SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 39

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Posted: 7 years ago
loved the getting colors part!!!
Such a cute site to see II go after the ball all of us have done that.. LOL and for II doesnt matter where she is.. she will go get it of course R&B has to watch it .
Next what i really liked was the fact that the iyers are so comfortable in that setting no awkwardness no nothing just being themselves..thats what a good education does to a  middle class family..
Of course their meeting was EmbarrassedEmbarrassed crazy these two are ,they behave like husband and wife but wont accept but we readers are not complaining.LOLLOL

Regarding Appa i honestly feel that he loves II, he knows her enough to know she wont just fall for anyone and as much as he is opposed to a non iyer his biggerer concern will be the scandal and R&B's education IMO.. So many of my cousins and nieces,nephews  have married non iyers and the only common factor same college,same office ,doing phd together its a pattern almost now.
So right from the beginning i have observed II and R&B are the problems for their relation thanks to their BIG FAT ego everyone else has to see them together to know that they need to get married ASAP..

waiting for the next !!!
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

I'm on the verge of losing my job. We were supposed to close a magazine today and I was in my own world fantasizing about these two. Don't laugh at that because I got a good one from my boss today for being carelessCry. I have vowed to restrain myself from reading during office hours.
This one just swept me off my feet btw. She eats exactly like me, I'm a glutton. I don't like the idea of going on dinner dates because my plate, my hands and my mouth is a mess, it's embarrassing actually. People have mood swings, I have bhookh swingsLOL. I think he finds her funny like we all do. He smiles a lot at things she says and I love it. 

I bet it was just a slip and will never happen again
Get away during lunch hourBig smile

I am happy u are obsessed, but will be saddened if it gets you into troubleCry

OK next part ready... let me post

Posted: 7 years ago
Yayieee.. Next part!!!! Jaldi jaldi jaldi
Posted: 7 years ago
Where's it...where's it???Shocked
Posted: 7 years ago
Aayega aayega.. Title has been changed.. Das min aur... Aajayega..
Posted: 7 years ago
Soothe & Sear

When he would drop her home, it would be midnight or later, Akka would have left at 10 after texting Amma "She went up to get her badge Shravu lost it, when she gets it she will leave"Big smile
R&B and her would take a nap, curled up in each others arms...Blushing
"I swear, I will behave myself" "Can u stay?" he would beg, when she woke him at 11:45ish
"If u want me dead in the morning?" Ya sure I can stay" she groaned...Cry

The floor was totally dark with not one light on, the half open windows were now shut and the room was heated a good 30C, she didnt want to get out of the heated blankets

He cuddled and went back to sleep, her shoulder  bone a bare bruised red mess, her skirt and her lacy black  & green Winkundergarments were intact, his tee was gone... 
his legs completely tangled with hers
They knew whichone went first which second which third and which one fourth, like linking fingers...Embarrassed
He moved his every few minutes until he fell asleep trying to wake her
"U have not one nice bone in your body" she cursed as he moved slowlyBlushing
"I have some nice muscles" he whispered in her earBlushing
"I feel it so no,dont describe it please" she beggedBlushing
He did describe it for her

When they woke, he woke first and found her asleep... "Ill be right back OK" he whispered
"No dont go" she said as if he were a lil ShravuEmbarrassed
And then realized sitting up in shock.. peering out the window
"OMG its morning isnt it?"Cry
He looked for her phone or his... none were in the sun room... he walked outside to get it "11:22"
he said softly. In the most sexy sleep drugged voice...

She got off the day bed and stumbled on his tee...
Picked it up and gave it to him... he hit the light..
She turned quickly turning red...
She looked for her blouse and pushed the blankets away and he... watched... leaning on the wall..
"Come here" he called
"Nahi, mujhe ghar chhodkar aao abhi" she demandedEmbarrassed
"No da... I am so late teriyuma... onn Appa happy ya iruppa paiyan is having a good time, (ur Dad must be happy), LOL
enna konnu pottuduva da MY Dad will kill me" she panicked, tying her hair somehow
"I have no clue what u just said" he mutteredBig smile
"Po da" she saidEmbarrassed
"THAT I know" he mutteredBlushing
He walked over and held her hand... "I did bruise u a lot didnt I" he asked softly...
She was breaking into a rash like always... he let his index finger trace it all..Embarrassed

Took her to his bathroom
"No thanks I pass on the chamomile bath... will come back later... when I am dead" she hissed pushing against himBlushing
He held her in a softest of hug...
"Only if I can give it you" he smiled his half smileWink
She leaned on his chest.. and shut her eyes... "Will u find my blouse for me?"
"No" he said softlyBig smile
Moulding her to him...
He reached for something ina tube
And put it on his hands and rubbed
"No it will sting... I usually leave it as is for a few hours, no da please" she covered her chest with both hands...Embarrassed
"II I use this as an aftershave, it wont sting I promise"
"And since uve never said one truth to me, I will believe you immediately" she criedCry
He pushed her to the huge glass bowl sink area... and slowly pried her hands off and rubbed it all over her neck and face and chest and belly, turning her, pushing her hair away and massaged it into her back
She turned and hugged him tight... aroused..
"thats not a "thank you" hug" she accusedBlushing
"I know" he said nipping her ear painfully...Blushing

Woodsy lemony... it was like he was going home with her to lay on her...Blushing she smiled and kissed him one last time, spinning her insides like blender blades in motionEmbarrassed
He lifted her and put her on the sink edge..
"Ponum da" (I have to go)Big smile
"K" he said barely audiblyEmbarrassed
He understood more Tamil than he will ever admit to herEmbarrassed

Amma was awake... and on her laptop... 
"Was it good kanna?" Amma asked
II smiled.. content..
she set her bags and laptop on the sofas and walked... the woodsy smell wafting all over the living room
she walked into her room and stared at her reflection in the mirror

"Good night Ma" Ii would say cheerily
"Yes kanna" Amma would mutter

Reached for her sweats and hoodie
Took it to the bathroom
Amma watched the room quietly, shut off the living room lights and went to bed...
Appa sat up slowly... they would stay up all night and II would curl up and sleep well past 10 AM... though it was a Saturday Amma wouldnt wake her...
Appa would be doing his pooja... and Amma drying clothes in the balcony when she would wake up.. smelling like her lover

He returned her badge when they got home, he didnt ask about his Beats audio..

Amma would give her coffee, she would pick an area and clean it as she listened to Suryan FM..
or Radio Mirchi...

Appa would be done by 11 ish... Akka would arrive...

Amma would greet her give her coffee and they allw ould sit down

"What time did u get home kanna last night?"
"Ethana mani ma" Ii would ask smiling
"12:18" Amma would say smiling
"Ayyoyo, Sam and U giggling?"
"Ummm ya" she said her face turning as red as Akka's kurta

"do u like Ranjan Bhalla's son" Appa asked II

II turned pale and deathly... "yaar?" she blew air out of her dry mouth

"He came by last nite and said you and Raman should get married" Appa said softly
They were all on II's bed, the nurse was in the adjacent room.
She felt her insides hurtle down like an out of control elevator in a Hollywood movie
"Oh" she said... "Oh he came here?"

The boxes on the dining table Akka asked about a few minutes ago, he brought those, the stuff must have costed Rs.10,000" Appa said shocked

amma looked at Akka "Onakku teriyuma, did she say anything to you?"

"Amma" began Akka

"No Vandu dont lie" Amma said firmly
"Did he drop u home last night?" Appa asked hissing

II nodded feebly... flushed, afraid... sad... and thrilled for some strange reason

"Raman Bhalla's wife" "Rakshasan's wife?" 

"Find my blouse da" she begged in the bathroom
"I am going to go start the car and warm it up" he said
"Do u want me to go home like this? with my bra on?"
"Stay" he said firmly
Tearing himself off her... she hit all the lights and looked in the living room, lounge the sun room... he looked for his keys
"Here it is" he said
"Ta" (hand it to me)
He picked up his black tee and flung it..
She picked up 6 cushions and flung it with all her might, she missed hitting him every time... he was tall lean and QUICK
He walked over...
"Dont u dare II me... po da.. u are a wretch"
"NO go away" she searched...
And then realized he took it off on the day bed... she turned the lights in EVERY ROOM except the 4 shut doors..
and the fans... in fury...Blushing

"Amma he is a double Masters from CMU" Akka said stumbling..ClapStar
"So?" said Appa
"He said last night, he is a founding partner of some French company also it seems" Amma said in disbelief
"Adu ethana nejamo. How much truth is in that who knows" Appa sniggered
"Vandu... I didnt expect Ishita to.." Amma was deeply disappointed
"Amma" said II
"No kanna dont say it, I know why you rejected Sree now... its all because of this Punjabi guy isnt it? Sam was telling her husband at the 
baby shower how good you both look standing side by side" Amma accused openly hissing, but not raising her Shocked
voice "I wondered WHY a biz acquaintance's daughter will talk like that about a girl from a different culture" Amma was baffledShocked
"Amma avan" Ii beganEmbarrassed
"I know kanna dont tell me.. he is having a good time... and he has convinced you that you should too" Amma's red hot words scorched II's earsAngry
Appa cringed at that thought, he picked up the Hindu and went to her divan by the window, and sat down in despairCry

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Aayega aayega.. Title has been changed.. Das min aur... Aajayega..
Realised that I have not shed my footwear and my laptop bag is still smugly residing on my back.Embarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
Not pushing but we should have at least  2 updates today given that its a snow dayWink
Loved all the 3 updates,  will be back later...
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