SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 18

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hey no update what happened??? R u ok???
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by columbia

Dear Nisha and my love Ashu 

I wanted to let you guys know I have been accepted into the Harvard graduate program - MS Econ and PhD program on a complete scholarship. My late fianc was a Yale graduate himself so 'twas his dream that I get into Yale and me being me promised him that I would never apply to Yale and wanted to get into columbia. But the universe has it's own sense of humor, Harvard was a place I had applied last just on a lark becos it was his second choice. I never did apply to Yale. In fact I always teased him yeh Yale Harvard types...
Needless to say I am on seventh heaven, I am sure he is having the last laugh from wherever he is. 
But this is also a testament to my Ma who is a single mom, who has her son a starred and celebrated indian army squadron, a daughter at IIT and now me at. Harvard. 
I would never be able to tell her on her face ... But it's for her that we three have achieved so much. 

Which brings me to the sad part 
I shall now be completely off IF - need to complete my job deadlines and prep for my departure to US. 
Hafiz sabko prem aur Dhair saari khushiyan! 

May your R&B and Kanna love forever! 

I am going to butt in too!!! Congrats!!!!!!! so proud of you!!!I have lived in Boston and  its my dream that my kids study in that wonderful city and a bigger dream to study in Harvard..gosh Harvard square is the most fun place ever ,the lawn , I use to take the red line to work everyday . Its a college town, great colleges out there and everything about it is awesome! i couldnt bear the winters hence moved south .
In case you have any questions about that place PM me and I can help my bff went to medical school there.
I am so proud of your mom WOW ,this comment makes me so happy like you work hard you see such good rewards and also reiterates my thinking that after something bad something bigger is waiting for you.
GOOD Luck!!!! enjoy this phase and yes i will watch out for your name in Wallstreet journal :-)
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha dont abandon us :-((( what happened in shravu's bedroom?
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 108
Jealousy's good

"Youve started living HERE now?' she asked himAngry

He had no clue she was going to appear like a enraged goddess, her face a flaming pink... with bags in one hand a spiderman costume in another...
"He pulled his left ear bud off gently sitting up, Shravu didnt even bother to do that...

"Dont u have ur own house?" she asked him placing the bags on the floor, reaching over him to yank the kid up
"Ezhindiru da, get up, what is THIS?" she showed him
"A spider man costume" he said carelesslyROFL
"What is it doing on a Honda motorcycle downstairs?" she yelled
"Uncle R threw it when we were practising baseball pitching" he said carelessly, still buried in his DSROFL
She grabbed it out of his hand...

"why are u on Shravu's bed?' she yanked Shravu's tees, books and clothes from under R&B...Angry
"Get up DA" she moanedAngry
"she said DA?" Shravu looked up from his DS NOWROFL... "she said DA... She said DA, she called u a DA"LOL

He rolled on the bed...
R&B set his book on a table by the bed, no not a fancy nightstand... 
and folded his arms and lay back on the messy, littered bed, books clothes, toys, legos everywhere
"she did didnt she" R&B saidEmbarrassed
"amma says u should not say DA to adults EVERRR... chithi said DA... chithi said DA"

"Dey get up" II hissed softly dragging him up with his collar, going over R&B...
"I will say it a million times"Angry
She looked @ R&B straight in the face "Dont u have a life da? why are u here all the time da? U are a troublemaker da. "

Shravu heard that and went off to roll on the bed... hysterically... hysterically three DAs? three DAs?"

"Lets make it an even five II" he dared herEmbarrassed

"You have no business being in Shravu's room da, HOW DARE U tell akka the definition of Hindu Marriage Act da? Angry

Shravu was lost in his game no longer interested, his feet on R&B's thighs, he was across the bed

It made her hopping mad, she was angry at her parents, pissed at her own inabilty to be honest about feelings for R&B, 
jealous of R&B's increasing closeness with Shravu, being busted by Akka like that, 
R&B bringing Sree into the picture publicly JUST when she was ready to let go of him...many many things, 
Like they say "you speak the truth once, a lie on the other hand has to be repeated many times, many many ways"ROFL

"where is Appa?"
"He took Thatha Paati to NOIDA at 11"
"Where is Amma?"
"she went to Munirka market with Chhabra Aunty downstairs"
"when is Amma returning?"
Shravu looked up from his DS "Hey how come you are asking me all these Qs, I want to ask some, my turn, my turn...where is Thatha?"ROFL
"Po da... he is at home"Angry
"Where is Paati"
She is going to Sheikh Sarai"
"Where is Periya thatha, big nanaji?"
"He went to Japan"ROFL
She lunged at him... across R&B's legs, the kid lay across the bed...

"Who put gel on your head?"
"Uncle R" he said smuglyEmbarrassed
"Didnt Amma say no gel"
"Maybe" he shrugged JUST LIKE R&BAngry
"Look at me" "Ada kudu da" she reached for his DS and grabbed it

"He cant even comb his hair but he gives you gel?" she complainedBlushing
She saw a BIG flash of teeth in her side vision as R&B smiled fully at that comment
"Oh! Uncle R says he gets finger kangi" Shravu said with a "whatever the heck that is" lookLOL
"WELL not any more, he doesnt" she muttered.. blushing but still angry...Angry
"Get up and clean up the room, and next time your done learning driving, then let the driving instructor go HOME" she scolded Shravu
She grabbed his DS at the exact moment
Shravu's friend yelled from downstairs... 

Shravu ran to the window... and then "Chithi pleeez I promise to pick it up soon, 
Anagh is here, Chithi pleeez" he threw the DS on the bed and and ran out of the room..
"No I cant allow you... no"

Shravu banged the front door and was long gone, 

She picked up stuff and put it away...

"When is the wedding?' he asked bluntlyAngry
"Soon, hes waiting for funding, when his company gets the funding we should be married"Embarrassed
"Hope u told ur family" he said silkilyWink
However terrible he is for me I shud just marry Sree he is not half as terrible as you
This is a battle thats lost before it began, the groom is not the "marrying kind"Cry

"Appa will never agree... being Punjabi would be their greatest setback, to top it off he is in a relationship with a French woman
Appa probably expects a virgin or a almost virgin like me... Appa would be apalled to hear he "he has been "around" for 15 years" Cry
cannot go to bed two nights in a row without sex, AND the biggest truth of it all..."Cry


He leaned on the wall hands in pockets, as she cleaned up the bed, huffing, they both didnt talk to each other ermmm... for him its just another hour, for her? its a Hercuelan task...
Her platinum jhumkas bobbed agitatedly like they were yelling at him... he imagined them  her laying under him... the earrings stressing "Please stop" "No" "Please da"
Her nose tip was pink, like she had just cried...
He put his ear buds back on...

She dusted and plumped up the pillows
"I can teach driving in  a park car as well, WHATS the big deal in that?" she rantedLOL
She looked under the bed and gathered up all his Legos, tucked her saree around her waist, and worked away..
"You can go now if u want I am here NOW" She looked at him..
Stomped over to himAngry
"Pesave pesaade, yaar solradayum kekkade da, dont talk to any one, dont even listen" she yelledLOL
Yanked his left ear bud off, just as his hand reached for it, he held her troubled wrist, as the bud came off
I cant even talk to you?" she demanded

Like she expected him to be sitting there waiting to share her frustrations after a visit to "Amma & Appa's" like Akka would say Athim would...
Listen to her agree with her NO QUESTIONS ASKED ABOUT WHY or HOW parents drove Akka up the wallLOL


He shrugged indicating "So? what do u have for me"
"Why cant u survive without that goddamn music for an hour? "Cry

He pulled the left one, with his right hand and placed gently in her right ear "Podcast II" he said
She turned red in embarrassment, he turned the volume downEmbarrassed

"U can go now I am here" she said
"Sam says I am supposed to hand him to a parent" he said softly, he was a baby sitter and he "only followed rules and did as i was told"LOL

"Who was here when u returned?" Ii askedShocked
"The lady across the hall" he said
He just held her right wrist with his...
"I can teach him how to drive in a parked car also." she complainedAngry
"U could" he muttered softlyBig smile shrugging...
"U have your own, hes MINE" she told him all greenEvil Smile
His half smile came and went...
"Jealous II?" HE ASKED HER FOR PROOFBlushing
IRU DA NOTARIZE PANNI Rs. 10 stamp paper la taern, will hand u in a notarized stamp paper

"Why shudnt I be?' she demandedCry
He looked at her, and made a gentle slipBlushing... as she legitimized her jealousy of a 9 year old's love for a 30 year old, 
he used the opp to legitimize his jealousy at the 32 year old Bio Agri Data guy's windfall of marrying his Fire Cracker
In all her purple and platinum glory... bathed in the scent of jasmine and spice

"Jealousy is good" he said Blushing

He shook his green monster... off completely... in a second

"Will u have things wrapped up before the wedding?" he asked blandly
"I shud" she said looking into his eyes..Cry
He let go of her hand...

 She stepped back... the earbud in her ear, yanked her, she pulled it out and put it in his left ear
He bent down further enabling her to reach, she felt his breath on her bare shoulders and collar bone... Blushing
a mm lower and she would have felt that glorious stubble, it would be ALL HERS for the next half hour afterwards...
To complain about to feel the texture to play with, to trace... to measure

There was a knock on the door, she went to the kitchen allowing him to get it
Akka walked in "Arey ITNA HANDSOME durbaan? Kitna lete ho bhayya mahiney ka?"
He hugged her warmly... "Hi Vandita" and quoted a rateBlushing
I see silver stilletoes, ya to Deepika Padukone aayi hai ya meri 5'9"
He didnt say its II, he said "Its not the first one"Embarrassed

She just went about making chai

Akka quizzed him about the driving lesson...
She brought chai out... she told Akka what she sang, Akka asked him if he has heard her sing

"A bit" he saidEmbarrassed

"Oh right at Sam's baby shower" Akka saidBig smile
II finished her chai and said "I have to go"
"Wait no, Bala will be here kanna" Akka begged "R&B has to look at his laptop, the service guy came"

She took the cups to the sink...
Akka looked at her troubled sister and gave her a tight hug...

"Seri vidu... just let go... the next time I will be more careful, or request Sam not to send him?' Akka offeredHug
"No... cheee that would be silly... Amma Appa are hounding me, if its not Sree it will be someone else soon" "You know them, youve been through this drill" II smirkedCry
"Except there was no 6'3" introvert that kissed me to recover a Rs.5 debt"Blushing

Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Nisha
Hope all is well. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Feeling like a deflated balloon?. If no, don't even read further. If you are, then do give a thought to my two cents.
Wind knocked out of your sails??
That's ok , once in a way!!
C decided to hop off the train as she has a new destination that she has to reach, urgently and may be her limitations /priorities r such that she cannot keep up pace with this train which has kept running like a manic juggernaut.
But this train has to have a destination. With due respect, it has to go on ,knowing people need to get off and few others will board on,
I write this only cos , I did not find your morning update, which is my petrol for the day.
So signal out the green flag and roll on.

And if you need to pause and absorb the speed breaker, I understand and will wait for your green flag.This journey, in your words is an obsession and one has to feed the obsessions.

And Columbia, if you are reading this, many thanks to get the train journey started. Only my best wishes for you . I don't know you or anyone here, but this forum connects people.Reading your ode to Nisha's pt 90,letting go, I knew , it had to have a deeper connect and now I know why.I take the liberty to say, Do thank your mom, as you set sail , bcos she has found the strength to carry on cos of you and your siblings. N's story has helped u and so will it help ur mother if u thank her.Harvard calling, My My!! Go grab it, girl.And do try to hop on one of Nisha's train, I am sure , they r going to be a few apart from this train and myself and few others in this train will catch u there.

Come on N,this post is to me, just trying to pump up hydrogen / helium to your ballon which appears ,deflated for now.
But if you r wondering the need for this post and you hv not posted only cos you r really caught up with family, just forget that this post was even made.

Posted: 7 years ago
I am going NOWHERE.LOL
I am married with kids AND have STEADY JOBShocked
Ive lived in the same house 15 years...Shocked

Symphonies will stay put... I mean... it will move... and progress and suchEmbarrassedLOL

Main KAHIN nahi ja rahiLOL

I trust C to log on and catch up updates IF and when she wants... Harvard doesn't prohibit its students from loving romance fiction EmbarrassedBig smile
And Fall is 8 months away, she HAS to log on kabhi na kabhi Embarrassed

Good Luck CEmbarrassed
Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Interesting Update..Good Going...Clap

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