Software Symph 4--Walking to Ranthambore on 146 - Page 25

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Posted: 6 years ago
Traps and Radioactive isotopes

"U sent it for matching without my approval? Appa thundered at his wife
Bala shushed him sternly "Please calm down"
"bala She KNOWS I don't like that boy, she knows I don't like that family one bit, YET?" Appa was deeply hurt
Shravu stopped eating, and stared
Amma shushed Appa
Appa immediately put a lid on it seeing the kid was a witness
He ate quietly refused curd rice, got up in a huff, clanked his plate down in the sink  and ran more water than necessary on it...
Bala and Vandu ate without saying a word, Amma served Shravu and II who took forever to eat.
Akka went and sat down on the couch to relax, Bala picked up the morning paper, Shravu went to II's room to play DS, Ii served Amma, cleaned the dining table, and poured out leftovers in containers and cleaned the kitchen, put yogurt and pickle in the frig... she did the nightly drillEmbarrassed

Appa sat sputtering
Amma was not even done with curd rice Appa began again
"WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?" Appa asked Amma irritatedAngry
Amma stopped eating turned to him and hissed "Its human decency, she invited us to talk about a good thing, treated us exceptionally, begged me for horoscope, AND sent me his"
Should I act like Sunday never happened?"

"So because she fed you a fancy meal in silver ware you are going to give that boy your daughter?" "He must have had a dozen affairs in 10 years, wealthy Punjabi boys are like that, your daughter will be his 11th"

II began to cry in the kitchen... she wrapped up and walked looking down at her toes, Akka saw her teary eyes
"Appa DONT say like that, aval manasu evlav kashta padum, u are hurting her"

"BY SAYING THE TRUTH?" I am hurting her? KNOWING the truth she is delighted?" he argued
"Ayyo Mama" Bala intervened, "He is brilliant, and ambitious and superbly educated"

"And my daughter will be his 12th partner" Appa shot backAngry
Bala did not have any argumentCry

Amma scooped a spoonful of supari into her mouth, and brought the jar over to Vandu before sitting down by her

"Do we know if he has any kids?" Appa asked

Vandu was FURIOUS..."U just want him to be the WORST man ever don't you? a disinterested, absconding father that's behind on child support?"Angry

"So we don't know yet?" Appa insistedOuch

Amma was quiet

Flipping through the latest KumudamLOL

"Look at her, she is all happy now, horoscope matches, her daughter will marry a man that's like his Dad. Her job is done" Appa baited his wifeOuchConfused

"How many times was he married before, aduvavadu teriyuma teriayada? Do we know that at least?" Appa asked

ZERO" Vandu said smuglyAngry

Appa squirmed for the first time

"ZERO on the kids too" she said hurtfully "Sorry Pa"Angry
Appa looked like he did not believe her one bit on the kids part though

"He must be like his Dad dishonest and unethical, doing a good job of hiding" There! Appa seems to have come to such a beautiful conclusion ALL based on two meetings?

"We have to have them over for a talk" Vandu said firmly

"That man said he would walk away from marriage, but you all decide to invite them, I will not be home that day" Appa said gleefully

"that's fine you can show up at the wedding" Vandu said equally smug

The female nurse opened the door a lil and peeked for gossipCry

The living room was down the corridor so she couldn't SEE much

"U have to teach your wife to show some respect to her father" Appa yelled at Bala
"Please calm down, and think about this Mama, the paiyyan is very good, he is a great guy" Bala begged

"HOW do u know?" Appa asked

"ONE he talks very less, two he is so educated, three, he is not dependent on his father wealth, he owns his own company"

"Ya that's why he works in his father's company and ruin's my child's life" App lamented

"Appa HE WAS ASKED TO RETURN for the AGM sake, he wants to divest his share and go back to Paris" Vandu said sadlyCry

"Paathukko pullaikke appan mela mariyadai ille, the son doesn't give two hoots for the father" Appa sniggeredAngry

EXACTLY" said Vandu "So what does that tell you about R&B Pa?" "Hes different than his father is he not?"ClapClap
Vandu had him trappedClap

Appa sputteredOuch

Shravu lay on her belly playing, she read the Financial Planning book, she was up at 5:30 she was sleepy and worn out... she gave finger kangi to Shravu, many many times as she read, he set his DS down and dozed on Chithi's bellyEmbarrassed
She brought him up by her, pulled his head to the crook of her neck and hugged him... read a couple more chapters... held his short stubby hands... FULL OF RESTLESS ENERGY until his eyes closed every night... her LITTLE CUTIEHeart

"How will you kill  Uncle R chithi?" he had asked earlier before leaving the room for dinner, 
"With polonium da"Angry
What is that?Confused
"Its a radioactive isotope"Angry
"Why polonium chithi?"
'Because it killed a Russian spy"LOL
She put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket and tidied her room as he followed her with his DS in hand, OR SO SHE THOUGHT, IT WAS, HER PHONE... 

She picked grains of rice off his hair chuckling, "saapadu vayathukku ille da, talaiki" "Your food is for the hair not the belly"
He squirmed as she tugged the now dry stuck she left a few grains untouched, and cuddled the lil guyEmbarrassedHug

She wondered if Amma returned his uniform or if she still had it, sometimes when he would get here on Friday after school, Amma would put the uniform away for nights like this one...
she could get him ready and drive him home pick up his backpack and then drop him off at school before heading to workEmbarrassed

She started backing into the time she needs to wake up, from DPS RK puram gate to the time right now 10: 10 PM, she came up with three option, wake at 5:45, 6:15 or 6:30
School started at 8, closer from Sector 12, she could even leave at 7:45, Akka or Athim could drop his back pack offEmbarrassed

She hugged him tight...

"I want to be your favorite da" "No Uncle R" "He's a pig" "he will steal you from me"LOL
"You are not allowed at Malcha Marg, I WILL COME SEE YOU at Munirka" "He is dangerous"LOL

"Vendaam, nee varave varaade, DONT come to Malcha Marg he will usurp the title of being your favorite person"Embarrassed

She lay there seething in anger at being derailed yet again... missing deadlines, shifting focus, aligning resources... 
she checked work email, she had 9 more unread than she previously had

"Am I in over my head with this project?" she wondered, sitting up
Her drowsiness vanished replaced by fearCry

She thought back about every TansPro installation in the last two years, none were this big, none was this messy...
She slid back, shutting her eyes, instinctively rotating her loose ring round and round and round...Cry

"they would resize it for you if you go in" he said, caressing her ringEmbarrassed
"I don't want to" she saidBlushing
"they wont ship it to France" he joked gently (you'll get it back in a week tone)
"Oh! why wont they?" she asked, ticked at being caught not wanting to part with itEmbarrassed
"Because they expect you to go... by yourself"Embarrassed

"Well, we could negotiate a price"  a text popped on her phone from the UNKNOWN NUMBERAngry
Shocked she went to her texts, and found a series, of exchange between Shravu and Rakshasan...Angry

She stared at the sleeping angel with mounting anger... "JUST WAKE UP ONAKKU IRUKKU, "I am so going to clobber you"ROFL
She began reading the text

"Is a sea horse a fish or a mammal"
A smiley first...(Oh! is this Shravu? kinds)Big smile
"A fish"
How much does a lion weigh?"
"400 lbs? 450 lbs?"Big smile
Where are lions in Africa?
"Sub Saharan region?'Big smile
Have u had dinner? R&B askedEmbarrassed
"No chithi just came back... she is angryLOL
She wants to kill you"LOL
Using paloniem (polonium)Embarrassed
"Why polonium?ROFL
"Because she says u are a Russian spy"ROFL

U must tell her polonium is extremely rare, she should use the following instead, its called Thorium, its more easily available

 Oversmart bas***d!!!Angry II reacted

"she says she wants the bed" Shravu texted
"ur house?"
"Oh! she Does?does she?"Embarrassed
"She says, we both belong in the terras" (terrace)Embarrassed
"That's not nice" (teary emoticon)Cry
"She also said, I cannot "kudle" her" (wrong spelling)
"Can I?"Blushing

"I will ask" the kid has typed

"Well, we could negotiate a price on the bed" was his last text
Shravu had abandoned the phone on the bed... she wondered how he texted the dude, and looked at his number 9871001234.. 

"Chithi says some things are non -negotiable (pretending to be Shravu AT 11:20ROFL)"

Bit her lower lip, she should have spelled negotiable wrong, YIKES!!!! AND ALSO NOT ATTACHED A HYPERLINK U IDIOT!!!! II U ARE A MORONAngryCry

A text slid in momentarily

She threw her phone in the chest of drawer and slammed it shutCry

Posted: 6 years ago
Omg sHrAVU is such a darling... a bridge between these two loonies...

Hug awww feel like hugging the kiddo. Like always awesome nisha!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
This was an express read for me at kinda busy day at work...but But oh so worth it... the text msgs ROFL .. got your signature mark!

Appa trapped in his own words. well done!

and glad the emoticons are back :) 

Deserves a reread for sure

Posted: 6 years ago
Very happy to read that u like Horward and Darcy! Good thing they are in fiction else I would still stand in the line for them LOL.
Between I had posted a comment on Page 16. Read it if u have a moment.

Edited by Hsp.canada - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
nice!! shravu and her and shravu and R&B totally adorable!
and I loved how Vandu cornered appa Clap
Their  texts are always a fun read..Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
When words just wouldn't be enough...

This is for Shravu the monkey. Tongue 

Go Vandu! Beat Appa at his own game! Big smile

II be like Angry
Edited by nividances - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ranu1234

Originally posted by Goosecool

Do u remeber the train name in pure hindi.. hindi what was it Agnisomething na... Love it a lottt... Funniest movie till date
Dhature ka phool Phil hoke bhi phool kyon nahi hain...ROFL
Will watch and tell you yes funniest till date the others being jane bhi do yarn  and and andaaz  Apna apna
Lohpathgamini...i think that's wat he called d train...
Posted: 6 years ago
Shravu is such a cutieee...everyone wants to 'kudle' him...
N yayyy...emoticons are back in full abundance Smile

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