Happy Birthday Amaia aka Claudia

Posted: 2015-02-03T15:52:41Z

Today is a special Day,
a day to hug

A day to open gifts, a day to eat cake and
A day to celebrate

yup someone's birthday

Lazy Bai hurry up
do it fast we r ready  to start the party nowAngry

Ok ...so where  was i ???Ermm

ohh yes
Feb 6  is special day for all of us
today is the day when a  beautiful girl born
aiming to become an awesome human being
and trust me on this she is successful
Before starting celebration I am giving quick intro of dat awesome person
( be with me sort of small introErmm)
So wait

StarShe is a special treasure to every life she has  touched with all her sweetness, affection nd kindness

StarShe is full of life
StarShe knows how to smile and make people smile
StarShe has dat innocence in her which will make anyone's heart flutter
StarA very caring person
StarSometimes she is partner in crime, sometimes confused younger sister nd sometimes an elder sister who can be good role model
StarShe befriends everyone with warmth
 StarI admire her hard working nature
Star charming human being
StarShe has managed to keep alive the kid inside her
StarShe is funny if she wants to be
StarA devoted sexy wife
StarSuper amazing mom
Stara rock star friend with golden heart
and golden hairEmbarrassed
Starshe defines the phrase beauty with brain
very creative person
StarWith a friend like her who cares and supports with such a vibrant zeal, life and world turns in to so much fun
StarCrazy Sanayaholic
StarStarlast but not least she doesn't know hindi but watch hindi Ermmseries

the more i write about this girl
my finger will itch to write more nd more
so here we go
our very own smart talented beautiful



 Good luck with this one clauROFL
hamari janamdin wali larki ko hindi bilkul nahi aati
par woh hindi chitra dekhti hai
hindi gane sunti hai woh bhi rahat fateh ali khan kiShocked
hum usse hindi mein baat kare toh bhi
woh sahi jawab deti hai

and i'm sure yeh jo hindi mein likha hai
ussko koi muskil nahi hogi
to understand k yaha kya likha haiEmbarrassedLOL

sand in human avatar singing happy birthday to clauConfused

Muhhh muhhh muhhh
muhhh muhhh muhhh

ok stop it sand

Sand is adat se majboorLOLLOL

Calu don't be upset after Sand's performance
See Sanaya is here

Wishes come true
Peace within
Contentment too
Love and good friends
Smiles and hugs
Every single day

Des r just some
of the Birthday wishes
I'm sending your way.

Happy Birthday

Life is so short
Precious and fragile too
Each day is a gift
That's been given to you
And I hope that each one is blessed
With love and good times
Smiles and happiness

May family and friends
Fill your world with goodness and peace
And may each morning you wake
May you know what it means
To have a little more time
To laugh and to love
To make a difference in life

May blessings be many,
And may they be yours, my friend
Because I wish you nothing but
A lifetime of happiness

here ur special birthday  CAKE

Panda's special Dance performance 


See Deeps is dancing tooROFL

and here Ravi doing somethingConfused

u can call it dance too Dead

Dracula Girl is here to danceDead

Vampires graphics

Archie singing with her preg belly

Pregnant graphics

and see our very own preggy is here tooLOL

Popat is singing Confused


Bai---> finally i can enjoy the party

finished all jhadu poocha


bai party khatam

now go start cleaningROFLROFL

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Bai to dg: ok where r we? where is Auru?
Why did she call us here?
is she planning for awesome threesome Wink

DG:Bai u r dirty
stop reading kinky stuffs
pata nahi re..i don't think so
coz she called sand panda nd others as well

bai: shit yaar ..Dead
kamz monz

auru: wht r u guys doing?
planning something against me?Angry

bai: nothing auru..we wr planning to pull Sand's leg

sand: kamz bai u don't hv to plan that for meErmm

bai: OMG sand after all the gobar
in  the grt bai nd dg k bday party
u still hv fantasy that i'll make plan for u??ROFLROFL

auru: gobar se yaad aaya..bai  bai???
kaha chali gai...dg dg bai kaha hai???

dg : for wht ad..ahem ahem..
she went to spam...

bai: wht happened  auru u called me?Embarrassed

auru: mere pyaari laalchi bai... i mean ashu
before sand do anymore mess plz jhaddu poocha kardeEmbarrassed

sand:ROFL ROFL bang on partnerROFL
bai doing jhadu poocha i'll enjoy it

auru: huh..
bai pehele sand ko tabele main band kar then safai

sand: Broken Heartpartner why me??

monz: coz u do gobar all the time thats why tabela time for u
addicted panda: deuuvaadaaa

monz: kya hua panda u too want to get locked in tabela with sand??

bai: then tom dono ka muh soreLOLLOL

addict: shut up monz nd baiAngry
aacha shocker hume yaha kyu bulaya???

monz: sirf tujhe hi bulaya hai
yeh hum kon???


addict: err bataiye na shocker

auru: kamine sab aaj clau ka bday hai
so we hv to arrange party for her

clauEmbarrassedEmbarrassed usski golden golden hairEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

monz: clau's sexy dressesEmbarrassed

bai: clau's amaiaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

chidu: clau's delicious foodEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

auru: chidu aate hi delicious ki baat karne lagi
kya baat hai chiduWink

chidu: nothing auru

bai: birdy tu kaha thi

monz: chidu pooja kar rahi thiEmbarrassed

chidu: aisa kuch bhi nahi

sand thinking wht to say abt clau garden bola toh pakdi jaungi
sand : clau's rabbit Embarrassed

addict: ram ram ... rabbitConfused

bai: don't be jealous panda
sand only luv ghaas nd uROFL

sanp: who's talking abt my dhannu jannnu

clau: not jannuLOLLOLLOL

monz: clau is here???

sand: guys remember clau dunno hindi
so u guys can talk in hindi

auru: sand ...clau is not loosu like u
she  does understand sm hindiAngryAngry
koi sand ko tabele main band kar k aao

clau: wht happened  auru??? any problem??
planning for party??? can i help

(auru in mind: mere sare aalsi lalchi dost main clau only decent
kash me usski help lepati Angry)

auru : no thanx clau.. if u can plz take this sand with u

clau: no no auru i hv much more imp work to do
i'll see u later

bai monz fighting

bai : sand is my pet me uss ko tabele mein leke jaungi
bai in mind: so  mujhe kaam na karna pare

monz: no sand ko aaj me ghaas dungi tu hamesha deti hai
monz in mind : so me kaam karne se bach jau

auru: dono kamz aab mind me baat karna bandh kar aur preparation shuru karo
we r already late for the preparation Angry
i hv to give sm time to tv as wl
 mera matlab tv dekhna haiOuch

bai dg;ROFL ROFL
tv ko timeROFL ROFL

auru: kamz ..chal kamchor log preparation karo

pops: kya huwa dost log

auru: aagai ek aur nalayakSleepy

pops : arre my net is slow
me antenna hilla k aai

addict: before preparation hum sand ko tabele mein taking

monz: pandu doing chance pe danceLOL

addict: shut up mons

bai: u shut ur mouth with sandROFL

monz: ad bata wht do we hv to do???

auru: i still hv to tell u wht u all hv to doAngry
auru in mind now i forgot wht do we need to do
only i can imagine of clau's golden hair... n beautiful house

bai: auru..auru...kaha kho gai

auru: golden hair... i mean cake...where is cake???

bai: clau is backing cake
i ask her to do that

monz: well done baiLOLLOL

addict: i'm back  ..i'm done with sandAngry

monz: ohh u nd sand did itEmbarrassed

addict: hai ram

auru: these nikamme log will do nothing
where is chidu??

chidu busy chatting

chidu: here auru everything is done

auru:wht will i do with this pagal
bhagwan utha le
mujhe nahi mere pagal dosto ko utha le

clau: guys cake  will be ready in few mins
but  for whose bday i hv to write name

auru: no clau u only bring cake
nd thnx a lot

auru: ok guys turn off the lights
clau will be here anytime

bai: addict bring ur sand from tabela as well

panda: shut up bai..
sand is already here

monz: ok turn off the light
but sand nd panda u don't start ur ahem here

bai: and sand don't do gobar
thinking we can't see

auru: yes we can't see but can smellROFL

happy birthday clau...

sand: muhhhLOLLOLLOL

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Many many returns of the day clau
hope all your wishes dreams come true
love you
enjoy your day with dannu janu and send amaia to meWink
I know you will do so much good if amaia is with meEmbarrassed
Enjoy your day dear
ps: Hiss stay away from Dannu for today pleaseLOL

Wish you all the love, happiness and success in the world...
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Have a super awesome day...
and a fabulous year ahead! Dancing
Just want you to know that you're a awesome human being Star
so loving, caring and always so helpful.
I've had so much fun with you chattingDay Dreaming
and so much more!
I wish and pray to God you always remain so!

Wowieee its my cupcake bdayBlushing
She is verysweet,loving and so close to everyone Embarrassed
Very innocent girl EmbarrassedI am lucky to have a frnd like u Heart

Happy Birthday Clau Party Party
Lots of hugs and kisses to uEmbarrassed Hug Hug

Since ur bday sending u lot cupcakes Embarrassed They r sweet just like u Embarrassed Day Dreaming Blushing

Wish u a very happy Birthday ClauEmbarrassedHug

Have a lovely birthday..
God bless You with all the Happiness and goodness..
Wish U a very bright year pouring in Lots of Love your way..
Have a great day..Big smile

Wishing you a beautiful day
with good health and happiness
Forever,May all ur wishes come true
and hope u have a day that's as special as u..
A very Happy birthday clau di Hug

Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. 
  Hope your day and year are filled with love and surprises.
     Happy birthday to you!PartyHug

Happy birthday Clau :)
Hope ur day was as sweet as u
May God fulfill all ur wishes
And u get ur fav flavor cake LOL
Have a rocking b day



Happy birthday clau Hug ur the the sweetest and coolest person i have ever meet . you always console other's and give your sholuder freely to everyone to share their sorrows.! i love you and amaia too EmbarrassedLOL

A drop of glee 
from the heavens above thee
A life of gold ..
With skills untold...
A speck of vastness abound...
The success that only comes to renowned..
Wishes do pour in from the depths of the heart..
Though we may be miles apart..
Scribbles of love and wishes of joy...
Comes to you with a ploy...
To drench you with extravaganza 
on day that is truly blessed...
Words may not be stressed..
From the bottom of the hearts...
Wishes do arise with jubulation and mirth..
We join hands on this day to celebrate the birth..
Of a star born some years ago..
Counting days and still many more to go!!

have a awesome tresome bday with your hubby Wink

 If birthdays were wishes, yours would have all have come true - since you have had so many. Happy Birthday one more time.
Wish you many more happy returns of the dayWink

Many Many Happy returns of this day Clau dear...Hug

Though we started interacting quite a few days ago, we have bonded to a warming friendship my friendEmbarrassed...Not just because of our common crazy friendsLOLLOL but because of our commoness about Hindi, Kids and heck even snow nowShockedLOL...

Just remember Wink

My heartfelt words Hug

and Finally what birthday without a cake..So here it is LOL

May God shower his bountiful blessings on you and your family for all the many years to come..

Once again " A very very Happy Birthday Claudia" HugHug

or " LA MULTI ANI" Wink (hope i got the translation correctLOLLOL)

Superb Mom
Awesome friend

Well those are just a few words that describe our amazing Clau, and I have just really met her so I can only imagine that as we get to know each other over the years this list will get longer and longer!!

Happy Birthday dearest Clau Hug You are a lovely person to be with...Have a blast on your birthday dear!! May god bless you with all the happiness in this world!!Smile

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Happy Birthday clau Embarrassed
May you get all the happiness in the world
Love u dear Big smile Edited by stunning.ayesha - 2015-02-05T09:01:51Z
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Posted: 2015-02-05T05:30:56Z
Happy bday Clau Hug
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Posted: 2015-02-05T05:32:36Z
many many happy returns of the day clau
may god bless u
luv u Hug
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