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Hi all, after a long time, im posting here. and just like old times, updating on Eid day. Eid mubarak everyone Hug So I already gave a separate post that I cannot continue the FFs due to many reasons so i want to post a summary and how it was supposed to end, what happens to the characters etc. I started writing chapter 50 2 years ago where the story took the biggest plot twist ever. so before posting the summary and ending I wanted to post the complete chapter and I finished it. many things were supposed to be mystery and come out in later chapters but since there wont be any later chapters so I revealed them here. the chapter ends exactly like i always planned to be. i will reveal all the secrets in the summary which I will post in a day or 2. I know my writing is a mess now since it's after so long I wrote but I love it just like i always did. thanks to all of you for everything. for all the love to my writing and to me. Im sorry I couldnt finish it and that's why i wanted to tell u guys the story in summary and the ending for giving it a closure. Hope you like this chapter. 

Chapter 50 (Bloody Anniversary)


Raichand House Hall:

Piya is sitting with Aahana on her lap and she is still looking very happy holding Piya's finger with her tiny fingers. Amber is infront of the laptop looking for something and Aryan is home after hearing the mysterious incident of table and now strolling inside the hall with a hand in his hair looking clueless. He asked Amber rather rudely, "Our world is not so easy that you will search anything in google and it will come in the search topic. what the hell are you doing? i asked you to bring a book."

Amber replied with equal stern voice, "we have 5000 books in our house you moron. I'm looking for the book list to find it faster."

Aryan rolled his eyes, "Oh common, you could just tell me." He went to library and came back within hardly 2 minutes with the book in his hand giving a "huh" look to Amber. Piya was oblivious to their fights looking rather shaken, "it's possible to use magic this early?" Aryan sat beside her and now Amber faced both of them now all looking serious.
"Never heard of it. Never heard they can use it so soon but they have originals blood in their veins. everything is unpredictable about them. it's normal they can understand our conversation because they are not normal human babies but it's not normal to use magic so soon. Peehu told me once she understood she is a witch when she was 11. but even much before that she did strange things she didn't understand and everyone told her it's normal because she is powerful. the only person who could possibly tell if this is normal is.."

"Mohini." Piya finished the sentence. "which is not possible." - Amber ended the statement.

"we have to keep a close watch on Pranay too to understand if he can exercise his powers too. and looks like they will be very powerful. I can protect them from the world but i dont know how the hell I will protect them from their own powers." Aryan sighed looking worried.


Mohini's house:

"remember a full moon night is not the best time to fight with a werewolf so it has to done before the full moon appears on sky. he will try to save her so don't touch her. you can't kill her remember that. so kill HIM instead while he is busy saving her. got it? In the process if you get killed the liability is not mine. and remember you have to make CHAOS. it has come on newspaper that strange animals and creatures appears in Dehradun on full moon night again. okay?" Mohini laughs in her baby like voice and cut the call.

She turned up to the second person now who is sitting just infront of him looking dazed. "you have to pull the trigger just after the full moon appears on sky. don't get out of the car. I repeat don't get out of the car or you will get killed.  if anything comes in your way, kill them too. understood?" the man nodded like a puppet and Mohini smiled, "good now you can go back to sleep." 

She opened Pamona's box again, "only three days to go."


Mr. Sunflowers manor:

Misha gave the cup of coffee to Abhay who's sitting on the garden of the Manor. He smiled and thanks her when she sat beside him, "please tell Piya she can come to visit me. did she sent you to see my reaction? Gosh this crazy girl!"

Abhay laughed, "no no. I came to see how's my "saali" doing here alone."

It was Misha's turn to laugh, "hahaha jiju. thanks. surely you didn't remember me when you were busy honeymooning with Piya." she winked and Abhay shook his head, "Misha..."

"Abhay, I know you came here to convince me to go back home. No I don't want to." Misha said, now all serious.

Abhay sipped on his coffee and raised his eyebrows, "was it that obvious? wow."

Misha gave a little mocking laugh, "yes it is. I knew my brother will tell u the first thing when you come back but i'm happy here Abhay and I don't want to go back."

Abhay sighed, "i see. I heard your father usually comes here and stand outside the manor just to see you once. don't you think it's injustice to him? i get it you are mad at him but if Piya can forgive him because she should be the one still mad at him and all the injustice that happened to her then why can't you? your father didn't do any injustice to you. he was a good father to you and when he deprived Piya from everything that's because he was treating you like a princess and gave you everything you deserved."

Misha looked at Abhay flabbergasted and hurt, "i know he treated me well. he gave our family everything while he left his other family to die. how's that ever fair to me that the person I thought as my idol for life becomes a traitor in one moment? how it's fair to me that my hero becomes the villain of my best friend's life in one moment and what do you think it makes me feel knowing Piya was deprived from everything because he was busy showing us with everything. it makes me feel guilty." she fought her tears and she is tired of explaining the same thing to Kabir and Armaan.

Abhay's voice became gentler, "Oh Misha, it's not your fault at all. you never knew who is Piya, why would you feel guilty? and don't forget your father knew Piya is dead so in that sense he didn't do anything wrong to either you or Piya. he should be answerable to two women who are Piya's mother and your mother." Misha looked at Abhay now with her defeated eyes. Abhay continued, "yes, he is criminal to those women. one she can't do anything because she is no more and that's why he tried so hard to make things right with Piya because he thought they are both dead and all he can do now to redeem himself it to be a good father to Piya but still he is as good to you and your mother. and see your mother forgave him so he she can forgive him you can too. if we don't learn to let go in life, we will never be happy Misha. think about it. I'm not taking your father's side neither i think what he did was right but I'm trying to show you a different picture." Misha couldn't say anything realizing whatever he said was correct. if her mother can forgive him so can she. she mumbled, "i will try." Abhay smiled, 'that's like my girl."

Raichand House:

the house is lively now and full swing to arrange Abhay-Piya's Anniversary party. Amber has selected the theme as old bollywood - 60s to 80s. she has designed the invitation cards in polka dots and gold lines. the kids were good for last 2 day and they were relieved even if it's temporary. she has invited almost everyone. in the town including their friends, Piya's families etc. Abhay is letting Amber do everything she wants with a happy face but something doesnt feel right to him. Piya has started getting dark circles around her eyes with lack of sleep and she  is still having nightmares. While she is happy with the babies and using best of her times, Abhay cant be that happy. He is scared of Mohini's silence just like Aryan. Aryan has increased their safety spell specially for Piya and assuring Abhay nothing can harm her while Alina has kept them informed that Mohini has made no move to harm her brother Jeh as well. it's full moon before the night of Abhay and Piya's marriage anniversary party so she won't be home and wont be able to help them as she will have to shift even though she is a hybrid. but offcourse she will be joining the party. Since Amber is totally busy in party preparation she is staying in Raichand House for few days to help look after the kids.

Mohini's house - Morning of the full moon:

Mohini wickedly smiled at Junayed, who was just a classmate of Alina and an ordinary human until a few days ago but now? he is just one of Mohini's temporary pet under her spell.  

"So Junayed, repeat again what will you do and who are you?"

Junayed didn't even blink looking pale, "I will call Jeh tomorrow and inform his sister is in danger and to come and see you. While everyone will be busy saving Alina. I will go to Piyas house and shoot her."

Mohini smiled again and pet his head like he is some dog, "exactly pet. while no supernatural creature can possibly harm piya now. A human and a gun can and remember you can't kill her okay? only shoot."

she started laughing again. She has no intension of killing Piya otherwise it would be no fun. Suffering is so much painful than death. While Abhay will not be able to endure Piya's death and it will forever hurt him, and for a vampire forever is a long time. but Piya suffering infront of him and hating him will kill him everyday again and again and again. this is so much fun. Piya cant die otherwise how she will survive her curse but a near death situation  is important for the curse to get triggered and boom!!

Now all she has to do is put up a good show and enjoy.  the plan is simple and very simple yet so brilliant.

House of Arghasis, Dehradun:

Siddarth looked at the lovely invitation card for the party in Raichand House. What a lovely coincidence and now they have the perfect chance to meet the Raichands and see what is abnormal with them as Dobriyal reported. Meanwhile he can't get Mohini out of head. they almost slept together Damn him! it's been so many years and stupid stupid him cant effing stop his hormones while he is with her. the way she was pressing her thighs on his and kissed his neck oh so sweetly. Siddarth suddenly felt his throat burning like he was starving and he was starving for her. All he could think was throw her on that couch and kiss every part of that soft skin. touch the same thighs she used to seduce him and bring them both ecstasy. but how he stopped her from getting into his pants is appreciable. "She is just playing you Sid, do not fall for it.", Siddarth told himself and after 10 minutes stupidly send an text to her, "Are you going to the Raichand party tomorrow? they seem someone big? the entire town got invitation for the anniversary theme party of Abhay and Piya Raichand."

only if he knew how beneficial that only text is going to be for Mohini. and unknowingly he has once again helped Mohini.

Mohini's house:

Mohini looked at the text for a long time. oh my my, that a great anniversary gift she has planned for Abhay even without her knowledge of the day. But since there will be a party Junayed cannot go to Raichand house, she has to change the plans. She needs a mare human to do the job. It's a simple double take plan - to activate the curse and also kill Jeh for his betrayal. she replied to Sid first,

"ordinary witches like me doesn't get invited to the Raichand party. Why babe, would you miss me? if you do just come here ;)"

content with her quick adaptation of technology she smiled and started to think about the change of plans. She called her acquaintance no. 2.

Dehradun Forest:

Jeh was feeling nervous and also extremely agitated. it's almost time of full moon and they will have to shift in their wolf forms. Alina was sitting on his bed looking as anxious as her brother. "bhai, it's not safe to be outside for you now. you know that right? I cant help you and I will shift too. best is as you said be close to the pack."

Jeh nodded, will do that and we must stick together tonight. gather the pack and tell all of them, it's time.

Raichand House:

Piya stood near her window where she can see the beautiful moon on all her glory shining on the sky. it's full moon night and somewhere far from other side she can hear the howling of the wolves too. full moons are favorite nights of supernaturals and never a good place for the humans to go out. nobody let her out of the house today even for some girl-time in a beauty parlor. tomorrow is her Anniversary afterall. the most important day of her life with the most important man of her life. that changed her life forever. But she was feeling odd from some days, something isnt right. She can't point a finger on exactly what but she can feel it on her bones that something is not right. she keep seeing dreams of two babies. they are not Aahana or Pranay. they look like her baby and after a bit playing with her, they becomes bloodied and dies. Piya felt a constriction between her throat to her heart, like something hurting her but it was just a nightmare. but she has been seeing the babies ever since her honeymoon. how can you dream of the dame thing again and again? This cant be a good sign? can it be?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a pair of strong hands circling around her waist. Piya smiled at the kiss on her neck by the owner of the hands. "Happy Anniversary Mrs Raichand." Abhay said softly kissing her cheek this time. Piya leaned back and tiptoed to kiss Abhay's cheek as well. "Happy Anniversary husband. I didn't know it's already 12."

"well, I thought you are the one who will wish me first but I guess I can act like normal husband too ha? and you need to come with me."  Abhay didnt wait and took Piya infront of the mirror.

'Abhay what are you doing?"

"Dont move!" He got something shiny and silvery from pocket and put it around Piya's neck. the cold feeling of it on her skin told her it's a chain and when she looked at the mirror she gasped, "Wow.. wait Abhay is that what I think it is? what we saw in..."

"In London and you loved it... black opal necklace yes!" Abhay finished looked elated.

Piya looked at Abhay incredulously, "Abhay this is freaking expensive, are you insane?"

Abhay looked nonchalant and kissed her on the hollow of her neck, doesn't matter. this is for my wife because she loved it. and Piya.. keep it on tonight and nothing else."

His husky voice near her earlobe almost made Piya shiver but she likes this version of Abhay. she turned around to put her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer, holding nothing back, Happy anniversary mr Raichand" and put her lips full on his mouth.

The night is going to be long and steamy.


Mohini's house:

Mohini is chanting her spells on the dolls stuff in Pamonas box. the dolls looks like real human flesh now and tied to Piya's hair. This is difficult witchcraft but she is Mohini afterall. suddenly blue light starting coming out of the hair and slowly inserted into the dolls. the hair dissolved into the flesh of the dolls and then everything went dark. Mohini slowly opened her eyes. even in the pitch black darkness, the two small dolls are shining. they are now ready and the spell is now completed, now all she has to do is activate  it.

"Here are your gifts Abhay - your children. oops or Piya's children. The curse of insanity will make Piya believe everyday these are your children and slowly kill her from inside. she will believe these are hers and something she cant ever have and that's because of you. she will loath you with all her might. are you ready Abhay? Happy Anniversary."

her melodic laughter sounded creepy and satanic in the darkness until it died down completely.

The Anniversary:

Piya dabs the concealer powder harder on the neck and glares on Abhay in the mirror. Abhay is trying to hide his smirk while buttoning his calves, "What!! you asked for it!"

"I didn't asked you to color my neck purple which cant be even hidden by a concealer and Im wearing a sleeveless blouse with low cut neck and I cant hide it anyhow for the love of God!" Piya gritted through her teeth moving the puff carefully on her neck to match the color in all area.

"Excuse me, Im not the way who was practically moaning my name - Abhay please bite me bite.. drink from me. I want it all." Abhay mimicked her voice. Piyas cheek reddened by the very seductive memory of last night with her husband and she gaped at Abhay, "Mister... i asked you to bite me and it's almost healed thanks to your blood but I didnt ask you to suck on my neck so hard that i will have purple blotches and who are you again? where's my boring husband Abhay?"

Abhay laughed, he is very happy today and he couldnt have asked for anything more in his life right now and he is playful, "Well Miss, my wife is siren on bed so I have to be playful and you see..."

He approached Piya now that he is completely prepared to attend the party. He lowered his mouth close to Piya's ear, "it just felt so good. I couldnt resist and all your marks are hidden wont worry until I give you new ones." he kissed Piyas cheek one last time and headed towards the door. he need to check the arrangements. Piya muttered something like, he is getting impossible and continued to get ready.

Near Mohini's house:

Junayed has called Alina as planned and when he said he is in danger and some inhuman creature attacked him and he is hiding in the forest, saying he can't reach his brother or his friends and he desperately needs help, Alina didn't hesitated one minute and fell into the trap. by the time she started searching for him in forest and tracked Junayed's phone by gps tracker, he has left his phone near the pentagram Mohini has drawn. It's dark already and it took Mohini 1 minute to take Alina down and put her inside the pentagram that is drawn with wolfsbane. Now the game begins.


The Anniversary - Raichand House 2:

Rohit Arghasis entered the party with his brother Siddarth. their sister still isnt town. "They are filthy rich." Rohit commented at Raichand house looking impressed.

"That I can see but I smell bad omen from everywhere of this house. something not human!" Siddarth looks carefully everywhere. And that is when Rohit meets the beauty. Amber comes quickly to greet the new guests. "Hello you must be the Arghasis, welcome to Raichand house. I'm Amber Raichand."

Rohit looks at the beauty infront of him clad in the golden shiny dress recreating the famous look of Parveen Bobby, "Wowww" - he muttered. "I didn't know I would be this glad to be here Miss Beautiful. I mean Amber. myself Rohit Arghasis." He gave his lopsided smile making Siddarth lower his head and laugh silently, his brother has got an eye candy.

The party was on full swing. Misha is here with Kabir avoiding her family and entire Dobriyal family is here where Arnab Dobriyal looking the most unhappy. He heard the Arghasis are gonna be here but he has never seen them so he can't find them either. Aryan is worried since Alina is not picking up her phone and she is extremely late. Misha said she is out much early from their place. Most people are now dancing after the cake cutting and all the old songs are played on the party full in vibe with the party themes. Arnab Dobriyal sees Abhay and Piya dancing again and Piya lovingly looking at him. He sighs, there's nothing he can do. and on other side, his other daughter is dancing with Kabir avoiding him and he is unable to make amends. Abhay's sister Amber is dancing with a gorgeous guy there and Aryan is holding one kid who is not happy with the party and other one seems like sleeping. All the important people from town are here. Aryan went to dial Alina's number again and that's when everything started to get more happening. It's Jeh calling him. Why is Jeh calling HIM?

Mohini's house:

Mohini is content. so content right now with life. emotions always make people vulnerable, stupid and stop them to think with logic. Even if you are a supernatural being and you have emotions like human you are so gone. specially when it comes to family. they are all bound to save each other. By emotions and by blood ties. Alina is compassionate to humans and that exactly where things gone wrong for her when she came to help Junayed. offcourse even in her worst nightmare she wont be able to relate how could her ordinary classmate Junayed be a danger for her. Mohini has no intention to kill her. she has done nothing to her. But her brother has and she is the pawn here. Mohini is gonna kill many birds with same stone tonight. that's the plan and so far it's working wonderfully for her. She can feel another werewolf is near the pentagram she drawn. Mohini smiled again. A wolf can't pass through it and only way to get through it call a witch/warlock so the only option left is Aryan and the moment he will call Aryan Abhay will never leave him alone and will understand this is HER plan so he will leave Piya behind and come along. and there goes her little player Junayed. innocent sweet Junayed.

The Anniversary - Raichand House 3:

Aryan was sweating. he put Aahana back to her crib. she fell asleep as well. something is so wrong. Jeh just called him and informed someone has captured Alina into a pentagram and he can't get through it. Aryan is not clear about a human being involved and Jeh thinks this has to be Mohini and he is seriously hurt trying to get through it but he can't as it's marked with strong wolfsbane. so this involves witchcraft and obviously Mohini. Aryan knows she is taking revenge to Jeh and using Alina. he has to help him, he has to help Alina who has done everything for him and he will go to any extent to save her. He called Abhay and Amber upstairs in baby's room urgently in his mind.

Amber is not convinced to stay behind like Aryan wants and neither things are clear to her, "are you stupid? what will you do alone? what is this a trap to get us?"

Abhay shook his head, "it could be but our house is protected and nobody can get through it. you need to look after the kids and Piya who are our top priority. I will go with Aryan."

"are you both stupid?..."

Amber was cut of by Aryan, "bhai you are her top in the hitlist of her. she will harm you and I cannot risk it. I can handle it. just take care of my kids. and it's your aniversary party going down. what will people say if you disappear?"

Abhay looked angry now, "it's because  Im top in her hitlist is why she wont kill me that easily. I know her. trust me and Im coming with you and while you save Alina I will make sure Jeh is okay. Amber, no more arguments look after the guests and dont let anyone understand anything the party is almost over anyways. it's late. and by no means let Piya know where are we. Let's go."

The Showdown -1:

When Jeh reached the forest he saw a bloodied innocent guy looking terrified of everything and asking for help. he tried to calm him down but he is not in a good shape. He could only tell he asked Alinas help and she came near Dehradun bridge but after that some creatures attacked them and he cant remember anything else. Jeh's first guess is vampires because they can remove memories but pentagram but witchcraft stuff so it involve someone else. He desperately calls Mohini's name in rage and he sees his sister's lifeless body inside the pentagram. His bodyparts burning wherever wolfsbane touched it. He knows who did this and why and he wants to see her and end it all. and that is when he could hear a singing voice which spread chills through his spine, "Aao huzur tumko sitaro mein le chale.."

emotions does make people stupid.

The Anniversary - Raichand House 4:

Siddarth looked around, the party is almost over and people are leaving now but it's almost 30 minutes the two Raichand brothers are missing. His brother is too busy flirting with the Raichand sister. everything is so fishy here. Suddenly someone called his name, "excuse me, you must be  Mr Arghasis as I heard."

Siddarth looked behind at the man, "Yes Im Siddarth Arghasis and you would be?"

"Im Arnab Dobriyal and Im the one who called you guys."

Piya did notice Abhay and Aryan are missing and Amber is apparently avoiding her question but Piya has always been and will be too curious for her own good. Something is not right and she can feel it in her bones.  

The Showdown -2:

When Aryan and Abhay reached near the pentagram thanks to Aryan's magic they show noone but Jeh writhing in pain near the pentagram. his body turning blue and inside the pentagram Alina is sleeping looking dead. Abhay ran to Jeh, "Jeh who did this? what happened to you?"

Jeh put up his woobly hand to stop Abhay, "dont touch me Abhay I think it was poison in the pentagram and wolfsbane also. Im not gonna make it. it's her. I heard Mohinis voice but she didnt even show up and still managed to kill me. please save my sister."

"Nothing will happen to you Jeh dont worry. We will save you both. Aryan get Alina first and I will take care of Jeh." Abhay quickly told Aryan who is already using his power to unchain the pentagram and it was not working.

"this is such strong magic and stopping me. but I will save Alina." Aryan muttered. Abhay helped Jeh sit though it was too difficult for him, "we will save you hold on please. my sister surely knows of some cure that will help you to heal. just hold on, we will save you both and wolfsbane will do shit to me. Im a vampire, don't worry about me."

but a commotion stopped him. he saw some figures appearing from the shadows of the forest growling at them, they are  more wolves and Abhay will have to fight it. Aryan stay behind the pentagram and quickly draw us a fire circle, there are more wolves. Jeh tried to shift so that he can communicate with the wolves but he couldn't. he knew he is dying. Aryan was quicker than the wolves .

Abhay assured both of them, "i can take them down alone. it's just three you save Alina first."

The Final showdown:

Junayed was standing with Arman on the Dehradun bridge, "you need to call Piya now. it's time." Mohini started walking out of her house leaving the fight behind. she has done her part well. Most effective way to kill a werewolf - overdose of wolfsbane and poison made of it. she used both. she knew Jeh will try to save his sister till he dies and he did. Afterall they are family and that is one thing common between Abhay, Siddarth, Kol, Jeh, Aryan, her and to all of them - family.

Abhay will fight the possessed wolves and kill them and by then her master pawn no 2 Piyas own human step brother Arman will bring her here and Junayed will shoot her.

Piya hated how her husband and her family always hides things from her to protect her but she knows something is not right and when Arman called her to come soon as Abhay is in danger she didnt hesitate one moment. she has saved Abhay before and she will save him again. Amber needs to be here to save the kids. Piya stopped the car infront of the bridge and searched for Arman when she saw a white dress clad beautiful woman coming from the other side, "you look beautiful in that blue saree Piya. Happy Anniversary?"

Piya's inside shook with fear. it's Mohini and she is all alone with her.

Bloody Anniversary:

Amber is desperately calling Aryan and Abhay but none of them is picking up and she doesnt know what's happening there. there's no way she can leave the kids and Piya is missing. despite keeping such a sharp eye on her, how did she escaped and why. how could she know?

Abhay's coat was shredded fighting with wolves and he managed to kill all three. Blood is dripping down Aryan's mouth while using excessive magic to break the spell of pentagram and the moment he managed to do it, Alina woke up and saw her brother dying. She told her everything what happened, "he is just a human. why would he lie to me? where is Junayed? he was here."

Aryan shouted with desperation, "damnit. he was POSSESSED. dont you understand that? such like this wolves. their eyes look abnormally orange and it's not supposed to be like this. It's all Mohini."

Alina started crying again, she cant even touch Jeh as the poison will kill her too then, "Im so sorry bhai. Im so sorry. it's all my fault."

Jeh weakly smiled, "I promised I will protect you and I did. my purpose is served. Please take care of her Aryan. I love you sister and Im sorry for everything you went through because of me." and he took his last breath. Abhay gasped, "Aryan this is more than that. then the actual target is none Jeh or Alina. someone who is not here. it was just to distract us. I know Mohini."

Fear overtook Aryan's senses as they both said the same things, "the kids. Mohini wanted the kids." Only if they knew how wrong they were.

Abhay called Amber when she shouted almost, "Abhay are you guys okay? Piya is not here. she escaped somehow. did you find her? Abhay.. Abhay Im talking to you?"

Abhay's phone dropped as he ran. he was wrong. so wrong and it might cost him everything.

Abhay tried to connect to Piya as he can sense his fear. he tried to sooth her, "Im coming Piya. lead my way. Im coming to you. dont be afraid. be safe"

But Priya's brain was frozen with fear. "I have a gift for your Anniversary Piya. you will get it soon. I specially prepared it for you and Abhay." Mohini smiled at her dearly like she is a old friend.

"What do you want? Please leave my brother out of this. She has done nothing to you." Piya said to Mohini in tears looking at Arman at the end of the bridge  with no emotions on his face.

Mohini smiled, "offcourse I will. and they will give you their gift. that's why I called you. I promise I wont do anything to your brother. okay? happy anniversary Piya. you will come to me again after getting the gift."

Abhay screamed inside Piya's mind..."Piya ran..." and she did suddenly and Mohini looked at Junayed, "Shoot."

Junayed is supposed to shoot her only once so she won't die but he triggered the revolver multiple times and Piya fell off the bridge into the water.

Mohini screamed in rage, "I told you NOT TO KILL HER. What is she dies now? she took the revolver from his hand and shoot directly in his head."  Then she disappeared into thin air leaving a frozen Arman and dead innocent Junayed.

Abhay screamed at the top of his lungs when he felt Piya getting hit by the bullet. he ran in his vampiric speed and reached the edge of the bridge and saw Piya's body floating down there. He jumped and in a minute put her back in his arm desperately calling her name, "Piya, Piya wake up. you cant do this to me.' wake up." but he cant feel her heartbeat anymore. His Piya is gone. 

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