SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 54

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by swaram

We have been patient for so long! Ek update to banta hai boss. Enge irke Nisha??

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">UP and about... writing the next one now, as my older one gets ready for school</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Do I have nothing to do at 6:30?</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">No, I DO</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Why? Do I write this?</font>
<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">Its its better than everything elseLOL</font>

Omg it's early morning there!! I just forgot.. And you are really sweet Embarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
had to sneak in my thoughts about Estranged,before your next update and me having to go to a meeting .
Loved the convo between II and Shravu and Shravu and R&B so PERFECT.
You beautifully interlaced how good R&B is with kids ClapClap, get A's , help your mom perfect di.
Slowly Appa &amma are going to know.
Loved the athim convo, loved that II cooked for her sister and she is trying to be normal.
And your description of Mrs Moorthy so perfect.. cause I have seen those.. jeans wearing iyer woman , going to gymkhana and not liking carnatic music and honestly i thought they were some superior people until i grew up :-)

and your statement in the end from R&B was exactly what i hoped from him, if he knows he will ask directly and there will be no drama!

Thanks for the wonderful updates Nisha.. seriously as a reader this experience is new to me as well !!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by swaram

We have been patient for so long! Ek update to banta hai boss. Enge irke Nisha??

UP and about... writing the next one now, as my older one gets ready for school
Do I have nothing to do at 6:30?
No, I DO
Why? Do I write this?
Its  its better than everything elseLOL

Oops, did not check the time lag!
Sorry dear, no pressure! Having two kids, it is a whirlwind in the morning. Who better would know than me,having 2 school going kids too! 
Will wait up !Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 118

He went to the window immediately, his happiest and angriest moments had to be spent as close to nature as possible. Its like he belonged outdoor but was trapped in an...office... or home, he stood in the balcony reading , at home, and now he longingly peeked out the Spectrum 20th floor windows...Day Dreaming
Like making sure "Oh! good, the blue skies and trees and the plants DO exist"EmbarrassedClapClap

"Wasnt she getting married already to Sree?" he was baffledShocked
He ran his fingers through his combed-after-shower hair
"What was the man doing at her house? Making MY marriage decisions? Yet another attempt to ..BUY my love?" II and Ranjan were competeing in R&B's mind for the top spot for his rage.Angry
"Does Sam know anything about this?"Shocked
"Who "talks" to the bride's parents these days? Utterly embarrassing, not to mention COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE"Angry
"Did he think I will break down and lose it? Hug him like never before say "Oh I am SO OK with you screwing that s**t?"Angry

He called Mihir , he picked up after the 6th ring
"Dont u have a job to go to?" he sulkedAngry
"Dont u have one that u shud be doing right now?" Mihir shot backSleepy
"Well.. I was..." R&B said shortlyConfused
"I thought we settled the poker dues thing last night and u promised not to send goons after me" Mihir demandedCry
Mihir had lost miserably to Tanmay and R&B over Rs.18,000..ROFL
"U didnt "settle" it I ALLOWED U time, genius" R&B said still sulkingClap
"Whatever, semantics" Mihir cursedSleepy
"Have u spoken to.." R&B stoppedOuch
"No I havent spoken to the "first" (female u lost your virginity to) nor the last one, dunno who she is tho,ROFL
 is that the French LADY (Mihir teased him about having an older loverWink) or that Iyer beauty" Mihir closed his eyes back and visualized Ishita at Sam'sEmbarrassed
"Mihir?" R&B sounded sarcasticAngry
"Damn! she is hot... nahi... when she bends her lower lip seems fuller dude" Mihir saidEmbarrassed
R&B knew EXACTLY who Mihir was talking about, it strangely pissed him off though...Blushing
"Get out of that Iyer induced orgasm will u" he bit outAngry

"Spare the middle class ones for me Dude!! FYI I am middle class too...Cry 
How come wealthy shit like YOU walk away with the real beauties and us commoners have to work with ones with nose, lip and boob jobsROFL?"Mihir complained
R&B grunted...Angry
"Mine has a lip and a boob job" Mihir sounded unhappyLOLCry
"I send my condolences" R&B said mercilessly...Clap
"And to answer ur question, no havent spoken to the Iyer.. tho I wish I had" Mihir saidEmbarrassed
"Have u spoken to the old man?" R&B asked cutting him off for some strange reasonAngry
Mihir was wide awake and somber... he shut his eyes and rubbed it frantically... his friend was upsetShocked
"Nahi.. kal raat ko when I invited him for poker. That was it" Mihir muttered, trying to think backConfused
"What about in the last two months?" R&B asked
"Can I atleast go do "my thing" and have a cuppa Joe before u continue the interrogation?" ROFLMihir was pissed
"Next time u talk , ask him to mind his own business will you? TTYL" R&B saidAngry
And hung up
Mihir worried for his friend... WHY THE HELL WONT HE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED?Shocked
What did Uncle do NOW?Shocked
He got off and entered the bathroom worrying...Cry

R&B went to his desk and dragged his iMac... and took it to the couch... leaned in the area between the arm rest and back rest pulling one leg up, setting his laptop on his knee
Scrolled through email...there was multiple emails  with the Sub: Redefining Supplier Obligation-Modifications and Timelines", from when he was in Paris...
He didnt usually log on to the ...Excelsior system unless he was in India and AT Spectrum, he couldnt care less how Ranjan ran the show... he had enough to do at Argent.. and selling cars didnt excite him one bitOuch
He hovered over the first one... and scrolled down to the last one and hovered over it not sure which one to click on... for a few seconds his mouse pointer danced...
He clicked on the very last one... Ranjan had agreed to II's note from last nite
"Acceptable Ms Iyer" he had saidAngry
He read what she had said "This was we can do 6 week checkpoints instead of 45 day, we will all be caught then in the semantics of  when to begin and when 45 days end"Evil Smile
He scrolled further it was Bally's " Once Ashwini can give us updates I will talk with Mr More (Ashwini's boss) and we can circle back with Gurgaon workshop and showroom
He became impatient and scrolled to the bottom, the very first one FROM II ofcourse "Plan Document" was attached, he slowly felt his jaw clench, she had rewritten parts, or ...lets say worked with her own IT and Legal to "rewrite" parts of the charter to "politely delink" R&B from the "daily workings" of the TransPro installation... Evil SmileClap

he continued reading though... and went back and re-readAngry

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Posted: 7 years ago
Where's it...where's it???
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

Where's it...where's it???
God put all the right things when he made me...but he seems to be as forgetful like the man in my life...he forgot all about patience...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
If only I had waited a moment longer Embarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
He isn't bothered that she was getting married? Not  one bit? 
Posted: 7 years ago
Hmmm.. Zindagi se dhakhel diya.. Ab kaam se bhi??? RB will do something.. Maybe the Chachu issue will surface now!! Dekhte hain!!

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