Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 28

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ranu1234

hey can we expect one US night time , India 5am ISTlike always?

Another one being posted RIIIGHT nowBig smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow Nish... U r in a roll today...
My best sunday treat LOL
The last two chapters...U just rock Nish...
But reading your last sentence...I somehow feel R&B still has not got to the problem of II...Will they communicate properly in the next chapter???? Yes II is possesive and jealous when it comes to relations...But this time she is feeling alone...not jealous...The main issue is that appa is not talking to her becos of R&B and R&B is also not talking to her...She is not getting support from anywhere...For II who has always been admired by everyone in her family and friends circle for her achievements and cuteness..this is unbearable...

I just want R&B to understand this
Posted: 6 years ago
Lies and Ponds

When two angry sleep lovers get together, ermmm.. they just sleep.Wink. 6 turned to 7 and onwards to the other numbers, and when it was half past 10 he woke
He had forgotten to draw the curtains, the bright Feb sun hit his eyes, spooning... her eyes hid with the blanket... she didnt feel the sun, she held his hand with both of hers...
sleeping with a slight snore, congested and raspy...
He tried to free his left hand, his right under her body... she stirred..."Tchh"Cry

Her neck and shoulder red and bruised as he had lay on it in sleep...she had a square bottle in her pouch called "Loveswept" a fragrance he thought...
She had 100s... literally hundreds of things in there... he felt her fingers softly... reaching instinctovely for the ring he gave her... it was GONE!
Her right hand ring finger had a emerald and pearl ring of some sort... he stroked it with his index finger, she arrested his finger and moaned
Bruised and sick and wheezing, yet she turned him on... a couple times in the last 8 hours... in the most innocent disarming sort of way... 
not in the self assured tigress "I will bite your head off if u disagree with me I am right, I can never be wrong" way
Either way she aroused him like hellBlushing

He wondered how many words were stored in her brain, she had an endless litany of complaints and accusations...
Tamil, Hindi English, a mixture... a cauldron of colors... like she was... it was short of Punjabi, once she acquired it the cauldron would blow up spraying all over

"She HAD to win", whether it was an argument or a fight or a shouting match or a one upmanship game... competitive?ROFL
He chuckled... he went back to the empty ring finger and found himself slowly seething... "NOW what is she upto he wondered"Angry

He kissed her shoulder moving behind her slowly
She warm and feverish, he was aroused and selfish...
"Rakshasan" she would hiss softly... gaspingEmbarrassed
Her shoulder was moist when she woke... turning to her back...
He raised his head on his arm and looked down... reaching for his phone from the bed side stand... dialled the lobby "Can I have a Doctor sent up please?"
"I havent hurt you yet" she said deep and raspyROFL
"I like to be prepared" he said arresting her escaping legs...
Gently moving over her...

"U are a selfish bas***d"Clap
"U are a lying witch"Clap
They both exchanged a satisfied satiated lookROFL

"Any other lies?" "I should know of?" he asked pinning her arms on the sides of her headAngry
He hated her chudidaar or whatever she wore... leaving only her feet exposed...
She moved trying to ignore his arousal

"I wanted to get married to you" comes to mind" she said firmly, her nose clogged
He watched expressionlessly...
"I want to return to Delhi" is another one" she said bravely
A sneeze shook her whole being threw him off her, she reached for tissues... and wiped, her eyes watered
If he cursed he kept it inaudible
"oh! oh ! here is another one...U care more about me than sex" thats the best one" "dont u think?" she sniggeredEvil Smile

She turned away from him he snagged her and brought her back under him... reaching for her draw string on her waist...
He rolled it off her thighs.. and used his toes to remove the rest...
She stared startled... but did not protest!!!!!!!!
"U cant be harmonal... coz u had your period last week, so u must be guilty" he declared wondering HOW she allowed him to strip her so easily
"bas***d" she hissed 
"Thanks" he muttered blistering...
He bent down and they moved fast and slow and fast and slow...

His tongue stroked her nose ring, as if he was trying to amuse himself with everything other than kissing and getting on with the act

The prospect of being with her in a hotel room 100s of miles away from her controlling family...
As unexpected a prize that was for him, he hated himself for hoping "there was a chance" when she was so sick...

"U care so much for me, u shave twice a day" "This should top the list of lies" she said as his face rubbed itself all over her neck and chest

"I have a goddamn cold "I" should be doing that, u pigg!" she hissed
He leaned back and rolled her over him and arched his eye brow "Go for it?" it signalled

"Did u have plans to return?" he asked softly
"Oh the project.. Tch I know it worries you" she said smiling sweetly, as he trapped her thigh tight between his legs... she felt "everything" in the region
"I would have emailed people letting them know who owns what... WBS.. work breakdown structure and all" she mocked
she sneezed on the side... big and loud... moaned and lay on him...she was warm...
He reached for the hotel phone and pushed her hair off his shoulder neck ear...
"Can we have breakfast sent up please?"
She lay on him, eyes closed snorting and breathing heavily
"And when will the Docs get here?"
"Oh yes, bacon eggs and toast, and Indian? no... oatmeal brown sugar? chai?  Hang on"
"What do u eat when u have a cold?'
"NOT BACON" she said sternly
"OK What do u WANT to eat?" he spoke on her head... her hair flying with every breath he took
" lots of food... Appa says I must eat a LOT"
It angered him to hear the man's reference
"Porridge?" he said... "Is the tea ginger?"
"and chocolate" she said raising her head
"And send some chocolate please, ya any... ya yep.. whats taking the doctor so long?"
"Oh" "Umm thx"

U TALK WHEN U WANT TO" she shriekedAngry
"When I have to" he said...Evil Smile
"Just the way I eat everything else" he saidROFL
she got off him, and held her head
"My head hurts" she cried
"Will u lay down"
"Haan main sooongi aur tum chaley jaaogey Dilli mujhe maloom hai, u cant wait to go back... go back... I have my purse I can pay for the room"
She lay back weakly... shutting her eyes
He scooted and lay by her side... enveloping her
"I dont have to be in Delhi until 4, so I can leave at Noon" he said
She moaned in frustration at having him mock her like this mercilessly... with impunity even when she was sick
"II playing the martyr?"
"Haan mujhe to koi bhaav dega nahi, this is my only path to fame and glory" "Khush?" she looked at him accusingly
"Do u even know those people?" he asked still reeling from the shock of seeing her at that random house
"More than I know you... they gave me 5  blankets and did not insist I share the bed, AND did not turn on the fan"
"Oooh! Cant beat that" he said softly
"Waha har koi har roz shave karta hoga" she held his chin in her hand, putting space between her shoulder and his face
"Do u worry for your safety when u are reckless?" (in a random house somewhere in the middle of jaipur, 
NOBODY to protect her interest except Baldev and he was nowhere near her room at 2 AM)Angry
He was MAD as hell... fearful and angry
"Only when I am with you" she said acerbically
"where was  his wife?" he asked trying to be as patient and gentle as possible with the investigation
"Baldev's wife"
"Ankur Anay ke saath"
"Who are THEY?
"Baldev's KIDS" she raised her voice and coughed

There was a knock on the door... "My clothes " she begged "Nice try, trying to humiliate me" accusing
He didnt listen just went on to open the door, seated the doc in the living room... CHECKED his credentials
Looked it up on Google... and when he satisfied himself
Went in to tell her...
She stiffened.. covering herself upto the neck... like the doctor was on a mission to see her nude or something
"Ermmm my doctor is a woman" she said vehemently over hearing the conversation
"Next time I will ask for the gender" he said abrasively
"I have a cold I wont see him"
"And a fever and u will"
"I have meds Saurabh got me crocin"
"And whatever he could find from XYZ medicals?"
"I bet they carry something to reign in your goddamn over sized ego" she said viciously at his mockery of med help in small towns
"its still under clinical trial" he said sardonically("Don't get your hopes too high" kinda toneLOL)

He waited hands in pockets leaning on the window cheking his email
"I dont want an exam or anything"
"When I attend med school I might be able to approve or decline that" he said expressionlessly
She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and "rinsed her face? she did that a lot when she was sick" he concluded
Amma always said you dont go to the doctor LOOKING sick... so hair had to be combed, 
she would dab some Ponds powder  on II even if she couldnt change into clean clothes
It was a "Iyer fanily" thing...
She reached for her pouch and dabbed some from the small pink tin... 
he smiled... and went go get the doc she hid under the covers, with her chudidar missing

Brought the 50+ man to the bedroom she lay half asleep

The breakfast/lunch arrived when the Doc was done examing, he gave her a stronger prescription...
She ate the whole thing and again brsuhed her teeth and went back to bed, he sat down at the desk and worked...texted Baldev that wont make it to his house today...
He turned to look in an hour after the meds were given to her
She slept peacefully, a Filmfare lay face down on her chest...
The chocolate bowl was open and two short..Blushing

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Posted: 6 years ago
It seems like this day is kind of going my way.
The honour of being first to comment, thrice in a row?


This weekend has been a treat beyond my imagination.
(Well. I did imagine everything you wrote, but the fact that you wrote so much was beyond my imagination.)

I don't think we appreciate the fact that you juggle a day-job, a family, kids and writing so much, enough.
You're spectacular.
I totally need #TimeManangementLessons from you!
And to top it off... each update seems to outdo it's predecessor. Clap

II and R&B interact.
Both angry.
But still no #TheDhamaka.
I still think it will eventually happen (hopefully sooner rather than later).

What I loved, this time around?

(Feminist v/s Fangirl - An Eternal Battle)
1. The opening line. #WhatAStart Clap
"When two angry sleep lovers get together, ermmm... they just sleep." ROFL
2. I also love that despite the threat of being beaten up, our man continued to sleep with his lady love ensconced safely in his arms.  Wink
(Feminist: Hello? Who says she's safe with you around? #Appa'sAdvocate
Fan-girl: Such a manly man. #R&B'sChamchi)
3. The very fact that he held her and she held him through the night and in their sleep.
(Fangirl: Ayyooo! Can I please be II? #OhSoCute Day Dreaming
Feminist: Kill me now. Please. #NauseatingCuteness Dead)
4. R&B's internal monologue about II-the-explosive-cauldron. #He'sHumanToo #FinallyASign Approve
5. The empty ring finger. Goes back to II's dialogue (Closing lines of Marigold & Marriott).
(Feminist: Dancing Party #HellYeah
Fangirl: What is she doing? Why she do this to poor R&B? Cry Ouch #YehDinDekhnaPada)
6. R&B and II talking about lies. Brilliant way to bring out a lot of II's insecurities. Clap
(Also, sidenote: II has become a liar. R&B sticks to half-truths at worst. DAMN.)
7. R&B's constant state of arousal. Especially whenever II is around.
(Feminist: Good. He's gotta learn to keep it in his pants. #ServesHimRight
Fan-girl: Ayyo paavam! He's NEVER had to wait this long for a woman. #PoorBaby)
8. R&B's annoyance when Appa's advice is referred to. ROFL (The man is winning even without much plotting!)
9. How can I leave out II asking for chocolate? #Chocoholism
10. R&B playing the #AmmaRole again and making II see the doctor. Clap
(Feminist: Although checking the poor doctor's credentials via Google might have been a touch too over-protective.
Fangirl: But such is the love of the man towards II. Appreciate that.)

Overall, this update was such a treat to the fangirl in me.
R&B taking care of II, in such a take-charge way... And ensuring ALL the bases were covered (No puns intended. Here, for now.).
Such a great guy.
If only he could show her this side when she would actually register it (Read as: when her brain isn't addled by illness and medication).

I want to know whatever happened to the Cartier? Shocked
And when will we get #TheDhamaka?
I'm so, so, so ready for it. Craving it. Evil Smile
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Posted: 6 years ago
The first time I read " she wondered..., I was not sure , a little confused , a typo ??reread and now it is " he wondered". It falls in place.
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for being on roll! 
Posted: 6 years ago
ayyoyyo...ring enna panna??????
Thanks for one more treat Nisha...It was fun reading...For the last part, I thought that II was not communicating her issues well...Now I think that probably they are both from totally different worlds...Even If II says that app is not talking to her, would he take it as a big issue or would he think that she is fussin over a small thing or extreme he will be angry that she is dependant on appa...Second will he be able to understand what she wants from him??? From his character it doesnt seem that he has had any relationship in which the girl was as emotionally dependant as she is independant ??? 
Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for fast updates Smile. What happened to the ring? Loving the tug of war between Appa and R&B.

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