asked as she fidgeted with the zipper of her Minnie pouch
She froze...
"I have it" she said not looking at himCry
"Phew!" he said hiding his angerAngry
"I was washing up too many times with the cold and everything so took it off"Evil Smile
"The one in your right hand didnt bother you much I take it?" he asked
She looked at him, hiding her hand behind her back.., feeling her emerald ring


He waited... she brought the hand out, opened her Coach bag, and pulled it out of a compartment...
"Here" she said... attempting to give it back?
He took it from her hand, reached for her left hand and put it on her...
"next time you run away, u must take both rings off (dont you think)?" he held her left hand...
She stepped back and he stepped forward, and she did and he stepped forward...
"Should we make a deal?'
"paying for the ring?' she asked smiling weakly
"Oh u can worry about that after the wedding"  smug
"what deal?' she croaked
"I want u to text me every morning when u get to work and evening when u return home?"
"Or I can text you" he asked
She turned red... at the possessive decree
"Do u want to know when I shower?' she asked
"AND the color of your bra" he said
Leaning on his hand, his elbow anchored on the closet door, his forearm rustling against her behind ear tendrils and earrings...
"where I scrubbed more as I showered?" she offered
"sure" he said softly, barely audible
She rotated the solitaire enough to make it dizzy and throw up on her kurta...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT... it begged her...
"How long u applied lotion..." he reached for her pouch and got one out... and read "Philosophy Grace"? OUT LOUD
he opened it and smelled
She reached for it... there was another one he reached for "soul owner?"he asked
"It means ME"... "Of the scrub" (foot exfoliator)
His half smile came... and stayed

"Do u want to go through everything in there?" "I have atleast 15 of these You could read the ingredients too" she mocked
He reached for a bunch of bindis... and counted... "18 II?" he demanded
"Gimme that" she grabbed
He didnt let go... he fanned them out like cards...
Pick one" he said she crushed and grabbed them all "Vidu da" she hissed
He bent down on her neck... feeding hungrily, she craned her neck sideways allowing him access to it all...
"You thought I left didnt you?" he said
"I wanted you to" she lied, undoing all the twirls he had created painstakingly in 3 hours trying to read...

He gathered her and hugged her... she let go of all her bindis and allowed herself to be picked up and taken to bed
He lay her down and lay by her...dragging all the pillows to offer him head support and back
She adjusted her head on his arm, snuggling...
"Your pouch contains nothing probably.. u dont shave... u probably use hotel soap... 
and u never comb your hair... not to mention you dont get periods"
His body shook as he laughed... she stared shocked first as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on
 spell bound later...NEVER having seen him laugh.
"How long do u have to go to Paris"
"Do "I" have to go?" he stressed on the "I"
"I wasnt invited" she said huskily
"Do u need (the invite) over email or a snail mail" he asked playing along
"which ever has a preview feature" she said "so I can get a taste?"
His legs began to intertwine... rubbing against her smooth buttery ones.. hairy coarse and prickly...
"another baguette perhaps?" he asked
She punched him.. He smiled... 
And he bent over... as she arched towards him like whatever was inbetween was highy charged... 
like the 4th grade science experiment he was the nail filings and he was the U shaped magnet,... every bit of her clung
 his hand going over her bare leg from waist to knee.. 
she twirled his hair like she watched him do it, he guided her to a spot he liked to twirl the most and rotated it like how he likes
And groaned at the effect her finger tip created...

His phone rang... she gently extricated herself and moved... he released her half undone braid the last...
It was Bally
"Do u want to go to dinner? at his house?" he asked looking fully at his text
"Wont you mind?" she asked shocked
"If we eat?' he asked
"To eat at Bally's?"
"No" he said
"What did u make for Akka?" she asked putting clothes in the bathroom, acting unconcerned he looked at her from between his lashes
"Kya kya banaya, sab kuch apne aap? ya Mahavir helped you? Ya that other short guy or the 4th or the 5th"
"They have names" his lips twitched... as he watched her stutter and fumble vaguely
She entered the bath, and turned... "Khaana Kya banaya?"
"Ravioli and egg plant parmesan, ordered the Tiramisu from Maurya"
Her eyes lit up and blew out like candles...
"II come here"
"Ummm nahi" she said... looking at her feet
"Did Shravu eat?'
"Everything" he said
"Hmmm" it twisted a knife in her heart.. she wanted to be Shravu's most fab/fave cook, friend, partner in crime and everything
"Where is your phone?" he asked he had packed it last nite in her purse
She sneezed maniacally 
"Mera phone dead hai ek charger tum le gaye... us Sunday ko, and doosra desk par hai, 
car charger pata nahi kidhar hai Amma uses Galaxy note ... koi charger nahi hai, some people have ONE... 
just ONE and spend a decade never losing it I buy a
 charger WHENEVER I go to the Saket Mall with Shravu and thats atleast once every two weeks and YET 
I dont have a charger" she came out of the bathroom with a page long essay... rummaging through her puch first and purse later...
"Ennoda charger kudu da"(give me my charger) she leaned on the closet... waving the phone at him
"Its in the living room" he said dryly

She went there stomping and charged her phone, there were many texts from Amma and Akka
She responded with "I am much better! Almost all better" she typed and smiled
akka texted back... "Khana kaisa hai?"
II:Ummm niice"(lying ofcourse)
Akka: kisi hot bande ke saath flirt mat kar abhi tu engaged hai
II: Abhi ek bed par leta hai, apni phone par baat kar raha hai
Akka: R&B ki tarah to hoga nahi
II: Us se zyaada handsome aur mere jitna bolta hai
Akka: Po di! U fell for the quiet one
II blushed...
Akka texted " Hey u guys are engaged, u are there he is here, kal bhi nahi aayi tu, dont u guys miss each other?"
"Ask HIM" II texted
And waited
"I did and he says "Who is Ishita?"
PIg!" II texted "Why did u ask him?" II sent a fury emoticon
"Ayyyoyo dont let Amma hear you say that, she will kill you"
"I will say it when she is not looking" II said
"ennoda charger  todaade da" (Dont TOUCH my charger) (warning)
"didnt your Aunt ask you not use da?' he smiled biting his lower lip... she flung a pillow from the floor straight at him
"Athaiya kalyanam pannikko" "Get married to her" she went to the bathroom and slammed the door on himROFL

Posted: 7 years ago
Doing Google on doctors is so random here!!! I wasn't aware that people did that back home also. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Started reading this in the weekend. I am not  a tamilian/south indian and yet I think I like your complex raman!! Awesome writingEdited by harshita27 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by kg1404

Ashu, if u hv watched the' bold and the beautiful' you can watch any damn thing !! Thick skinned it would make you!! I got my thick skin in the early 90's . I don't let any of what is shown affect me at all. It's not my life, isn't it. It's just a show after all!!

Nahi re baba.. Havent watched it.. .
Shall surely watch if I find time!!!
Absolutely... Its just a shkw.. It took me freaking 3 months to realise it!!
I first watched B&B when I was a teenager, then stopped. Again watched it when moved to US out sheer excitement, had same reaction...crap. Watched it again when Ridge died... Just after 2 episodes I said Crap again. It's one show everybody has slept with Ridge and so has Brooke. It beats Indian drama... That's why it comes in daytime...
ROFL With so much CRAP, I dont think I will be able to watch it one bit 
Thanks for suggesting me not to watch it TongueTongue
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Review for Lies and Ponds
Okay now this also pisses me off and shocks me to the core " he felt her fingers softly... reaching instinctively for the ring he gave her... it was GONE!" ShockedShockedShocked. I am very sure in her seething rage she must have dropped it off accidentally in her cabin after the phone cal, or in Bally's room, or in the cab she travelled in, or at home in Periappa's room, or in her room, or in Bally's car, or in that huge fort, or in his SUV !!! Dude is gonna be so damn pissed now CryCry
"He wondered how many words were stored in her brain, she had an endless litany of complaints and accusations...
Tamil, Hindi English, a mixture... a cauldron of colors... like she was... it was short of Punjabi, once she acquired it the cauldron would blow up spraying all over" also runs in my mind whenever she opens her motor mouth ROFL
U are a lying witch"Clap ShockedShockedShocked Is it him speaking????????
"U cant be harmonal... coz u had your period last week, so u must be guilty Blushing such a bas**** indeed he is 
"AND U EAT BACON? WHO EATS BACON? HOW CAN U EAT BACON?" she demanded, I have similar doubts II, when people say they eat bacon DeadDead
Haan main sooongi aur tum chaley jaaogey Dilli mujhe maloom hai, u cant wait to go back... go back, Why do I see him going back Cry
I dont have to be in Delhi until 4, so I can leave at Noon, bloody AngryAngryAngry, see I knew it..He will go CryCryCry
CHECKED his credentials
Looked it up on Google... and when he satisfied himself
Went in to tell her...Shocked, who does that!!! This dude is extra careful and ermmm alert ConfusedConfused
Ermmm my doctor is a woman",ROFL I do this, I always do this, Thats the bestest reason I give NOT to see a doctor 
Next time I will ask for the gender, AngryAngry I HATE YOU MAN 
mma always said you dont go to the doctor LOOKING sick... so hair had to be combed, 
she would dab some Ponds powder  on II even if she couldnt change into clean clothes, This is what happens with me Cry. I shrug off my mum saying " sick people should look sick and not freshened up as if going out for a party" DeadDeadDead
I see him going off, settling the bill, keeping the car and the guard for her there itself and she waking up startled to all this CryCryCry

FABULOUS!! Maza aa gaya To me it feels like  reading a chapter 
Read the next one You should say "DEAD" like u doWink
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Doing Google on doctors is so random here!!! I wasn't aware that people did that back home also. 

Oh really?

In the US I have usually been able to find a picture, credentials and ratings etc through a hospital health system they are employed at or thru the primary care network...
I just "painted" India with the same brush, since Indian Doctors are so popular WW, and since they are staying at a 5 star hotel they probably dont have a quack on their reference list?

I try to be logical even though its fiction... may be itne logic ki zaroorat nahi hai but it makes reading more credible
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Life has been so tiring and emotionally draining these few days.. not that it stops me from reading but does stop me from writing back to you Cry and spending like forever in the thread.
everything gets analysed by the time I get here Big smile. BUT you can never have too much of the good thing though! ClapClap for great writing.

I  loved Bally /II- I too have benefitted from older friends like Bally - the hindsights they selflessly share are so precious 
* like Suman you are married to a night owl.
* you are the silent one the dynamite is inside ...
* usko bol na

Also loved the oh so little R&B  and dad convo.He surely knows what ticks for R&B and he thinks II is just the perfect fit Wink.

R&B feels it too...he is still getting his head around her need to be clingy. Esp for a feisty woman like II it's hard. She jealous of Shravu and that's surely not sexual - that was neatly slotted in...

Poor II - so much like a girl in love. She wants to be with him so badly and is also scared her world as she knows it will change so much.
Interesting and want more...tantrum queen meets king sized ego and the two are so fatally attracted to each other. Miss each other when they are not in each others arms...but fight the minute they meet and stay away waiting for the other to reach out...
Ms Solution Provider carries a dead phone because she wants her man to charge-her!LOL
R&B is now caring and worried about her that's sweet...
Jaldi next one post karo...

He has to approach it real carefully you know, she is very self respecting, if she even gets the slightest inkling that HE KNOWS her Appa is causing her grief, she will completely withdraw

I mean "HOW can II reveal to the "enemy" (according to Appa he ISLOL) how she feels about Appa. That would be betrayal and plain wrongEmbarrassed.. R&B knows fully well Appa hates him...he can also see she is vulnerable and lost... she is afraid to admit she needs him because if she admits that means she is not being faithful to Appa.

Though she wants to marry him be with him and craves for him, she is bothered by the fact that Appa hates him completely... PLUS she knows he has always dated confident, "cool" women who dont act like babies... she wants to put on an act as long as she canEmbarrassed

HE has never been a emotional anchor to any one... not to his sisters not to his Dad not to his girlfriends... this is totally new territory for him...

Both are in their first set of swim lessons, she is lying about knowing swimming... he is pretending to know CPR
Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Do you expect me to say " I AM DEAD" or do you just already know it ???ROFL
See, i knew she will wake up startled...Yayieee the dude hasnt gone yet EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Le, he started interrogating ROFL. No hiding and lying now II. Devil knows you are LYING if you did SleepySleepy
She has it!!!!!! Good god...she saved herself from his wrath Big smileBig smile
Deal?? Banda is getting romantic eh?? Bring it on Embarrassed
"You thought I left didnt you?" he said, Yes dude!! I did!! I was feeling so bloody sad when she didnt find you CryCryCry
His body shook as he laughed... she stared shocked first as she tried to figure out what the hell was going on Shocked, He is laughing????????????
he was the U shaped magnet,... every bit of her clung, He is every sort of magnet Embarrassed
she wanted to be Shravu's most fab/fave cook, friend, partner in crime and everything, poor II...Getting jealous again LOLLOLLOL
didnt your Aunt ask you not use da?' he smiled biting his lower lip Blushing
Athaiya kalyanam pannikko ROFLROFL
Stop it II, he might just say yes ROFL
He is planning something for her!!!
He doenst want her to go to Baldev's...Awaiting a dinner date Day Dreaming

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