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Posted: 4 years ago
can't make head or tail of what's going on.

there's news of some new episode or episodes on hotstar. fan groups have been primed and gotten ready for euphoria.

in a rather obvious move, the new episode for hotstar will likely be aired on 30 november.

30 november.

how it takes me back.

and, no, despite all the many times i have watched and binge-watched (now accepted in oxford dictionaries since 2014) ipk over these years... and felt it, discussed it, written miles about it, made edits, vms (banned thanks to star plus on so many platforms), gifs, blogs, written fanfic... no matter what... the sheer bludgeoning all emptying gnawing pain of 30 november remains.

i am not a serial watcher. i don't even watch many movies.

obviously ipk gave me something more than just the thrill of a show. it filled, it stoked, it awakened, it calmed, it made me feel unhurt, it made me feel untouched by all the not so nice things of life. at my age, you get to see some of those... all of us do. that return to pristine within... only ipk brought about.

i was not there on 6 june, but on 30 november i was.

and i can still feel the ache and tear of the day.

there is a clean simple purity even in that.

i just hope whatever a purely commercial channel is about to do on 30 nov, it will not mar it.

here's hoping for the best.

and praying for a real reblast of asr kkg ipk i hate you hamesha vishwas hello hi bye bye hai re nand kissore i love you dammit.

barun's chat with ikarmik threw me completely:

am thinking of 305 and what i'd like to write... just look at these two, they can even make a tacky pink room look beautiful. just how much in that hold that bodyline.

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Posted: 4 years ago
Can't wait for this , no matter what is it.I am so in.Smile
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Posted: 4 years ago

Toh kya woh such me tare ban jaathe hain?"

He asked the girl he vouched not to talk to ever again... without even turning back ... he knew she was there... he could feel her..  and she would tell him about "baath yakeen ki".. matter of the man whose belief system is totally different to hers. But they merged somewhere ... the two orphan kids who missed their parents badly! 

A heart tugging moment with his Di...he needed a heart to embrace. All the hard fighting statutes.. sanctions... not to talk, not to see...for all of them.. koi ehmiyath nahi.. koi matlab nahin! What mattered at this moment was her underlying bridge always connecting them!

She has always been aware of his vulnerable self...even after at every of his ravaging remarks ...har baar. When the walking, talking volcano Arnav Singh Raizada bleeds...Khushi Kumari Gupta has the icicles to soothe! Her inherent yakeen...belief... in the stars... and his in hers.. that she is his pacification! A golden feather in the cap of ASR- Khushi love story!

This arresting sequence first aired four years ago today,   the aesthetics of it... spellbinding. A man and a girl in love cannot be any other than who I saw on my screen! Made one feel a sukoon... a pyaar...a love is to believe...

May be we all did... that they may be coming back to us.. may be.. just may be!!


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Posted: 4 years ago

hi indu,

great one on baat vishwas ki, invaluable truth from the girl with teda choti... maybe as you say we all had that. even when we had nothing or especially then.

that mehsoos they shared, wonder if we do with a tv soap? is that even possible? "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our" too curbed and interfered with minds, i guess.

every now and then the heart would spin a yarn... maybe a new asr and khushi story will be on tv suddenly. maybe they'll go back to episode 310 and tell the story properly, minus dadi, with return to sheesh mahal. many scenarios, even barun and sanaya in a brand new serial or movie, perhaps a thriller, always in them the dhadkan of asr and khushi.

then i'd sort of shrug and say, never going to happen, grow up. but my love for dream and fantasy is as strong as mami's pyaar for her jevelry and so the pagal conversations in the mind would continue, punctuated with hello hi bye bye.

i am excited, conjuring a whole new series in my head, episodes stacked higher than mami's pure yellow gold loud bangles... and yet, my vishwas was so badly shaken, am praying shyam doesn't appear just as kidnap is about to get over and throw me over the cliff. anyway, i am sure asr is racing down winding roads in that open top jeep and before long i will be breathing again.

or maybe my saansey will be so tez, only dhakdhak will remain, all doubts disappear.

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Posted: 4 years ago
just posted 255 on vandana's blast from the  best on facebook. i realised i included the soliloquy of khushi on the third anniversary main post. and now on the third anniversary of the day it all ended, a hint of a new beginning. ajeeb.

laughed at myself thinking yeah, i do hawaon se baatein about this beautiful thing... a complete case of shayad yeh nadani hum kar baithe.

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Posted: 4 years ago

Interesting coincidence on the third anniversary and hawavon se baathen soliloquy...

indeed ye nadani tho hum kar baithe.. of loving a tv serial  endless...

 always was in a strong denial.. that that couldn't possibly be how asr- Kh story would mould and end...there should be more to it...thought of their parallel universe and their ajeeb  duniya...a vishwas if not the reel ones, the possibility of real ones coming back... i guess thats mostly becos of utter disbelief that they may not work together again..  i will watch anything, everything from them.. properly done..

asr- Kh story,.. a bit scared.. too many expectations, love.. vested in there. 

If they do come back full time.. i need a long drive in the white suv to imbibe the unfolding.. too good to believe..

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Posted: 4 years ago

seat belt!

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