OS: Revenge and Compensation

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This s the first time im trying my hands in writing.. here goes my first ever writing.. 

The OS starts from whr ram decides to take revenge on priya for her paratta party with her colleagues.. 

Ram says to himself.. priya i will never forgive you  for this. Just wait and see how i will make u regret for messing with me.. will trap u emotionally bcause thats the only way i could win over u. He thinks of many ways to irritate priya and finally arrives to a decision.. and smiles widely..

The same eveng ram calls rishi and tells him that he is  not well so he's  going home early and leaves frm offc.. Rishi comes down and bosses over the other emoloyees and asks them to finish their work quickly.. mean while priya gets up with a file in her hand and goes towards rams cabin.. rishi notices this and asks priya where she is going.. priya says she doesn't need to answer him because he works under mr. Ram kapoor but not under him.. so rishi cuts her off saying now boss has given him authority to take care of the offc because he left the offc soon as he is not well.. on hearing the news of rams health priya bcums sad and asks rishi about rams health.. but rishi tells her that its none of her business and dont try to act concerned .. priya gets angry and goes to her place but she cudnt concentrate thinking about ram..

Later, after the offc hours priya finally decides to call ram to enquire about his health. But Ram had already switched off his mobile bcausz he knew that priya wil definitely call him to knw abt his health.. priya feels dejected hearng the switched off msg.. that ni8 priya couldnt sleep.. she constantly thinks abt rams health n she unknowingly sleeps.. on the other end ram switches on his mob n as soon as the phone gets on he receives the msg of priyas 8 calls and he smiles to himself as well as feels happy and loved.. he wants to run to his love and hold her in his arms.. but his ego is not allowing him to do so.. he wants priya to make the first move.. so he decides to play more.. 

NEXT morning priya gets up fast n she thinks about ram and his health.. she gets ready very fast n leaves for office to see her man.. sher wants to knw how he s now.. but to her surprise ram is not in offc.. she asks her colleagues about ram. They replied happily that he wil not cum to offc and asks priya to enjoy the day as the boss wil not be around today.. priya becomes very sad and broken. She dies to see her ram.. she wants to take his illness away by her love.. but he s not with her now. So she goes to washroom and she cries her heart out telling ram i love.. plz come back to me.. i want to c u once... plz come to office.. then she hears the knock of the washroom door so she comes out settling herself n goes to her place.. her colleagues are all enjoying and talkng loudly since the boss is on leave n they want to utilise this opportunity so they all are enjoying and doing their work.. but priya couldn't sit there.. so she decides to took an half dat day and asks rishi fr the same saying she s not feeling good.. 

At around 1 priya decides to go home n packs her things.. when she was about to get up she notices ram entering the offic with sad face acting as if he s havng fever.. and walks slowly straight to his room.. priya is jumping inside seeing ram but after seeing his face she bcmz worried..  so she decides to go to his room.. while climbing up d stairs black cat rishi stops priya and asks where she s going she says she wants to inform the boss that she needs an half day off since it wil not be a good manner to leave when the boss is present. so rishi backs off..

Here ram is sitting his big arm chair n continues his acting and tries to take a tablet when priya s entering.. on seeing him wit the tablets priya gets angry but cudnt say anything bcuz they are in office now.. she stares at ram warningly.. but ram din bother priya and took one pill. Priya s extremely angry but suppress it.. n goes near him n calls him Mr. Kapoor and bites her tongue and corrects immediately and says sir..
He looks at priya and asks her to finish soon as he s not well. Priya says that she need an half day off but she really doesn't want to go home.. she just wants to see him n wants to knw how he is feelng now.. But ram cuts her n says he wil not allow her to go home and asks her to start workng  n asks not to make him angry as already he feels feverish..  hearng it priya immediately touched his forehead to check but he shrugs her hands of.. but our cid  caught his acting aand angrly asks him.. are u playing with.me? ram says i dnt have to answer u.. priya realises day he s taking revenge on her  so she comes down to her place withlut sayng anythng..  and she decides to  irritate him so she called all her colleagues and informs them that our firm successfully grabbed a deal.. so as a token of appreciation boss has gvn off to all the employees.. everyone was surprised and happy n they were ready to  leave. . 

Meanwhile ram calls rishi and asks him to send priya to his room immediately. But priya says sorry im leaving wil meet him tomo.. all the employees were surprised seeing priyas behaviour.. and  ram over hears everything and he comes down immediately and he sees everyone ready to leave and asks them what's happening here.. rishi replies what priya had just informed them... Ram got angry and stares at priya.. but priya dint even look at him and takes her purse and starts leavng. Suddenly ram grabs her wrist and takes her to upstairs.
 Priya was askng him to leave her hand all the way but ram dint giv a damn and drags her to his room.. all the employees are shocked by their boss's behaviour towards priya and they all were standing like statue.. no one dared to move..

Same time at the other end of the city juhi along with kapoor kids are returning to KM frm shopping.. so twins ask juhi whether they can go to their new company and gv their  dad  a surprise.. they decided to pay a visit to rams new company

Back to Raya,

As soon as ram and priya enter his room ram bolts the door and pins priya tothe wall opposite to the door.. their hearts start beating fast.. their anger and ego took the back seat.. priyas body is jammed betw ram and wall.. she feels him over her.. she looks down shyly.. ram traces her face wit his finger and asks huskily.. why did u ask the employees to leave? Y did u lie in ur health matter.. priya said between  her heavy breaths.. ram smiles and asks.. so my employee is concerned abt her boss's health! Why? Priya says.. bcz his that employee loves golu polar bear and laughs.. ram is annoyed hearng golu frm her but he lifts her chin wit his finger and says.. u knw what dat golu polar bear loves? Priya looks into his eyes and shyly tries to look away.. butram turns her face and says.. dis golu polar bear loves strawberry flavour and slowly leans forward to her lips.. they both were longing for this moment.. priya opens her mouth to say something but her words lost in his lips.. he takes her upper lip in between his lips and starts sucking.. and priya without a delay responses to his kiss by takng his lips with her lower lip and her hands were locked at the back of his neck ..ram s holding priya by her waist and his other had is behind her neck..they kissed til they needed air. And both broke d kiss at d sametime.. Ram says plz ever leave me again.. i miss u every single sec.. and a light tear forms on his eyes.. but priya again takes his lips and murmurs in between i missed u too ram.. i feel incomplete without you.. and continues kissing him by holding his face between her palms. Ram broke the kiss and says i need u now priya.. very badly..  priya says i need u too ram but plz not here.. but ram lifts her and takes her to his table and makes her sit on his table and he sits on his chair and buries his head in her lap and was silently enjoying i missed you so much priya.. priya hugs him frm sitting position. . Ram very comfortably keeps his head on her bossom and holds her tightly.. after sumtym he starts doing mischievous things.. his fingers were making circle over her belly button and he lifts his head frm her bossom kisses her belly botton.. his kisses tickles priya so she starts laughing loudly and says.. ram plz stop. All are thr downstairs n moreover u r tickling me.. but ram continues his wet kisses on her belly botton and bites her.. priya screams loud.. ram laughs loudly sayng this is the punishment for ur partha party.. 

Sametime rishi comes upstairs to spy on priya n ram.. but since d door is closedhe stands outside and tries to hear their convo. Rishi hears only priyas moans, laughter, Ram stop please.. some weird sounds.. and he moves downstairs..
At the same  time kapoor twins and juhi enters d offc and when they wer abt to climb the stairs.. rishi stops them and says that he wants to talk with juhi.. so they both were talkng standing at one corner.. Rishi says everything to juhi and addes dat ram and his employee are very cozy upstairs. . This makes juhi burn in anger.. 

In Rams room... 
lifting his head frm her belly priya says ram i hav brought aloo paratha for u. U wanna eat? He says yes i am hungry i want to eat now.. she asks him to let her go.. so dat she can go down and bring food for him.. but ram asks her to stay there itself anf he goes down to take priyas bag..

and when juhi rushed to the stairs she sees ram coming down and asks about the lady.. but ram warns her not to interfere in his life.. suddenly juhi sees a lady descending from the stairs and stood still shocked.. 

The twins stil din c priya and they were busy in their mobile phones. When juhi asks priya... you here? What are u doing here? Rishi joins and says madam she is the one I was talking about.. and says so much on priyas behaviour.. here priya calmly took rams hand in her and ram holds priya by her bare waist and says dint priya give off to u all ? What are u all doing here still? All of u leave and i need some private moments with priya.. all are shocked and they started talkng bad about them.. but the love birds din bother to listen to any of their bakwas.. on hearing priya frm their dads mouth the twins runz to them telling mumma and hugs priya tightly.. and they hav family hug session for sometime.. everyone was hell shocked and ram proudly holds priya by her waist and informs  juhi and kids that they both going out for dinner.. the twins grins and nods.. ram took priya to their form house..

Next morning..

Priya is seen with her front on bed and the duvet was only covered only til her  waist and her upper part was naked and ram was looking at his queen peeping frombed with the help of his elbows.. he runz his finger along her spine which makez priya shiver.. and she unconsciouly turns towards ram in her sleep and hugs him tightly.. her upper part was stuck wit his bare body then only she realised that they both are naked under the duvet.. she tries to get up from the bed but ram says.. not now baby.. u hav to compensate for the last 5 months.. so according to my calculations we wil be going back only after a week.. sayng that ram turns her down and starts making love nth time that day..

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Posted: 2015-01-22T07:32:30Z
me first 

 wowww dear 
this isnt looking like your first tim e
 i totally loved it 
and love the raya which you potrayed in this OS 

you made me remeber those super office wali episodes again 
thank youf or the wonderful os Clap
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Posted: 2015-01-22T08:33:25Z
Awesome OSThumbs Up Star
Do write more!!
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Posted: 2015-01-22T08:59:17Z
The way you wrote down Raya romantic encounter in the office was just awesome
Above love the concern and love in the eyes of Ram Priya for each other. I really like it very much and truely it was so good and didn't look that you have writen for first time.

Keep writing good Os on Raya & i have one request do write one Os on Coma track too
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Posted: 2015-01-22T09:01:45Z
heyy... awesome yaar,..
it doesnt look like first attempt.. its very nicee..Clap

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Posted: 2015-01-22T09:23:56Z
Wow jst awesome OS...
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Posted: 2015-01-22T10:46:39Z
awesome OS... written beautyfully
Keep writing...
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Posted: 2015-01-22T10:54:02Z
Thank u all for the positive comments 
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