SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 37

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Posted: 7 years ago
Getting colors right
Part 115
Akka and her stood in the huge front lawn eating, there were fire pits placed strategically everywhere, no not the charcoal water the crap out of your eyes kind but gas fireplaces, and a humidifier 
blew moist air every few seconds, natural rose scented air so the guests wont get a nosebleed from the heat. The Bhallas lived, ate and HOSTED in style...

"I am just going to eat Chinese like Ive never eaten before" II giggled
"Eat politely di, what are u doing" Akka giggled throwing her head back
"I skipped lunch today" Ii said
"EN?" "Why? Akka asked
"Oh bus, kaam tha" Ii lied
"Tera Rakshas yahan hota to khaati kya?" Akka asked
"Oh ya..."
Sam walked by and teased Akka,
"Pregnant to mujhe yeh lag rahi hai Sam iska plate dekho" Akka mocked
II had a heap of noodles... her lips glossy from all the peanut sauce
"Hey where is Shravu?" Sam asked
"Yahi hoga, Sam I dont even know your sister I am here eating"
"90% dont know her, I would throw these things for her every three months so she could hook up with a guy" Sam admitted honestly

Akka spit her juice out
"Main mazaak nahi kar rahi, since she divorced she has hooked up with 4 guys, well u cant include Vikram, hes not MY pick, 
he is Qantas's pick, uske saamne waale seat mein leta tha boli, by the time the flight landed they kissed I am told"
"OMG! I am sorry but from where I come from thats FAST" Vandu said
"Arey where I come from also, Modern School Barakhamba wasnt so bad back then... R&B ke time sab ho gaya. R&B is fast too"
Now II's turn to choke

"Maine suna woh karza wasool karne ke liye kiss karta hai?"
Sam spit her water out"
Wiped her lips embarrassed
"Kis se? THIS IS NEW... U got to tell me"

II put her heel , pointy heel on her pregnant Akka's fine sandal and pressed, applied 10 lbs of her weight

"Ayyo Ishita u are stepping on my foot" Akka shrieked
"sorry ka" Ii said smiling meekly

They had catered help... that walked around SERVING people...

"Box kar lein kya Akka" Ii asked
Sam was on the phone
"Po di! u sound like u escaped from a famine" Akka looked shocked
"This is the BEST chinese" Ii certified
"House of Ming, Taj Man Singh" Sam said shyly
"Jab hum chhotey the he would drag us all once a week, Ma was the chauffer"
TAJ MAN SINGH?" Akka shrieked
"Excessive I know" Sam looked ashamed

"No, no I mean chinese food is great, but" Akka stopped
II realized they were COMPLETELY out of league, despite what she made. 
Rs.1.5 lakhs a month, they couldnt afford House of Ming weekly, the tab for a single visit for the whole family crossing
Rs. 10- 15,000

Shravu and Nandu came screeching in, no other kids were around.. it was basically a party for adults, but only Shravu was invited
Sam went to check on Lasya
"Amma I ate 4 kinds of ice cream and three kinds of cakes"
"Ayyo, nalaikki/tomm Max Saket" Akka cried
"Amma I ate 4 slices of pizza first"
Akka went pale... "Ayyo mere family ke sab itne bhooke, pregnant main hoon, porum Ishita stop eating"
Ii finished...
She washed it down with some juice and wobbled to a plush rattan chair covered in soft tropical print...
She lay down and leaned back...
"Chithi, their house has 22 rooms" he said
Nandan tried to climb the wall behind her to reach vines over a barbed wire fence
"No Nandu" she yelled
"Hey do u see that soccer ball? u are tall... can u get it?"
She stood on her chair after taking off her pointy black heels...
And reached, the guests 50 odd were dwindling now or werent in the vicinity, .. or the house was so huge they were all lost
She reached up and waved at it
Nandu pushed her knees... lifting

"Ayyo, no da... Akka, no chee, Chithi right? What am I to you?" she stood there and wondered

A tall guy stood upstairs in the balcony ONE FOOT UP in flip flop... wearing a off white cargo and a navy BR tee sipped something from a glass, watching the 20 something
sway on the back rest of the rattan chair, she wore a floral print skirt with a rope like pattern, as she raised her arms, her blouse lifted to 
reveal her midriff and her skirt edge crept up her thigh.. he sipped watching quietly...

Akka: ishita what are u doing, IS THIS MADURAI?"
The man smiled, as he could hear it...
the people in the front lawn numbered less than 10, Manny made out in a corner with Vikram

Tanmay and Bala were playing pool

"No its Malcha Marg, why do rich people have tall walls and barbed wire fencing?"
"Iru keetu solren... ruk poochkar aati hoon" Akka said sarcastically
"I mean Rakshasan must be well known in the neighborhood, I mean WHO could be badder than HIM?

"Who is Rakshasan chithi?
"Ur driving instructor" she muttered
"what destrucrtor?" Shravu asked
"Poda" she yelled
R&b's half smile came and went...

"I am just dizzy" Ii said holding her head and pretending to swoon

"Ayyo chithi is pregnant" Shravu yelled
Akka smacked him "Shut up shravu"
"U said u  are dizzy because u are pregnant" he rubbed his back angrily
"U come home I will explain child brith to u" Akka hissed

R&B smiled widely
One of the armed guards at the gate walked by

"Kya Maam?"
"Sorry bhaiyya main aapke chair mein khadi hoon, kisi ko batana mat, but yeh soccer ball hedge se nikaal do?"
"Main Hindu hoon Haj to main jaata nahi" the guard said

II looked at him like she will murder him
Akka was rolling on another rattan chair... holding her belly

"Bhayya jhaar se" she pointed...

The man had a long rifle strapped to his back

"Ishita jaasti kovam aakade onna shoot panniduvan he might shoot you" Akka laughed, wiping tears
"IF U LAUGH ONE MORE SECOND I will take that and shoot you" II said
Sitting down, her skirt billowed... all the way to her face... Akka leaped to cover her sister
Not before she offered the best view of the evening to R&B

He sipped from his empty glass...
Bala walked out with Tanmay...
Through the bushy trees, and criss cross hedge R&B was almost invisible

Sam was out with the babya also

"Sam I cud just sleep here" Akka said
"The guys can go back to their game lets go up and we can share pregnancy stories.." Sam giggled
"U shud go be with ur sister" Akka said
"Arey her socks has come off... dekho udhar, pointing to a far corner of the lawn where Manny kissed Vikram
Akka blushed, not used to such PDA... EVER
Bala turned the other way...
Welcome to life in Malcha Marg" Sam giggled enjoying their discomfort

Tanmay: Chal yaar ek aur drink?
Sam: Mihir kyon nahi aaya?"
Tanmay: kuch crisis hai shaayad..kaam par
Sam made a face...
II 's phone rang

Bala and Akka were talking too

"Arey woh uthega to bore ho jaayega, he will be jet lagged na"

"To itna dheere kyon bol rahi ho?"
"I told Ishita he is not home"

Tanmay shook his head "U told me"

akka:Do u need a ride di?
II"yes yes yes

"sam: arey main chhodti hoon tumhe, they have to go to Munirka, let them go
II: No, u stay the night at Dad's
Sam: R&B kehta hai I am here too much.. abhi se, wife aayegi to aane hi nahi dega
II looked away

II:Mera badge kidhar rakha?

Sam:Mahaveer Mahaveer
The guy from Minion day showed
"HELLO MAAM" he said to II

Akka looked at Ishita  like

Ermm Akka, I have been here 4 times...
the ball and chain called Rakshasan..

"Woh Maam, woh Mam ka beta"

"Arey inki abhi shaadi nahi hui" Sam said
"Shaadi ke baad isko bache chahiye bhi nahi aap mujhe bolo mere bete ne kya kiya?" Akka demanded
"Woh mere haath se badge le gaya" he pointed to Shravu was eating something else again...
AYYO... AKKA I need it for work, they wont make a temp badge on weekend, where will we search in 22 rooms?"
Sam laughed hysterically

Shravu ran into II and pushed her back on the chair... making her nauseous

"Ayyo poda, badge enga veche, where did u put it u lil twerp?"

"Upstairs SOMEWHERE"
Sam:I am so sorry Ishita... can Daddy call Mrs Bansal?


Bala:Lets go vandu, mera call hai yaar Southern Region GM ke saath at 9, ghar se 7:30 nikalna padega
Tanmay walked them to their car..
Sam: oopar dekho main Mahavir ko bhejti hoon
She looked at Shravu and did a "i am watching you"

Sam laughed again

"Tum aise baat karti ho is se?"

"haan" said II smugly
"tabhi woh hamesha R&B ko kehta hai Chithi is a sadist"
"Woh to main hoon" she said... "Main please oopar ja sakti hoon?"
"Go baba, jao na"

She ran up the stairs like she knew the place, searched the 4 or so rooms on the first floor, two were locked
"4 here, 4 down, 4 upstairs, what about the other 10? saas bahu ki tarah there must be a secret trap door" she giggled
A text slid in...
"Return my Beats for ur badge"
AYYOYO!! she said aloud.. and looked all around as if he would appear like a hologram..

She stomped up the stairs, and found him leaning on the couch trying tos witch channels on TV

"Badge kudu da" she demanded

He turned
"U said to Shravu I am a sadist?" she demanded angrily
"He said, and I agreed" he said arms across his chest
"Mujhe badge do yaar please"
He took a step forward...
"Akka is downstairs, guarding me" she said
"I dont think she found it to be too lucrative she just hopped in the car and left"
"I was watching u from the balcony" he said..
She immediately smoothened her skirt on reflex

He closed the gap and picked her up
"ayyo no da, please" she begged softly, pushing him with her hands
He let her skirt fall, and held her bare thigh

"Stop it" she grabbed her billowing skirt and tried to tuck it between his arm and the back of her thighs

windows every where two sides, huge windows...
HUGE COUCHES,  and what looked like a divan... BY THE WINDOW... the windows were open... the vines swayed outside, lavender and rose...
She scrambled to the headboard... he leaned and lay down by her, dragging her by the waist...
"How many people sleep on this bed?" she asked sniggering
"I havent had a orgy ... yet" he said
Climbing over... smothering her
She shrieked as he bent down and captured her lips...
Not gently not like the phone conversation... rough.. and hungry... with his 1.5 stubble
She let her arms go around his neck and arched up to meet him..

Like seeing the husband return from a loong biz trip, drag his bags inside, pay the cabbie, shut the door  and get pinned on the back of the door
It doesnt matter he smells like the plane kiss

He stopped to postion his legs ermm spread em... she moaned grabbing his face
"Shhh II" "I am right here"
She pulled his head down...
They moaned into each others' mouth... audibly, he reached for her tongue with his lips
She panicked and pushed him away... dizzy and shaking

He moved purposefully
"Two weeks? three" he asked mercilessly pushing
She looked at him aroused and dazed, unable to say A WORD
He bent down on her collar bone, and let his hands go under her wing like black blouse..

His palm did the slow rotation like he was opening a jar on her...
She screamed and turned
"Rakshasan da nee" she groaned
He smiled his half smile and pulled her back under him

And kissed "Not" she began and he muffled her

His hand now going for her skirt... completely over her hip bones..
she relaxed letting his hand travel over her..
Sending her hurtling into outer space with just a fleeting touch with his finger tips
And just when he got to where he wanted to go on the bus, she didnt let him  get off.
she pushed him and climbed over
"no da please?" she begged

"kiss me then"
"Nahi" she said
"Do u want ur French lover?" he asked
she had no idea what that meant, she bent down on his collar bone.. he yanked his tee off and let her lay on him..
"which one?" she asked
He turned her over and moved "THIS ONE"

They kissed again...
And he helped her out of her uneven wavy blouse.

"I guessed it was black lace down there (down there at the lawn? or ermmm), i was right" he chuckled on her upper curves, his hand going to her thigh...
She slapped him.. yanking his straying mouth
"U are wrong...its dark green actually... the bra's black" she moaned

Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Nisha,
This is Deepthi, the one who kept bugging Ashu to post replies on my behalf.. Finally i figured out how to log in to IF and here i am writing to you directly.. Please forgive my ignorance because i dont know where this post will land as i am completely new to IF and just dont know where to hit reply or where to post..Just wanna say you are MINDBLOWING..Your imagination, characterization, bringing in real life experiences to your story, the humor, romance and what not..i am in awe of your writing..the last time i was hooked to any story was Anuja Chauhan's, her first two books.. I am a big fan of hers and how i have found her in you.. This story is best-seller and you should publish it.. You have a great future and wanna see more and more from you..Smile

And guess what.. i have found a voice for II..check teh lyrics below from KADAL..i dont know who said these but her voice is what i gave to II..

Unnaku theriyuma..
naan unna nenapen
nee enna marappa
naan adipen , nee siripa
nee oor suthi,
naan unna suthi
naan edhir ,nee pudhir
naan magudi da.. nee paambu 

Posted: 7 years ago
Thank you for updating Nish...Good night...vl stop troubling for a few hrs now Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
It's official Nish, main mar gayi iss baar.
Comment dene ke liye my brain is not functioning anymore. Abhi 5-10 times aur padhne ke baad thoda dimaag bacha toh kuch aur boloongi.
Posted: 7 years ago
Big step for II and RnB and you are officially too cruel to stop here..you need to know who is to be blamed for girls dying here.. LOL good one ClapEdited by blue5sky - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Whoa! I am still hyperventillating! You are too good I tell you, hope we will get to read some more "details" when she thinks "back" ;).Day Dreaming
BTW , the " hedge" joke was hilarious! ROFL
Edited by swaram - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Nisha Di, plzz hve a look at ur pm and comment on my thread plzz a request it's my frst ever post plzzEdited by crazy_neha - 7 years ago

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