SRK FC - Part 4!

Posted: 2006-10-07T22:37:23Z

Hello all SRK'ians and welcome to part four of:


The place to express your love, support and respect for King Khan! Embarrassed

All fans are welcome! Wink

TO JOIN:  Simply introduce yourself and tell us what you 'most' adore about Shahrukh!

(Note: we will have an "active members list" that will be updated either daily or weekly, if you are a fan, please try to visit and stay "active," otherwise your name will not be added to (and may be removed from)  the "active" list, though you will still be considered a member and supporter)! Smile


srk_preity_kajo (Zaara)

doly_455 (Doly)

amna_malik (Amna)

lilyrose (Ambreen)

teen_indiausa (Pari)

sweet_kp (Khair)

Reema_J (Reema)


Mink's Pink




tangina r (Tang)

~rahul ki rani~ (Dayeeta)


ani11 (Anita)

blue rose (Ayesha)

indiandoll89 (Meera)


white rose (Uzi)

sus143 (Suzi)
















Guess the Co-Star (Game) - A member writes/posts two or three clues (i.e. character's name, one line from a song, famous dialogue, etc.) and the next member must guess which co-star of SRK's it is!

Details on page 67!

 ENJOY! Big smile


Entry no 1

pic 3.

SRK: How r u ladies…
Kajol: Arrey we r fines thanks you
SRK: Hello you should reallie work on ur English..You have not changed since Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham… No use flirting with u sweetie!!!
Kajol:Arrey angress ke aulad!!!
Aishwarya:So sweet!!
SRK:(arrgghh)What did u say?
Aishwarya:Kuch nahin!!!

Entry no.2

srk:hi aish
aish:hello shahrukh,main tumse baat karne chaati hoon
srk:abhi nahin,agar salman dekh lage to woh phir se mera set par aakar dhoom macheyga
aish:theek hain
srkk:bye aish..have anice day ahead


aamir:dont u think salman and aishwariya looking like brother and sister
srk:aamir ur too funny
hritik:hmm let me see it

Entry No. 3

Pic 2.

Aish:Shahrukh do u have a pen?

SRK:chalhat!!! marungaLOL

Aish:Ermmoooooh ooook





* Voting deadline: December 1, 2006! *


New contests are comin' soon!

DOTW (Discussion of the Week) - We will have weekly discussions on different topics and/or issues regarding Shah Rukh Khan. The best answer according to our judge(s) will then be presented!   

This week's discussion question:

Before SRK, we all know that Farhan was considering Hrithik Roshan to enact the role of DON! Tell us what you think made Farhan change his mind and 'if' he hadn't, do you think Hrithik would've done a fair job portraying the character?! 

* Discussion ends on the evening of:  November 25th, 2006! *

MOW (Member of the Week) We have been selecting MOW's for our club based on participation and activeness in the club! 

Currrent MOW: NIYA! (Grill now)! Wink

PARTYComin' soon! Tongue

*(I apologize for not changing the style for this part of the club... will edit when and if necessary)!

NOTE: If you are posting articles, photographs, etc., please make sure that another member has not already posted the same material! There are sometimes many repeats!  It's only natural to not realize or notice, but if and when you do... please kindly edit your post! Smile

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Well... we are back again and this time we're going to ROCK the club even more, aren't we?! Tongue

To begin with, let's honor our newest MOW: Doly_455!

She is one our sweetest, cutest, friendliest and most active members! Big smile She has always proved to be a true SRK'ian through her knowledge and participation in ALL SRK activities! She even has some great ideas of her own (contests (caption and dream date, with help from Zaara) and a couple of games)!

So... what are you all waiting for?! Tongue  Help me in congratulating Doly by presenting her this sig (made by our very own Ayesha) and bombarding her with LOADS of questions! Wink


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Posted: 2006-10-07T22:44:20Z
wowwwwwwwwwww..atlast...i was waittingg for thisssssssssssssssssss

Congratzzzzzzzzz doly Clap ...u deserve to be a here r my questionss

who is ur favorite actress??
which section u visit the most?
what do u like about IF?
who is ur closest friend in IF?
how old r u?
who is ur favorite actor beside srk?
wat do u like one thing abt srk?

enjoyyyyyyy Big smile

SRK has done many candy floss roles, do you think SRK should enact more reality based roles/characters (types which portray more realistic characters), such as like Dev Saran in KANK?!

I think that srk doesnt look g00d when he does serious roles...i like him when he is funny like in Main Hoon na, Kal ho na ho, or Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham...i really liked his acting in kank...itz was different than his other movies...all i can say..that he rocks watever role he does....luvv u srkkkkkkkkkkkk Tongue Big smile

ayesha Wink
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Posted: 2006-10-07T22:49:25Z

Don't forget about our contest, game, and DOTW (still continuing from part 3)! Big smile


Caption contest

Three Pictures will be provided to the participants and they hav to quote them.........number of pics u want to quote is ur choice
Show ur creativity..........ur caption can be long or brief, funny or romantic..........but it shud be creative...

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Pic 3.

U can Pm Ur entries to me doly_455 or srk_preity_kajo ...(zaara)
send ur entries with the pic no's.............
last date of the contest is 1st october........
get going srkians

!!All The Best!!


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Posted: 2006-10-07T22:50:48Z
Don May Add Another 500 Prints

While it is still unconfirmed , there is a buzz in the distribution
circles that 'Don' plans to add another 500 prints to its original
1000-1100 prints worldwide .

According to our distribution sources , it may be done because 'Umrao
Jaan' has pulled out from the race and apart from 'Jaanemann' , there
is no other release . Even B. Subhash's small film , 'It's London
Calling' has been postponed , so more screens/cinemas are available .
And the makers' want to cash in on the immense hype created by the
movie's promos and songs .

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Posted: 2006-10-07T22:51:12Z
Shimit Amin on Shah Rukh Khan

We've seen films about cricket. And football….In fact Vivek
Agnihotri is currently scripting a football film.

But hockey?! Shimit 'Ab Tak Chappan'Amin is directing a film
centered around the game of hockey. In what looks like a seriously
tongue-in-cheek homage to the spirit of sportsmanship, Shah Rukh
Khan has been cast as the coach of an all-girls' hockey team.

Director Shimit Amin is seriously enthused about hockey. "It's a
dying art form….While we continue to go into ecstasy over cricket we
hardly seem to realize that hockey is a true-blue Indian game and we
need to give it the respect it deserves."

The reticent movie maker admits he doesn't play any sport. "But I
watch a lot of them. I've never played any sport. And I knew nothing
about hockey until I researched for my film. I feel a detachment
from the subject always provides added insights into the film . If
you look at Hollywood they invite directors from the outside to make
films about their themes and culture. Sam Mendes who made the very

American Beauty is a Britisher. Likewise when I came to India from
the US to make Ab Tak Chappan for Ram Gopal Varma, I knew as much
about the workings of the Indian police force and encounter killings
as I did about hockey. The challenge to me in making a film that
allows me to go into unexplored territory."

The director has cast girls as hockey players in the team. "Yes
we're working suitable girls who have to be sporty and swift hockey
players. It isn't easy. The game is no longer that popular. It
requires physically fit players. And it looks like a struggle ahead
to get girl players in place before we go into production."

Jaideep Sahni has scripted this very unsual film. Says Shimit, "This
is a very exciting time to be a film director in Hindi cinema. Last
year we had several films that broke the mould. Once in a while
something comes along to push the envelope. After Ab Tak Chappan I
wanted to make a film that was completely Indian in spirit."

Shimit is all praise for his producers. "I'm so glad I came to
Yashraj Films for my second film. After Ram Gopal Varma I again
needed a producer who would provide me with complete creative
freedom. I'm not the least surprised if I withdraw into my own work-
shell and not react to such stories. I'd rather be seen than heard."

The director says he loves family ties as portrayed in films. "I
love the idea of families staying together , interacting through
crisis and drama. In fact the hockey film is also about family

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Posted: 2006-10-07T22:51:37Z
Originally posted by Reema_J

Don't forget about our contest, game, and DOTW (still continuing from part 3)! Big smile

oh yea...i totallyy forgett...thanksssss for reminding meeee Big smile Tongue
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I want to work with Shah Rukh again: Abhishek

Actor Abhishek Bachchan has dismissed rumours of tensions between him and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and says he would love to work with Khan again.

'I don't know where these rumours came from! Shah Rukh is the country's biggest star. Who am I to be insecure about Shah Rukh? I'm thankful to just be in the same film as him. After 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna' (KANK), I told Shah Rukh and Karan (Johar) to please consider me for their next film. Because I want to work with Shah Rukh again and I've learnt so much from him! I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.'

Abhishek can't stop praising Shah Rukh, who he says loves taking care of people.

'He's very hospitable. On the sets he was concerned about everyone. He never indulges in petty bickerings. He's the most selfless person on the sets... He's bothered only about the film, never about himself,' Abhishek told IANS.

And the actor reasserts that there were no tensions between anyone on the set of 'KANK' in New York.

'We really had a ball in New York. It couldn't have gotten any better. I've never seen a more organised producer than Karan Johar and I've never been happier on a film set.'

Bachchan Junior agrees that a lot of his own personality has gone into his performance in 'KANK'.

'Since Karan has observed me closely from my childhood, he knows me as a person - my mannerisms and even my emotions. I think he absorbed a lot of these into my performance.'

He considers himself lucky to be part of the film as it gave him the opportunity to work with the biggest Bollywood stars.

'I've never worked in a film so big before. You've the country's two biggest stars - Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan in the film. And I was the junior-most member of the cast, given the chance to stand in the same frame as them. I felt very lucky.'

The actor says that 'KANK' is one Karan Johar film that didn't overwhelm him.

'Karan's cinema always overwhelms you with the grandeur, the larger-than-life treatment. In 'KANK' I came out quiet and thinking.'

Abhishek also hit out at Karan's critics and said that making a film like he does was actually very tough.

'I always thought making his kind of cinema is very tough. Now after working with him, I respect Karan's cinema even more. Even those who don't like cinema will sit up and take notice. He's taken a subject no one expects him to and has tackled it sensitively.

'Karan has beautifully juxtaposed a very commercial language with real believable characters and situations,' remarked Abhishek.

Despite being the junior-most member of the crew, Abhishek felt as though the whole shoot was like a holiday due to the comfort level he shared with all his co-stars.

'I was working with my friends - Rani, Preity, Shah Rukh and Dad ... They're people I hang around with regularly. It was like a holiday and it was a bonus with Rani there as I have worked with her extensively earlier. Shah Rukh and Preity are friends ... We meet at Shah Rukh's house often. Instead of meeting after work we met at work as well,' said Abhishek.

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