8 Great Years of FIR - And Yet It All Has To End

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Sab TV has always been known for bringing new and interesting concepts to the TV for viewers and FIR is no exception. Touted to be the first ever police comedy sitcom, FIR began its long run on July 31st, 2006. It soon became popular for the hilarious antics of the main characters: Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala, Head Constable Gopinath Gandotra, Constable Mulayam Singh Gulgule, and Constable Billu. Over the years, the Chief Inspector has changed and the current Chief Inspector is Bajrang Pandey.

Initially, the cops did take bribes though they weren't bad at heart and always helped the victim and caught the culprit. The cases were often realistic, but with a funny twist. For example once a husband came to report that their cook was missing. In the end it turned out that the wife had "kidnapped" the cook and put him on a train because the husband cared more about the cook than her. Other times the case itself would have nothing to do with crime or the police. Once a wife came to report that she was tired with her husband's snoring. Nonetheless, Chandramukhi and her 3 constables always solved the case.

Over time FIR evolved and the bribery track was completely removed, the cases became more realistic with a funny twist, and the funny antics arose from the way the characters reported their problems and from the everyday happenings in the chowki. This especially increased with Billu's arrival whose memory loss problems always gave viewers something to laugh about.

Today, January 23rd, FIR ended and while it is a sad day, FIR fans will celebrate the day for it is the end of a show that ran for 8 long years and entertained one and all for truly being a family show!
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A tough, no-nonsense cop, Chandramukhi is every bit the police officer you want to meet when you have a problem. Nonetheless she also has her funny bone, which comes out when she is dealing with her 3 constables and the current Chief Inspector, and the man she loves, Bajrang Pandey. She loves bajaoing the raptes and often one or two of her raptas are enough to get any criminal talking. Her raptas do take a funny turn though when she gets angry with her constables and gives them a rapta treatment. She's every bit Haryani in the way she talks and acts and is often frustrated with her Haryani relatives who are always trying to get her married.

Cute, handsome, loveable, strong, fearless, honest, caring, and funny. These are the characteristics that define Bajrang Pandey. He's every bit the perfect man every girl dreams of. He is there to help whenever needed and is involved in every case as much possible. Not only that, but he also gets his hands dirty by taking on disguises to reveal criminals where needed. He has a childish side to him as well, especially when Chandramukhi gets angry with him as he has a soft corner for her. He was initially seen to believe in a Guru and tried to stay away from girls because he was told he would die the day he married and he didn't want to widow the girl he married. But on his return on 10th April 2014, this track was done away with and he now openly professes his love for Chandramukhi as best as he can. He is often on the receiving end of Billu's bhula moments, which he always ends by giving Billu a closed door third degree treatment.

A Punjabi, Gopi is often said to be the oldest man on Earth and yet he seems to have countless aunty girlfriends, which are revealed through his bad poetry where each line ends with "is the". He has a hobby of speaking in English though he has no knowledge of English. This leads to face-slapping moments for his colleagues, especially Chandramukhi who is forever seen correcting his English. He loves his newspaper and his tikana (drinking). He is gullible at heart and this leads to him being trapped by Billu in hilarious moments. Nonetheless, he loves Billu like his younger brother. While he is scared of basically everything, he will brave anything when his colleagues are in danger. He calls Chandramukhi "Mummyji" though no one really knows how that came about to be. He always comes late to the chowki and tries to avoid working, which puts him at the receiving end of Chandramukhi's rapte. However, he is an absolute darling and is loved by everyone.

Billu is Commissioner Suraj's brother-in-law and, thus, because of his sister he entered the police force. Initially he came in to be like Chandramukhi, but over time he realized that he could never be like her and stayed as is. He has a memory problem and forgets things at inopportune times and becomes someone else, and makes a colleague something different. Usually Bajrang Pandey and Gopi are at the receiving ends of his bhula moments. For example, he might forget and think he is an old man purchasing a fridge and would make Bajrang Pandey the fridge. He gets his memory back when someone twists his ear. He is often asked if he actually forgets or acts, but he always says that it's real. In the past year, Billu has been shown talking to several doctors and saying that he's now fine, but as soon as he says that he forgets thus showing that the doctor's medicines didn't help. Billu loves Gopi like his older brother and willingly puts his life in danger to save his colleagues, though like Gopi he tries to avoid working and is scared of basically everything. He is forever crying that he isn't married and has no girlfriend. Whenever he makes an incorrect comment, Chandramukhi gives him a rapta to bring him back to reality. Nevertheless, he is also one of those types of men that girls would love with his innocence and humorous side.

Gulgule was the initial constable always on the receiving end of Chandramukhi's rapte. A big foodie, Gulgule was the brains behind many of the plans that Chandramukhi implemented in the starting years to catch criminals. He would give Chandramukhi ideas that were hers, but just came in his mind. Gulgule is usually the constable to go out and get information when required about the suspect and the victim. At the same time, Gulgule is usually the one to get caught loitering about on duty hours. Gulgule and Gopi are best of friends, but Gulgule will sometimes give away Gopi's secrets to save himself. Yet, he is a friend to have because he always helps his friends out of tight corners, especially when it comes to Chandramukhi.

Little is known about the Commissioner except that he is Billu's brother-in-law, is scared of his wife, and is not really fit to be a Commissioner either. He has many female friends, which he goes out with, but tries to avoid letting Billu know. Even though he isn't fit to be a Commissioner, he is a strong decision maker and also believes that these 5 cops can never do anything wrong.

Even less is known about Sunny and Gollu, the latest additions in the team. The 2 are constables and speak very little. Gollu usually only speaks to reveal the truth about Billu, Gopi, or Gulgule and he always starts it with "Madam main Gollu, kuch boloon". Sunny speaks even less, but is seen laughing whenever these 3 get caught by Chandramukhi and get slapped about. Yet, these 2 are also the 3 constables' friends and at one time all 5 were suspended by Chandramukhi for loitering about.
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Below you'll see pics of all those actors who have appeared in FIR over the years playing the various characters like victim, victim's family, culprit, and bystanders. These are not all, but the main ones.

Shekhar Shukla

Manju Brijnandan Sharma

Naveen Bawa

Sapna Sikarwar

Umesh Bajpai

Yogesh Tripathi

Deepesh Bhan

Anup Upadhyay

Amit Bhatt

Dilip Joshi

Rakesh Bedi

Sandeep Anand

Below you'll see pics of all those actors who have appeared in FIR over the years playing various roles in the police team.

Iqbal Azad as the ORIGINAL Hanuman Prasad Pandey (Shiv Pandit played the fake Hanuman Prasad Pandey)

Vipul Roy as Bhola Pandit

Ali Asgar as Raj Aaryan

Shiv Pandit Hanuman Prasad Pandey

Bhari Singh as Superindendent Kamsin Aaha

Garima Ajmani as Kokila Shah

Divyalakshmi as Jokila Shah

Mohit Mattu as Constable Carryon Gandotra

Nirmal Soni as Malpua

Dipesh Bhan as Pappu

Prana Mishra as Well Gandotra

Chitrashi Rawat as Jwalamukhi Chautala

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FIR was not without its movie promotions. Over the years 3 movies have been promoted on FIR.

John Abraham and Pakhi Tyrewala came on the sets of FIR to promote their movie Jhoota Hi Sahi.

Jimmy Shergill came on the sets of FIR to promote his movie Darr @ The Mall.

Finally, Mika Singh and Shaan recently promoted their movie Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya on FIR.

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I will really miss FIR. Can't believe that it's ending tomorrow just like that. Cry
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Its ending today,no?
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This is the only show i watch on tv from a long time,me n my family were get together only for this show* i like all character of this show are awesome!! But im a huge fan of gopi's acting..gopi n billu's duet is a worth watching...n besides each character of this show has put gr8 efforts!! At tje end,i just want to say that please FIR come back soon with another season..Wish lots n lots of love for this show..
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