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(noun) an attraction or natural bond

Chapter 1: Below
Chapter 2: Page 5
Chapter 3: Page 10
Chapter 4: Page 13
Epilogue: Page 18

Hello! I usually stick to writing SaHil one-shots or two-shots, this was supposed to be like that too but then it got really long and has been sitting in my folder for months. I felt like working on it today for some reason so I am posting it now. It's going to be a short story with 5 parts, I am already done the rough draft of everything, I just need to edit the story so I'll be posting the rest of the parts over the course of the next week. The story doesn't follow the story line of the show but just uses the characters. It features AsYa and SeHan as well along with SaHil. :) 

Chapter 1

"They are bringing in an emergency case Sanam, torn ACL." Ananya, our head nurse informed me as I walked out of the examination room from my 35th patient of the day. 35th. Thirty-fifth. I was dying.
"Athlete?" I asked leaning on the counter as I filled out the paperwork. The never ending paperwork and never ending shifts were getting to me; no one said that residency would be so difficult, but I had been here for the past 18 hours and I just wanted to go home and sleep, these short naps in the break room weren't working for me. The beds were too little and way too soft, you would think that they'd have firmer beds at the hospital since they are better for your back but apparently not.
"Probably." Anaya shrugged, she was just as tired as me. "What's up with Mr. Miah again?" She asked as my patient walked out of the room and winked at me causing me to roll my eyes and ignore him.
"Nothing, it's his new ploy to ask me on a date." I murmured. The guy had taken to pretending to be sick numerous times before and today he "broke" his ankle so he could walk into the hospital and ask me out. I had caught on when he started limping on the wrong foot, he was so annoying that I was tempted to slap him but I barely resisted.
"He's hot, say yes." Anaya said checking him out as he walked away. He was kind of cute, but no one could think that once he opened his mouth, and his mouth was always open, yapping off for no reason.
"He is not hot, he can barely hold a conversation, he's a pig, and he's homophobic and a borderline misogynist." I sighed, I didn't understand why it was so hard to find a genuine guy, someone who had a brain and looked okay, someone who was sweet and kind and loved me unconditionally. Or maybe my standards were too high considering I had such a good example of love and marriage in the form of my parents.
"Yeah, well we all can't afford to be that picky Sanam! Girl, you need to find yourself a hot doctor." Anaya teased.
"All the doctors here are way too old."
"Oh man, if you started last year you would have run into one of the hottest residents we ever had, we called him Dr. McDreamy behind his back. I swear everyone's panties fell off as soon as he smiled at them." Anaya laughed as I closed the file and handed it to her. I was about to reply but then I saw them wheel a man on a stretcher towards the ER.
"Torn ACL is here." I sighed before walking towards the ER, yet again, wondering when this shift would end.
"For the last time I don't need a f**king morphine shot." I heard a deep, velvety, irritated voice say as I rounded the corner. I would have been annoyed at the patient for yelling at the nurses but I was too caught up in the voice, the voice sounded kind of familiar and really sexy. I loved deep baritone voices, there was just something about them, they were so calming yet sexy at the same time.
I stepped into the room and barely stifled a gasp learning why the voice had sounded so familiar, sitting in the middle of the pale blue room on the hospital bed was the Aahil Raza Ibrahim - the captain of the Indian cricket team, also known as the hottest guy alive according to numerous magazines.
My roommate, a.k.a my best friend from medical school had a poster of his shirtless body in her dorm room and I had caught myself looking at the beautiful specimen many times. But I wasn't obsessed with him or anything like my mother was. Zoya Farooqui-Khan was a huge fangirl, her love for him came after her love for Dhoni of course, both these loves of hers made my dad roll his eyes. I digress, the point is that the Aahil Raza Ibrahim was sitting in the examination room.
I had to admit that he was hotter in person, he definitely wasn't clean-shaven like he usually was, there was stubble lining his beautiful face. And his muscles looked much larger and his chest more built than it did on TV. I wondered if he looked even better shirtless in person...I took a deep breath and forced myself to stop thinking about how hot he was. I was a doctor - I had to be cool and professional, not hot and bothered.
"The pain is only going to get worse Mr. Ibrahim." I said walking into the room after composing myself and giving our newest nurse, Kiran, a reassuring smile, she looked flabbergasted and scared at the same time; his tone was really angry though so I didn't blame her - she wasn't used to angry patients yet. "I am doctor Sanam Ahmed Khan." I said introducing myself.
"I can take it." He mumbled sounding like a petulant child, I could tell he was in pain though with how his sexy jaw was locked.
"I am sure you can, but there is no reason for you to do so. Kiran, give him a lower dose pain killer." I said to the nurse who nodded.
"I don't need-"
"Mr. Ibrahim, I am the doctor here, you are at the hospital because something is wrong with you, I would appreciate it if you would let me do my job." I said to him, I understood that he was in pain but that didn't mean that he had the right to snap at people.
"Excuse me? No one talks to me like that."
"Well there is a first time for everything." I said and internally smirked when his mouth fell open in shock, he clearly wasn't expecting that. I was sure people hung on to his every word, especially women, but he would fall flat on his face if he hoped I would be the same.
"Bhai, just listen to her." Another voice came from the side of them room, I hadn't even noticed that there was someone else in the room amidst my internal freak out at seeing him. I turned towards the source of the sound and I instantly recognized the other guy as Aahil's cousin, Rehan, who was also on the team. He was kind of cute actually, a boyish cute, actually he was really cute, not my type though.
"Just like you listened to me when I said I didn't need a stretcher." Aahil grumbled and I rolled my eyes, men and their egos!
I walked towards the sexy stubborn man who still had his arms crossed in front of his broad chest, I looked down at right knee which was badly swollen. "It is a good thing you didn't walk or this would be twice the size." I said pressing against his knee. He let out a little hiss. "Sorry." I said.
"It's okay." He mumbled.
"How did you injure yourself?"
"I don't know, we were at practice and I was bowling, all of a sudden I heard a pop and then I fell." He grumbled.
"He also hit his head on the ground really hard." Rehan added from the side of the room.
"Ah, so we'll also be checking for any signs of a concussion." I said smiling at Rehan, at least someone was helpful. "Hmmm, you probably landed hard on your right heel while bowling?" I asked inspecting his knee and he nodded.
"But I always do."
"Makes sense, it gives you more force." I nodded feeling around his knee. "I think your team physician was right in suspecting a torn ACL. It usually gets injured if you suddenly plant your foot into the ground really hard, especially if your leg is stiff. It may also be that your knee was rotated unnaturally."
"I am not an amateur athlete, my knee wasn't locked." He snapped viciously.
"I am not saying that you are, but these processes are automatic for athletes, sometimes, especially in times of high stress, you don't go through all the motions." I explained, he was so defensive, which was weird because from what I knew he usually seemed so calm and confident, it never seemed like he doubted his abilities but with the way he was right now it was almost as if he was insecure about his skills, which he didn't need to be for sure. I knew for a fact that he had beat the world record for most runs in a match about two years ago, my mother had thrown a mini-party in our living room in celebration.
"Lay down please." I said and he nodded before laying back. "Try flexing your knee a little bit."
He did as asked, surprisingly. I placed one hand behind his tibia and the other hand on his thigh, trying to ignore the fact that I had my hands on the hottest cricket player in the world. But his attitude helped repress that pretty well, but I still didn't miss the fact that my heart was thumping faster than in usually did, especially when my eyes met his deep chocolate brown ones. With my thumb on the tibial tuberosity I pulled the tibia forward, I sighed when I felt the soft and mushy endpoint. But then I performed the pivot-shift test just to make sure and he groaned in pain.
"I am afraid your ACL is torn, we are going to have to do an MRI to confirm it and see the extent of the damage."
"f**k." He groaned. "How long does it take for this to heal? Will I be able to play next week?" He sounded really worried.
"Mr. Ibrahim forget next week, you won't be able to play for months."
"That is not possible, there has to be a better option."
"A torn ligament takes time to heal, the best way to heal it is to get a knee brace and let it heal with time.  If you stress your knee it is going to aggravate your injuries, you are going to need rehab to strengthen the muscles around it. You can opt for surgery but we won't operate until the swelling goes down, we can graft it but it will take just as long to heal and you still have to go through physical therapy."
"I need a second opinion." He said defensively and I had honestly had enough of him at that point. I usually didn't let whiny patients get to me, it was against my nature but there was just something about him that threw me off. I hated it when people doubted my abilities and I wasn't going to let him trample over me like that, especially after such a long day.
"By all means, but I'll let you know right now that you're going to hear the exact same words, I know what I am doing Mr. Ibrahim, if cricket is your domain, this is mine, I graduated the top of my class, I've never handed out a wrong diagnosis and I am 100% sure about my diagnosis this time too. For your sake, I hope your ACL isn't as delicate as your ego." I said to him, his eyes were wide with shock and I knew I had said a bit too much, especially with the last part. I expected him to start yelling at me, but I watched confused as his face softened, his eyes still locked onto mine with a weird look.
"I am sorry, I just had a bad day...and I am taking it out all on you. I-I am really sorry." He said, and all of a sudden it was like I wasn't looking at this big hot-shot but a little kid. There was just something off about him, he seemed really sad and his eyes were kind of dull.
"I accept your apology." I whispered not knowing what else to say, I wasn't going to say 'it's okay' because it wasn't.
"I guess I really can't play this year." He whispered sounding really sad. I sighed as I had an epiphany of sorts - this was more than just an injury to him, this could end his career. And I suddenly understood why he was so snappy, he didn't want to admit that he was injured.
"Mr. Ibrahim, I assure you that if you take proper care of yourself and listen to us you'll be able to play your best just like you always do in a few months." I reassured him with a smile.
He sighed sounding resigned, he almost looked like he was going to cry and I suddenly felt like squeezing his hand and telling him it was okay, but I suppressed those feelings, barely.
"I am sorry about earlier." He said as I walked into the room an hour later, the MRI confirmed that his injury was quite extensive but not serious enough to require reconstruction. I gave him a small smile and grabbed an ace bandage from the side of the room.
"I've had worse." I smiled at him as I walked up to his bed, and I had. Sometimes people forgot that other people had feelings when they were in pain.
"Still, I am really sorry, I am not usually such a douchebag." He smiled, a boyish grin, one that didn't reach his eyes but it made him look years younger with those dimples.
"Ah, I thought that was a defining characteristic of all professional athletes?" I teased ripping the package around the bandage.
"So you know who I am?"
"I live in India. Plus, the whole hospital is going off about you." I said lifting the ice-pack off his knee.
"Oh yeah, your biggest fan just begged me to ask you if you would meet him, and I couldn't say no to his cute little face so I told him I'd ask." I said.
"Huh?" He asked looking confused and I almost laughed at how the sentence sounded out of context, he probably thought there was a grown man pouting for him.
"He's four years old." I explained and the confusion cleared from his face. "He's a huge fan, as in we have to roll in a TV into pediatrics every time India is playing or he'll throw a tantrum."
I watched as a genuine smile graced his face for the first time that evening, and it was absolutely beautiful. "I would love to meet him, little fans are my favourite." He smiled.
"Really?" I asked confused as to why.
"Well, yeah. They like you for how you play, not because you are good-looking or rich or can get them places." He said suddenly sounding sadder. And I realized that being famous probably came at that price, it would suck to always have to second-guess everyone's intentions.
"Oh, he's going to be ecstatic!" I said. "Can he come in now?" I asked as I bandaged his knee, keeping it compressed to reduce the swelling.
"For sure, I'd rather have some good company if I am staying here all night." He sighed giving me what I defined as his "unbelievable" look, as in he scrunched his eyebrows and huffed in annoyance, he looked so cute doing it though.
"Hey! You have a mild concussion, we need to monitor it." I shrugged and he rolled his eyes but there was a small smile on his face.
"Karan! I know you're standing right outside the room, so get your little butt in here." I said out loud. I wasn't surprised when I heard a little gasp and his sheepish semi-bald head peered in the door.
"How do you always know?" He groaned cutely.
"Got eyes at the back of my head buddy." I said and I heard Aahil let out a little chuckle as I walked towards the door and brought Karan inside the room. "Mr. Ibrahim, this is Karan." I said introducing him. I internally giggled as Karan's eyes widened almost comically, and he blinked a few times.
"It's really you!" He gasped looking at Aahil.
"It is." Aahil laughed clearly enjoying the reaction. "You wanna come sit here?" He asked patting the side of his bed, as Karan nodded vehemently resembling a bobble-head causing me to smile. I picked the little man off the floor and placed him on the bed.
"Dude, you're the best cricket player EVER." Karan said staring at Aahil.
"You think so?" Aahil asked and Karan nodded feverishly. "Well thank you."
"I wanted to be a cricket player just like you." Karan said, a bit more quietly this time around, and my heart clenched in my chest as I stood at the foot of the bed.
"You don't want to anymore?" Aahil asked sounding somewhat confused.
"I do, but I can't." Karan said quietly.
"You can do anything you put your mind to." Aahil said quietly.
"Well yeah, but I am not going to live for much longer, I am too small to be on the team now!" Karan explained as if it were the most obvious thing ever, he didn't even sound sad about it and it made me want to cry. Aahil's eyes shot up to mine in question, I think the tears in my eyes answered every question he had.
"Hey Karan, we got to go now buddy or Mrs. Rai is going to find out I kidnapped you." I said noticing that Aahil was completely taken aback.
"Oh true!" Karan piped up before looking at Aahil. "Mrs. Rai is the worst, she doesn't like Dr. Sanam much." He whispered quietly to Aahil as if he was sharing a huge secret.
"Yeah, because you always get me into trouble munchkin." I laughed, the head nurse definitely didn't like the kids out of bed this late.
"She's just jealous because we love you more. You're the best doctor ever." Karan said hugging my legs.
"She is, isn't she?" Aahil said smiling at me, and I felt myself blush for some odd reason.
"Yeah! She's going to fix you up so you can play again." Karan beamed.
"You betcha little man, how about a hug before you go? Unless you're too cool for hugs..." Aahil chuckled holding his arms out.
"I think I'll make an exemtion."
"Exception." I corrected laughing.
"Yeah, that." He said as Aahil pulled him into a hug.
"You're my favourite fan." I heard him whisper.
"For real?" Karan asked.
"For real." Aahil promised. "And my favourite fan gets my favourite lucky necklace." He said taking off the silver dog-tag necklace he was wearing and placing it around his neck.
"FOR REAL?" Karan beamed as he stepped down from the bed and grasped the necklace. "Everyone is going to be so jealous!" He said.
"Why don't we wait until tomorrow to tell them then?" I asked as Nurse Kiran walked into the room with a brace. "Hey Kiran, I'll take that, can you drop Karan off to his bed and make sure he is tucked in nice and snug so he can't get out." I said, she smiled nodding before taking his hand, Karan was a favourite around here.
"That was awfully nice of you." I said to Aahil as they walked out of the room.
"What wrong with him?" Aahil asked.
"How long does he have?"
"A few years, depends on how many times he comes in for chemotherapy. It's a delicate balance though, if he comes for chemotherapy every week we can extend his life by a decade but then he's going to be bed ridden for most of it, unconscious even. He comes in on a monthly basis now, so he's in the hospital for a week or two but then he can enjoy his life for the rest of the month." I said, hearing my voice break near the end.
"That's not fair." He whispered almost sounding like he was in that position.
"Life isn't fair." I said.
"You're really attached to him."
"He was my first patient when I started my residency." I shrugged. "I am going to put the brace on now to limit your movement."
He nodded but seemed lost in though as I unlocked the brace.
"Is he allowed to leave the hospital?" He asked suddenly.
"With the permission of his parent and if there is a nurse or doctor with him." I answered confused.
"Would it be okay for me to take him to a game and let him play for one ball?" He asked causing me to drop the brace.
"Really?" I asked completely shocked. "You can do that?"
"I am the captain." He shrugged.
"I'll ask." I whispered thoroughly confused and amazed by the creature in front of me.

Do let me know what you think! :) And for those who read Clueless, I'll update tomorrow! I am still working on the chapter right now.
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Posted: 2015-01-17T20:50:17Z
First time i m at first place in ur update...
Amazing concept n i knw this ss will be also gr8 like ur others stories bcz u r a great writer...
Luking forward for nxt part...Edited by Kanwal4salman - 2015-01-19T07:03:32Z
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Posted: 2015-01-17T20:57:41Z

You've done it again, I am in love with everything you write. You had me at the first line, I love how you write Sanam as a doctor, I think this is the second time you've done it? 

Aahil as a hot cricket player, yes, I can totally see that. And I love the little touches of AsYa in the chapter. I didn't expect the sorry from Aahil after the start Sanam and Aahil had but I like where this is going.

Karan sounds like a little ball of cuteness. Aww, Sanam is already falling for him and Aahil is so sweet. I can't wait to see where you take this. Eagerly awaiting the other parts. 


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Posted: 2015-01-17T21:04:34Z
Superb start
Sanam doctor ahil cricketer
Karan was cute
Do pm me next part
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Posted: 2015-01-17T21:15:18Z
You have me hooked to another one of your absolutely amazing works! Karan sounds like the definition of adorable! And Aahil as a hot indian cricket player? Omg! Soo hawtt! And i love Sanam as a doctor! Cant wait for the rest of the story! Please continue soon and also please pm further updates of possible! Thanks!
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Posted: 2015-01-17T22:27:34Z
plz continue soon really like the story
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Posted: 2015-01-17T22:31:29Z
Oh god this is excellent. .!!
U r soo amazing. .!!
Such a brilliant writer..
I loved this...
sanam is so sensible nd pretty in this..
nd aahil is such a sweetheart. .
zoya is like always crazy nd cute.
awesome.. luking forward to this one..:)
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Posted: 2015-01-17T23:25:54Z
OMG OMG OMG...I have a gut feeling im gonna fall in love with this one <3
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