Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 134

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

I read your note this morning

PLEASE DO NOT feel pressured into writing a review for every chapter, its quite amazing you are able to accomplish school AND critical analysis of a fiction you read online... I dont think "I" would have able to get away from obsessing over the fiction when I was in Grad School

I am glad IF didnt exist then or even if it did I didnt know about it a decade ago

I AM THRILLED I have your readership. You can say whatever you like whenever you like... I dont mandate a review, I am just greedy for it because it gives me an idea of what you girls like to read... and I know its NOT EXPLICIT SEX

If I did this for a living I would get feedback from people I work with, since its a hobby I have no idea of knowing what is attractive in a fictional love story. I HOPE you will log on regularly and atleast say Hi! and post some thoughts now and then...

YOU ALL ARE VERY DEAR TO ME irrespective of what you feel about the story

That's sweet of you asking us what we'd like! As for me I like is as it .. The way you see it and the way it has all progressed so far! Real, lovely and heartfelt.
I know fiction means different things t different people. To me this has been a real story of 2 people from differing backgrounds fall in love and learning to live!
Adventurous, rocky and dreamy. It's helps immensely that R&B and II are so drool worthy - the way you have brought them to life!!!

I could go on my hungry friends and family are brininging the roof down screaming at the cricket match... Got to run... Love always for writing... Please forgive the typos! Heart Edited by Orangen - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Intazaar ta 10.00 baje kaWinkWink
Nevertheless enjoyed II conversation with the dragon lady... Honestly she reminds me of my aunt Angry.
So I will say she and her gang will lose their  clout in the long run. 
Marriage is not easy, this will give II a general idea of relationships and what people around R&B think about her family and her. This will bother the entire family...but Sam will do the hand holding for a while till R&B takes a grip of the situation.
Edited by Hsp.canada - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago

Chachi & her gang - typical, bitchy , rich trying to be classy kind - the underlying family politics, II's perplexion at Chachi's catty comments is  so well portrayed. 

  She may not be aware of the behind the back scenes, but she did  reach out to Sam for help! And Sam has her all encompassed under her wing... very endearing Smile   And Sam leaves no stone unturned to announce at every given chance that II is only R&B's!  Smile

I liked that you used the cricketing analogy here... apt with the timesLOL

Btw finally the real  'baddies' in this tale are taking shape! 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ranu1234

Coveting and Confederate

Gosh how horrible can that chachi's family get ... poor II and  makes you feel so bad for Ranjan's family having to put up with these people ..the way chachi keeps describing Elixcer its like its a family business .. and they did everythingAngry..every family has such big jerks and their  bad time comes too . its like with the arrival of some one could be a baby or wedding the planets change and good times start for the good ones.
I so want it for Ranjans family I think within a year they have Lasyas birth and II's arrival, could only mean good things have started to happen.

the chachi and her family can do what they want but they can never  smile as contently  as Ranjan does when he looks at II or hug the way Sam does or her sons can never in their wildest dream make their wives go crazy with their half smile or a simple text or just a postit in frenchEmbarrassed..

it was so cute how II went looking for Vandu & her mom ..

Completely agree with u anu every family does have EVIL relatives .Angry... N when bad times come such people milk them... Just like for chacha & family Ranjan is just a cash cow... They have milked him a lot n now they want the meat...

 I just hate such people... I have been in situations where as a daughter I have been completely helpless... 


HMMM NISHA U HAVE MADE ME INTO CHOTU MOTU ANALYST...Wink  Happy valentines day to all u lovely girls... Hope the singles will find themselves R&b and married ones find R&B in their husbands...
Posted: 6 years ago
gosh this chachi is one lady...snob to the core...her maliciousness towards ranjan's kids is so obvious... wonder why ranjan doesn't see it...making those sly and catty comments...talking as if the entire company was build by his husband and sons...hello chachi u forgot to mention the stealing part...II entry really took them by surprise...may be they were hoping that R&B won't marry or will marry marliese so there won't be any reason for his return to India... but now with II in picture suddenly their dream of owning excelsior seems distant...
poor II stuck with the moronic lady... sam was so cute...ideal sis-in-law...came to rescue II and even gave it back to chachi saying II can join excelsior... ha ha...chachi got the blow of her life...
the reference to cricket was so cup fever nisha??
II can be sachin for bhallas or may be virat considering delhi connection and aggressive nature...would love to see her showing the wicked bhallas their place...
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved it when he pocketed her thingsEmbarrassed its so simple yet sensuous gestureEmbarrassed
Okay so the bitchy babes are full in actionLOL what I loved most is the vision of R&B drinking bear on terrace during satsangROFL
Utaaro utaaro, I am waiting for their descent from heavenTongue 

Chachi reminds me of those stingy aunts who openly compare between me n their children, throwing taunts at every turnSleepy whether they call during festivals or not BUT their call drops in first thing after exam Resulta are announcedROFL

What does Seema think of R&B?Evil Smile just wantd to knwTongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Omg r u updating again Party
Posted: 6 years ago
Girl Talk

She handed the baby to II
II sat down and held her, head up on her shoulder... Sam and Vandu giggled about something

"Did u eat kanna?" Amma enquired
"Just nibbled ma, on finger food... too much actually... I walked up and down at work today, en kaal valikardu ma my legs hurt" II whined.
"Get something to eat and we can go home" Amma suggested firmly
"Where is Appa?"
"I thought he was downstairs?" Amma asked worrying

"Dont worry Ma he must be... I dont think he will make a statement by leaving us like that and all" II  understood her Amma's fear

Lasya cooed as II spoke...
R&B wandered down to the first floor, for a refill?
His half smile appeared upon seeing her sitting across from her mother on the couch they made out a couple months ago... when the boys were playing in the rec room

"He never talks to any body Does he talk with you or just smile at you? I get MANY half smiles, SOME full smiles and ONE FULL LAUGH" II whispered in her ear

"Whats your score?" she asked the lil thing
She just cooed, wearing the pint size dark pink lehanga and a green pint size choli 
that II had bought at Jaipur... and the silver anklets she bought
it even had a silk dupatta that was all drooled over "early teething?" II had no clue...
She took a spit up towel and gently dabbed her as R&B sat by her...
He did a namaste to Amma and Mrs Sachdev

"Here is the quiet man Mrs Iyer" Mrs Sachdev smiled warmly

Amma smiled nervously
"How are you Mrs Iyer?' was all he asked
"I am good" Amma said smiling

"Even when he was little he was full of mischief... but no words" Mrs Sachdev reminisced... "My grandson is 5 years younger than him, they were best friends"

R&B smiled... sitting down on II's pallu crushing it...

"To iska matlab main nahi uth sakti" she muttered on the baby's chest...
"True" he said smiling
"He thinks he is so clever sugar" she spoke to Lasya

Amma and Mrs Sachdev went to the first floor "library"
"Is it open?" she enquired
"Should be, who wants to steal "books". Mrs Sachdev" R&B chuckled
II stared at him in awe...
They left the couple alone...

"Werent you going somehwre?" II asked
"Not anymore" R&B said
"Actually Lasya and I were looking to spending some alone time... Shravu ko to le liya tumne ab khabar daar isko dekha bhi" II warned
"U really are jealous?" he looked baffled
"I spent every free minute with that kid the last 9 years da, u swing by like Spiderman and usurp my postion"
Lasya looked in awe... in her 7? 8 week life she hadnt met anyone that TALKED so much as the girl holding her
"Jahan jaati hoon wahan lekar jaati hoon, every weekend I buy him something... he has every DS game... phir tum kahan se aa gaye?" accusing

Lasya cooed...kicked her feet frantically, her anklets ringing
"Ask him to back off or I might have to hurt him" she whispered
Seating the tyke on her lap... holding her with both arms

He reached and fingered her ring...
gently with his left index finger... and then got bolder letting his finger go over her entire ring finger, she covered her ring with her other hand...
He pried her hand free off the baby and held it firmly with his right...
"U dont need to BUY stuff to get a kid to love you" he fought a smile

"OH? REALLY? YEH BAAT TO MUJHE PATA HI NAHI THI... Lasya, tumhaare Uncle R is Dr Spock... mera nephew chheena ab mujhe koi bull crap reason de rahe hain ki kyon chheena"
She turned lasya with one arm, letting her lay on her lap... she kicked her lil lehanga up over her belly, revealing CHUBBY legs with millions of folds

II felt the thigh folds with her finger
"Just on milk?" II giggled

"Arent u adorable even when fat?" II complained, crying
"I used to steal Shravu's Cerelac, it tasted yumm" she giggled into the baby's belly, causing her to laugh...

"So its compulsive?" he asked
"Kya matlab?'

He scrolled on his phone and showed a TEXT FROM HER PHONE "Stealing food" HE SAID
At Mc Donald's with ketchup on her lips and cheek and a couple fries sticking out of her lips like fangs
"THOSE ARE MINE UNCLE R" Shravu had texted in CAPS

"Kudu da" she hissed.. reaching for it with her right hand... he switched it to his left away from her reach, she leaned over, with no hand holding the baby
"Kiss me II" he whispered groaning

She could SEE amma and mrs Sachdev with the library, it had glass doors... and shelves all over they talked about something deeply
"Oh why not! My parents are here your clan is here. THAT WOULD BE JUST LOVELY ILLE DA? I AGREE. Lasya, when u grow up I am going to coach you avoid guys like HIM" she elbowed him with her left, the one he held
"U stay as far away as possible from them... they are dangerous, toxic and harmful"


"Sure! Dont believe me! I ll be around... bring one like him home at 25 I will grill him like kebab. Mujhe bus uska tum number de do baaqi sab main dekh loongi, tormenting my poor lil angel
My darling... I cant let  a guy like him come a mile with you" she ranted cooing to the baby

"II" he coaxed
"U can have the picture. I can send you 100s more, Shravu is a demon 
he has taken millions of picture of me eating like I was rescued from a famine... mere paas ek separate folder hai, its called "II Pigging Out" she cursed

He smiled fully, she could have seen it and told Lasya but she wasnt looking, she was talking to the shell shocked baby

Lasya would grow up and become her Mami's best friend becase she would talk more than her motor mouth Mami
He picked up her hand and took it to his mouth, kissing her thumbpad... which was FINE... she leaned on the sofa to be exhale... and then he opened his mouth on the thumb, when she felt it teeth.. she moaned out loud
"PLEASE DA" she begged
Pulling her hand...
The baby watched her Uncle R torment his would be wife...
"Amma is 30 feet away da, I am begging you"
"I did too" ("Moments ago asking for a kiss, that somehow went unheeded)
"If u dont let go of my hand I am going to call for Sam" she cleared her throat

uH...MM..UHMM.. MMM" she cleared it loudly, he dropped the phone from his left hand on the couch, held her left with his, and used his free right to snake it under her braid, turning her face
Bringing it closer to his, capturing her lips... tasting her lipstick...raspberry flavored.. so it was FAIR he sucked.Blushing
His looong fingers stroking the most erotic part of her neck, as he coaxed her to "give"

"Strawberry?" he muttered huskily on her lips
"RASPBERRY" she corrected hungrily
"Oh! Let me check" he smiled his half smile claiming it... RAKSHASAN

she groaned fighting... the baby kicked her legs frantically cooing her anklets ringing loud and clear in the quiet lounge, mixing with II's moans
He released her lips briefly and let his prickly cheek feel her cheek and chin... kissed her nose ring..
"thats called a fetish" he taught her

Notes to self:

1. Do NOT talk about Dude with Mihir when Dude is around
2. when he asks for a kiss give it to him..
3.The baby is no deterrent when he wants to kiss
4. Strawberry, raspberry, marionberry, black berry DOES IT MATTER?
5.I shall NEVER let Lasya fall for someone like you

Notes to Rakshasan

1. Show some decency, Amma is 30 FEET AWAY da
2. Fetish definition? really?
3. YOU are responsible for ruining Lasya's mind
4. Its rude to show women pictures of them eating... ermmm.. french fries and ketchup all over

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