Ye Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 4th February 2015

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The Episode starts with the Bhalla happily celebrating Ishita's victory. They ask Ishita to give a speech. Isita gives all credit to family and Ruhi, and thanks them. They all clap for her. Shagun looks on. Mrs. Bhalla controls her excitement and acts. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Shagun and says Ishita got gold medal. Shagun says the real champion is one who always wins. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to win everyone's heart or Adi's sake, as Ishita is doing by using Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says against Ishita. Raman hears it and thinks what is she doing. Mrs. Bhalla tells everything to Raman and Mr. Bhalla. Raman says why so much load, lets kick out Shagun. Mr. Bhalla says the ladies kitchen politics work well, we want Adi to stay here. Raman says Ishita is very nice, we can fail thinking we are winning.

Appa meets Ishita and gives parcel to give to Raman, and says congrats for winning race. Shagun sees this and taunts her. Ishita also replies her well and says she has cheated to win. They have an argument. Ishita says are you always for Raman, Ruhi and Adi, you use them as things. Shagun says don't say anything against Adi, he is my son. Ishita says yes, you are using him. Shagun and Ishita taunt each other each other. Shagun calls her Baanch/infertile and Ishita gets teary eyed. Ishita asks her to be careful, and asks Neelu to get lemon water for Shagun.

Shagun says she has to teach Ishita a lesson, and recalls Appa giving parcel to Ishita, and Romi's problem. She says Ishita's dad works for Raman, and Romi also works there, who is helpless but all accounts are in Mr Iyer's hands. I have to break Romi, its easy to influence him, then he will break this family's unity. She calls Romi.

Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi, Ishita and Rinki plan to make Shagun away and Adi stays here. Ishita says can't we do something that she goes from here and does not know we have sent her. Amma comes and says send her to my home, I will teach her a lesson. Mrs. Bhalla says but why will she go to your house. Amma says use your mind now. Ishita asks about Shagun's weakness, irritation. Rinki says her weakness is shopping. Ishita says its good her mum is sending her money to waste. Amma says we will ask Vandu, she is very smart. Ishita says whatever we have to do, we have to do before Adi comes, else he won't let Shagun go, she will use him.

Mrs. Bhalla says talk to Vandu. Amma says fine. Shagun meets Romi at a cafe and says she is with him, don't feel weak. Romi asks what happened to me. She says I know you will be feeling awkward, but medical science has problems, I promise it will be between us, I will find solution for this. Romi says don't interfere in my life, I know your care. He leaves. Shagun smiles and says see how you come on my side like your mum, all the family will come on my side and against Ishita. Vandu and Mihika talk about Shagun's weakness. Mihika says the one who are close to her will know it. She gets an idea.

Vandu says ask Ashok, they were live in, he will know it, but why will he help us. Mihika says he will help us, he is afraid of me. Vandu says get all info, be careful, I don't want to get into problem by helping Ishita. Mihika says we are after Shagun, cheers. Mihika romantically teases Ashok and wakes up him by a rose. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He says I m sorry, maybe I did some mistake. She says no and smiles. She asks him to get romantic. Ashok says its jackpot today. She goes on the bed and asks him to compliment her. He says you are the best. She asks better than Shagun? He says there is no comparison of you and her, don't spoil your mood.

He tells about her allergies, she went from here for 15 days as she disliked the paint smell, and she could not breath. She says fine, and says go from here. He asks where. She says you don't care for you, I m feeling romantic and you recall Shagun's allergies. He says you asked me. She says no, I just asked, you still love her, I m pregnant and emotional, I m lonely and need my husband, you are thinking about ex. He leaves. She says I got this about Shagun, I will tell this to Vandu.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to all ladies. Shagun tells Neelu to make salad for her, she will come back till lunch. Mrs. Bhalla says she did not sleep all night thinking how to make Shagun run. Vandu says she knows how to make her run, she has allergy from wall paint, Bala told me as he gave tuitions to Adi. She says she stays in hotel in such case. Mrs. Bhalla says good idea and lets go and renovate her room. She asks Neelu to make ginbger tea for Shagun, as she will feel cold once she comes back. They laugh.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Shagun that she is making cupboard for her. Shagun thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla says I m making one for Adi too. Shagun says I will give the workers my idea and goes to the room. She sees the paint work going on and gets short of breath..

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