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on a request from a buddy Aanchal.. This is my 2nd writeup. Thanks a lot to all those who hv liked my os and the valuable comments. Will give this in 2 parts.. please tolerate this os too like u all did with my first os.. please feel free to criticise..

OS starts from when priya has been discharged from hospital after coma.. As shown in BALH priya only remembers pihu and the things related to pihu..

Ram and pihu takes priya to their room and asks her to take rest. Pihu makes priya lay on the bed and sits beside her so that priya will feel comfortable. Priya peacefully closes her eyes and tries to sleep. And ram also sits at the end of the bed and concernly watches priya. After some time priya sleeps and pihu tells ram to be with priya as she has to go out with her friends. But insists pihu to postpone her outing plan and also addes that priya will also be scared if she wakes up from sleep and not finding pihu beside her. But pihu promises ram that she will be back as soon as possible and leaves from there.. after 40 mins priya wakes up screaming from sleep and panicks seeing an unknown surrounding.. ram goes near priya in a lightning speed and tries comforting her but she gets even more scared seeing ram. Ram very patiently sits beside her and says 'priya listen.. nothing to worry.. See. I am ram. Ur husband..  u r in our room. On our bed. And i am with u.. calm down please '  but priya closes her eyes tightly and pulls the duvet near her and turns away from ram and starts crying saying.. " please i am scared.. Please call pihu. I want to see her.. Please" Ram feels bad,calls pihu and asks her to come home immediately.

At night after dinner pihu makes priya sleep in their room and sits beside priya till she sleeps and then leaves to her room. Ram decides to sleep on couch till priya is comfortable in sleeping together with her. Ram also falls asleep and at around 2 am he hears priya moaning from bed. So he immediately goes near priya and asks what happened  to her. Priya tries to control her sobs but ram asks her to tell him what is bothering her. Priya hesitently tells him that she couldn't sleep as her back is hurting and she couldn't tolerate the burning sensation. Ram then realises that it is because she was laying in the same position on the hospital bed for 7 years. He remembers the ointment given to him to apply it on priya whenever she feels pain in her body. He tells priya that the pain will get reduced after applying ointment and asks her to relax and goes to call pihu.. but pihu is sleeping  soundly and he doesn't feel like waking her up so decides to go back to priya and tells her that pihu is sleeping he don't know what to do.. Then priya asks him to call krishna ma to help her in applying ointment. Ram smiles himself thinking priyas behaviour and calls krishna ma to their room. 

When krishna entered ram tells her what happened and tells them that he will wait outside till then. When he walks out krishna asks him to  help priya to sit on bed.. he looks at priya and priya hesitently lifts her head so that ram can keep his hand behind her neck. Ram keeps his right hand below her neck and holds her right shoulder with his left hand lifts her from bed and makes her sit up. Priya has goosebumps when his hand touched her body. Ram sees this and he walks out smilingly. 

Krishuji makes priya lay with her front on bed and lifts her night dress up and starts applying cream on her back. While applying she asks priya why she didn't allow ram to apply cream. Priya keeps silence dint know what to reply. Krishuji continues applying cream and says.  'Priya.. ram is ur husband and u two were madly in love before ur accident. And u have 3 children remember? I know u lost ur memory now. But let me tell u priya..b4 the accident.. u both sometimes behave like mad lovers. U two can never stay alone from each other. neither ram has allowed you to stay at ur parents place nor u have allowed him to go on a  business trip away from u. Every single one in Km including ur 3 children make fun of u both calling u love birds. But u both have never cared anything.. all that u both wanted was being with each other. Many times i have caught u both going out late night without telling anyone and coming home early morning b4 evryone gets up. I used to wonder and was surprised seeing u both in so much love. U listen to ur heart priya. Look at ur ram.. he feels incomplete without u. He died million times seeing u on death bed. He used to sit beside u, cry for hours in hospital. He sometimes slept hugging u on hospital bed. He fully docorated the hospital room on all ur birthdays, anniversaries, and so many other special days of u both and he spent all the day with u. He will be the first and last person to wish u good morning and good night with a kiss in the past 7 years. I have witnessed his love n hurt. Try understanding his love priya. He has suffered a lot. Please take care of him"  saying this Krishuji had tears and walks out fast. Priya too has tears listening about their past. But she feels helpless. She still feela strange to be in Km. 
Every day ram took priya for a morning walk and priya started feeling comfortable and liked his company. Whenever she felt alone she msgs ram and they chat for sometime normally. 

The same follows the next couple of months to priya.. but the only difference is she is much comfortable in km with everyone. She tries being normal and friendly with ram. But still the distance is there. Every day pihu or Krishuji will apply ointment to priya and ram will be waiting outside till they finish. Then goes to his couch and sleep.

One dine afternoon priya wakes up from her nap and feels bore siting idle at home. So she decides to watch any movie and starts looking for a cd in their cupboard. There she finds a cd pouch labelled "my love mallika" she feels strange and  decides to see the cd. She plays the cd and sits comfortably resting her back on d headrest with a pillow on her lap.. then the video starts... the video was shot by ram on his handicam b4 pihus prom night.. that was their family video.. she happily looks at herself and ram. She notices ram nd herself very carefully.. she even notices where ram captures priya b4 pihu and priya annoyingly makes ram to shoot pihu.. and also notices how she hugs ram sideways while taking a family groupie..
The next scene was taken on their anniversary.. she notices all their moments with each other. She notices how close they both were..  how they both were hugging after cutting cake and the hufg after the vm which was rahuls gift for their annivrsry.. n how comfortably they were singing bade achhe song..
And there were many hugs kisses videos were there which were taken when they went with their kids on a family vacation.. after seeing the video priya feels sad for ram. But she feels happy knowing the love and intimacy they
Both shared.. she feels comfortable now. But still some kind of awkwardness is there within herself. She knew that she is slowly falling for ram. But Couldn't accept that...

To be continued...
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wow awesem totally awesme...
i feel like connected to each line
just love the way u describe the situation
Priya's hesitation,rams care amazing and the Krishna -Priya convo so emotional
How Ram survived without Priya and that Line he cried for hours Like remind me the Epic Acting Of Ram no one can act Of crying like Ram...Thanx u and
aanchaltulshan for wonderful OS waiting for next Part

Once again HatsOff For Ur WritingClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
 If possible Do PM me when u update
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Posted: 2015-01-28T05:00:43Z
lovely OSSmile
very well written
continue soon
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Posted: 2015-01-28T05:18:46Z
superb. fantastic. amazing
lovely. yaar i am too short of words. pl continue as soon as possible.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-01-28T06:52:04Z
Nice os.. Krishna priya conversation superb. 
Continue soon.. 
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Posted: 2015-01-28T07:59:39Z
Thanx buddy on my request you wrote this Os i so loved it.
I am totally love the way Ram is making Priya comfortable instead of doing everything for her till now he is giving her space. Krishnaji is lovely person sharing their past with Priya and seem so she is coming around in the presence of his husband.
Continue soon dear will be waiting till than
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Posted: 2015-01-28T10:20:49Z
waiting for next part
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