SW Symph 3-"I am Sam" on 139 - Page 118

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Posted: 6 years ago
I was a bit surprised when R&B said Sam didn't love the idea of his marriage. I thought that's what she wished for all along? Shocked

II voicing her fears! Finally she asked about Marliese. We all wanted to know the equation between R&B and her now, isn'tit? He didn't totally clarify but indicated that it was in the past . Good that he got to know why she was so upset. II making it very clear R&B was her sole property! Clap

Amma being very perceptive can see and gauge her daughter's feelings but Appa refuses to come out of the "No Bhalla" zone! LOL we can see where he is coming from , the fear of his dearest daughter being left alone in a house with an old man of loose character! Fair enough!

Loving the build up of the "Iyers Vs Bhallas"!Edited by swaram - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha...lovely update. Please update soon.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ranu1234

Nisha you are not replying to my posts Cry.yenna panninen naan ..

i felt this ranjan thing is going to be problem,  have been saying ranjan ranjan and no response :-( now see what appa is saying i knew this would happen .. no middle class family is going to let their educated self sufficient daughter get into a family with a woman scandal ...Cryno matter how good everything else is..

Loved the convo between R&B and II like always ..

I am thinking of a plan for RanjanEvil Smile

Did you read my pm , i sent you an idea ..
Good you are thinking of a plan for Ranjan :-)
I thought you are just so done with comments in this thread or something or the obsession is getting to you now .. you know too much ghit pit :-)
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ranu1234

Nisha you are not replying to my posts Cry.yenna panninen naan ..

i felt this ranjan thing is going to be problem,  have been saying ranjan ranjan and no response :-( now see what appa is saying i knew this would happen .. no middle class family is going to let their educated self sufficient daughter get into a family with a woman scandal ...Cryno matter how good everything else is..

Loved the convo between R&B and II like always ..

If I were mad at you why would I ask u to give expert advice to Sudhi? Kanna?
Why?Big smile

NO I AM NOTBig smile

I dont feel like exonerating him just yet, adds to the drama ille?OuchConfusedEvil Smile
If we exonerate him then its just a cross cultural marriage dee, whats the fun in THATLOL

:-) phew you have me so relieved Embarrassed.. hmnn i get what you are saying but i want a happy wedding for these two i agree there will def be more tension with the scandal as part of the wedding.. i am going to let you decide cause i finally do love what you write ...
but i want a happy wedding for these two ,both iyers and bhallas deserve it.. 
 i remember previously you had this lets keep the tension between R&B and II intact and it worked out well so i am in two minds now...LOL but pavam ranjan ... see i am going back and forth like a pendulum..LOLROFL
any updates for tonite?

Edited by Ranu1234 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Boarded the train.. Nishm expecting a marathon of updates over this weekend ...iMy journey will be tad boring despite looking outta d window the whole day..
Fun drama romance and more awaited..
Next eppo??
Posted: 6 years ago
Michelangelo & Jewish AwardWink
Part 131

R&B lounged in the terrace with his second mug of coffee at Noon, he woke 15 minutes ago, he demanded aloo parantha Heart
just like his Mom made em, with butter and home made chutneys. Ranjan had poached a exceptional chef from Vasnat Vihar's poshest "Ethnic" 
eatery called De tiuhara... which is feast in Punjabi... the man could whip up a mean mealClap

He sat under one of the elegant umbrella awning structures, in expensive rattan chair... checked his work email
Manny called
"Are u on something Dimpal?" She askedAngry
"Depends on what you want to hear" he said drylyBig smile
"Tell me the truth"Angry
"I am on Ma's tropical pattern all weather cushions in the terrace Thank you" he saidBig smile
"U smug bas***d u got engaged?" Manny was MADDDAngry
"Oh ya and THAT too" R&B smiled his half smileTongue
"Why? Couldnt you get her to go to bed without a ring?" Manny asked bluntlyAngry
"And you need to know that... why?" he counteredBig smile
"Sam called and left a message last night, saying you cancelled your Dubai trip and you are engaged" Manny accusedAngry
"Yes to both" he said confusedBig smile

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Marliese... OK chalo Ma ko gaye do hafta hua u meet her at work, she is good in bed... 
and then it goes for 4 years, then u break up with her, return to India, she follows you all over, u take her out to dinner and u get engaged to a geeky Iyer?"Angry
"I already know all that Manny" he said softlyLOL
"QUIT GETTING OVERSMART WITH ME, Sam se chalega yeh shit not with me dude" Manny yelledAngry
"Are u coming to the wedding?' he askedEmbarrassed
"So u are SERIOUS?" Manny askedAngry
"I would buy her a Cartier ring just to piss YOU off?" he asked calmlyROFL
Manny must have imploded there was no sound for a while...LOL

"Gotta go!!! my breakfast is here" he saidEmbarrassed
The help set his plate, with steaming hot paranthas, and 4 kinds of chutney and a blob of butter... 
the butter slid from spot to spot to escape the heat below, slowly losing its form... dissolving into a watery mess... dripping over on to his plate
He loved soaking his parantha with butter reminded him of how Ma fed him, on the HUGE kitched island... she sat him there while she rolled for him

Nobody else got "Ma ke haath ka, only R&B"Blushing
"Hamey clearance mein khareeda Ma ne" Manny would gruntAngry
""she picked u up from the donation pile at Salvation Army, and I was carved by Michelangelo" he would chuckleClap
She would aim his fork at him, Ma would gather him in his arms
No, R&B wasnt 5, ermmm more like 25...ROFL

Savita & Ranjan BOTH wanted a girl again when she found herself pregnant EmbarrassedClap
soon after Manny was born, chachu had two (he would go on to have two more) boys.
But R&B appeared... Savita adored him to pieces...Embarrassed

"Are u getting a prenup?" she askedAngry

"No, just aloo parantha today" he said skirting itROFL

"U know how my ex took me to the cleaners dont you?"Cry Manny accused

"U told me" he said carelesslySleepy

"He sued me for negligence and emotional abuse shit " Manny  cursed with vengeanceAngry

He grunted

" I bet she is AWESOME. She even seems adorable... BUT PLEASE BE WISE DIMPAL" she beggedCry
"Will you be able to make it to the wedding?" he askedBig smile
"KAB hai shaadi?"Cry
"Hopefully in Feb" he saidEmbarrassed
He didnt respond, just asked for lassi

"FEB DIMPAL?" She shriekedAngry
"Shaadi kis style ki hai?"
"No it wont be a designer" he saidBig smile
Not sure if he was deliberately misunderstanding to just being denseConfused
"CULTURE bol" Manny coaxedAngry
"Iyer" pithy responseBig smile
"Does Sam know?"
"Ya about the wedding?"Big smile
"Nahi this whole IYER wedding thing" Manny asked defeatedCry
HE was exponentially smug adamant and wilful than herself... they were alike
"she is very pretty" Manny saidClap
R&B chuckled noiselessly
"Ladti hai na tujhse?" curiousEmbarrassed
"Ummm... ya..." R&B saidBlushing
"All the time?"Shocked
"I think so" he saidBlushing
"Enjoy ur parantha, meri taraf se ek kha" Manny saidHug
"Hmm" he grunted chewing  licking chutney off his thumb with a audible smack
"I am here you know... Dimpal.. for you" protectiveHug
"I do" he ssaidHeart
"I only seem cuddly (the chubbiest of the three) I am violent" ferociousEvil Smile
"I know" he said with a half smile'Hug


Around two ish she changed into a purple and orange dawani and lehanga, braided her hair... 
grabbed her keys, started her car and drove it to a house, parked across the street, smiled at the person guarding the gate, 
She took her expensive kolhapuris off at the door, made her way to the second floor, 
he was fixing a sorround sound speaker across from the TV without a ladder, since he was 6'3" with an extended arm he was over 7 feet?
He wore a old black collarless tee and and grey cargos...Embarrassed

She walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned startled
She pushed him against the wall, stood on HIS feet, and still was short by a few inches,
 reached for his hair, pulled his head down and kissed him fully... his groan was probably 
heard by Appa enjoying a authentic IYER MEAL at Sam's (Yep Sam hired a IYER COOKShocked)ROFL
He just lifted her completely, slamming on the wall, his arms going around her slender smooth well oiled waist.
She ran her solitaire under his chin and jaw... and over his tee... all the way down... ermm.. as low as she could goBlushing

She did everything he would do when he would begin kissing, she felt his lower lip, traced his teeth and tongue... 
tasted like ajwain and jeera from his breakfast... she kissed his nose, and his ear... EmbarrassedClap
with no earring it was all hers to nip and ermmm... s--- and nip, he encouraged her to stay on...Blushing
And kissed him again...

"I just felt like it" she said gasping/giggling in his earEvil Smile

As he held her tight like a naughty kitten...
He carried her over to the day bed, slid over her and moved, kissing her fully.. she felt like sugar being stirred into a cup of coffee...dizzy.. frothy and sweet and steamyBlushing
...his hand yanking the string off her criss cross blouse...the knot was too squirly for him, and 
she pressed on his hand, smiling, he used his other hand to "approach" the problem differently"Blushing
He used his thumb tip... to trace her outline from head to toe... watching her writhe.. and beg him to stopEmbarrassed
Rakshasan...Evil Smile
He moved slowly at first and faster later
"Oh!  I am happy we feel the same" he said nipping her earLOL

Notes to self:
5. "Use" his earlobes for contract negotiations in future

Notes to Rakshasan:
1. U win the Jewish foreplay award(it involves two hours of begging)
2. Below the navel is FOUL
3. Next time try a "thank you"
4  Get some knot untying tricks

Posted: 6 years ago
You knock the parts about them together out of the park every single time, but the beginning of this update with insight into how much he loved his mother and how much she adored him truly truly truly brought me to tears.
Aloo parantha with pudina-tamatar chutney and a big dollop of fresh homemade white butter. I have been treated to this every single Sunday without fail for all the years that I lived at home. Now that I live on my own, I can't tell you how much I miss those Sundays, eating bites from my mom's hands even into my 20s.

I connected today at part 131 to SW Symphonies like I haven't been able to before. There's just been some stuff going on in the last few days that has left me feeling a bit homesick for my own mom who thankfully only lives 8ish hours away but I've been trying so hard to keep myself together and this update was the trigger that just set the floodgates open.
Posted: 6 years ago
curious for appa and amma ..yes or no

waiting 4 nxt part

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