OS : "It's a Wonderful Life "The Princess Wife"

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At the Kapoor Mainshion

Priya and Somya they both were sitting at Priya's room and talking with each other because they both are alone in there big house Dadi and Krishna both went Amrutsar Ram is business trip from past one and a half months at US Rishabh in office so they alone in that big house

Somya : bhabhi ghar kitna khali khali lagta hain na

Priya : ha yaar ma aur dadi bhi nahi hain woh dono hote hain toh waqt kaise gujar jata hain pata bhi nahi chalta

Somya : ha pata nahi log itne bade ghar main rhete kaise hain agar muje akelela chod diya na yaha main toh mar jaungi

Priya smiled and said ha yaar main bhi nahi rhe sakti pata nahi sab log kab aayege

Suddenly Rishabh enter and said sabka toh pata nahi par main toh aa gaya

they both look toward at the door and smile

Priya : chal accha hain kam se kam tu toh aa gaya

Rishabh : ha main toh aahi gaya par muje lagta hain shayad aap bhai ka wait kar rahe the

Somya smiled ans said ha bhai Ram bhapa ko kitna miss karti hain na

Priya : tum dono ne ye kya shuru kar diya ha main kab tumare bhai ka nam liya

Rishabh : nam nahi liya par une yad toh kar rahe ho na

Priya : main kyu unne yaad karu

Rishabh : kya aap such main unne yaad nahi karti

Priya nodded no

Somya : jhut mat boliye bhabhi

Priya : arre bas ho gaya ab band karo muje chidhana Rishabh tuje bhukh nahi lagi hain kya

Rishabh : ha lagi hain na

Priya : ha toh ja ke fresh ho ja

Rishabh said ok bhabhi but ek bat btaiye na aap bhai ko miss karte ho na smile and Somya nd Rishabh went

Priya : nahiii main une bilkul bhi miss nahi karti samje tum dono

Priya look towared Ram's pic she took his his pic from side tebal and to herself main toh bhot miss karti hu

but unke pass mere liye time kaha hain hamesha busy rhete hain phone bhi nahi karte bas kam se hi pyaar hain after dinner Priya came back to her room and lied down on her couch with book lost in her thoughts and drift off to sleep on the couch

Ram enters the room and found his sleeping beauty on the couch he tiptoed went towards washroom to freshen up after freshen up hi come towared couch and  lifted her up putting her on to bed she is looking so lovely and pretty in her sleep he is seeing her eyes and thinking how they wil see at him in different situations and laughing him self while his looks stoped on her pinkish sweet lips bent down on her he came close to her face very close to her lips juzz both their lips are an inch away he felt her breath warmly touching him he cant resist and close the gap by putting his lips on her Priya feels someone kissed her on lips away she scared and sudenly opend her eyes what is hapening and to throw the person away but she found Ram is kissing her gently and passionately their both looks surrender by eachother

Priya blushingly lowers her eyes with this responce ram deepens the kiss he is enjoying each and every sec of that sweet smelled lips of her Priya is puts her fingers in his hair and caressing them slowly she too enjoying and involiving the kiss he is drinking her to vanish of his thristyness  of a half months  

After sometime Ram senses she is suffocating and gently breakup the kiss by biting her lower lip

Priya moans

Mr.Kapoor ye kya hai ?

Ram raised an eyebrow at his wife

she lowers her gaze her cheeks are turnig red unable look at him she hides her face in his chest and cuddled him all with her love

He calls Priya

Priya : tighten her arms around him again he calls priya she said hhmmm

Ram : I love u

Priya blushingly said mr.kapoor

Ram : ha bolo

Priya look at him and said kya bolo

Ram raise his eyebrow an in question

I don't want to talk with u Priya said

Ram make puppy face I am sorry na baby

Priya fell tear in her eyes so she turn her face other side

Ram saw tear in her eyes and said Priya look at me I love u I missed u so much I can't live with out u plz baby

Priya no i know u dont care about me u only care about your business u don't love me

Ram : Priya how can you say like that

Priya : then why u leave me like that aap ko pata hain main aapke bina

Ram : tumain achhi tarase pata hain tum mare liye kya ho kitna pyar karta hau main tumse

When you are not around me

There is something missing to thee

Something which breaks my heart

Something that says why you are apart

I really can't stay without you

Because you are my life

I miss you so much my beautiful wife

With every breath of mine

I miss a you like you so fine

With every single day

I don't know how to say

I love you

I care for you

I missed you

My sweetheart

Priya look at him she see pain in his eyes how he is missed her

Without looking at him she sleeps showing him back Ram goes near her and closes the gap between him and her he kept his one hand on her waist and nuzzling her back disturbing her

Priya : Mr. Kapoor please muje neend aa rahi hai and removes his hand from her waist

Ram turns towards her and come top of her

His wet lips landed on her neck his nose nuzzling the sensitive area just under her ear one of her hands gripped the duvet covering them as the other covered the hand on her waist her nails digging into the rough masculine skin with pleasure he growled softly into her ear as he began to plant open kisses on her bare neck the hand digging into his arm reached up to bury itself in his hair tugging at the silky locks guiding him to the sensitive spots of her neck as she leaned to give him better access

The hand on her waist travelled over her hip and down the length of her leg shrugging away the duvet as it reached for the hem of her nightgown he slowly pulled the fabric up and over her head before he shifted them so as to straddle the back of her legs his fingers deftly opened her bra pulling it away from her body Shrugging off his own kurta he delved between the bed and he pressed his bare chest into her back sinking his teeth into her shoulder Priya yelped as her entire body tensed under his

He lapped at the wound before allowing her to turn around beneath him she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to kiss him they poured their love into the kiss trying to express all the things that they couldn't find words to say their tongues clashed bathing each other before they finally broke the kiss for air both r lost in their lovely closeness and comfrtably slept in each other arms

Ram woke up at night blinked his eyes open stretching his lithe body a quick glance at the clock told him that it was 12 in night Priya was still sleeping with her head resting on his arm and her hand on his heart counting his heart beats her hairs covered her face ram removed her hairs from her face by his hands very softly and stares in her eyes Ram curved his lips and his slight smile turned wider in couple of seconds because he find his sleeping beuty in his arms he continued to watch her sleep she looked so cute he wanted to make love to her again but no not now she is finally sleeping peacefully a quick glance at the clock told him that it was 12 in night he pulled her slightly closer to him and his arm was around her waist he planted a kiss on her lip's and said Happy Birthday I can never thank God enough to have sent you for me in the form of an angel. No wonder I see stars around when I am with you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart Priya was in a deep sleep she struggle close to him Ram pulled her in tight hug and kissed her forehead and Ram was looking at her and suddenly Priya's phone buzzed Ram took her phone and see It's dadi he put her phone her side and colse his eyes and himself lagta hain is brithday wish karneke liye phone kiya hain and said Priya tumara phone baj raha hain dekho na kiska hain Priya stirred little in her sleep and murmurs hmmm kya hain Ram tumara phone uthavo na Priya angry and looking at him and said aap nahi utha sakte Ram's eyes still colse Priya picked up the phone and said dadi

Hello dadi

Dadi : hello Priya puttar kaisi hain tu

Priya : main toh thik hu aap sab thik toh hain aur aap ne itnirat ko call kaise

Dadi : oye tu fikar mat kar ham sab thik hain yaha pe aur hamne toh tuje wish karne ke liye phone kiya tha Happy Birthday putter

Priya smiled and said thanks dadi

Dadi : aur woh golu kaha hain bapis lota ya nahi US se

Priya : ji Dadi aaj hi aaye hain

DAdi : kaha hain kaha woh de usse phone de

Priya look at him he in his sleep and sadly said to Dadi woh so rahe hain

Dadi : kya so raha hain tuje wis kiya ya nahi

Priya : nahi Dadi woh lambe safar se aaye hain toh thaq gaye hain toh so gaye bad main wish kar lenge

Dadi : thik hain puttar le puttar krishna se bat kar

Priya : ji Dadi

Krishna : happy Nirthday beta

Priya : Thank you ma aap kaise ho aur aap log kab aa rahe ho aap logo ke bina kush bhi accha nahi lagta bas ab bhot ho gaya aap jaldi aa javo

Krishna : main thik hu ha beta hame bhi tum loga ki bahot yaad aati hain ham jaldi hi bapas aa jayenge aur Ram aa gaya

Priya : ha ma aaj he aaye hain aur so rahe hain

krishna : ok beta apna aur sabka khayal rakh na accha ab so javo bahot let ho gaya hain good night

Priya : ok ma good night bye

After finishing the call she turn toward Ram he was in his sleep and he is snoring said aap ko mera Birthday bhi yaad nahi hian muje lga mera birthday hain isi liye aap bapis aaye hain but aap ko toh yad he nahi hain main toh chatithi sabse phele aap muje wish karenge par nahi so rahe hain woh bhi kharate mar ke and there was another call from her papa she get excited and picked up and said hello papa call and all sharma family wish her some time later she also slept


It was a beautiful Monday morning and Priya Kapoor and Ram Kapoor were lying on their large bed and hugging each other both of them were still half asleep Priya woke up and opened her eyes a little she turned to look at his husband with a smile she gently kissed Ram's cheek and hugged him closer to herself

Morning baby Ram said with closed eyes and gentle smile Priya smiled and snuggled closer to Ram

Morning Ram she said Ram yawned a little and opened his eyes he smiled at his beloved wife and kissed his lips lightly Priya groaned as she slowly woke up although her eyes remaining closed she didn't want to open them so that any light could enter her eyes that would surely wake she up and weren't so sure she wanted to be woken yet drowsily Priya made a move to get up but found herself pulled back to Ram's bare chest Looking up she found a small smirk on his face Ram point his lip's towared for kiss Priya sighed out happily raising her head up to kiss him gently and she started to moan softly Ram smiled at her happily Ram he winks and kissed her lips softly one of his palms skated down her sides pulling her gently to his warm bare chest as his lips moved against hers even after Priya had broken her lips apart just one look into deep his chocolate brown eyes and said Ram aap ko nahi lagta aap kuch bhul rahe ho Ram main kuch bhul raha hu hmmm nahi toh arre ha aaj meri bhot important meeting hain muje bhot late ho gaya hain thanks yaar yad dilane ke liye he again kiss her on lip's and want to washroom leaving her shocked she sat on bed and think Mr.Kapoor sauch mera birthday bhul gaye muje laga une yaad hoga par nahi unone muje abhi tak wish nahi kiya hain main bhi dekhti hu kab yaad aata hain

After freshen up Ram come out from washroom and look at his beautiful wife she is still in her thoughts close to her and said baby mere bare main soch rahi ho

Priya look at him with her sad face and try to move out from bed but ram push her on bed come top of her and start kissing her she try to push him but he hold her tightly Rammm leave me

Ram why

Priya : muje fresh hona hain

Ram : ha ho jana bad main but want to test you're sweet sugary lips pata hain aaj kitna important din hain mere liye

Priya : important din (she thinnk shayad Ram ko yaad aa gaya) aisa kya hain aaj

Ram : hmmm aaj ka din mere liye bhot jada special hain

Priya happily said accha aur woh kya hain

Ram : aaj meri ek badi deal ke silsilay mein important meeting hain client ke sath

Priya look at him angrily throw him other side she went toward washroom

Ram said arre baby meri kiss toh deti javo and smiled Priya hurry up I have an important meeting this morning and I don't want to be late Ram said and order breakfast

After freshan up Priya come out and she stood in front of the beautiful mirror Ram call her for break fast both look at each other Priya come and about to sit infront of him Ram pulled her towards him she fall in his lap Priya look at him and said ye kya hain Ram smiled and said mere paas betho and start to feed her they feed each other and they had their breakfast Ram look at her and said muje kuch meetha khana hain Priya say kya kha na hain main lati hu Ram said kya lati hu Priya aapko metha khana hain na RAm said ha but tumane kahi jane ki koi jarurat nahi hain and look at her lip's Priya said kya matlab Ram pointing his lips for kiss she looked at him he winks and kissed her lips softly Priya pushed him and try to run but Ram pulled her and kissed her

Priya retreated from her husband leaving his tie half undone looking at him questioningly kya ine such main mera birthday yaad nahi hain sabne muje wish kar liya par Mr.Kapoor aap aisa kaise kar sakte hain mere sath she fixed his tie Ram swa her she is in her deep thorough he would wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her lips her eyes priya said kya kar rahe hain aap Ram replayed paar and rest his forehead against hers as she took her sweet time to knot his tie when she was done she would wrap her arms around his neck, and they would just stare into each other's eyes enjoying the feeling of being in each other's arms then Ram's phone rang and Priya went to washroom after he finish his call Ram call her out Priya come out I'm geting late Priya angrily said ab kya hain ab aap ready toh ho gaye hain na toh jaiyena office

Ram aise kaise jau yaar

Priya : aise kaise matlab ab aapne breakfast bhi kar liya hain aur ready bhi ho gaye hain ab aur kya chahiye

Ram : muje bye kone bolega

Priya she wave her hand and said bye bas ho gaya ab jaiye aapki toh important meeting hain

Ram tum muje aise bye bologi

Priya : ha toh aur kaise bolu

Ram come close to her and said tumain na har chij shikhani padti hain bye bol rahi ho na toh bye bhi magic wala hona chiye na

Ram was stepping towards her she was stepping backwards she about to run at washroom Ram hold her hand and pull her on himself he turned her and took her face in his palms and bend himself he kissed her lips she parted her lips was responding him they were lost in each other and kissing passionately he slide his tongue inside her mouth to taste her she was as sweet as honey Priya clutched his shirt tightly his one hand move to her back and was holding her the kiss was ever ending but they both left each other for some air

Look in you're eyes
And it tickles my soul
The magical kisses
Are about to unfold
Staring into you're eyes
While holding you're waist
My body starting to
Anticipating those lips
I close my eyes
And lean in for a kiss
Shaking so much
I hope i don't miss
Then our lips met
And it was the best
My heart beated so fast
I lost my breath
Looking in you're eyes
The feelings a bliss
And every peck from you're
Is a magical kiss

Slowly his eyes opened his chocolate brown eyes looking down at Priya as one of his bushy eyebrows priya also open her eyes and look at him wildly dekha aise bye bolte hain Priya ye kya hain Mr.Kapoor

Ram : bye bolne ka tarika

Priya : aise ye kya naya aaya hain market main

Ram : ha par ye sirf apne pati patni ke liye hian (Only for Husband and Wife) toh tumain muje har roj aise hi bye bolna pade ga ok

Priya said kya

Ram : arre tumain maine abhi toh sikhaya na bye kaise bolte hain kitna jaldi bhul jati ho yaar koi bat nahi firse shikhata hu and try to pull her but she push him and said muje bar bar shikhane ki jarurat nahi hain muje yaad hain she stop in between and bit her lips

Ram smiled and said sachi main yaad hain na ha agar yaad nahi hoga toh main phirse sikha sakta hu

Priya : koi jarurat nahi hain ab jaiye office ko dher nahi ho rahi hain kya

Ram ha ja raha hu he come close her and press a soft kiss on her lips and run

Priya push him said Rammm

He smiled and walk towared door said I love you to her give her falying kiss and leave for his work

Priya smiled I love u too and to herself inta pyaar karte hain mujse but Golu ko mera birthday bhi yaad nahi hain samj main nahi aata inpe gussa karu ya pyaar karu and there was Rishabh and Soumya enter and shout Happy Birthday bhabhi

Priya trun towared them and said Thank you

Rishabh : toh aaj ka kya plan hain

Priya : kuch nahi

Somya : arre bhabhi aaj aapka birthday hain kuch toh spacial hona chahiye na

Priya : ha woh sab bad main sochenge Rishabh tumain office nahi jana kya aaj chalo jake breakfast kar lo

Somya : aur aap

Priya : main   breakfast kar liya hain

Rishabh ; kya bhabhi aaj akele akele

Priya akele akele nahi tere bhai ke sath

Neha come there and shout Happy birthday Priya

Priya smiled said thanks to her

Vikram also come and wish har

Neha hey ek mint main abhi suna fatty ke bare main

Rishabh : ha bhai aa gaye hain

Vikram : woh kab aaya

Priya : kal rat ko

Neha : toh kya gift kiya fatty ne apne Birthday girl ko

Priya : gift toh chodo une toh mera birthday bhi yaad nahi hain pata hain sabne muje wish kiya but tumara fatty

Vikram : kya Ram ne tumain abhi tak wish nahi kiya

Neha : woh pati dev tumain kya kam sunai deta hain kyu uske jhakham pe namak chidak rahe ho

Vikram : sorry Priya ruko main abhi usko phone karke puchta hu woh aise kaise kar sakta hain

Priya shout nahi une koi nahi bataye ga main bhi dekhu kab yaad aata hain une


Ram came from his office noticed Priya standing near window looking outside lost in her thought Ram stood there lost in her beauty for sometime he moved forward slipped his both hands around her waist from back his chest is touching her back bent down and gave a soft kiss on shoulder she came out of her thoughts and turn to face him

Ram : hi beautiful

Priya : look at him and said aaj aap itne jaldi kaise aa gaye

Ram : tumari yaad aa rahi thi toh aa gaya

Priya : accha aur aap ki meeting kaisi thi

Ram ; acchi thi but woh claint jara jaldi jana pada

Priya : kyu

Ram : uske yaha aaj party rakhi hain toh usse jaldi jana pada par usne kaha hain ki bakiki bat woh party main karega toh aaj hame party main jana hain

Priya : ha toh jaiye na kisne roka hain aapko

RAm : baby tumne shayad thik se suna nahi muje nahi hame party main jana hain aur tum mere sath chal rahi ho

Priya : main plz Ram aap ko pata hain na muje business party belkul bhi pasnd nahi hain app jaiyena

Ram : arre main hu na tumare sath aur waise bhi ham waha business party nahi hain birthday party hain

Priya : birthday party

Ram : ha woh mere claint ke wife ka aaj birthdat hain aur woh usse bhot pyaar karta hain toh ussne uske wife ke liye party arrange ki hain aur hame invite kiya hain

Priya : ha toh aap chale jaiye na

Ram : muje apne wife ke sath bulaya hain

Priya : ha toh

Ram : ha toh chalo tum meri wife ho na

Priya make puppy face and said plz Ram mera bilkul bhi man nahi hain aap chale javo na plz

Ram : kya plz kya hua tumari tabhiyat toh thik hain na subha se dekh raha hu kya bat hain

Priya : koi bat nahi hain main bilkul thik hu

Ram : succhi

Priya : hmmm

Ram : toh chalo na ham jaldise bapas aa jaye ge

Priya look at him and said ok and to herself khud ke biwi ka birthday yaad nahi hain aur chale dusre ke biwi ke birtday party main

Ram baby tum ne kuch kaha

Priya nodded no

Ram give her one packed and said wear this outfit

She took it from him she didn't ask anything more from him and went to get herself ready Ram entered his room and did not find Priya he goes to changing room but was almost stunned to see his devine beauty stuggling with the hook of her blouse wearing a light golden net saree with deep cut blouse lightly cureled hair with very light makeup and deeply kohled eyes,she was looking like epitome of beauty and grace,ram was mesmerized by her persona and was struck on his feet feeling his prsence Priya turn back holding stripes of her blouse found ram intensily watching her she widen her eyes and asked

priya ; aise kya dekh rahe hain mr.kapoor band kijieya na hook

Ram came back to his senses move forward and came behind her hold her stripes and creesed his fingers with her bare back a shiver ran through her spine by his touch he deliberatly take time to tie her hook and touched almost every inch of her bare skin,he sided her hair,slipped his hands on her waist and pulled her close her back was touching her chest he gently kissed her nape and said you are looking gorgious Priya how am i going to resist in the party she turn around and came face to face placed her both hands around his neck have patience Mr.kapoor night will young after the party and gently kissed on his cheeks now plz get ready otherwise we will be late Ram gently kissed her forehead you are beautiful Priya she blushed

I was blessed by god

When he sent an angel down

From heaven you came

And there you were found

With your betuty so divine

And youer soul so sweet

It can make a grown man cry

And bring the srtong to thier knees

You are a gift from heaven

Within a golden bow

With love that stays strong

Through sleet and snow

With you I am whole

And I know It's meant to be

I cannot thank god enough

For this miracle his given me

Priya stood in front of the mirror admiring the sari that she looks divine beauty in pristine white sequined embroidered saree and with light makeup

He then went inside the room and saw Priya's he then went to her and took the hook ends and hooked it rolling his tongue in his mouth with a naughty expression he then whispers in her ear this would be a beautiful night for both of us he place a gentle kiss on her ear and then went to fresh himself she blushed and went to put a make up she applied some kajal and a light color lipstick and some blush on he too came out he took out his cloths and get himself ready they both sat in car and ram drove from KM to one of his private place

There was hustle bustle in kapoor mansion everyone was moving everywhere in the mansion to do the arrangements there Ram was making sure that everybody had been invited for the party his employs his business associates every one Kapoor mansion was decorated as a bride

Ram and Priya rech the venue

both went out from car and Ram said to her tum chalo andar main abhi aaya muje ek call karna hain

Priya : arre aise kaise chali jau main kisiko janti bhi nahi hu

Ram : tum kisiko nahi janti par waha tumain sab log jante hain waise bhi tum Ram Kapoor ki biwi ho

Priya : accha par muje aap ke sath he jana hain main aapki biwi hu na

Ram : arre javo na Priya andar neha bhi hain

priya : kya neha bhi hain

Ram : ha

Priya : ha toh phele batana chaiye tha na

Ram : ha ab bataya na ab javo

Priya : ha ja rahi hu waise aap aise kisko phone karne wale hain jo mere samne nahi kar sakte kone hain kone woh kahi koi ladki ka chakkar toh nahi hain na

Ram look at her and said shaq kar rahi ho muj par

Priya smiled and said jaldi aaiye and went inside

Ram informs everyone she is coming

Ptiya enter in the hall evrywear dark

Ram arrey ye kya hain itna andhera kyu hain yaha party hain ya

She call Ram's name but no responds she entered the room all eyes fixed on her including the big brown eyes of her husband  

Alive with lights and was surprised to see family

Everyone shout surprise happy birthday

Priya smiles and said thanks to everyone

Everyone start to clap ram came and stand in the middle a cake was placed in the middle

Ram searching for priya but she busy with gust

Ram watched her with a smile on his face he looked so handsome dressed in his tux his hair as thick  his smile could light up the entire room

You look beautiful was the first thing that he had said to her when she arrived to stand before him

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Priya Happy Birthday to you he sung quietly into her ear

There are days I want to hug you

Just hold you in my arms

There are days I want to kiss you

And mesmerize you with my charm

But today is different

It's all about you 

It's all about celebrating

Everything you do

You are my sunshine 

My reason for living

You're what makes me better

The reason I'm so giving.

So now I want to give to you

Something I know you'll love

A birthday present you'll adore

A gift that you can take hold of

It's my everlasting devotion

My never-ending serenade

I love you I love you I love you

Happy birthday!

Ram gazing at Priya both were gazing at each other

Neha : oye tum dono ek dusre ko aise kyu dekh rahe ho

Priya feel shy and look down

Ram said tuje koi problem hain kya waise bhi main apne biwi ko dekh raha hu

vikram : nahi bhai hame kya problem ho sakti hain par sab log tum dono ko he dekh rahe hain

Ram : kya amd look around

Rishabh : toh bhabhi aap ko surprise kaise laga

Priya look at him and said iska matlam tum sab logoko pata tha is bare main

Neha said ha pata hain fatty kitne din se tyari kar raha tha tere birthday ke liye

Priya accha par tumne muje subha bataya kyu nahi iske bare main

Neha : oye ye suraise tha aur agar bata dete toh fatty hame nahi jinda nahi chodta

Ram said bas ho gaya tum logoka ab ham chalte  hain

All said kaha bhai

I want to spend some time with my wife

Rishabh said accha akele akele kaha ja rahe ho bhai

Ram : tuje kya karna hain main tuje kab puch ta hu jab tu somya ke sath bahar jata hain tab

Rishabh nahi toh and somya smiled

Neha : par tu ja kaha raha hain aur aise party bich main chod kar

Vikram : arre bas karo yaar jande do usko ja tu Ram

Ram : dekha ek hi dost hain mera jo mere bare main kitna sochta hain

Vikram : kya kar raha hain yaar bas kar ab kya rulaye ga kya

Ram hold Priya's hand and said plz yaar yaha sambhal lena

Vikram ok yaar tu fikar mat kar main hu na tu ja aur enjoy kar

Priya: ram can u plz tell me where we r going

Ram: priya u talk so much as I said this would be a special night for both of us and today is my princess birthday I want to be with my wife he took her hand in his and kissed her hands

A beautiful sight and a magnificient feeling the waves slowly rolled in and crashed against the shore leaving a bits of white foam they both start walking there stars were sparkling lights beach was looking more beautiful priya love coming to beach before they walk more ram blindfold her

Priya: what r u doing ram

Ram: ssshhh its a surprise

They both walk and came where all the things were set a round table covered with white and and red sheet candles were lighted and a bottle of wine and all priya's fav food he just took the cloth off from her eyes she blinked she was really surprised by this and just love it they both sat next to eachother and have their dinner ram look at her lovingly  Priya raised her eyebrow in question what ram bend his face while they were dancing and slowly move to priya's lips and kissed it softly they both were lost in each other the kiss change in to passionate one their kiss was telling them how badly they missed each other how badly they want each other his tongue was inside her mouth and tasting every bid of her their tongue met and was teasing eachother the kiss was long and passionate they broke the kiss and inhale some breath they looked at each other and ram stroke her face with his finger tips and trace her lips with his thumb and gives a peck then he said to her close you're eyes Priya siad why Ram said plz yaar make puppy face she smled and close her eyes as she felt his large warm hands slip around her neck

Cold metal made contact with her skin Priya looked down to see a beautiful white gold necklace with a tear drop diamond pendant she fondled the necklace as she looked at her husband in amazement

Like it? he asked

It's beautiful she whispered

I liked it for you as soon as I saw it It's simple yet elegant just like you

Thank you

it's beautiful

Not as beautiful as you he whispered cheesily into her neck as he gave it a kiss Ram took the necklace and put in on her it was a beautiful gold necklace with a pendent that contained a gem as blue as her loving husband's eyes

Thank you so much Priya said with a smile admiring the necklace as he turned Priya around to face her

Mhmmm was the noise he made before gently placing his lips on top of her in a sweet kiss


She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a brief kiss

Sorry about being so standoffish I wanted you to think that I forgot your birthday am I forgiven?

Absolutely not and try to kiss her

Priya pushed him away and ran Ram to ran behind and he hold her and pull towared him he wrapped his arms around her waist and said I love u Priya

Priya said sacchi

Ram said mucchi

Priya smiled a small smile as you leaned against Berwald's chest, listening to his stead heartbeat

You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreams
and you've become my closest friend.

You've shared your heart felt secrets
And your trust you've given men
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh and love and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart

Ram hmmm I love u so mush your my beautiful wife your beauty is so divine I won't ever look away your eyes sparkle like a polished amber topaz I could just smile so heavenly looking at them your face is soft like cherry blossom leaves I can feel the beauty of it as I touch with my hands your hair shines like the sun itselfI feel blinded by it's beauty your voice is like sweet angels in heaven I can just sigh happily listening to you

your lips are like sweet roses without thorns I can feel the sensation as I kiss on it you are truly my everything as I pictured it in my subconcious and I love you always and will be forever as the months that await us I love u so much you're my angel you're everything i think of everything i dream of yours is the voice i hear when the moon steals the day yours is the voice i hear when the sun sneaks in to warm me when my heart aches with lifes pains you are my angel I never expected someone like you.someone kind and loving as you.

you snuck into my life like a true loving you is the only thing that brought me this far cuz' your my angel  your touch my heart skips a beat like a skipping stone It's a rush your smile It's like moonlight to fade away

it takes a word that's longer than a while your laugh sweet as the sound of a chime like the words of a poem that rhyme your lips like soft rose petals I'm taking dips in the ocean of your talk I'm lost when you walk that walk your look freezes time you're just the only one I see now In your eyes are like an ocean upon which I am swept away but there is no need for a lifeline because I don't want to be saved your eyes are deep and perfect a beautiful sapphire blund just like the ocean your eyes hide mysteries too in your eyes I see my future my destiny more real than I could have believed In your eyes I see my forever eternity nd a passion that burns so deep In your eyes I can see your dreams In your eyes I can see me your eyes have entrapped me ever since that first day nd no matter how hard I resisted I just couldn't get away your eyes have hidden depths to them that at first I did not perceive for me there's no escaping I fall into them so willingly I am lost...in your eyes staring into them I completely lose track of time looking into your eyes I'm free you see me for who I am nd for who I can be

Nothing feels better then being inn your arms nothing feels better when I'm sad then you holding my hand

the moment's I'm with you nothing feels better then the feel of your lips in mine nothing in the world could ever compare to the feeling I get when I'm with you nothing will ever compare to the feeling I get with your arms around me pulling me in closer until all I want is that nothing feels better then the time I spend with you

All I want is to be with you

I Smile Because u the touch of your breath is like a rainbow sigh tingles more than my skin brushing warmth to more than just my heart nd occasionally leaves me breathless in need I can feel the swimming gracefulness of your lips seemingly carrying waves and waves of trembling want nd the glitter of ocean in your eyes is one of a kind just like the love scented hands you are holding me with nd these words are words I could never speak aloud because when I am confronted by your eyes my heart always feels like surrendering slowly, to your every need the most beautiful smile I ever did see was not for a second directed at me she stood with praise and a gaze of thanks for everyone there among the ranks you are my sweetest love this love I always wanna hug because I really love you the world just has to know

Ram and Priya's eyes filled with tears both look at each other lovingly they kissed again when they pulled away Priya looked into his eyes then a playful grin crept on her face Ram pulled her out the embrace and turned her to face him I love you

I wish you could see yourself
the way I see you
All of your beauty
All of your smiles
All of your scars
There isn't another girl
in this whole world
that compares to you
You're one of a kind
You make my heart skip a beat
whenever I see your face
You put a smile on my face
that never leaves
And if I could have anything
anything in the world
I'd ask to be next to you
To catch you when you fall
Be the shoulder you cry on
The hand you hold
The one you laugh with
You pick me up
And bring out the best in me
There isn't a way
that I could ever repay you
For being so beautiful

A tear rolls down priyas eye and Ram comes closer kisses her tear and wipes away the excess moist Priya turns over towards him and once again snuggles in closely There's no need for them to say anything or speak because they can sense and speak to each other through their eyes and the warmth of their hug


After sometime they start walking on the beach they stand as the water hit their feet Priya jumps happily

Ram intertwined his hand with hers they both walk forward as the water the moonlight was sparkling on the water and on them which make the sight more beautiful

Priya has tears in her eyes and iit rolled down to her cheeks Ram kisses her both eyes and then cheeks nd says

Ram : sshhh main tumhari ankhon mein ausu nhi dekh sakta priya

Priya immediately hugged him I love you  I love you so much

I love you too caressing her hairs  bahuth pyaar aaraha hai aapne hubby pe giggling his way he squeezed her at him and gave a bony crush hug Priya kissed on his chest she was about to reach his lips

My heart beats for you

It beats because of you

If you weren't here my heart would forever stop beating

For you are the ones that made it start beating in the first place

My world turns for you my dear

It turns because you made me see that the world is worth turning

If you werent here my world would stop turning

And I would be stuck in the same step every day

It would stop in its track for you my dear are my world

You are my light  my princess the light that I will treasure till I die

I am lost without it shall that light be lost

I forever will wander darkness searching for my brilliant glow

You are my guiding star, my babies, the one that shines bright over me

Forever showing me the way

Shines divine lighting up the dark night

You are my love my life the love I will forever feel

One day I might share that love 

Am I your world your heartbeat your golu your poler bear

For me it doesnt matter as long as that light keeps shining bright

My cherished ones I thank you I thank you from the bottom of my heart

I thank you for what you have given me

My heart my world my life my star my love

For it is my love my everything

Priya mujhse ye aansu nahi dekhe jaate I hate tears then took her in his arms and walk towards the car

Priya : Ram ham kaha ja rahe hain

Ram : farmhouse

Priya : kyu

Ram : i want to spend some time with you

Priya smiled and said really

I really like spending time with you too he said

You are beautiful Priya she blushed

Ram pulled her closer he was only silent I love you Priya

I love you more Priya snuggled closer to him as he put his arms around her I love you so much she whispered  so much

Ram kissed her forehead  noo I love you more

Priya  looked at Ram again and whispered smiling I love you

At the farmhouse

He open the door and went inside and close it with his leg and Priya bolt it he lay her down on the bed he came on top of her kissing her face he kissed her lips several times and whispers I love u she too said they both were lost in their kiss nothing matters to them he clutched her wrists above her head tightly with his hands and other was moving on her body her legs were caressing his leg they both were still in their cloths ram then broke the kiss and bits it softly and teasingly he left her hands and was going to open his tie when priya took it and undid it she throws it somewhere in room she then open his shirt buttons taking out his shirt from his pants and then from his body touching his shoulders she throws it Ram then sat next to her unpinning her saree pallu and removing it from her revealing her to his sight her cleavage was clear to his view he lick his lips with his tongue and then he took her jewelry out from her slowly he took every clothing off from her body she closed her eyes tightly and clutched the bed sheet he caress her body with his finger tips she shivered by his touch he bends down and took her lips in his and kissed them he took his remaining cloths off from him and came on top of her she badly need him but ram wants to feel every bid of her and wants to taste every inch of her body he took her b... in his hands and cupping them gently then bend his face on one of her b... and suck it he moves his tongue on her n...s she was so lost in his moves he could just hear her moans and pleading he suck it hard while his hands were on her other b...his fingers stroking her n...s he then did the same taking it in his mouth he move more down leaving his kisses on her body he starts moving his tongue on her navel she arch her body he bits it leaving a red mark the night was passing the desire was growing he soon enter himself in her and made love to her they both were making love to each other like a wildly he was going deeper and faster but still they want more Ram move his hands on Priya's leg and cross her legs around his waist she encircled it he moves more deeper soon he hit the end of hers and they both climaxed he collapsed on her breathing fast he kissed her she caress his hair they both stayed like that for a while they both kept silence they can just hear their heart beat Ram then look at her and kissed her lips gently nd moves from her laying beside her taking her close to him they both slept in each other arms covering themselves with sheet the night was really special for both of them

Hating herself for waking him up she forced herself to gently shake his shoulder Ram Ram you're going to be late she didn't want him staying at work even later than usual

Slowlyhis eyes opened his chocolate brown eyes looking down at Priya as one of his bushy eyebrows shot up what? Ram said the word slowly confused his mind obviously still in the rebooting phase

It's nine in the morning Priya made a move to get up but found yourself pulled back to Ram's bare chest Looking up she found a small smirk on his face

Jaan I called in I'm staying with you today one of his hands came up to brush her hair out of her face before he cupped her cheek running his thumb across her cheekbone and said

Priya couldn't help but smile both at his words and the gesture he had made just for her Priya reached up touching her fingertips lightly to his cheek causing her ring to spark in the morning light that managed to come in through the curtains Ram Priya sighed out happily raising her head up to kiss him gently

One of his palms skated down her sides pulling her gently to his warm bare chest as his lips moved against hers even after Priya had broken her lips apart just one look into his deep emerald eyes let Priya know that today would be a stay in bed day and she had to say that you were looking forward to it

You are beautiful Priya she blushed

Priya shut her eyes and gripped at the bit of courage she had tucked inside her turning to where you were facing him she got his attention he did the same being face to face made things better she reached over and grabbed his hands intertwining her fingers with his and pulling him on top of her Priya laid flat while he was on his hands and knees in front of her no this was definitely too early to do anything like that but that doesn't mean you can't do sweet things right?

Priya leaned towards him and pressed her forehead to his grabbing the back of his head, you pulled him down to where her head was resting on the bed this contact caused the both of  to blush she took in a breath and peppered kisses on his jawline he let out a giggle which Priya thought was adorable she moved her face once more and began to rub noses with him. he both of you grinned as he joined in after a moment with her kisses she pecked his lips he returned the favor

He reached down and planted a kiss on her forehead you ready for your other present yet? Priya nodded her head and smiling childishly he walked over to his jacket and picked something up hiding it behind his back before returning to where she was

Two tickets two weeks holiday to Spain just you and me Priya he brushed her black hair from her eyes and gestured the two tickets out towards her

So baby ready ho javo for two weeks I want to celebrate my wife's birthday winked and smiled naughty

She squealed Priya pulled him into a hug breathing in deeply as I took in the moment



They kissed each other with all love

You're the love of my life

You're the one I turn to for warmth

You're the only one I can ever love


I'm the one who loves you more than anything

I'm the one who has taken care of you

I'm the person that would sacrifice for you


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