OS:3 "Never gonna look back" continuation updated

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Just thought of this scene and tried writing in the way i wantrd it to happen.. sorry if it is not upto your expectations.. i enjoy writing now.. so only writing..

The scene starts where priya handovers tiger and happy to ram and confesses ram that she cant live without pihu.. season 2.. outside km.

Priya empties her heart to ram then runs to car crying bitterly and before reaching the car she collapses down as she hadn't eaten anything from morning.  But ram catches priya in a perfect time. Nuts was also out of the car by that time and she was at the peak of anger. She asked ram to carry priya to the back seat of the car so that she could take priya home. But ram stops nuts and tells her that he will take care of priya and triea to lift priya but nuts was not convinced and asked ram not to act as if he is cared. Ram's ego was hurt but he didn't care what nuts was saying he took priya in his arms and started moving in.. and stops near the gate and turns to nuts and says.. "choti.. if u don't mind could you please open thr gate for us? I need to take my love to her place".. hearing this nuts face brightened into 1000 watts bulb.. and nuts says "bhai.. aap!! ..."  ram smilea amd says.. choti all this was a plan to bring priya and pihu back in to my life.. to km.. how could you think that i will do these things to priya.? She is my love. My only love. She means the world to me. See now. She is in my arms what else i will need. And choti if u dont mind i need a favour from you. Will you help me?.. Nuts says.. bhai anything for u. Tell me what should i do?

Ram says.. will u take care of pihu for a week? I need some alone time with my priya... saying this he blushed.. nuts was awestrucked dint know what to say.. then after some time she composed herself and bursts into laughing. Ram too laughed with her then nuts starts pulling his leg.. ram without thinking says what do you expect me to do choti..? Your bhabhi is so irresistible i dont know whether one week is enough for us to makeup for those lost 5.. and then he stopped after realising what he was saying.. nuts was shocked to the core and says.. i think i need to go back before you do something to my bhabhi and runs from there.. and shouts bhai.. all the best for your honeymoon.. and leaves with her car.

Ram carries priya to their green room and before entering he kisses priya on her forehead and says.. welcome to our love nest my jaan. And he lays her on their bed and covers her with the duvet. Then he too goes inside the duvet, rests his back on the headrest and sits beside priya caressing her hair and looks at pihu who was sleeping soundly on their couch. He thinks of making pihu to sleep on their bed but he doesn't feel like disturbing her sugary sleep.. and also he does not want to disturb priya.. so just sits and overlooks on his two angels. After about 45 mins priya wakes up and opens her eyes.. the surrounding looks familiar to her.  Her heart is on cloud nine on seeing their room after years. She looks around the room and notices nothing has changed over the years.. then she looked at ram who was watching all her activities from the moment she opened her eyes. Then priyas is now back into reality and she tries to sit on the bed. But because of no energy in her body she couldn't get up. Ram without saying anything left the room.. priya felt very bad on rams this behaviour and she is sad at the same time. 

But after 5 mins ram entered the room with a tray of water and food for priya. He came near the bed kept the tray near priya and without looking at her offered the glass to priya and she too took it from him and emptied it and asked ram about pihu.. he showed the couch where pihu was sleeping with her photo in her hands.. immediately priya tries to get up to go to pihu.. but ram stoped her and made her eat the food. Then he took the plate away. When ram was out with tray.. priya jumped from bed and ran to pihu and sat beside her. Tears were running endlessly from her eyes. She was sobbing and caressing pihus hair. but she dint wake her up. So she sat beside pihu and just lookingat her.

Meanwhile ram came backto room and saw priya sitting near pihu.. he neared the couch and stood beside priya. Priya noticed this amd quickly stood frombthe couch and said.. "im sorry mr. Kapoor... i dint mean to disturb your life. I dint know what happened to me. All that i remember was.. i was talking with you outside the gate.. and i don't have any idea how i am here now. Sorry.  I just wanted to see if pihu is okay.. now im relieved. I will go home. Thank you so much for taking care of pihu".. saying this priya tried to move out.. butram held her hand and stopped her. Priya stood like a statue.. then ram continued.. so you came only to see pihu? I see.. ok. You can carry on. Priya didn't know what to reply.. she said.. no nothing like that mr. Kapoor.. i came to see not only pihu but u... no no i mean i wanted to give her things to handover to u.. but inside she wanted to say i came to see u Mr . kapoor.. i wanted to cry holding u so close. Wanted to apologise to you for running away from you..  i wanted to hug u ram.. i am dieing to be with you. With our pihu.. but ram broke her chain of thoughts...

He said.. how will you go home now.? Its quiet late now. If you dont mind i can drop u at home.. priya thinks( why cant he ask me to stay with him) and  says.. no Mr . kapoor thank u.. i can manage..you be with pihu.. she will be scared if she dont find you around her.. ram thinks ( hitler.. i dont know why she acts as if she is brave.. let me see how madam can manage alone) and says i dont mind if u stay here for the night.. only if you are okay with it.. because its really late and dangerous to travel alone..

To be continued.. and sorry for the typing errors 

Sorry guys.. i wanted to finish this Os in one post itself. But i got busy with my other works. I Will try to write whenever possible and post asap.. but wil never leave it incomplete.. 
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Posted: 2015-01-31T14:26:07Z
very nice
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2015-02-01T00:17:02Z
hey u ddnt PM me yaar CryCryCryCryCryCryCry
what if i missed such a lovly OSAngryAngryAngry
 love the way Ram blurted in front of Nutz i can imagine the scene Superbbb writing beatifully penned down ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
Waiting for next Plz Plz Plz Plz update and Do PM ME otherwise...

i ll search and ReadLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2015-02-01T00:37:03Z
nice os. ye ram na sach me golu hai. sab kuch bata diya nuts ko. but now he is teasing priya k how will she go home. gud one. priya cares for pihu so much and for ram also but cant express it.
pl continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-02-01T01:04:17Z
Lovely OS!!!
Plzz continue sooon!!!
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Posted: 2015-02-01T09:17:29Z
Good choice of track for your story
would really like to see how Ram Priya patch up
continue soon will be waiting for next part
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Posted: 2015-02-01T11:05:58Z
lovely os... One of my most favourite scene is this one... Sakshi mam acting was 'the best' in this scene..
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