SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 14

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Goosecool

Originally posted by Ranu1234

Hai my devil and his consortEmbarrassedI think vandu / Sam will now have to work together . One thing though if R&B is in a relation why would Sam try to hook him up?
OMG I am so smartLOL
At least II has confided in her sister and no more Jhoot other than I hate him , so we just got closer to our Iyer weddingEmbarrassed
One question though wouldn't R&B guess madam is lying cause her own sister is unaware she is marrying sree?

Exactly I think R&B will realize that she doesn't wantv to marry saree n. He is really jealous of saree that's y he left withoutvsaying before... this is getting more interesting ... what about he talks to OIL when he is on a PLAY DATE with shravu Wink LOL

Dont worry well have the play date next

Usme kuch na kuch karte hain is baare mein...

Every confusion of every sort will happen until ONE of these two morons will act
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Okay!! I travel in a train.. With broken network.. I keep refreshing d IF page the whole night.. I dont get any.. I quit.. Wake up around 3ish searching for my station.. Check my mobile for network. Find one instantly.. Go into the IF page and find two new updates! !!
I read the updates near the door..
Lol.. I finished up and was still waiting for my station..
M thrilled now.. RB wants to marry II.. But the Iyer sisters got conned by into believeing he doesnt want to!!!!
I want a thorough confrontation of II n RB.. And pleaseee this time let him talk more deee.. And no lying to akka again by II.. Addi vanga pora ippo


Ayyo Amma taaye nee IF la story padikka poi train lendu keezha vizhindudaade, They will trace it to ME di. Enakku jail poradula oru viruppamum ille

Dont fall off the train trying to read this love story, do desire to go to prisonOuch

JUST ABS LOVE THEM... esp, long distance trains the
 way they wind through ravines and u can see a necklace like sparkle in the dark dark night

I am so mad at you right now for telling me you are in a train I am unable to write my story
Posted: 7 years ago
When will be the next up date
Posted: 7 years ago
Paavi.. M trying to tell u how hooked up I am di LOL I know!!!! I so love train journeys too!!! But waking up so early to find a station is bleh..
When is d next update???
Podi.. I will never let that happen.. Who will update us wid RB if u sit in prison
The door was locked though.. I need a quick update wid RB n II talking... I know they cant have their hands off each other.. Lekin I want all misunderstandings gone and d sisters to plot... Pleaseee
Posted: 7 years ago
Husband Seva & Snakes
Part 107

II begged Akka to keep it all a secret, Akka disagreed, and then later relented... 
"Nee vai tarandaale pesarde poi, adukku onakku oru assistant, u open ur mouth to lie, then u need an accomplice"AngryCry

"Have I ever lied to u?" II demandedCry
"NOT TO THIS EXTENT" Akka shoutedEvil Smile

"You could have told me... how did it all begin?' Akka askedAngry
"I dont know..." II liedCry
"Did he aske u out?" Akka asked...Embarrassed
"No... no.. not like that"Evil Smile
"then like how...?" Akka wanted every gory detail
"I refused to drink the coffee he paid for so handed 
him the money for it, it was Rs.5 short it fell someplace... so he kissed me"Blushing II said swallowing the last part as best as she couldEmbarrassed

"AYYOYO, nejamava? Are u kidding? U are kidding!" Akka shriekedLOL

"Ayyoyo... ethana kozhuppu, how dare he" Akka couldnt HELP smile... SHE DID... SHE DID FULLYLOL
II stood up "Lets go home ka" she said patting her face to get rid of the heat
Akka stood up slowly... "have u seen his girlfriend?"Cry
"Hmmm" said II opening the door, as she threw her empty paper cup and akka's in the trash by the door
It was good for II to see Akka not throwing up anything... Akka was in shock but but not sick

"How is she? 6 foot tall and gorgeous?" Akka asked sadlyAngryCry
"No 5 feet tall and cute as a button, with a tiny nose and tiny hands... and big boobs" II said disgustedDeadCry
Akka giggled... "Ishita... its your officeShocked"
"I know... lets go home... this is over now" she said, sullenCry
Akka wandered... her mind a mess...
She wondered if she should tell Ssam, "will R&B?" "Will he hide it?"
"I cannot believe u asked him" Ii was offended
"Well HE WONT, YOU WONT.. some one has to" Akka said proudlyEvil Smile
"athim kitta sonneya?" "Did u tell Bala" she asked
"Ummm... no" Akka said sadly "It didnt work out any way so.."
akka followed her thoughtful and pensive...

Akka was deeply disappointed, well... not as much as II... her love story didnt take off but somehow crash landed...
Akka dropped her home, and she didnt tell Amma who dropped her and why... 
Lay in bed staring at the ceiling fan, wondering how everything would have been in an ideal world... Amma came to get mail she pretended to sleep her face somber... she would later cry

She would go tell Appa "Subbu has left no, so she is upset"
She spent every evening Wed, Thursday and Friday practising for the Malai Mandir show... on Saturday the show was at 2, it was a grand success, she wore a purple silk saree with silver peacocks all over with platinum jhumkas  and jasmine in her braidClapEmbarrassed

She even had platinum nose ring on... her jhumkas were her newest acquisition so she wore them with cotton clothes as well...
Amma: Do u want to drop that bag off at Akka's kanna? Bala will give u a ride home? U can go check on her as well? I will go to Sheikh Sarai after dropping Appa. Appa's car has a oil leak no...
II: Sure ma..

Amma: Natesan Mami has recorded the whole thing for Sree, she has promised to send it to him...
II:Amma dont get so excited about Sree, I want some time... its not easy making such decisions

Amma looked startled, Ii was at the temple she was ATTEMPTING to speak the truthROFL

A: Ishita, he is an educated man, good looking, if they get funding for their idea then there is no stopping them, I mean data analytics is such a cutting edge fieldClap

II: I know ma... but Sree OK va irukaan enakku exciting aa ille I am not excited..Amma and her walked down the stone steps from up the hill... II held her saree and pallu elegantly in one hand holding Amma's elbow with the other...

A:What is this Ishita this is not a movie. You dont look for excitement in a marriage, its not an amusement park thrill rideEmbarrassed
II:It CAN BE (husky)Blushing

A:Epdi mudiyum, how is it possible? Whatever they show in movies is all fake kanna... there is no such thing in real lifeCry
II: I dont know ma...

A:two people asked me today if u are engaged or if there is anybody we are looking at.. (proud)Embarrassed

Despite Subbu's pathetic behavior II was extremely sought after for her GORGEOUS looks and elegance and her career, not to mention singing skills

II:Did u tell them I dont cook much Iyer food?Embarrassed
A: Dont worry Sree cooks a lot Natesan Mami said, pasta, pizza and all
II: NiiiceBig smile
A: U shud also cook for him, not just make him cook, all the modern current day marriages I am told husband cooks half the time (dismissive)

II:If wife can have a career husband can cook maAngry
A: I agree kanna, I know Bala does too for Vandu... but as women.. (Amma dragged)
II: ya wives are supposed to serve their husbandsEvil Smile

U need Rakshasan for a son in law Amma he is a BUM.. he wont get a hair cut, he wont do any workEmbarrassed
Just lay there smirking...

A: appa is here so dont speak negative things...
II: Saying no to Sree is not negative, because uve lined up three more, avaloda pesikko (sniggering)Angry
A:Its not a joke kanna.. (angry)

Amma paused at the bottom step, serious... "is it because of what happened with Subbu u are so nervous?"Cry
"Ummm ille ma"Cry

"Then what kanna, u seem disturbed, Sree is a good man.. avanum vendaam solrey... Appa retires in two years"Ouch

"That has NOTHING to do with my life Ma" II was irritated...Angry
"OK Ishita, i will say it bluntly, if its all intended to delay, then let me tell you, we will keep suggesting someone or the other and wont sit still until u agree to one" Amma said looking straight into her eyes

"Appa retires in two years, we are not "those" parents that will say "Oh our daughter has a great career aval kalyaname vendaam sollitta so she moved to Ireland, we are going to Coimbatore" Amma bit outAngry

"Amma paavam Narayanan Mama, dont say like that" Ii beggedCry
Their daughter was in their early 30s , after an affair with a  Bihari guy got disapproval, she took off, they returned to Coimbatore

"Its a fact Ishita, even Murthy Mama's son is behaving that way only, he wanted to marry a Assamese girl they didnt agree, now he is doing pidivadam, zid, they might agree it looks like" Amma shook her head

"In our house Appa will NEVER agree for any other caste, you know him... Punjabis are generous good looking and kind and  protective but they are not Iyers"Evil Smile they eat meat and drink liqour..
WHY Madhu Iyer would quote an example from THAT state only she knows or she is clairvoyant knowing of things to come?Wink

II blushed a beautiful red..."I know what good loking is and protective is and generous? MAYBE NOT
Rakshasan is hounding me for Rs.2036Blushing... KIND? he is NOT... he is a devil...

"Romba flashy ya irunda Appa doesnt like... he doesnt like showy men, Sree is smart and not showy.."
Appa gave up and walked over "Enna ponnukku kovil padi la ninnu upadesham? What preaching on the temple steps?"LOL

"Oh nothing... I was telling her about that Murthy Mama's son, and those two other proposals that came..." Amma said with prideClap
"We dont need any more ma, she is set with Sree" Appa gushedClap
"I dont like him that much pa" II started feeblyAngry

Appa looked FU-RI-OU-S...Angry
"amma hushed and shushed them.. "atthukku poi pesalam, lets go home, she is just saying... she needs time" AMMA TRIED TO GLOSS OVER IT

"No Ma, I had all the time... enakku onnum, i dont find anything" II stopped did not dare use EXCITING in front of Appa..ROFL
As an Iyer girl some things were just taboo

Appa said "Lets take an auto she can take her car to Vandu's" he said angrilyAngry
"appa you dont have to be so upset, I am taking an auto" she walked away to her car to grab the bags 
that needed to go to Akka's, tailors, some snacks, some magazines, the barter system that happens between locally married daughters and mothersBig smile
"Natesan Mami's tall dabba is in there I put some pottukadalai laddoo, split gram laddoos in it" Amma pacified a sulking daughterEmbarrassed
"Kanna u are wearing flowers in ur hair u dont like to take an auto like that no, Appa is right we will take an auto" Amma cajoled herCry

"No Ma, tell Appa, not to be angry, he can manipulate me with another groom soon" Ii sulked and walked to an auto

"Eligible Iyer boys" as they are called ogled and stared openly, as they stopped by to pick up parents, aunts from the Cutcheri outside the temple gatesEmbarrassed

She walked unmindful, tall, gorgeous, her jhumkas bobbing... carrying three Shoppers Stop bagsLOL and her purse, wearing her almost backless choli and flowers in her hair

She waved an auto, the way to Munirka was Eastward on the same road, she hopped on "DDA Flats bhaiya F block" she sulked
and looked out, got off paid him Rs.10 more than what he asked for Rs.50 instead of Rs.40 and walked around Akka's building... found a red Spiderman costume on the street
She recognized it she had asked a gora class mate at GT to buy and send for her last Hallloween... for the BRAT... she fumed, picking it up

Walked in a angry tizzy up the three floors.. the front door was open... she heard giggles from Shravu's room.. the tube light was on.. it was looking like it would rain...

Shravu lay in bed, ermmm. leaned on the headboard.. half on half on a talll tall man, playing his DS, 
the tall man LAY BESIDE HIM, in a moss green cargo... 
and a watered down lemon yellow half sleeve shirt with shoulder and sleeve strap, 
with a vest inside, twirling his hair, reading a book with earbuds on, every few seconds 
he snaked his fingers out and tickled the brat... naming one snake or the otherEmbarrassed

Posted: 7 years ago
That convo between Ishita and her mother just doesn't spell a happy ending anytime soon. Unhappy
Aside from getting over the fact that R&B is punjabi, the whole affair thing will Ranjan absolutely HAS to get cleared first.
I am so totally waiting to see how this play date plays out. Wink LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
A very typical Iyer scene. The best thing about ur FF is that I can just relate to it. Its like u writing a part of us Iyer's life. Specially the dialogue pulled by her mother ---- the dialogue I am being told often now. I just laughed out loud reading that. probably all Iyer parents collude and decide what to talk to their kids I guess.
Posted: 7 years ago
Another romantic encounter?????
Bring it on Nishu!!!! M waiting...

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