Software Symph 4--Walking to Ranthambore on 146 - Page 61

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

Everyone related to the person you love becomes so endearing to you. The warmth comes naturally. This is so beautiful. I'm already imagining a sleepover with Sam and the kids on one floor and r&b with tan on the other. 
So true!! We tend to get all the warmth and the " we are one " feeling automatically!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Till the update comes I m trying to dissect the title ROFL silly me LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Willing Captive (I gave it a Harlequin like title)Blushing
Part 147

Saturday Morning began with text from Sam, she must have texted when she woke up to feed Lasya at 4:45 AM, Appa saw it when he woke at 5:15... he sat back down on the bed
"Can we come by to talk Uncle?' she had asked POLITELY

Ofcourse she will, why wont she? She gave the man a week, not one word... now she is entitled to know...
Appa NOT ready to make a decision, not ready to think that topic a minute more than necessary, was somehow being cornered... 
he voluntarily wanted to meet R&B and that visit instead of cheering him had intimidated him tremendously... there was something about the boy's eyes that was very unsettling
He was polite and respectful but somehow Appa got the feeling he would do whatever HE wanted at the end of the day

He nudged Amma" Innum enna tookam?' (Why are u still asleep?")
MENN!! Whatever their age... if they are awake wife should be too

Amma stirred and groaned irritated "Decoction irukku poi coffee pottu kudingo" (go make ur own coffee)
Appa: Ezhundru rendu perukum podren (I will make for both of us get up now)
Amma groaned "7th chapter mudikka it took me until 1 AM" 
"OK sleep for 10 minutes" HE ALLOWED
Amma was awake... she lay there
"Ennachu?" she asked
"Samyukta wants to come" Appa blurted
Ofcourse there was something wrong Amma knew it
"Theirs and the SEVEN I SENT TO ALL SAY IT MATCHES 92-98%" Amma said firmly
"Hmmm" "I guess the jyotish dont care for caste or social status or language, they just match" (appa aired his worries)
"They are a boy and a girl, and they seem to be made for each other" Amma said staring at the ceiling
Appa lay down beside her and stared at the exact same fan blade...
"Padichirkaan" (he is educated) " Paaka raja madiri irukaan" (so so handsome) kollai panam" (SO SO WEALTHY) "Namba pasanga moonum irunda kaiyla pidikka mudiyadu"
(Iyer boys that have all three will have a f----g attitude) "Varan vanda kooda melayum keezhyum paapa 8 darava" (Even if we happen to get an alliance like that from a match making site the parents wont give us the time of the day)
"They will rather marry their son to Rajnikanth's daughter than OUR daughter" Amma said sadly.  "Our daughter will never find all the above in an Iyer boy. Even if she does they wont give her a second look...
The Bhallas are CHASING us ...begging us to get her married to their son, and WE are acting like exactly how WE WOULD HAVE BEEN TREATED BY SUCH AN IYER GROOM'S FAMILY"

Appa breathed deeply.

"Namba oorla ivlav padicha industrialist aathu paiyyan pannipaana ivala? (Will someone like R&B marry our daughter in Tamil Nadu?) "Chance ey ille" 
(Not in this lifetime) If they lived in Nungambakkam or Poes Garden or Adyar will they even talk to us?" Amma asked

"EVERYTHING is just right... the looks the education... exponentially wealthy, he will never ask her for a dime... u can even clear it up before the wedding"
"I asked, he said he makes $3-5M a YEAR" Appa admitted honestly
"She makes 1% of that, or less"
"The biggest black spot is Ranjan" Amma said honestly
Appa took another deep breath
"Avarum decent aa irukaar NAMBA KITTA, oru misbehavior ille, not one inappropriate behavior with us"
"She will eventually marry whoever we force her into marrying, but anda kozhandai kannula enn ennikkum anda yekkam irukkum ada NAANUM NEENGALUM anubhavikkanum"
(There will forever be a longing in her eyes that YOU and I will have to experience & suffer through the rest of our life) Amma broke down
Appa patted her shoulderCry

"She has not given us ONE reason to be angry with her. Today she is telling us about him, tomorrow if she starts meeting him secretly, avaloda kooda kooda poyindripela will u be escorting her everywhere to see what she does?"

"She is like fire, nobody can touch her casuallyClap they will burn, if she has allowed herself to be drawn to him then she must have seen something in him"Blushing

Amma didnt elaborate on what she saw on her daughter's face and skin the last couple months, when ever she returned from his house...bearing scars of love makingEmbarrassed

"Yes he has been in relationships, if he is a moradan (rough) with her" Amma stoppedCry
Appa got up unable to listen to his wife go to forbidden territory...LOL

"Apdiyum avanukku yengara na? Edo irukku avan kitta" 
(If she still yearns for his touch even tho he may be rough with her, that means he must have something)Blushing

Appa listened without looking, it made him more angry his daughter would crave for "such" a guy...
"Punjabi boys are not like Iyer boys" Amma said sniggeringLOLEvil Smile
"NO" Appa said disgustedAngry

"Oorla manusha kitta enna solluve" (What will u tell the relatives)
"Aaathula kalyanam vaango solluven" (There is a wedding at home, please attend) Amma said getting up purposefullyClap
Appa looked on unconvinced

Amma had shut herself in the bathroom, he paced the bedroom, his daughter opened the balcony door and stood outside
She would lay in bed until 11 if his wife let her... but here she was up... pacing the balcony
She saw him and began to smile and didnt... afraid
He had pushed her away... she was afraid to say anything to him... she would fight over the main paper or supplement until he started buying Hindu
"Hindu is very dry Pa, I love the Supplement in HT so juicy full of gossip" she would giggle
"Yaaru yaarai vitta idu periya vishayama?" (Who left who is that such big news?)LOL
"Ofcourse it is Pa, then only we will know WHO WILL RUN AWAY WITH WHO" she will argue logicallyROFL
Appa and Ponnu will sit side by side sharing articles and laughing, talking about 
Modi BJP budget, Congress... Monetary Policy... Amma will not get one section of the paper...ClapLOL

"Toongaleya?" he asked herShocked
"Umm ille... Pa" she said softly embarrassed

He knew if she was married and was visiting with him she would not step out of the room until Noon... 
or if she was visiting by herself, she wouldnt stay the night, he would pick her up even if it was 2 AM
Something told him R&B will not share Ishita like Bala shared Vandita generously.. with them..
she would not visit frequently nor would she stay when she did..he was not a good Iyer boy, he was a devil. 
Iyer boys gave, this one will TAKE... he had TAKEN her already.. the weekend morning newspaper discussions will happen with him... 
R&B wont let her win easily like he did... she wont DEMAND to win either... 
she will let him dominate and rule, his smart feisty daughter was a willing captive?Blushing

By talking barely 1% of what she did he had her completely in his hold... wonder how he did that.. 
"Why this yekkam? why should she yearn for him so much?' She paces the balcony Cry
like she waits for a flight or waits to leave for the airport all packed... waits for the cab?"
That made him angry all over again..Angry

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Posted: 6 years ago
Yaay m first!!
I knw this part was about Appa's intimidation but all through it I couldnt stop the goosebumps and the rippling in my stomach. All because if RakshasanEmbarrassed

He just doesnt torment II. He torments the readers. Gets under their skin. We feel so pissed with him yet we are strongly attracted to him like II. He would be insatiable. He would make love to her till dawn. Carry her to his office from her cabin. Chain her if she visits her parentsLOL This is a character you dont want to love but he will make you love him and hate urself for that. Yes I hate myself because he is the one occupying my mind when the professor teaches semiconductorsCry

He twists and torments my mind all the time. Poor IILOL

And when such a man shows little signs of love. Be ready to die girlsBlushing 

I am officially his and urs WILLING CAPTIVE
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Posted: 6 years ago
Appa, you still dont understand, do you ? ROFL
Amma understood it, clear and loud...when will you ?LOL
You know she likes him, she lets him dominate, take the lead, will not say NO...why so much thought process? She is a FIRECRACKER Appa, but a SUBSIDED one now..ROFL. She goes all sweaty palms when he is around. got it right, HE IS DEVIL. Like father, like daughter, name the dude devil and get done with him ROFL
Appa, you panic so much now only, what will happen when you come to know or even better, when amma tells you about the love marks II returns with whenever she meets him, attack only ROFL
See, the pandits also know they are made for each other...and yesh these Bhallas are begging you appa...Please no...get them married nooo...
PS. Whats wrong with Nungambakam and Poes Gardens di ?? I lived near Poes only, Teynampet le...Nungambakam toh was posh colony I was made to believe ROFL
Posted: 6 years ago
Uff! aapa ab aap  kar aapni beti ko aap kushi-khushi vida karo. And you knw very well that he will not share her with you and u know that he is her true match!! (We want to the attend the wedding nowLOL)
Posted: 6 years ago
Lol what was that.. Appa saw the whole film and asking who's the hero LOL
I m sure he sees everything and he's almost there but why this gussa.. He should be happy his girl getting such a possessive guy but na
Posted: 6 years ago
I reading from d first..
its hard to follow...

yenna la mudiyala maa...
dino update panniye aaganumaa...

semaaya irundudu pongo...

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