NEW RAYA SS : My Wedding Planner PART 10 ON PAGE 23 *19-06-2015*

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NEW RAYA SS : My Wedding Planner

Hello friends here is short story Hope you like It Do share blog address to ur Raya friends...

Priya Sharma stood near the glass window watching outside in park located in front of her apartment. Sun rays fall on her face and Her long black hair shining. She saw some kids in school uniform in parks with their parents

She saw a middle aged man along with his about 5 years old daughter. She has curly hair and wearing her white uniform and a tiny  bag on her lil shoulders.

They walked along the street, the man laughing for something. Priya leaned towards the window and closed her eyes. It's the Priyae view she sees everyday that reminded of hers.

 "Papa... papa... Do you think I will become a sailor" she asked her Papa while going back from school

"Yes, beta you will. But why do you think so like that? You can become anything you want" her Papa assured her.

"Really Papa, anything? Even if I became a dancer?" she eyed her father and looked excitingly.

"Why not? Anything for my princess priya" he smiled and picked her up. They reached their home. Her father, Mr. Sudheer Sharma has a hotel business and her mother Mrs. Shipra sharma is homemaker

"You always spoil her" Shipra accused her husband while looking at her daughter, Priya.

"No, I am not... She will become what she wants dancer sailor pilot... anything her heart wishes" Sudheer gave a strong word to her.

"Priya?" she looked at her excepting her opinion.

"Priya" someone called out her name. She came to reality and turned around to see her aunty Rekha standing near the Door looking at her...

"Why do you always see in park everyday at the Priyae time early in the morning?" she asked her. Priya thought of answering her but later decided not to.

 "It's nothing. I am just watching sun rice," she said and sat on the sofa . She picked up the newspaper and started reading it.

"So... What do you think?" Rekha asked in excitement. Priya kept the news paper down and look at her. She looks amazing and beautiful even in age of 40... She wore her favorite black business suit.

"You look beautiful, I think so" she teased her. Rekha frowned and looked at her.

 "Priya," Rekha yelled from the Door," I am not asking about how i m looking. I am asking about the matter we discussed yesterday night hmmm

"No... not again Aunty..." Priya looked shockingly at her. The whole evening they went on debating about it. Rekha wants Priya to help her in her business. She is Delhi's best wedding planner and she wants Priya to accompany to her next venture.

When Rekha looked at her niece Priya, trying to convice her to work with her. She knows that Priya will never say no... not to her at least. Rekha knows the way she could convince Priya.


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Posted: 2015-02-07T11:51:07Z
Nice story...
Looking forward to raya story..
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Posted: 2015-02-07T11:51:51Z
lovely start..pls cntinue..
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Posted: 2015-02-07T12:10:31Z
Continue soon..
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Posted: 2015-02-07T12:30:50Z
Interesting part plz continue soon
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Posted: 2015-02-07T13:59:51Z
Lovely start.
Thanks for pm.

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Posted: 2015-02-07T20:19:26Z
Look interesting an fresh story yaar. Kya Any connection between ram an priya bcz priya sad hearing about ram marriage. Plz jaldi raya ko milavo an ek sweet lovestory suru kro plz. Thank's 4 pm. Continue soon.Edited by ARUJI - 2015-02-07T20:23:59Z
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Posted: 2015-02-07T20:42:07Z
Nice start continue soon n thanks for pm
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