Software Symph 4--Walking to Ranthambore on 146 - Page 9

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Posted: 6 years ago

I did manage to scramble and reach here and the only time I recall that this is part of yhm IF is when this moves to a new thread! Bravo girl! The feathers on ur cap truly deserved!

Oh I love Bally II convo! How real can you get, and like how amma is gradually reluctantly inching towards an approval. She knows in her heart that there can be none other for II but years of cultural schooling is not easy to shed that easily... 

II & amma  convo in the kitchen in the previous update, was a peep in to my past... Don't know how many lives this tale has touched... seems like a zillion to me now

Posted: 6 years ago
Square Yards of Silence
Part 139?

After 6 AM on Monday...
She didn't know what she would do if the horoscopes didnt match, she let the "just right" geyser water spray her all over... 
Appa replaced showers in all three bathrooms and she was sure they had the best bathrooms in Delhi. She let water wash her ring over, 
it sparkled brighter, with soap on, the ring was loose enough to slide off...
She had removed it a couple times and slid it in like he had...
"Arent you afraid to throw in the towel?" she had asked
"Oh! the fight's will always be on" he had said
Two months ago, they didn't know of each others' existence, they had bumped into each other at Taj Man Singh's lobby, now she was engaged to him.

Was he everything she had ever imagined her life partner to be?
And then some
Was she seriously infatuated?
Is she willing to look at things objectively if things don't work out?
She stepped off the shower and froze in shock... the thought of spending every day of the rest of her life without him was scary and colorless
"If Appa doesnt agree?" she asked soulfully holding his face in her hands
He kept looking deeply
"Phir kya karogey?" she prodded
"Well the ring will have to be returned" he said softly
She arched kicking him off her body... scrambling to get up pulling her dawani from under him
"Then you should just return it now" she began sliding it off
He tackled her, linking his fingers tightly on her left hand so she couldnt...
"Would you prefer to buy it from me instead?' he asked laughing at her..."I could give u a deal since its used and all"
The signature smirk as he moved
"After I kill you I could pay it into your Account" she hissed
He bent down and nipped her upper lip, as she groaned audibly, and struggled
"II" he moaned on her lips
"Vidu da ennai... u dont care" she muttered
"For financial loss?" "yes I do" he said softly, nuzzling, his day and a half stubble immensely prickly
"I wish I was a bag of money" she muttered
"We'll work something out"
"Doesnt it bother you Appa doesnt like you?" she asked seriously escaping him for a few seconds like some slithery creature
He found and slid over her holding down her thrashing arms and legs, his hair strewn all over his forehead...
"No" he said bluntly
She stepped off the shower began readying for work
Am I willing to go off and get married in Arya Samaj Mandir?

She walked back under the shower, as she started to shiver...
will Akka support such a  move?

Ayyo... what if the horoscopes don't match?
Should I tell him?
Or should I act like it doesn't matter to me?
Can I ever come back to this house if I "run away"?
Paavam Amma Appa, do they deserve the humiliation I plan to bring them
"I want to go to Amma Appa's every weekend"
He didnt say "ARE U KIDDING ME" but she felt it..
"Ayyyo" "Stop it da" she yelped, holding his jaw moving it off her chest and ribs
"You can read your books" she giggled... his onslaught continued
"Or play one of those goddamn video games" she slid over him and nipped his ear
"Ille toongu (SLEEP)" she advised...
"I would" he began, his hand sliding under her skirt.. "or" he said as it travelled over her thigh.. "or" he said feeling her toes
"Not happening" she hissed hurt, and sore...
Her hands pinned over her head... "u can live like a bachelor" she smiled satiated "U can have all the remotes and control all the channels"
He lowered hinmself swiftly... "What about sex?"
"U can go without it for two nights" she cooed leaning up to kiss his forehead fondly
"Once every month is too little" she begged, he had mentioned that in passing as he fixed the surround sound outside moments ago in his living room
"I meant every year" he said softly in her neck

She braided her hair...
Appa was completely inflexible, not moving an inch from where he was at on Friday. Amma took  giant step forward last night by promising to consider, wonder what she told Appa about it... he is probably more angry with her now

What a strange predicament to be in... the most attractive compatible exciting rishta is the LEAST APPROPRIATE ONE. She wondered about Chanchal's on again off again relationship.. her man had, TWO kids with his wife in the last three years when Chanchal was seeing him

Life after horoscope exercise looked terrifyingly dull... with no support from Akka or Amma Appa should she leave home? Will he even agree? Or will he go back to Paris?

"You are so dry and unro----c" "You don't care" "U don't worry about me" she had started heaping accusations two days into engagement, he barely smiled or half smiled
He was amused to see her being demanding and needy?


"Quit messing with the remotes"
"Quit rearranging the channels"
"don't turn the speakers on until I tell you"
"Go downstairs to the rec room and watch"
Like she lived there already... it was a HUGE, QUIET and LONELY house. THE HELP were invisible until someone rang a bell... they must all have some under ground bunker...every floor looked like they had just moved in, except HIS
Stuff EVERYWHERE.. "Books and power cords and power tools, maybe, WHY DO U HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES EVERYWHERE?"
"I don't know" he said simply as if he never gave it any thought
He always acted like he never gave any silly or profound things any thought, only moderately complex things like herself

No cushion on the 4 sets of 4 seater sofas matched... not one, they were a random amalgam of 20 or 30 geometrical shapes... everything masculine and edgy... travel magazines, photography periodicals, wildlife monthlies, Nat Geos... and of course a basket filled with PBs and GQs and Esquires

Phone was functional and clean he didn't have 200 apps like her... barely enough for the home screen... he had 100s of unread emails between his three Exchange servers, WWW, Excelsior and Argent

His responses were one sentence or less as if he would expend too much energy even typing out a para... unless it was to her about work
Unfinished crossword puzzles from first class in flight magazines were left open with multiple pens and markers on the page... there was a woodsy lemony scent to everything... the predominant colors navy, white, silver, or sky blue... just like his clothes... simple and unpretentious

The walls were sparsely decorated with Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell B&W nature photos in various sizes...
 there were phone chargers on many outlets... like he would want to juice them up if he didn't have anything better to do...
There was a "closet" he said... but looked bigger than her room ofcourse lined with bookcases... books of every kind... 
and had the most comfortable seating she had ever seen, like recliners... with cup and everything holder on the arm rest.
It would be HERS TOO, soon... everything feminine... and colorful... from bangles to bindis to anklets to clothes...

Ranjan... he hadn't done ONE thing to disillusion her... ayyo paavam he was willing to skip his son's wedding if it guaranteed that event would happen? the father son relationship was a complete mystery, except for the things seen, read or heard in press she did not know one extra bit of information, except the fact that he was willing to make such a huge sacrifice for his son.

She stepped out of her room fully ready for work at 7:45, in a white Burberry shirt and black trousers, no nonsense braid and no nose ring... Amma set idli out just before hurrying to leave, the morning nurse was also late, she had to go, couldn't wait, the keys were across the hallway at Mr Singh's Periappa usually napped for a good 2 to 4 hours after breakfast, drug induced ofcourse...

Appa was barely done with his Pooja, he didn't even look at her when he got up from the closet like annexxe the house smelled like incense and jasmine...
She ate her idlis quietly, Amma eye signaled her to be quited
Appa changed into work clothes even though he didn't usually leave until 9:30 for North Block

He said he would eat his breakfast on the sofa, she took her plate to her room
"Ishita" yelled Amma
"Its OK Ma, appa ku kashtama irukkum to eat before me" her eyes welled up with tears
Appa grunted
"ishita come back to the dining table"
"Married or NOT you are going to drive the only child that lives with us out of the house" Amma choked up
"I am not doing anything" Appa yelled "She has brainwashed you into accepting that characterless Punjabi family, that's all"
"Please don't say that Appa" Ii begged
"Why should I not, RENDU NAAL TWO DAYS AGO HE GAVE U A EXPENSIVE RING, U HAVE SOLD YOUR SOUL" he hissed waving two fingers before her
"Take it off if u care for me" he challenged
"I cannot" she said lower lip trembling her chin quivering
"Paathukko, evanukosramo she is willing to quit talking with her own father" Appa was HUGELY jealous
"Appa I want to talk with you. Neenga pesa maatengrel. U WONT TALK WITH ME" she begged
"How can I talk with you when u wear something given by him"
"She balled her hand into a fist instinctively protecting the ring"

"I sent her ishita's horoscope, I am going to send both of theirs to the 5 or 7 jyotish we know, we agreed Vishwa last nite that u were going to CONSIDER"

"I did NOT agree, I was browbeaten" "its called bullying" Appa hissed at Amma
Amma ignored him and gave II one more idli, she declined
"Ayyo you eat kanna" Amma begged
"No Ma"
"How will she like South Indian NOW?" Appa smirked
"In less than two days we will know" Amma shushed him waving a hand
II quickly finished eating what was on her plate and grabbed her keys and bag, did not wait to listen to what sermon Amma was giving Appa, Appa sulked on the couch as he ate "PLEASE I am begging you. Be kind to her, you don't want to drive her away, she is our daughter, ipdi panninde irunda enge povo kozhandai, WHERE WILL SHE GO? She cant stay at Bala's wher will she go. Just for your anger I hope, the horoscope matches and he marries her" Amma yelled

II heard that part and left, walking down the stairs purposefully, waved down an auto, went to Sarojini Nagar Ganpati Temple and prayed
, said all the prayers she knew, stood there silently for 20 minutes...
Hopped on a Gurgaon bus at 9 ish and reached work after 10 AM, Baldev stood by the elevator waiting to take up to 20th... he winked when he saw her but noticed she was sad... she didn't say anything just nodded and promised to go on to the next meeting at 11.

She was running hours behind in everything, from checking emails to tracking project updates. There were a few mails in her in-box with a "Hot!" on the subject line from Ashwini and More... she addressed those first, the workshop needed a major system overhaul to support the TransPro and the deployment made in pockets were functioning OK in tests but the new hardware wasn't set up and ready to go, she checked emails going as far back as amonth, promises were made by the Excelsior CTO and COO and the Gurgaon Workshop GM, but the whole Purchase Order was caught in some infinite loop somewhere

Somewhere along the 10s of emails she read she found purchases over Rs. 1 million were to be either approved by Ranjan Bhalla or his son... they talked about bids and quotes and 
competing offers from Dell and HP and Lenovo and other local manufacturers that did servers.
Not one word about ANY DECISION making, she took notes for the 11 O clock meeting, R&B was not going to be there, 
but she had to get an approval from Ranjan behind his back. She had a quick meeting with Ashwini to gather the latest, adjusted her timeline for the 11 O clock.

She walked up at 10:50 Ranjan's male admin smiled and nodded "good to go" types
She knocked and waited
Ranjan beamed smiled laughed and stood up first and walked over to greet her, "How are you?" he asked startled
"Good?" she said shyly...
"U are here?" he asked
"Mujhe laga u must have"
"No I wont quit my job" she said looking at him baffled
"Ms Iyer, may I call you beta?" he asked solemnly
She blushed a glorious red, "Not at meetings" she said biting her lower lip nervously
"Ofcourse, YES YES" he agreed
She had the ring twisted so the solitaire was inside her palm, it had gone largely unnoticed this morning by her team and Ashwini...
"Are u happy?" he asked eagerly, like his life depended on it...
"She smiled shyly"
"Since you both fight so much I was not really sure" Ranjan busted her
"Ummm..  I have strong opinions" she said
"And so does he Ms Iyer, so does he" he said proudly
"We clash a lot" she said
"Ghar par shor hona chahiye betaji, u know the house feels like I am the only one in it" he was suddenly very sad
"Hmmm" she said somberly
"Nandu yaha aata nahi, Sam bhi nahi, Manny Suydney mein hai, yeh Paris, 300 sq yards? pata nahi kitna ...of silence" he smiled  trying to joke his way out of it
She couldnt even imagine how life must be for him...
"Savita, u know my wife, R&B's mother when she was home, roz koi na koi party, kitty, taash, high society things" he giggled "I dont even know the names, bingo and poker"
she nodded
"she talked a lot... and was everywhere all the time, jis floor main jaaon woh wahan" he had a faraway look "ab jahan main jaata hoon sirf uski tasveer" he said
He got up from his giant CEO chair and walked to the window... not ONCE saying his son never talked with him or even acknowledged his existence...
"Aap khoob shor machana, u should invite all your Iyer friends" "Speak Tamil and teach me" Ranjan gushed
"Mr Ranjan I went to KV Andrews Ganj, I dont have many Iyer friends" she muttered smiling
"Chalo unko bula lo" he gave permission laughing
"Papa kaho ya Dad, yeh log mujhe Dad kehte hain, Sam... aur Manny" and he stopped
Ashwini knocked on the door.. he smiled
"I was telling Ms Iyer about Delhi from the 1970s" he said cleverly

(Tu to gayi kaam se tera Rakshasan ab tujhe chhodega nahi)
A nervous smile escaped her... Ranjan was curious so were the others
"Good news Ms Iyer?" he asked
She nodded faintly... suddenly fearful of R&B..Blushing

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Originally posted by kg1404

N, I was wondering, what's modernism and morals, ?and who defines morality?You and I know that not all skimpily clad beings r immoral and not all fully clad beings are moral . Not for one moment I am advocating sleaze here.I mean not just costumes r sleaze here, there r bigger forms of sleaze and mud out in the world , dirty politics for ex, again I am not condemning politics in general.

N, For me our conscience, our inner being is the biggest adjudicator or Our Gods on morality and values that we hv been handed down.

Lots of love

You have articulated so well here KG. 

 I have met, befriended fellow mates who are living in' and they are such wonderful souls, and have seen much married couples play truant... which makes me question - how do we define  morality

True to the word, our inner being is the biggest adjudicator .

Posted: 6 years ago
Will respond ASAP after I return home from the gym.
I am a SERIOUS SHAMELESS soap watcher, Hindi Tamil, English, when I was unemployed many times in my career out of choice, Grad student, post partum couple times, workforce reduced,... SOAPS were my daily life lineBig smile I have always had the suite of 25-30 Desi channels and watch whatever I can whenever I canBig smile

I watched many, but I have my filters, cannot watch Ekta Kapoor's beyond the first 6 or 9 months after the consummation I usually bail, I wont stay on to watch her male lead "doing it" with everybody including the spot boy and the chai wala because "he only loves his wife"Dead, not my cup o tea, pun intended.

Ive watched Tamil soaps with hubby when Sun was newly introduced across the US, I watch a lot of Sun when my parents visit
The lack of romance irritates me so I dont care much for itLOL
I dont like English soaps like Days after a point because ALL they have is sex,LOL 
Hindi I like moderately because, they are a good blend of everything up to a point
The moment the male lead starts salivating at ex, I parachute out of it.
I dont want to end up in therapy by watching "sex therapy to heal perverted 12 year old"Dead
Do I need Ekta Kapoor's brand of "lessons in goodness of the heart, pureness of the soul through perverted sex therapyBig smile
I know what its all about due to years of watching, as soon as it hits the creepiness perversion threshold I BAIL

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Posted: 6 years ago
Another beautiful update!
I loved the emotions and the thought process of II bere.. True logic and reasin.. Is it really okay to leave your parents for a man whom you know for 2 months? Is it really okay to live without him if nothing can move forward?
Am in awe.. Every girl goes through this.. Every girl has these questions in mind..
RB is RB.. Talks less.. Maybe has something in head.. He should maybe be more considerate now.. Or as he observed has II become more demanding in one day..
Horoscopes had to match.. But why is she afraid????
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha the page number is wrong pa..
Posted: 6 years ago
YEAH YEAH horoscope matches!!!! PartyPartyPartyI knew it.. had to !!!!
oh and II and Ranjan convo sooo perfect call me dad Hug can i call you Beta gosh he is sooo good..and how she blushes in front of him ..cute . he so loved savitha ...Cry
i totally loved how u described his room and the closet to the book shelves PERFECT Clap
is there going to be an update later tonite.. will wait if there is one..

Posted: 6 years ago
Is Amma's name Madhu?? I thought it was Sudha di.. Sudha is mentioned in thread 1,thread 2 le its Madhu..

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