SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 7

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Posted: 7 years ago
Part 105
"Not Extensively"

He didnt jump, choke or sputter, his eyes grew bigger for a brief moment
"Excuse me?" he said softlyEmbarrassed
"Will you marry Ish... I mean II?" Vandita asked her voice strangely trembling...Embarrassed

He poured some water out for her and some juice of some kind
Mrs Sagar peeked, "How about a half hour" he asked softly

She nodded and left
Shutting the door behind her
"Does she know you are here?' He askedEmbarrassed
"Why will u respond only if she knows?" Vandita argued JUST LIKE HER SISTERAngryCry
"Did u drive up here to ask me that Vandita?" He appeared surprisedEmbarrassed
" I did R&B" she said looking at him deeplyBlushing
"I was told Hindu Marriage Act prohibits a woman marrying two men" he said blandlyOuch

Vandita looked shockedShocked
"Kya matlab?" Shocked
"Ofcourse you know dont you, she is marrying Srikanth?" Sree?"  he said stressing on the nickname unknowingly... as if it bothered himBlushing
"Did she say she was?" Vandita asked, SHOCKED out of her wits..Shocked

"Yep right here... my office or the conf room across the hallway, one of the two " he said waving his hand carelessly
"she said she was marrying SREEKANTH" Akka looked FURIOUS... and shocked...Shocked
"Would you like more tea?" he poured some out...Embarrassed
"I noticed things about you two" Akka said honestly...Cry

R&B looked away quickly not meeting her gaze
"I see it in her ALL the time when ever you are around or when she returns from your place" Akka was thinking aloudEmbarrassed
"How can she say she is marrying Sreekanth if you two can give me "couple" vibes she continuedCry
"I cannot believe my gut was wrong" she shook her headCry

"When is the wedding?" he asked softlyEmbarrassed
"Whose?" Akka asked preoccupied, just rotating her English Roses tea cup on its saucer
"II's" he asked...
"U know what? I dont know... I dont..." Akka looked sadCry
"Did she say she loves him?" Akka ashed HIMROFL
"I did not ASK" said the man of few wordsEmbarrassed

Akka wanted to ask "Do you love HER? Please tell me you do. I will talk with Sree and rewind everything, 
please tell me you love her. Sree is so wrong for her, WHY would she do that"ShockedCry

"She told me you dont get along frequently but I didnt... do u get along professionally?" Cry
Akka wanted a confirmation wondered if there was some lie buried in it also
"No we dont" he told her straight on the face...Embarrassed
"Oh so she wasnt" Akka stopped ("lying about that atleast"LOL)

"Why would she say she wanted to marry Sree?" Akka went back to that
Cleaned her plate of snacks and desserts quietly...
"Do u need a ride Vandita?" he offered softlyEmbarrassed
"No... I am OK I have a car waiting downstairs"Cry

"Did Sree say anything to you?" Akka asked in disbelief stillShocked
"about what?" he asked kindly
"About her or the wedding?" Akka explained
"Umm... just the usual, life in Bay Area and such" R&B muttered


"Umm.. not explicitly, but yes... about traffic and the need to learn to drive to be independent" R&B spoke the ...longest sentence of his life, longest non work sentenceROFLCry
"He said that?" Akka was shocked...
His phone beeped a text... he responded
She still looked at him like "Tell me its a lie"Cry
He looked at her like "Its NOT, I am sorry"Angry

"Have u thought about how good u two look together?" Akka asked agonizedROFL
"Not extensively"Blushing he said softly HE ADMITTED IT?

Akka had NO plans left, she felt terribly deflated, she wanted to pull a coup of sorts by addressing this fantasy and converting it into a reality
She NEVER expected her own sister to be the chief destructor of the reality... 
Is II not really interested in R&B? HOW CAN THAT BE? OH HOW?

"Will u let Bala know I will be sending someone over this Saturday for the PC?" he asked softlyEmbarrassed
Vandita looked up from her tea, "Oh... haan keh doongi"
"Some one should reach out to him"
"Is Shravu free on Saturday?" he smiledLOLEmbarrassed

Vandita smiled too... "No he is double, no triple booked" she smiled again shaking her headWink
"Will 2 work for the driving lesson?" he asked
She nodded indulgently
They sat there quietly for a while... KNOWING R&B means people should love SILENCEHeart

The sound proof room looked like a Zen meditation center, except he had his right ear bud in his ear.
He stood up, and she moved in her chair readying to get up
"Vandita relax" he saidEmbarrassed

He walked over to the window
He wore dirt brown cargos, and a watered down pink cotton shirt with shoulder straps, and sleeve straps... he wore a white vest inside visbile through the open V
Unassuming casual, quiet, EXTREMELY HANDSOME
AND TALLLCryEmbarrassed

"How is Lasya?" Vandu asked
" Awake more" he said as if thats a pretty earth shattering discoveryLOL
She smiled openly...
"When is urs due?" he asked
She blushed... "Ummm shaayad end of August, 8th week ultrasound mein batayenge"
"Do u want a girl?" he asked leaning on the wall, one foot up, hands in pocketsEmbarrassed
"Ya... like Ishita" Vandu said guiltily looking at her cookie plate
If he stared at her conjuring up the vision of a baby Ishita she wouldnt notice itBlushing

"Shravu is like her, ab uski tarah ek beti bhi mili to, then I dont have to worry, ...loha lohey ko kaat ta hai na. She is a terror, Shravu is too, I hope the baby will be too" Vandita laughed openlyEmbarrassed
He saw every word that slipped out of that mouth carefully

"She is too emotional and vulnerable, she wants the world to know if she is upset, she cant take rejection or ignorance" CryEmbarrassed
Akka talked about her sister as if R&B was the suitor.

"and she sulks?" he asked inadvertentlyEmbarrassed
Akka looked at him startled... "How do U KNOW?" lookShocked
He shrugged raising his shoulders higher than usual...
"Ya... ya..." Akka agreed softly "Ya she sulks" she muttered

"Are u here?" II's text buzzed
"Why?" Akka asked
"Shravu solran "Amma Gurgaon poyirka Amma went to Ggaon" II texted
"Hmm" said Akka...
"Please please please please vaaayen, u havent seen my bigger, nicer cube" II texted 7 pleases

"Sorry" she said to R&B when she was done texting
He smiled... it amused him when people apologized for NOT talking...

He straightened up from the wall, walked with her
"Main chali jaaoongi" Vandita said warmly
He nodded but followed her...
"Ishita isi building mein hai.. 7th floor" Vandita said as FYI
He didnt say anything to that...

He followed her into the elevator, punched 7 and and it slid down...
He opened the door, and TURNED in the direction of the corridor leading to KMPG
Akka looked at him curiously

"Have a safe ride home Vandita" he hugged her
Around a foot or so taller than her... "see u Saturday?" he asked
She nodded... happy? she would see him again? Sad? she wont see him for ever and ever as her sis's hubby?

II crossed from one section of KMPG office to hers, and turned casually to looked at the elevator wait area and saw R&B wave at Vandita, as Akka approached herShocked

He got on the elevator, and checked the network barchart and went on Google and typed "Iyer Weddings" and  did a thumb tap on "Images"Blushing

Posted: 7 years ago
I dont see Not Extensively on page 6 , you have left us in a cliff hanger -- yes /no . This morning i almost felt like putting out a poll whether R&B will say yes or no LOLLOL but had to step out .. now cant wait to read this update...
WOW 3rd thread...so happy to be part of your journey THANK YOU ur passion in writing is commendable ... so proud of youClapClap

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Ranu1234

I dont see Not Extensively on page 6 , you have left us in a cliff hanger -- yes /no . This morning i almost felt like putting out a poll whether R&B will say yes or no LOLLOL but had to step out .. now cant wait to read this update...
WOW 3rd thread...so happy to be part of your journey THANK YOU ur passion in writing is commendable ... so proud of youClapClap

now i do let me read it :-)
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Congarts on the third thread, love the way you always end it with a cliff hanger Cry and we readers are left to our imagination or should I say we are not able to focus to anything as we are constantly checking our devices for the update Tongue
At our place we always you to have mango milkshake at night in summertime and  in winter something of besan and complain milk in winter ( you always manage to bring a sweet memories of childhood & youth) 

I LOVEEE Mango milkshakes yaar
Main hired killer bhi ban sakti hoon mangoes ya milkshake ke liyeLOL
Rasna yaad hai? Rasna would be something people drank a lot in Delhi's scorching summers, before the US soda companies gutted everythingCry
Thumbs up, with Kapil Dev's toothy smileHug

THANKS FOR LOVING THE REFERENCES, it makes the story more enjoyable and the journey more realistic nahi?
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Goosecool

Vanduuu pops the QUESTION TO R&B ... I almost spit my chai on my sofa...LOL
I thought she's goin to Sam n both banding together to get these loonies together... Par apne tho directly sixer Mara yaar...Clap

You are impressing me more after every update daaa... Loved it...Dancing Looking forward to more of your THRILLERCUMROM story daaaDay Dreaming

Yep... thats what it isLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
I hope the image search doesn't scare him! Poor half naked grooms!
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Wings-of-Fire

I hope the image search doesn't scare him! Poor half naked grooms!

Hey hey hey

I take HUGE offence to that...Big smile
Its the MOST intense SEXY BEAUTIFUL wedding ceremony in the worldEmbarrassedBlushing
I wish I lived in India and u did too and u could go to oneCry ... u wouldn't insult the rituals thenBig smile

P.S.  in case u missed  the 1000 or so posts I AM AN IYER BTWEmbarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
oh wow what a lovely update... poor R&B honestly thinks she will marry sree and she thinks he will go with marlese CryCryCryCryCry mere bache and of course he has to google iyer weddings Embarrassed and she has to see her akka and R&B together ..
So vandu akka atleast knows that the only problem from his side is sree nothing else ClapClapClap every update really keeps us wanting to know what happens next.
I also cant wait for Shravu/R&B date .. i know its saturday dont want to put pressure but any idea when we can expect our next updateWink..

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