Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 131

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Posted: 7 years ago
Absolutely torturous this last week was Cry
So much work that I pulled 3 all-nighters in a row and went through the day in a complete daze Sleepy 
Had absolutely no time to look away from the books so I have sadly missed all the updates this week. Will read and catch up asap but I don't know about posting reviews for every part Nisha. Ermm

Missed the rest of you this week as well! Hug
I see that you've managed to almost finish up thread 5 so I will probably catch up with you on the next thread Tongue

Happy Valentine's day! HeartBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
II unknowingly gave it back to chacha and co.
Posted: 7 years ago
I see it.. Ek din aur and we will head to thread #6 !!!
I feel sooo goood!!!
Posted: 7 years ago
nisha u made us wait so much today..hope u had a great valentine...
both the chapters were just super awesome..

Like Mother Like Son--

Please please prove ranjan innocent...i just love himHeart...he is a broken soul..the way he was talking to II made me so sad. The reference to savita was so poignant...she is truly missed.. he just wishes to see happiness return to his house..and lolz he was teasing II about cushion..i laughed reading that so much..its god to have a fil who is just like your dad and treats you as daughter...n inko bhi 3 bache chaiye...poor II...she will be a gone case..

Ooo..R&B gave her chocolates...aur bicahre ko return mai cushion mila...LOL but it was a sweet gesture...n "stairs not a good place to discuss"..tell II to come back home and spend as much time as possible with amma appa..R&B toh jane hi nhi dega ghar..

Bad Beat and Bean Counter:-

This II is so bhukkad..not eating but stuffing..can imagine R&B's half smile on seeing her pic..

finally amma sees his daughter happiness...and amma defended sam..that is the highlight...n i love onion pink color..its a gorgeous color...appa is still the same ..when will he relent god knows...stil hoping that the marriage wont happen..

well the gang of robbers is there..and they sounds real jerk..
"Naam to pyaara hai"
NOTHING ELSE?...big jerk...

II ko dekho...jaha R&B dikha nhi ki bhag jati hia uske paas...Mihir is so cute...uski bhi setting kara do nisha...
the most sweet part was II handing her things to R& adorable...when i wear indian dresses, i too give my stuff to my bf for safekeeping and also so that i can loiter around carfree...Embarrassed..II ka bhi wahi haal hain..

R&B..maa ke sanskar...although he don't like the other bhallas he still pays his respect..loved that..

uff their will be cause of my death...few lines but wow...truly amazing...
Unaware of ANY underlying family dynamic II had dealt a huge verbal blow to Chachus.Clap
She was just giving it back to them for judging her unnecessarily..
Chachi stared losing her smug smile for the first timeClap

best part of the chapter..go II..give these robbers back..

Posted: 7 years ago

Bad Beat & Bean Counter

nice! the things that stood for me is how shravu texted her eating , how appa loved her in pink saree.. and i know we all dont go gaga over amma but she s sooo perspective she gets everything , very stable in her thoughts from asking her about her passport to taking a silver container to taking sams side to get her to wear saree.. i like how practical she the first time ever ClapClap u know always happens u always forget the stable factors .

I liked how she held shravus hand and crossed and how our pal cant stop staring..

and then of course the the chachu clan meeting PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT subtle Clap, none of the iyers actually cared for any of this ,exactly how i truely would expect them to behave . oh taking their  shoes off perfect...

chachi first says naam acha hai and i guess is not smart enough to even comprehend her degrees

things that stood out here

Usually our weddings are in five star hotels, mandir mein shaadi kam hoti hai" Chachi jabbed

"Thats sad Mrs Bhalla" she saidLOLClap

then of course the sixer was
Chachu: Bhaisaab she is so educated, auditor hai... business sense to hoga nahi (teasing but taunting too)
II: I can COUNT MONEY. (giggled) Dad ki Accountant ban sakti hoon..(thoughtful)...
Ranjan's jaw dropped first then he smiled confused and then when it sunk in he was JOYOUSEmbarrassed
Chachi stared losing her smug smile for the first timeClap
gosh my Ranjan smiled i should do a dance i wanted this soooso bad the Ranjan family needs to smile and laugh i so so so wish R&B was there to listen...but its ok for now will take the sr being happy!!!
and u managed to get texting in between it too  color coordinated haan EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
she cant go there at 10 with the family around..Big smile
and looks like Sam and Vandu are having tons of fun just observing them !

Edited by Ranu1234 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Wow! What a good payback to Chacha and company. Ranjan must be doing a happy dance in his head after II's said that she could handle accounts.Felt very happy for him he is a loving father, he needs to be redeemed. 
Chacha & company sounds Like snake oil salesmen... I can visualize their jaws dropping at II beauty & brains combo...and can take care of accounts. 
Mihir converstaion  added good humor. 
Amma is feeling contented that her daughter is happy... Appa has reservatation but he will come around. Loved that Sam said that Vandu is her best frd. R&B is looking forward to 10.00 so R we the readers Wink

sorry for typos , using the phone!!! 
Posted: 7 years ago
Sorry readers Time JUST GOT AWAY TODAY
The next update hopefully in the next couple hoursLOL
Posted: 7 years ago

There are those kind of people who ignore whom they do not like and;   then there are  those who outright express their dislike  and;   then finally those that subtly make their disagreement  known.

R&B belongs to the first and II to the last (atleast with ppl she ain't familiar with) . 

Liked how II gave it back, whether it was intentional or just to state that you cannot get away throwing horsesh** her way. That attitude is splendid! Thumbs Up.  It made a loud statement about II.    Much required for the likes of Chachi &co.  Ranjan has found a comrade in II. Smile

So II will not allow anyone other than R&B to mess with her. 

  Their txt interchange naughty, provocative... just the kind that keeps you smiling through the day  Embarrassed

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