SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 43

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Posted: 7 years ago
i am SOOO excited to read what will happen next! I AM SO EAGERLY WAITING FOR RAMAN AND ISHITA TO SAY YES! 
AND THEIR confrontation after saying yes! OOOH! More than that I want to read about Raman's perspective and how he says yes to proposal.

Cant wait for that Nisha! Bring it on! And soon :D
Posted: 7 years ago
KG.. I know what you are thinking ..You are right to an extent.. You have felt the non connection somewhere.. Happens.. She might work on it.. May be show them as snippets of II or him ...just waiit up
Posted: 7 years ago
Thank god Ashu. That's a good start to not being hauled upside down for having made such a post,
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by kg1404

Thank god Ashu. That's a good start to not being hauled upside down for having made such a post,

Hahahahah.. No bashing.. Never.. Especially on this thread.. More love here. .We all believe in spreading it ,dont we?
Moreover, the author has never made any comment look like a bash with her subtle replies and her explanations!! Am sure she will explain the situations to you by tomorrow!! She is a sweetheart and so are the ardent readers here.. Never worry about being bashed.. You are free to post your views here Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Nish.. Can we have Amma appa out of town for a night and II staying over at R&B's.. Please plz..
They need this soulful time nish.. Edited by deepali.rock - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
read the last two chapters now nisha...and they were just awesome as always...R&B and II are together hotness personified...they just make me blush so hard...the other day my roommates thought i was chatting with my bf..sticking on my phone and smiling like a fool...i had to clarify though its love magic but not mine...Cry
i hope amma and appa are not not too hard on II...they are literally pushing that guy her throat..(though i have hots for defense people but then i love R&B more Heart)   hope vandu convinces them...

his gifts are just like him..smart and witty...totally love that aftershave smearing scene..it was just so so so sexy...i read that chapter 10 times...blushing every time...

does R&B know that his dad asked for II hand?? i wonder how will he react...kuch toh confrontation hona chiaye dono ke beech. its high time they talk..

chalo 6am aaega update..tab mai aaram se so jati ho...
Posted: 7 years ago
6 a.m. Ist...gr8...
I like timings keeps me sane...
Posted: 7 years ago
Okay so I finally got some sleep after I read part 115 and to my delight, woke up to 2 more updates. Dancing
Before I get to those though, I have to add to my thoughts about 115 now that I'm somewhat more composed than I was last night. Tongue

Firstly, I think that II-Vandu-Sam are a total riot together! LOL The entire first part of that update had me laughing out loud every single time I reread it.
I could totally relate to how II was pigging out without a care in the world about how she looked. The following gif summarizes my thoughts entirely.

I like how Sam gave more insight into the Bhalla life overall. Things came out that again highlighted how different the Bhallas and Iyers are from each other. It's not a matter of a few steps of differences...it's like floors upon floors of differences.

Shravu was at his adorable/mischievous best here. "Ayyo chithi is pregnant" ROFL! ROFL
And then you followed it up with a line that had me in splits! "Main Hindu hoon Haj to main jaata nahi" ROFL ROFL  ROFL ROFL ROFL
Of course trying to explain that sentence to my two white friends didn't take any less than 15 mins since I just couldn't stop laughing. LOL

And the ending had me Embarrassed like crazy. This is what I pictured in my head, except of course II didn't run and jump onto R&B like that. She totally wanted to though. Wink

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